Is SnagAJob.Com A Scam? [Ripping Off Employers?!]

Is SnagAJob.Com A Scam? Reviews Mention Online Job Posting Service Rips Off Employers With Fraudulent Applicants. Job Seekers Reported Unsafe, Exposed To Scams. WARNING. Read More.
Is SnagAJob.Com A Scam? Reviews Mention Online Job Posting Service Rips Off Employers With Fraudulent Applicants. Job Seekers Reported Unsafe, Exposed To Scams. WARNING. Read More.

Welcome to my SnagAJob.Com Review!

So you want to get a job at home? 

Is SnagAJob.Com a scam?

Congratulations on having the time to do your research with hopes of earning an income and looking for the Best Business Opportunity online! With that being said, let me tell you first a bit of my experience as an online writer.

I began my writing career after going through different online job posting platforms as others did. Fortunately, I landed at different companies and worked for different writing genres, earning a bit.

The thing about this industry is that it’s a tricky journey. You can’t guarantee this employer will keep you or will fire you anytime without getting paid even. That’s how harsh it is.

Yet, if you want to pursue this plan, I encourage you to read this post as this is one of the leading online job posting companies out there aside from Upwork.

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Now, we’re all set. Are you ready to get through the whole post? If you are, let’s dive into it. Shall we?

SnagAJob.Com Review - Quick Summary

Name: SnagAJob.Com

Founded: 2000

Type: Online Job Consolidator

Price: $89 starting price

Best for: Employers and workers in need to hire someone to add their team and to earn an income by means of online job application without the need to print resumes and commute for the sake of in-person interview.

Is SnagAJob.Com A Scam? Reviews Mention Online Job Posting Service Rips Off Employers With Fraudulent Applicants. Job Seekers Reported Unsafe, Exposed To Scams. WARNING. Read More.

Summary: SnagAJob.Com is a Virginia-based online job listing company founded in 2000 intended to connect the employers and workers alike by means of creating a platform where the jobs can be posted for the job seekers to see and apply, depending to their years of experience and skills.

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What Is SnagAJob.Com? 

SnagAJob.Com, now known as Snag, is an American online job listing company intended to gather jobs that pay per hour rates.

Just like Rat Race Rebellion, Indeed, and other job listing companies, they take the roles of the middleman between the workers and employers.

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Founded in 2000, they branched out in different locations in Virginia and South Carolina as the company continues to outsource as many employers as possible to connect with their respective potential applicants, who will later become part of their teams.

Because of their continuous excellent services, they become one of the leading outsources for big companies like Uber and other Fortune 500 businesses disregarding the job types.

All of those are included in their listing. Among those comprise jobs catering to the restaurant, retail, and hospitality workers.

Is SnagAJob A Scam Awards-min

SnagAJob.Com awards received over the years as an online job posting company

How Does Snag Work?

Just as Indeed and Upwork, there are 2 ways to maximize the use of the platform as a Snagger. Either you are a job seeker or an employer, Snag takes the role of a middleman in which it connects the 2 in one space.

Because the platform is huge, there’s a high chance for job seekers to land into high-quality jobs listed on the page. From an employer’s perspective, meeting and hiring more competent job seekers are possible.

How to Make Money with Snag?

To earn money with your partnership with Snag, you receive compensation depending on the type of Snagger you refer to the company.

If you refer an employer, you receive 20% commission within the 45-day referral period as well as unlimited referrals with the 20-day lifecycle. That is if the employer registered and successfully posted a job on Snag. 

On the other hand, if you refer a job seeker from your website or your blog, you will earn $1 commission for every person you directed within 7-day referral period. That comes along with unlimited referrals with the standard lifecycle.

Is SnagAJob A Scam Content Image 1 - Your Online Revenue

According to sources, you can affiliate with the SnagAJob affiliate program in different means, such as Commission Junction, Skimlinks, or Viglink. These affiliate programs may change from time to time depending on SnagAJob policies. See their homepage to check whether any of these options are active.

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Snag [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Not BBB-Accredited Business

Surprisingly, Snag company structure appears decent. However, they didn’t obtain an accreditation status on the Better Business Bureau records as an internet-based job posting service.

2. Bad BBB Rating

This comes next after the company’s failure to achieve the accreditation from the above-mentioned platform. Unfortunately, they only got a D- rating.

Is SnagAJob A Scam BBB-min

Better Business Bureau record summary for SnagAJob

3. Bad Customer Rating

Out of 5-star rating, the customer left an average of 1.5 customer rating based on the overall performance of Snag as a job posting service company.

One customer named Lana wrote that although she got charged immediately after registration, her job posting didn’t go live.

When she asked why she only knew that the job posting was on hold albeit the payment she made from her account. 

4. Poor Customer Service

Another thing that got my attention is how common this problem is for most online job posting company. I wonder why. 

Most of the time, it doesn’t matter if it’s a leading job consolidator or not, they all have serious concerns with poor communication.

Typically, this surrounds with the billing and inadequate explanation behind the company’s act of canceling the account without notice.

