Does Indeed Actually Work? [Job Listing Ripping Off Employers?!]

Does Indeed Actually Work? Overcharging & Scamming Employers Occur, Job Seekers Info At Risk To Fraud. Yet, BBB Accredited Indeed Albeit Massive Complaints.
Does Indeed Actually Work? Overcharging & Scamming Employers Occur, Job Seekers Info At Risk To Fraud. Yet, BBB Accredited Indeed Albeit Massive Complaints.

Welcome to my Indeed Review!

If you want to seek jobs easier than a typical in-person application, you have a lot of options as there are various online jobs consolidator available today.

In fact, I utilized that as a means to land many of my writing jobs. That said, maximizing these kinds of resources isn’t bad at all. 

The thing is, you have to be extra careful because you’re submitting confidential details stipulated in your resume to these platforms, which are obviously becoming visible to the public eye, the prospective employers. And there are lots of them.

Before we dig into it in details, I’d like to say my sincerest congratulations for having the time to do your research looking for the Best Business Opportunity this year.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Indeed Review - Quick Summary

Name: Indeed

Founded: 2004

Type: Online Job Consolidator

Price: $150 starting price

Best for: Both employers and job seekers in search of a job opportunity to earn an income and make things easier by delegating tasks to the new hired competent staff.

Does Indeed Actually Work? Overcharging & Scamming Employers Occur, Job Seekers Info At Risk To Fraud. Yet, BBB Accredited Indeed Albeit Massive Complaints.

Summary: Indeed is an American-based worldwide job listing service that’s accredited by the BBB with an outstanding rating. It’s also a subsidiary to a Japanese recruitment company and is currently ran by Hisayuki Idekoba.

Is Indeed Recommended? No. I'll explain the details in a while.


What Is Indeed? 

Indeed.Com, simply known as Indeed, is one of the leading jobs sites intended to connect the job seekers to their respective employers hiring online. If you're familiar with Rat Race Rebellion or Upwork, it wouldn't make any difference with this platform.

Founded in 2005, Paul Forster and Rony Kahan established this worldwide employment-related search engine and later became a subsidiary of Japan's Recruit Co. Ltd.

To date, a man named Hisayuki Idekoba runs this Texan-based job listing service company as a CEO and was able to achieve accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an outstanding rating of an A+.

Yet, like ZipRecruiter, they have a contrasting review from the customer's perspective with 1 out of 5 rating only.

How Does Indeed Work?

It basically works like a search engine for jobs, making the employment search easier for both employers and job seekers.

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All you have to do is to type in the keyword/s related to the job you’re searching, Indeed shows them up on the search results page. 

You simply hover and click to which of these jobs entice you. From there, you will apply and submit your resume to the respective employers and wait for the call and get hired. The process is simple.

The jobs are categorized in different states across the country where you reside and also by job types comprising the following:

Does Indeed Actually Work Job List

Indeed job types in different categories

How to Make Money with Indeed?

There are many ways to earn money when you get affiliated with Indeed. First, if you're an employer, you will earn by hiring someone to do your job making life easier for your small business.

Second, you can be their publishing partner in which they pay you every month if the referral reaches the minimum of $100.

To join, you need to apply on-site and fill in the required information before you could finally write something about their company on your website and generated the leads for them.

Your payment will be measured on the number of clicks your user made en route to their page. That's where the money comes in.

So, obviously, you need to gather as many traffic as you can to generate enough leads if earning a side income from Indeed is one of your options.

Indeed [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Deceptive Charges

Employers complained about the charges Indeed does to their account in every view of the job post, which isn't necessarily made by the job seeker itself.

Other job consolidators keep this free and will only charge if they hire someone. Indeed does it differently to the point they charge $5,000.

Donald, an employer from New York, wrote, "They charge for each 'view' of my job post. It could be school kids who are just bored or wondering what sales positions are like...I paid for it. I have about 7 resumes from legitimate candidates. These cost me $5,000!"

2. Distribution of Confidential Information

A client named Patricia from Maryland stated that using Indeed for job search made her life difficult because of the inclusion of nonexistent jobs.

Another concern is the distribution of the confidential information to different telemarketing companies wherein they bombard you with unnecessary employment recruitment.

Does Indeed Actually Work Content Image 1 - Your Online Revenue

Photo credits to Hunters Race on Unsplash

3. Account Deactivation Without Notice

According to Sara from California, she's wondering why her account is deactivated, well, in fact, she paid monthly for the service.

"There is some sort of a suspicious matter going on. I will never trust this platform and their guidelines as well as their leadership," she stated.

4. Overcharging Employers

Although they already decided to end their membership for whatever reasons they have - maybe they already hired someone or maybe they're simply dissatisfied with the service - Indeed continues to charge them beyond the set date of publication.

Does Indeed Actually Work Negative Review

One of a few negative revi​ews written on BBB

5. Horrible Customer Service

Mohandas, an employer from India, mentioned that he tried to contact the customer service to cancel his account on Indeed.

Instead of doing it on the spot, they kept on telling excuses to discourage him not to. Because of that experience, he wrote, "Pathetic and embarrassing services."

6. No Competent Job Seeker Guaranteed

No matter how much they pay for Indeed, the company continues to bombard them with job seekers that don't match their experience or qualities they're looking for.

According to Dave from Orlando, his company was charged $18 per applicant. At the time, he received over 70 applications.

