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Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program [Easy-To-Follow]

If you're looking for the best affiliate marketing training program, you have come to the right place. In this article, I'm going to show you the affiliate marketing training that has helped me and 1,000's of other people to make money online.

But before we get started I want to share with you a few words about affiliate marketing training programs in general. 

If you don't have that knowledge, you may end up spending $1,00's for programs that provide little to no value at all.

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program - Why Should You Be Careful?

I have been helping people to make money through my website since 2015 and done reviews of all kinds of affiliate marketing training programs. I have seen seen many affiliate marketing scams over the years.

There are many programs that promise you following things:

  • ​"Earn $9,587 during the first 30 days!"
  • "Make $986 today!"
  • "Earn $58,754 without any prior experience!"
  • "Make EASY Money on Autopilot!"

Have you ever seen that kind of programs? They all sound wonderful but there's a "little" problem with them.

They are NOT TRUE.

What Does Making with Affiliate Marketing REALLY Require?

If you want to make good money online with affiliate marketing, you need to invest at least one out of 2 things:

  1. Time OR/AND
  2. Money

You can get started with $0 but then you need to invest more time. If you don't want to invest so much of your your time, then you invest more money.

But the bottom line here is that you need to invest something: TIME OR MONEY OR BOTH. Making money online doesn't happen just by pushing a button.

The right mindset when you are getting started with affiliate marketing is that you are building a sustainable income stream that will make you money for years to come.

Affiliate marketing is not the get rich quick scheme or a push button the riches but it's a way to create sustainable online business that can fund your life and possibly the life of your loved ones as well.

Making money online has enabled me to travel around the world and live an extraordinary life but it also required lots of work.

Now that you have understood that making money online with affiliate marketing will require some work I can show you my #1 recommended training for you to get started.

I know also many other affiliate marketing trainings and I have reviewed many of them on my website. However, I am not going to talk about them on this article because I want to make things easier for you and only show you the best one.

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Revealed:

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with step-by-step affiliate marketing training that includes literally everything you need to make money online with affiliate marketing.

They have two main training courses called Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) and Affiliate Bootcamp.

I recommend that you start with online entrepreneur certification that's why I'm going to show you next what it includes.

Here is a short review of Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Program:

It includes 5 levels:
  1. Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Making Money!
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

5 Levels of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

All of these levels consist of 10 step-by-step training lessons that teach you another thing that helps you to make money with affiliate marketing.

The end of these lessons there are always tasks for you to accomplish that help you to move for what in the training and earn money while learning.

Each lessons consists of a few tasks. By accomplishing those tasks you make sure that you are well on your way to making money online with affiliate marketing.

You have also an opportunity to ask questions from other community members and successful affiliate marketers like me after each lesson. You will always get answers to all your questions on Wealthy Affiliate.

You can always ask questions under each lesson. You will get help immediately from other members and successful affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Marketing Course Curriculum

As I showed above, Wealthy Affiliate training main training has 5 levels that each consists of 10 lessons.

In the image below, you'll see examples of the level 3 training course:

Level 3 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course on Wealthy Affiliate.

Subjects are:

  1. Understanding the MONEY in the Online Business
  2. Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks
  3. Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere
  4. ...
  5. Getting Paid for Ads on Your Site
  6. Earning Pennies OR Dollars?

As you notice, you'll learn tons of practical skills and earn while you are learning. I think that's one of the coolest parts of the Wealthy Affiliate training.

In a "normal school" you learn usually just the theory but if you want to make money in practice, you need to acquire for a job. But on Wealthy Affiliate you will be learning the skills and building your affiliate marketing business at the same time.

In the image below, you'll see some of the benefits and skills that you will learn in the level 3 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training.

These are the things that you will learn on the 3 th level of the training.

For more details of the Wealthy Affiliate curriculum and the training program, I recommend getting started yourself and seeing how it works in practice. You can get started for free by clicking the button below.

Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners

One of the greatest benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate training is that it's also beginner friendly. That means that you can get started with the training without any prior experience or knowledge about affiliate marketing.

When I got started with Wealthy Affiliate many years ago as a complete beginner and I didn't know anything about affiliate marketing. I didn't even know what affiliate marketing means.

Wealthy Affiliate training teaches you everything from the beginning to all the way to making a good income online. Of course, your earnings will depend on you.

I got started on Wealthy Affiliate as a complete beginner but it really revolutionized my life because I learned to make money with affiliate marketing.

