Is 7-Figure Franchise a Scam? You Should Be Careful

is 7 figure franchise a scam or legit
is 7 figure franchise a scam or legit

Is making money really as easy As 1-2-3 with this program? Read my BRUTAL review to find out.

Welcome to my 7 Figure Franchise review!

Most of the 7 Figure Franchise reviews that you find online are written by its affiliates. They explain you all the benefits and try to sell you the system.

In 7 Figure Franchise review, I wanted to take a more unbiased approach. I will show what 7 Figure Franchise promoters say to you and reveal whether it's really true or not.

Also, if you are looking for an answer to the big question, "Is 7 Figure Franchise a scam? This article will give you a straight answer. Are you ready? Let's have a look!

7 Figure Franchise Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: 7 Figure Franchise

Founder: Michael Cheney

Product Type: Make Money Online Training

Price: $1,997

Best for: People who want to pay Michael Cheney for promoting his products.

is 7 figure franchise a scam or legit

Summary: 7 Figure Franchise is an extremely profitable business model for Mr. Cheney. People pay $1,997 him for an opportunity to promote his products to other people. In my opinion, that's not a good deal for a customer.

Recommended? No. See a better way to make money online below. It's completely free to get started and it has turned me from a complete beginner into a full-time online entrepreneur.

Introduction - Extra Income

Everyone loves extra income. Indeed, if given a chance, anyone would gladly be willing to pursue a career that may bring in that extra income genuinely. We are going to examine one avenue for doing exactly that.

This is the 7 Figure Franchise. We are going to examine its finer details with the aim of assisting you in getting started. We are sure that you will find our guidance worthwhile and informative.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise?

The 7-figure franchise is a package that contains the products which are developed and promoted by one Michael Cheney. The following is the list of the various products that Mr. Michael makes and which are promoted by the various sellers under this program:

  • Commissionology
  • Commission Black Ops
  • Copy Paste Commissions
  • Commission Partel
  • The Commission Machine 2017
  • How to Scope for Cash
  • Child’s play profits
  • The Fan Page Money Method
  • Email Black Ops
  • List Building Black Ops

Michael Cheney promises that he will FORCE you to make money online. That's a big bold claim and probably lures many people to his system. The reality is, of course, that it requires tons of work from your side like any other business.

How Does 7 Figure Franchise Work?

They make you understand something like this: 

It works pretty much the same as the ordinary franchise. You basically apply to receive the authorization. You are then vetted by the company after which you are granted the right to sell the products listed above.

Most of the sales are carried via the internet platform. However, you may also go out of your way to promote the products through other means as long as the company receives some sales inflow from you.

You are entitled to a commission in exchange for your sales role. Unlike most other companies, this one advances 100% commission, meaning that you actually get to enjoy all the profits of the labor or sales you receive.

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It is quite complicated though. You will have to undergo some training to familiarize yourself with the details of the product as well as how to stand out from the crowd. This comes along with some extra cost, granted.

I find it a bit "interesting" that Michael says it works like any other franchise. Basically, you are buying an expensive products from him so you have a right to sell his other products. In this scenario, Michael Cheney wins for 100% sure but you, the buyer, may either lose $1,977 or make even more (directly or indirectly) money to Michael if you succeed well.

Of course, you also have an opportunity to make good money by promoting his products but in my opinion there are better opportunities available.

What’s Included in 7 Figure Franchise?

In this section, I will show you what is included in the 7 Figure Franchise product. I explain it in a way that they tell it but I share my own opinion to tell you the truth about the program.

  • Affiliate Marketing Training

Other than the products and the authorization to sell them, you will also receive a host of other items in the package. These include access to affiliate marketing training that is of world-class training. 

These lessons shall be delivered to you by marketers who have already made multi-million dollars via the program. This shall grant you the motivation and precedence you badly need.

Personally, I think that there are much better and way cheaper affiliate marketing trainings and communities available. Click the button below to learn more.

  • Extra Lessons

Other than the training mentioned above, you will also receive extra lessons. These are those that have already been created by Mr. Michael Cheney himself. They cover each of the product that is being promoted and therefore gives you added guidance on how to excel in the sale and marketing of each of the said product.

Basically, Cheney helps you to sell his products more effectively in this section.
  • Free Traffic Training

Given that much of the sales, initiatives are centered on directing inbound traffic, you need to know how best to do this. To help you in this, the franchise also incorporates some aspect of free traffic training.