However, with those huge number of submissions, there's only 1 who's actually matching the standards. He paid thousands of dollars for "shotgun" applications.

"It seems since the applicants have no skin in the game (they pay no fees), they "shotgun" their resumes to numerous employers with little regards to whether they are actually qualified. As a result, employers pay a lot of money for unqualified applicants.

Does Indeed Actually Work Complaints

Summary of complaints on BBB for Indeed; yet, they received A+ rating & accreditation

7. Lots of Fake Jobs

This is, unfortunately, the case for Indeed. Most of those job seekers didn't expect to receive a lot of calls from fake jobs from scam companies.

From the beginning, they applied for jobs because they want to have one and earn. Little did they know the information they submitted are collected to numerous telemarketing companies and hammered them with calls, emails, etc. from jobs that don't really exist at all.

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One job seeker named Robert wrote, "One job posting even sent me to a generic form site that wanted me to send them a photo of my license and then prove my social security number! Please never do this!"

8. Scamming Job Seekers

Aside from victimizing the employers, the competent and desperate job seekers also find it rough on Indeed.

According to one reviewer, he applied with a clear intention to work. However, he received an email from a supposed employer offering him a job worth $25 per hour. In the end, he declined the job because of the suspicious job.

9. Unrealistic Job Algorithms

Job seekers know what they apply. So, there's no need to tell this and that even though they registered on the account for a year or so.

Terrance from Michigan has been bombarded with messages telling him he's qualified to high-paying jobs although he knows he isn't right for them. 

Simply because he's been on Indeed for 6 months, the platform binged him with these kinds of listings.

What I Like About Indeed?

1. Job Opportunities

Although there are a lot of issues Indeed received over the years as a job listing service, it can’t be denied contributing a lot in the job search per se.

Adulthood is already hard enough. So, there’s no way to complicate things more, especially in the job search for the sake of earning an income for our families and ourselves.

2. BBB-Accredited Business

The Better Business Bureau wouldn’t give accreditation to any questionable company, practicing fraudulent activities underneath the surface. Indeed is a real company with real services that match their standards.

Does Indeed Actually Work BBB

Better Business Bureau record summary for Indeed

3. Outstanding BBB Rating

With a rating of an A+, there’s no doubt Indeed garnered the attention of the platform because of 2 things.

As per observation with the BBB, what lies the most important is the company structure based on compensation and existence.

If they are nonexistent and unable to respond to the complaints received, they wouldn’t give such rating.

Other than that, the customer ratings, for example, isn’t counted. A customer may complain and Indeed answers back. That’s what matters.

Indeed Review - What Others Say?

Indeed is a helpful employment-related search engine for both the employers and the job seekers per se. Without it and the rest of the companies, job search wouldn’t be that easy.

Yet, the job search alone isn’t the lone issue here. It’s about questioning the trustworthiness of the platform in which is given to Indeed in the first place.

Both the employers and the job seekers submitted their assets (website data for partners, personal and company information) to them with the affirmation of respect. 

Indeed doesn’t seem to care about those things. Instead, they distribute those pieces of information as if they’re pieces of trash to be thrown elsewhere and let them suffer from lots of calls and emails from people with fraudulent intentions.

Does Indeed Actually Work Content Image 2

The employers get charged every time someone reviews the job post and hammered with lots of calls only to find out they have to pay thousands of dollars at the end of the month without a clear ROI. 

On the other hand, the job seekers receive job listing that either doesn’t validate their current skills or experience or shady job offers from companies and private individuals with hidden motives. These 2 ways made the job search more difficult as Indeed continues to do these dirty tactics to their clients.

In these cases, it’d be hard to become a partner and generate leads with a questionable reputation. Regardless, Indeed is a legitimate company with great vision gone wrong.

Is Indeed A Scam - Conclusion

Based on the research gathered from different sources and reviews from people with first-hand experiences with the platform, Indeed is not a scam.

It’s a real job listing company accessible worldwide. It functions as Rat Race Rebellion, however, its implementation obviously has gone to the wrong path.

In contrary, there are many mishaps leading to many disappointed clients. As I mentioned earlier, both the employers and the job seekers are affected with the scams and questionable, including those that would lead them to harm, outsourced individuals and companies.

To begin with, these groups of people did have a clear intention to work hand-in-hand with the help of the platform like Indeed. However, if this company won’t do their roles, what would happen between these two groups?

Nonetheless, Indeed is a legitimate company. All you have to keep in mind is to be extra careful when submitting your confidential information to platforms.

#1 Online Business Opportunity

Because of the risks you get once you get affiliated with job listing platforms like Indeed, it’s unwise to partner with these kinds of companies that will result to a dangerous situation you’d never expect in your online life.

That said, it’s best to build your own business and earn a real and legitimate residual passive income with a 100% guarantee you receive it. Seriously.

I’ve been working online over the past 4 years. Needless to say, finding jobs in different platforms had me thinking about the risks I took during those times.

With my personal experience in these kinds of services, I can testify the danger you might face, especially if you want to partner or pay them to get access to resumes or to get access of the jobs you’d like to apply. That alone is already a risk.

To avoid yourself being stuck in these kinds of scenarios, it’s a great idea to link to a legit FREE program that teaches you to build your own empire and receive clean money without being scammed or victimized from nonexistent companies and private individuals sucking your money from your accounts.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Does Indeed Actually Work?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience with this company and in a network marketing company, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with Indeed? Are they worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest in a job consolidator as Indeed does?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

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