I know well what it takes to climb from being a beginner to making $1,000's every month online because I've done it myself.

That's why I will be providing you with my 1-on-1 support and help when you get started on Wealthy Affiliate through my link.

Getting my personal support doesn't cost you anything but it's just an extra that I provide for all people who sign up through my website or YouTube channel.

As you can probably assume, I am affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate and I earn a small portion when you sign up using my link.

That being said, I also recommend Wealthy Affiliate for those people who don't sign up through my link because I know how it has helped me and 1,000's of other members to make big money online.

But of course it's favorable for you to get started through my link because you'll get my personal support 

How Will You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

I Wealthy Affiliate at its use to make money online by following the 4 steps that you can see in the image below:

This is the process of making money with affiliate marketing that you'll learn on Wealthy Affiliate.

I have explained these four steps into greater detail in my full Wealthy Affiliate review page and I also show you an example how I use this 4-step strategy myself.

This 4-step process is actually very simple way to make money online but it still requires some effort. Basically, you need to figure out 2 things to make money with affiliate marketing:

  1. How to drive traffic to your affiliate links and offers?
  2. How to convert that traffic into buying customers?

In the other words, your task as an affiliate is to connect the customer (and a need) with a product (that provides a solution to that need).

Let me give you 2 examples.

Your need is to make money online with affiliate marketing. Now I am showing you a product called Wealthy Affiliate that will solve your need and you'll learn to make it.

I have also a language learning website. People come to my site because they want to learn, for example, French language faster. Then I provide them with a resource that will help them to learn French faster.

One of my recommended French learning courses is called French Today. When people read my French Today review on my site, click the link and buy it, I make a commission for the sale.

That's how making money with affiliate marketing works.

(Free) Affiliate Marketing Training Videos

What affiliate training provides video and text material. Therefore, it will be easy for you to follow it you and go through the training was at your own pace.

The main affiliate marketing coach on Wealthy Affiliate are the founders called Kyle & Carson. They have made $1,000,000's online through affiliate marketing over the years. Kyle, for example, has +15 years of experience of affiliate marketing so he really knows what he is talking about.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders

Kyle, Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate with their lovely families

  • Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options: Free & Premium

You can start the affiliate marketing training on WA for completely free.

They also provide a premium membership. Personally, when I got started on Wealthy Affiliate I to go free membership at the beginning.

After a while, when I realized that the training will really works and it will help me to make money online credit to the premium membership. I also highly recommend the premium membership for you because it provides much more resources than the free one.

In the image below, you will see the comparison between the free and the premium membership:


Here You Can See the Differences Between the Starter And the Premium Account. You Can Get Started By Clicking the Image.

As you can see, the free membership already includes lots of great tools and training but the premium membership is much better if you are serious about earning money online.

Shortly, the premium gives you much more training, support from successful online entrepreneurs and premium tools like Jaaxy keyword tool.

If you go through the training and apply it, you will most likely earn the money back sooner or later and make lots of profits as well. That's at least what happened to me and 1,000's of other members. Actually, the premium membership generates me +100 times more money than it costs.

You can also get a $229 (37%) discount by getting a yearly membership instead of a monthly membership. The yearly premium membership costs only $359/year which equals to less than $0,99 per day.

It's less than a price of a coffee and the resources you get on WA can truly change your life.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Now that I have showed you how Wealthy Affiliate works and how it can teach you to make money online with affiliate marketing you may still be asking, "Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?"

And based on my own experience it's certainly worth it and you learn to make much more money online than you spend in the membership fees. In addition, you don't only make more money than you spend but you'll most likely learn to make more money than in your current 9-to-5 job.

That being said, you need to put in the effort and apply the training. You will not make money online by pushing a magic button. Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools and training you need to make money online but you need to do your own part as well.

But you don't need to take my word for it. I interviewed 17 other Wealthy Affiliate members and asked about their experiences. You can read the whole interview answers here or just take a look at my video below:

Conclusion - Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program

if you searched for the best affiliate marketing training program, you have now found it.

In this article, I have shown you how you can learn to make money online with affiliate marketing simply by following the Wealthy Affiliate training.

But I will not to leave you alone from now on.

When you join a Wealthy Affiliate, I will send you a personal welcome message and provide you with my personal 1-on-1 support.

I will also ask all your questions to make sure that you learn to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Do you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or affiliate marketing in general?

Would you like to get my 1-on-1 support to make money online with affiliate marketing?