In the training, Mr. Michael Cheney takes you through the mechanisms for obtaining free traffic leads to promote your franchise program.

My #1 recommended way to drive traffic is from Google by following these 10 steps.
  • Products

The package contains the various products that you are required to sell or promote. They are accompanied by short descriptions of what each product entails and the top tips of how to promote each product. This by far is the most significant of all the various components that constitute the entire package.

On the other hand, we may think that Michael Cheney should pay you for promoting his products. But now you are paying him for that right. Of course, you will earn that money back if you make sales.
  • Traffic Generation Tips

The key to succeeding in this sales program is to drive traffic to the desired site. The package also comes along with some great tips that may help you in actualizing this. Some tips require hands-on training and demonstration though and are thus only available to those who attend the one-on-one training.

  • One-time Chat with Mr. Michael Cheney

To crown it all, you will also get to chat one-on-one with Mr. Michael Cheney himself. This chat takes place through the Facebook Messenger and takes around 30 days. Throughout the chat, you are given the freedom to ask him whichever question you might ever want to ask. For this reason, you are guaranteed of better experiences.

Michael has tons of experience of Internet marketing so he surely has many valuable tips to share. However, the fact that this is delivered through chat makes me think if Michael is giving an advice or some of his assistants. Anyway, this can be a very helpful feature.

Who is 7 Figure Franchise for?

  • Career Freelance Marketers

I have heard following phrases, "In case you are a full-time career freelance marketer, this is a program you, by all means, have to enroll in. It provides you the means to earn this extra income without too much hassle. 

Moreover, you do not have to pursue it as a full-time career. This means you may blend it alongside other means of making money."

Personally, I would think twice about that decision. The course price is so high that you could probably spend your hard-earned money much better.

  • Students

For students, the arguments are as follows, "If you are a student, especially one that is studying marketing, you may want to enroll in this program. Apart from giving you the first-hand experience you need to excel in your studies, it also gives you the opportunity to make extra income.

It comes in handy especially in the holidays as this indeed is the moment when you have plenty of extra time at your disposal."

I know that many students don't have an extra $1,997 lying around. That's why I'd rather recommend Wealthy Affiliate because you can get started for free. I joined WA as a student and it literally changed my life and career.

  • Underemployed Persons

Underemployment simply means not working full time or pursuing a job that is not permanent and pensionable. Through enrolling into his program, you get to ‘top up’ the remaining working hours besides earning some extra income.

Such a program also acts as a security against the likelihood of being laid off prematurely. The fact that you can pursue it alongside your other chores makes it all the more desirable.

I agree that studying and applying Internet marketing is a wise decision for underemployed persons. I just think that 7 Figure Franchise is not the best place to start.

  • Hobby

Affiliate marketing is also a means of killing time. You do not necessarily have to pursue it exclusively for the purpose of making money. You may also pursue it as a hobby in which case you just promote the listed products just for fun. You will still earn some money though notwithstanding the fact that you shall be doing it for fun.

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  • Stay-at-home Mothers

Childcare requires a great deal of attention. That is why most mothers quit the workforce temporarily for the sake of taking care of their loved young ones. This notwithstanding, it is still possible for such mothers to make extra income. This scheme allows them to do just that. It is non-invasive and hence less likely to interfere with the sacred task of childbearing.

  • Job-seekers

One of the major stumbling blocks that hinder job seekers from gaining employment is usually the issue of experience. Most employers will often require their candidate to have worked in a similar niche for quite some time. This program grants job seekers such as vital resource. It is especially relevant to those who intend to pursue a career in sales and marketing.

But again, it comes down to the question, "Is 7 Figure Franchise the best option or not?" In my opinion, it's now even closely the best. There are many cheaper and better alternatives available.

Who Is 7 Figure Franchise Not for?

You are strongly advised against enrolling in this program in case you are:

  • Impatient Person

As stated, this program requires a great deal of patience before any income may be realized. This calls for great patience on your part, especially in the teething stages. If you lack this vital trait, this program is not for you. You will just end up wasting too much of your valuable time. Consider directing your efforts elsewhere.