5. Distribution of Personal Information [to Scams]

Upon registration, both the employers and job seekers are hammered with spam calls and emails from different companies and individuals that often not related to the job they applied or posted. The same problem with Indeed.

Is SnagAJob A Scam Content Image 2 - Your Online Revenue

Photo credits to Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

6. Exposure to Scams

This is inevitable, apparently. SnagAJob.Com doesn’t have the full control of disposing your personal information to the potential worker or company once they dispatch those.

Besides, it’s their job to connect the employers and workers, right? From there, you wouldn’t be assured the ones that will call or email you are real persons or companies at all. 

7. Unable to Unsubscribe or Cancel Membership

According to one review, this is often the case for SnagAJob users. You will continue to receive unnecessary emails and calls to the point where you have to block all of them or change your number as soon as you could.

This isn’t the worst case yet. They will continue to charge you although the ad you posted has been taken down. 

What I Like About SnagAJob?

1. Trying to be Better Job Posting Service Company

Despite the ongoing negative issues SnagAJob faces today, I sought their passion to become a great online job posting service.

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As per personal experience with applying to different jobs using these kinds of platforms, you can’t guarantee which of these are true companies or individuals at all.

The thing is you have to be patient and vigilant upon distributing your personal information to them.

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t help but accept that the details you stipulated on your account and on your resume are evenly distributed, including those with bad motives.

2. Endless Job Opportunities

Like the Rat Race Rebellion and Mommy Jobs Online, many of those people tend to include this option to earn money while they are at home.

They can do their day job without the need to leave the house and their families. That’s great. It means to say that the job posting services like SnagAJob opens that possibility to make things easier in the realm of job searching industry. 

3. Attempt to Respond Customer Complaints

The same as Indeed, the company sends out representatives to answer all the customer concerns on the Better Business Bureau as much as they could to resolve everything.

This is greatly appreciated albeit the threats of some that they wouldn’t recommend Snag to others because of their horrible experiences with the platform.

SnagAJob Review - What Others Say?

Many reviews mentioned that joining platforms such as Snag is tricky. Yes, it’s true. Many people can testify that, including me. However, there’s no safe way to this unless if you opt not to apply for a job at all.


The Snag is intended to gather your information with the intention of sending them out to the potential applicant or companies and individuals, who are in need of these for their respective enterprises.

The thing is the motives behind these groups aren’t disclosed if they’re real or nonexistent companies. This is not controllable though.

According to one client, she wrote, “This website is fraudulent, sells, or uses your info for other purposes than finding a job. You will get hundreds of unwanted calls and emails not too long after signing up, none of which is [job-related].”

Is SnagAJob A Scam Negative Reviews

A few of the negative reviews written on BBB with regards to Snag

Another client mentioned that there are way too many job listings that aren’t necessarily related to what she applied for, to begin with. However, she received “educational opportunities” instead after 2 minutes she registered on the site.

In spite of these resolved disputes, Indeed gave an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 based on the customer rating on behalf of the employees, on the other hand.

SnagAJob may have been imperfect in the eyes of their clientele, but they keep the healthy relationship between the executives and the staff working hand-in-hand behind the scenes.

Sadly, there are more layoffs and job security issues ongoing as well. This is probably because of the poor compensation from the executives to their employees.

They may affiliate to the biggest companies in the United States, but they kept the poor financial conditions affecting their staff drive to work more efficient.

Is SnagAJob A Scam Negative Review 1

SnagAJob receives a splurge of negative reviews on other platforms as well

A former employee said, “This company kept wasting my time by telling me to come in for multiple interviews and saying I was exactly what they were looking for. But I couldn’t tell it was very poorly managed.”

He added that it’s a big waste because the workplace appears fun to work but the ongoing issues disturb him. In fact, another former employee supported this claim by saying, “Executive leadership [is] clueless.”

Because of that, the entire work is affected, including how they performed with the clients leading to the poor customer ratings and splurge of negative comments on different platforms, from the BBB to others.

Is SnagAJob.Com A Scam?

Definitely, SnagAJob.Com is not a scam. It’s a real company with real employees and services for their target market.

Their vision is great and they have been working hard for the past 19 years now to make sure their plans are going well. 

The thing is that the executives seem clueless about what’s going on. This is sad news because they seem not to care about the complaints written on different platforms, although their representatives have read them and responded to everyone’s concerns.

Is SnagAJob A Scam Mission

SnagAJob mission-vission statement on their website

If they did, they would have done something to resolve these and made sure they wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Apparently, this isn’t the case as these continue within the company.

Nonetheless, SnagAJob.Com is a legitimate company with good intentions. As I mentioned many times to platforms like these, it’s a good company gone wrong.

#1 Online Business Opportunity

As someone who has experienced a lot online as a worker, I can testify that relying on online job postings like SnagAJob.Com and among others remain a tricky option.

This is why I couldn’t recommend which of these platforms are great or at least gives you a guarantee you arrive at a great conclusion, hiring a competent worker or get hired by a real and legit private individual or company. You’ll never know.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Is SnagAJob.Com a Scam?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience with this company, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with SnagAJob.Com? Are they worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest in a job consolidator as SnagAJob.Com does?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

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