Have you ever used affiliate training programs in the past?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


The Best Way to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing: Follow These Steps

Let's go back in time a few years. I was scrolling the Internet and this time I was looking for the best ways to make money online.

I landed on website where a young man called Nathaniel from the United States was teaching people how to make a living on the Internet. Nathaniel said he got started when he was living in China and wanted to earn dollars online and "live like a king".

Nathaniel had accomplished his goals and now he was teaching other people to do the same. That sounded so exciting!

Back then I lived in Finland (which is my home country) but I had visited in Asia and I thought that the idea of "living like a king" in Asia while earning dollars or euros online wouldn't be a bad idea at all.

So I got started with their training that he recommended and the name of the training is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate, as its name says teaches people how to make money online with affiliate marketing. In my opinion, it's the best way to get started with affiliate marketing because their training is beginner-friendly but provides still world-class quality.

I got started without any prior knowledge or experience of affiliate marketing. Actually, I didn't even know what affiliate marketing means. So I can completely relate with you because you are on your journey to getting started.

Making money online with affiliate marketing has enabled me to travel around the world.

Nowadays I have achieved some of my goals and dreams with affiliate marketing. I make a full-time income online, I can live wherever I want, and work whenever I want and I can do what I love. And one of the things that I love doing is helping other people to achieve the same.

After getting started and learning myself how to pick money online with affiliate marketing, I have helped thousands of other people to get started as well.

Maybe today is your turn to get started? 

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Review - Summary

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It's an act where you make money by promoting other people's products.

Affiliate Marketing Example?

  1. You leave a link to an Amazon product.
  2. Somebody clicks your link.
  3. He buys a product on Amazon.
  4. You earn a commission.

What is the Best Way to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

  1. Start the step-by-step training on Wealthy Affiliate.
  2. Apply what you have learned.
  3. Ask me if you have any questions regarding the training.
  4. Start earning commissions with affiliate marketing.

Who Is Affiliate Marketing Best For?

For anyone who wants to make passive income online. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Recommended? 

Yes. Affiliate marketing is my #1 recommended way to make money online for especially beginners but also for more advanced Internet marketers.

How long Does It Take to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

This depends on a few factors:

  1. How much effort you are willing to put in?
  2. What kind of training do you have?
  3. Are you going to invest any money?

With a proper training you can fasten the process significantly and start making money with affiliate marketing more easily. You can learn from other people's mistakes and no need to make them yourself.

I know people who have made their first income within 7 days but for most people it takes a bit more time.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

You can get started for completely free on Wealthy Affiliate.

However, my recommendation is that you invest money at least in your own domain name (~$14/year) and the domain hosting.

If you want to make more money faster, I also recommend getting additional tools like the step-by-step training on Wealthy Affiliate, keyword tool and support from experienced affiliate marketers.

Those are all included within the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Therefore, you can get started with a very cheap price. Normally starting a business would cost you up to $10,000's but you can get started with affiliate marketing with almost for free.

The Best Way To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing - My Video

In order to provide you the best step-by-step instructions to start making money with affiliate marketing, I also created for you the following video to help you out.

If your goal is to start making money online with affiliate marketing, watch this video until the end and let me know if you have any questions and I'll be more than happy to help you further!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply means making money by promoting other people's products. Let me illustrate this with an simple example:

  1. You leave a link to Amazon to your website or on your social media.
  2. Somebody clicks your links to Amazon.
  3. He buys a product on Amazon.
  4. You earn a commission from Amazon for ALL the products that the customer bought within 24 hours.

Amazon affiliate program is probably the most famous one in the world and certainly the biggest independent affiliate program. Thousands of people from all around the world get paid every single month by Amazon. Also I get paid by Amazon because I has left some links on some of my websites.

However, Amazon is just one example of 100,000's affiliate programs in the world. You can basically get paid by promoting any product or any company in the world. The opportunities are endelss.

So in a nutshell affiliate marketing looks like this:

  1. You leave an affiliate link anywhere on the Internet.
  2. Somebody clicks your link and buys a product later.
  3. You earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is not by any means a complicated process. It may feel a bit complicated at the beginning but once you learn it, you realize it's a simple 4-step process repeated over and over again.

That being said, making a big income with affiliate marketing certainly requires a lot of effort. You have come to the right place because in this article you will learn everything you need to know to get started with affiliate marketing.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in 4 Simple Steps

I have created step-by-step instructions and illustrations how you can make money with affiliate marketing on my comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review.

You will see the examples from my own websites how I am using the 4-step process to make passive income.