  • Unreliable Internet Access

To be assured of stable revenue inflows, you must definitely have reliable access to the internet. It also entails regular and prolonged contacts with the internet every quite often. This means you have to be online 24 hours a day if possible. In case your internet connectivity is unreliable, you may not be able to leverage its advantages to the fullest extent.

  • Squeezed Schedules

Inasmuch as this program is non-invasive, it nonetheless requires constant contact with the internet. This is due to the need to catch up with the various clients and sales tasks. If yours is a squeezed lifestyle whereby you rarely have some quiet time, you may not find it worthwhile. If this is the case, you may consider other less demanding alternatives.

  • Poor I.T and Research Skills

For you to perform well beyond expectations, you have to possess excellent I.T and research skills. Failure to possess such skills puts you at a strategic disadvantage. You are therefore advised against enrolling in the program in case you are such kind of a person.

7 Figure Franchise Pricing

Working out this particular program comes along with certain cost implications. For one, you might want to enroll in the training program for the sake of sharpening your sales skills. The training materials cost $1997 for one-time use or two payments each costing $1100 for prolonged use.

It's obvious that Michael Cheney likes selling expensive products. Also some of his other information products have been quite expensive compared to other similar products.

If you want to start learning how to make money online, I recommend starting for completely free with the step-by-step training below (click the button). I started for free 3 years ago and it changed my life.

Is 7 Figure Franchise a Pyramid Scheme?

Michael's program is not a pyramid scheme even though it has some such characteristics. You pay a high price for the product to get a right to promote the products of a company.

However, you are not required to promote the same product that you bought (7 Figure Franchise) which differentiates it from a pyramid scheme.

Michael also provides helpful trainings and real value in his products unlike shady pyramid schemes.

Therefore, 7 Figure Franchise is not a pyramid scheme.

Is 7 Figure Franchise Worth It? - This is What They Say But...

In this chapter, I will show you how they usually try to convince you about 7 Figure Franchise. At the end of this chapter, I tell you if these arguments were true or not.

  • Brings in Extra Income

This perhaps is the most significant of all its benefits. It provides a means of bringing in extra income at absolutely no extra cost. Moreover, the program entitles you to a higher rate of commission (100%). This makes it stand out from among its peers whose rates of commission are way too low to be highly lucrative.

  • Low Start-up Costs

Even though you may have to undergo some training before getting started, you can skip this requirement. You may opt to learn the basics on your own. This may take your time but it will save you a great deal of income. It also does not ask for subscription fees or levies any hidden charges at all.

  • Less Operational Costs

Other than lower start-up costs, you will also spend less to operate this program in the long run. It requires no subscription fees, renewal contracts, rent payments, or any other recurrent expenditure. This way, your profit margin is naturally expected to be wider than would ordinarily be the case with other programs of its kind.

  • Nothing to Lose

You have absolutely nothing to lose by opting out from the program prematurely. Other than the cost of the internet connection which in most cases is negligible, you will hardly incur any additional expenses. This makes it all the more worth your try. Other similar programs have lengthy bureaucracies and hidden charges that trap you.

  • Non-invasive

The program is designed to blend and fit seamlessly into your everyday schedules. You do not have to forsake all your other engagements for the sake of pursuing it at all. This non-invasive nature ensures that you do not confront any inconveniences in the course of making money. It also gives you the freedom to pursue other forms of making money.

  • The Truth!

They talk about low start up and operational costs. However, the product costs $1,997 which is already quite expensive. In addition, you will most likely need to invest more money on other tools and products that will help you drive the traffic more effectively and boost your business.

I started 3 years ago for $0 and gradually started investing more money to my online business when I started getting results. If you want to start for free as well, just have a look at my #1 recommendation.

Is 7 Figure Franchise a scam?

NO. It is not a scam. It indeed provides some helpful Internet marketing training that may help you to boost your online business. However, it is not as rosy as it seems to be.

It requires a great deal of patience and investments (time and money) to get started. This may discourage and disparage the faint-hearted or those who are looking out for quick cash. In case you plan to venture into the program, be sure to prepare yourself psychologically to avoid unnecessary disappointments.

Of course, we could say similar words about any other business tool/product. If you are starting the business, you often need to invest lots of time (and sometimes money as well) to earn anything. But once the ball starts rolling, everything becomes easier and easier.

