Is Copy My Commissions a Scam or Will You Become a Millionaire in 3 Months? Check This Out!

is copy my commissions a scam
Move to this house in 3 months without working for a day? That's what this system promises

“I’m Walter Green. And you’re gonna be a millionaire in three short months. These are not my theories. These are proven facts.” That’s what they promise in this program. Is it true or is Is Copy My Commissions a Scam? Let’s find out!

is copymycommissions a scamCopy My Commissions Review

Name: Copy My Commissions
Price: $200

Field: Make Money Online -programs
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

What Is Copy My Commissions All About?

Copy My Commissions (CMC) is a “proven” system that will make you a millionaire in three months. It has already made hundreds of new millionaires who were just like you.

They were in the same situation like you are. Or actually, even worse. They were deep in debt, trying to find a way out. Then they found this system and nowadays they are living in big mansions and driving with sports cars. And you can do the same with this step-by-step system.

Within Copy My Commission they have so-called “Free Money System” which will literally bring money to your account automatically and for free. You just push a button and *bing!* The money is in. When you keep on doing this for 3 months, YOU BECOME A MILLIONAIRE. That’s not theory. It is a proven fact.

Does this all sound legit??? No, no and million times no!

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is copy my commissions a scam
Move to this house in 3 months without working for a day? That’s what this system promises

Why Don’t I Trust in Copy My Commissions?

If you have read my 5 ways to avoid scams online, then you can easily spot scams when you see one.

These are some characteristics of typical scams that apply to Copy My Commissions:

  • You will become rich quickly
  • You don’t need to work to earn money
  • One “guru” knows a secret system that makes people rich
  • Only negative reviews about this program online
  • Walter Green (founder) seems to be a scam artist

Copy My Commissions marketing video was actually quite entertaining. Walter Green and one woman were acting and it was like a B-class movie.  “Wooow! I couldn’t imagine that this could work so well”, said the woman very surprised. “Well, I knew that it will make a millionaire in 3 months”, smiles Walter confidently.


Money, Money, Money… But Where Is a Real Value??

Here is a short course of the economy: You earn depending on a value that you bring to a marketplace. When you bring lots of value, you earn a lot. When you don’t bring any value, you don’t usually earn very much.

In order to earn money, you need to provide some value for other people in the world. Value can be really anything between a heaven and earth. Delicious food, useful information, helping hand and much more.

But the problem with typical online scams is that they focus only on making money without providing any value. You just magically become rich by pushing the button. Some “guru” knows something that nobody in this world knows and he is going to tell it to you. That kind of fantasy is far away from a real world.

If you are interested in making honest money online, then you need a great training where you can learn real skills. Success requires hard work day in and day out.

What Is Their “Secret System”?

Copy My Commissions is another binary trading system. You probably know that at least 90% of these magical “binary trading systems” are just scams.

I didn’t even bother to take a further look what kind of algorithm they are using on Copy My Commissions. I have reviewed tens of “Make Money Online” -systems. I have seen many legit ones but probably, even more, scams. And this system is so obvious scam that one can recognize it in 5 seconds.

Do you know what is a real “secret” to making money online? Let me tell you:

The secret of making money online is that there is no secret. You need a step-by-step training and then work your butt off. That’s the “secret”.

Was it a disappointment? I hope not. Because I know that you can really make money online but it requires work. You can, actually, make lots of money online but it requires even more work. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes.

Pros & Cons


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  • Entertaining marketing video
  • Easy to spot that it is a scam


  • False promises
  • Another “Get-Rich-Quick” -Scheme
  • No Real Value
  • A Program Is Full of Lies

Conclusion – Is Copy My Commissions a Scam?

I guess that you already know an answer? Yes, My Copy Commissions is definitely a scam.

By using this program you will not become a millionaire in 3 months. If you try this system, you will only end up being $200 (or more) poor after three months. In addition, you may be disappointed because the system didn’t work out like Walter Green promised.

If you are still interested in making money online, I recommend you taking a look at our #1 recommendation of making money online programs. I know that there are a few good programs out there but this one I have liked the most.

They will teach you real skills how you can create an own online business from the scratch. And remember, that is not a get-rich-quick -scheme.

I can say right away that you will probably not become a millionaire in three months by using our #1 recommendation but I can say that you will learn lots of new skills. Then you can make money online and eventually you can make a full-time income online.

One of the best things there is that you can get started for totally FREE.

Copy My Commissions at a Glance…

Name: Copy My Commissions
Price: $200

Field: Make Money Online -programs
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100



What do you think about Copy My Commissions? Leave a comment below!

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Hey Roope,
    Big mansions and super cars? classic become a millionaire overnight scheme! I’ve never been so glad to hear a review that calls this program a scam, usually people would over hype t hoping they get sales.

    There are just so many of these programs with similar names like Copy Paste Income by Ewen Chia I’m just glad someone is exposing these snakes. awesome work pal, keep it up!

    1. Hi Riaz,

      you are right, it’s very classical scam. Big promises but not real value.

      I am happy if and when I can save people’s money with my reviews. Even though there are many “make money online” -scam products there are also some very valuable ones out there.

      My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate because they have the best training and community. Some people there are giving there so helpful tips that really make online businesses thrive. Another positive thing is that you can start for free in WA.


  2. Hi Roope,

    I have to say binary options are really not for me either, only because I looked at some and found them to be making promises that are just designed to draw people in, to part with their ‘investment’, before leaving them high and dry with nothing but an empty bank account or debt to show for it.

    You’ve hit the point exactly when you say that in order to generate an income your first have to provide value yourself. They only way yo do that is to get yourself an education, whatever you need help with. It may be that you have a great idea that you don’t have the skills to get out to the public and you need somewhere to learn how, or you’re completely starting from scratch and need a place where you can learn everything.

    Continue to provide value and your business will grow.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      you describe binary options very well! They are just giving big false promises but eventually they rip off people and leave their clients with an empty bank account.

      Providing value is a key of creating a successful business. It takes time and patience but it will pay off. It also gives a great feel of satisfaction when you can really help people. That’s what a good business is all about: helping other people.


  3. Good day

    You have a paragraph that said you didn’t even bother to take a further look what kind of algorithm they are using on Copy My Commissions, you have a right to have an oppinion but I believe it might be problamatic in future if you make reviews on products or services which you are not fully informed about, I just think it can get you in trouble legally should those people findout.

    On the the other hand I think it is good that you encourage people to work instead of expecting to get rich quick. It good for people to get training that is going to assist them, I’m not sure if it is ok to promote it on the expense of the other.

    All the best

    1. Hi Zenith,

      you have a good point. Usually, I always dig down deep into programs to see what kind of systems they have in practice but in this case is not even necessary. My Copy Commissions fullfills all characteristics of a scam program so it would be just a waste of time to describe their algorithms. But I fully understand your point and thank you for pointing it out :).


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