I haven't touched some sites for almost a year and they are still making me consistently some money every single month.

If you are interested in seeing how the process works in practice read this article to see how you can use the 4-step formula to make money with affiliate marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

When you are a beginner with affiliate marketing, the best and the fastest way to succeed is to find someone who already knows how to make money with affiliate marketing and follow their steps.

The principle applies that Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and pretty much all the other business coaches in the world say, "If you do what other successful people do, you will eventually get the same results that they do."

The process of making money with affiliate marketing is simple yet it requires some effort to make a big income.

Now you are in a good place because I have already walked the path from a complete beginner to making a full-time income online with affiliate marketing. I have already made the mistakes so you don't need to do them again. 

You can just learn from my mistakes and start making money online faster than I did. In addition, you will be able to leverage all the wisdom and techniques that I have learned during my affiliate marketing career.

Here are the steps that I suggest you take to start affiliate marketing:

  1. Start the step-by-step training on Wealthy Affiliate.
  2. Follow the training and apply all the steps that you learn.
  3. Ask lots of questions within the community from me and other members.
  4. Start making money with affiliate marketing.

When you follow those steps, you can't really fail.

I don't know anyone who wouldn't have succeeded with Wealthy Affiliate training if they didn't quit.

In the other words, everyone that I know who started the Wealthy Affiliate training and didn't quit, made a good income online!

My 1-On-1 Support Guarantees That You'll Succeed

When you join Wealthy Affiliate through my affiliate link, as a bonus I provide you my 1-on-1 support and mentoring. It doesn't cost you anything more but it's completely included in your membership.

I will answer ALL your questions and make sure that you succeed. I have personally helped numerous people already within WA so I have also noticed what are the most common things that people struggle with and how you can overcome them.

Normally, I could charge for this kind of affiliate marketing consultation service at least $50-200/hour but you get it for completely free included in your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

I will be happy to provide you my helping hand with affiliate marketing.

The best part is that you can get started on Wealthy Affiliate for free so you don't need to risk anything. You don't even need to give your credit card details.

Once you notice that the training works and it really helps you to make money with affiliate marketing, you can upgrade to the premium which is $19 for the first month and therefater $49/month or $359/year.

I am myself a premium member with a yearly membership because it costs less than $0,99 day but it provides all the tools you need to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing. In the other words, the premium membership pays itself back quickly.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can also receive 1-on-1 support for 100% free from other successful affiliate marketers by following these steps.

Why Is WA the Best for Beginner Affiliate Marketers?

Recently, I published a blog post, "​Is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners?" Where I explained in a comprehensive manner why WA is great for beginners who want to make money online with affiliate marketing.

I recommend that you read through that article but I have also created you a following image that concludes the main benefits of Wealthy Affiliate?

8 Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

Many people guess that getting started with the Wealthy Affiliate would cost lts of money but it doesn't.

You can get started for completely free here or by clicking the button below.

How Much Money Can You Make with Affiliate Marketing?

First of all, you need to acknowledge that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to put in the effort to succeed.

But if you are willing to do the work, even the sky isn't a limit. Here are 5 examples of friends who are making +$10,000/month online with affiliate marketing.

Just click that link to check out how they did it. By clicking the image below you can see one example of affiliate marketing earnings from one Wealthy Affiliate members:

Littlemama has regularly posted her income reports on Wealthy Affiliate.

That being said, most likely you will not make a $10,000/month income during your first year unless you are exceptionally determined.

A great thing with affiliate marketing is that your income usually grows exponentially. At first, you will not earn much money but when the "snowball starts rolling", your income can grow pretty fast.

See Brok's example by clicking the image below:

Brok joined the "$10,000/month club" in January 2018 by earning $13,481.39 in a single month.

Even though those guys are making +$10,000/month, they'll income can still grow a lot. For example, Dom Wells who is one of them is nowadays running a +$1 million dollar business. He also got started with affiliate marketing but since then created some own products as well.

You can set your own goals depending on your current level and how much time/money you are willing to spend.

Let's say that you use at least a few hours per day and some money by following the Wealthy Affiliate training, you can earn +$2,000/month passive income after a year.

Of course, that's just an estimation and you may earn much more than that or much less than that. It's all up to you.

Conclusion: Best Way to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

The best way to for you to get started with affiliate marketing is to follow the steps of the other successful affiliate marketers. Then you don't need to make the same mistakes that they did and you'll save tons of time and money.