Actually, I just made +$600 during the last 24 hours because of my online business has grown a while. A few years ago I could have only dreamed of such earnings. I know that it's not a huge income but for me it's a good progress compared to what I was earning before.

Is 7 Figure Franchise a Recommended Product? 

Not really.

I am not very excited about Michael's whole idea. He sells you a $1,997 product so you can start selling his other products. In my opinion, it should usually go other way around.

Michael should pay you $1,997 so that you could promote his products. Well, of course, there are different opinions of this but I find his strategy a bit interesting.

If you don't want to invest $1,997 for the right to promote Mr. Cheney's products, just click the picture below or learn here how you can start making money online for free

4 step process for making money online

What kind of experiences do you have with xxxxx?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. The 7 Figure Franchise might not really be a scam, but when we put into consideration the high cost of learning how to implement the act of freelance marketing by purchasing their products, you would get to see that it is not worth it. There are a whole lot of other programs on the internet that is going to assist in getting one work pretty fine in the program unlike what we have with this.

  2. Needless to say, you do not have to pay $1997 to promote Michael’s products. But if you want to earn 100% commissions on them, you do. I’m not sure what’s wrong with that: Michael is letting you treat his entire sales funnels as if they’re your own, and you keep every dime of the money. If anything, the 7-Figure Franchise is underpriced.

    1. Thank you Tom for clearing this out.

      How much is the commission if I don’t pay for $1,997 and where is it possible to sign up for that?

      I didn’t hear about that option before.

  3. At the cost of almost $2000 to get the services of 7 Figure Franchise is a complete turn off for me. No matter the promises or benefits it guarantees, that price is too high for someone who isn’t wealthy enough. 7 Figure Franchise is not encouraging at all for people who are still struggling and starting to find their feet in the business.

    1. That’s true! $2,000 is not actually the whole cost that you would need to pay. You will also buy a domain, possibly an autoresponder, work to get traffic, etc. And then he teaches you how to promote his products. Not a good deal in my opinion.

      1. And that seriously concludes it, it’s too expensive for beginners to use. I’m not even giving it any second thoughts at because $2000 plus is a huge amount of money, it’s not a wise decision to make such expenses on something like 7 Figure Franchise.

  4. I think it’s great that you review a lot of services and offers and evaluate whether or not they are a scam, but personally I’d like to see more articles on things that are already known not to be a scam; something where there’s no question whether it is a scam or not. I’d be more likely to check something like that out.

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I will start writing more reviews of such products in the future as you suggest.

      Have you checked out this article? I list there many recommended make money opportunities and tools.

  5. I don’t think you can earn money by attending expensive training program. Programs like 7 Figure Franchise will only give you tools, it is you who have to work hard to make money online. I have been trying to make money online since 2010, however, I have never built 7 figures. Paying $2000 for a training program is out of question for me.

    1. Yes, Michael’s course provides training and some resources but I think it’s not worth the money. The idea that it just focuses on promoting his own products is a bit weird.

  6. Thank you for this thoughtful and thorough analysis.

    After reading the first few paragraphs I seriously started thinking that this was yet another piramid scheme, so you basically took the words out of my mouth the second you addressed my doubts in the review itself.

    I feel like what he’s proposing has a very steep starting price though, and that’s going to be a huge problem off the bat because, just like the reviewer said, there ARE better choices around so unless he tries to be more competitive about it I don’t see this program taking off.

  7. Already have a red flag at the figure you pay him to promote his products.However the more I read the better it got. This franchise is actually not a bad idea. Look at the cost of starting a normal business? This figure is not so bad.

    However I hope they provide good training and 24 hour customer support. In real life you buy a business system and really don’t have to think.Its like a copy and paste. The methods are proved to already work.I’m guessing he has amazing products that should practically sell themselves.

    1. Yes, I understand your point. $2,000 is not a huge cost but still I think that Michael’s deal is not even closely the best one out there. $2,000 won’t be enough because you need to use lots of money/time on advertising his products.

      This is a great deal for Michael Cheney but as an affiliate marketer, I think this is not the most interesting one for the customer.

  8. Just like any other business models, this 7 Figure Franchise requires some time, effort and cash for it to work. Of course, all other online revenue platforms out there are promising to deliver the same, if not better results for a more affordable package. But not all business models work for most people. Some may find Michael’s tips really great, but I don’t think that this 7 Figure Franchise thing is a worthy investment for me.

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