Wealthy Affiliate training is the most popular and probably the most effective affiliate marketing training for beginners. It has worked for me and 1,000's of other people as well so I am sure it will work for you as well.

Some of the greatest thing of Wealthy Affiliate are that you can get started for completely free and you'll get my personal 1-on-1 support. 

You will never be left alone within the WA community because there is a 24/7/365 live chat and technical support.

In addition, if you any time get stuck with any issue that you have, you can always reach out to me. I'll provide you my professional advice and help you to move forward.

affiliate marketing for dummies

The key is just to start. I will support you hand by hand all the way to your success.

What kind of experiences do you have with affiliate marketing?

Would you like to get my 1-on-1 support and mentoring to get started?

Have you already started the training on Wealthy Affiliate?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Is Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners? Read My Success Story!

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Product Type: Make Money Online Training And Community of +1,500,000 Members

Price: Starter Membership: FREE, Premium Membership: $49/Month or $359/Year

Best for: Anyone Who Wants to Make More Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Summary: Wealthy Affiliate is an "all-in-one" center for anyone who wants to make money online. When I got started on WA, I didn't even know what is affiliate marketing. Their training walked me through hand-by-hand to succeed. 

Is Wealthy Affiliate Recommended For Beginners? Yes, definitely. I started on Wealthy Affiliate as a beginner and learned to make a full-time income online. That gave me also a location freedom to live wherever I want and work whenever I want.

NOTE: When you join Wealthy Affiliate through my link, I provide my 1-on-1 support and mentoring as a bonus. You'll get a welcome message when you join so you'll have an opportunity to connect with me and ask anything you need.

Is Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners? 4 Tips to +$3,000/Month Income!

I created a video answering to your question, "Is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners?" where you'll also reveal you 4 tips that will help you to make money online faster.

By avoiding the 4 mistakes that I did, your progress will be much faster and you can start making money quicker than I did.

In addition, you will have my 1-on-1 mentoring on Wealthy Affiliate when you join through my link which will guarantee you the best help & support.

Watch the video until the end and let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help you!

Introduction - Making Passive Income Online While Laying on the Beach?

I have always using the Internet a lot since I was a child. What about you?

Still, I never really imagined that I could be paid for doing that. I thought that using the Internet was just a distraction from "more important things in life".

But a few years back when I was surfing the Internet, I found stories of people who were making money online while "living like the king" in Asia.

affiliate marketing for dummies

Nowadays the Internet enables me and 1,000's of other people to earn money wherever in the world. (NOTE! Working on the beach is not very practical because of the sun and heat.)

I thought, "Hmm... That doesn't sound like a bad idea. Why wouldn't I try it myself? If they can do it, why couldn't I do it as well?"

I thought that laying down on the beach of Thailand or Bali could be quite nice while I would be earning passive income online. 
Fast forward a few years, at the moment I am living in Thailand and I have the freedom to lay down on the beach even the whole day while I earn money online.

Making money online with affiliate marketing has enabled me to travel around the world and it can enable you as well! 🙂

How all of this happened and will Wealthy Affiliate help you to do the same? Read the full article to find out!

Making Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are reading this article, the chances are that I or somebody else has recommended Wealthy Affiliate to you for making money online.

You also have a desire to make money online like I and thousands of other people are doing thanks to the wealthy affiliate training. However, you may be asking is "Wealthy Affiliate for beginners?" "Can I get started even though I don't have any prior experience?"

That's why I wanted to share with you today my story with Wealthy Affiliate​. I got started on Wealthy Affiliate as a complete beginner but still learned to make money online and achieved the freedom to travel around the world and live wherever I want. If I can do it, you can do it.

I wanted to make this text as honest as possible so I also share with you my pitfalls and setbacks that I had after getting started with the training.

I give you easy-to-follow steps how you can start making money faster than I did by avoiding the mistakes that I made. But before diving into my story I would like to share just a few words what is wealthy affiliate all about so we are on same page with you.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is the world's biggest make money online/affiliate marketing community that consists of more than 1.5 million people. However, it's not just the community but it's more like a "all-in-one" online business center for anyone who wants to make big money online.

 Wealthy Affiliate​ membership includes:

  • Step-By-Step Training ​To make money with affiliate marketing​
  • 24/7/365 support and live chat to help you more
  • Website hosting
  • All kinds of tools that​ make it easier for you to make money online
  • My 1-on-1 support and mentoring (only available for those who join throgh my link)
  • Access to successful online entrepreneurs who are making +$10,000/month
  • And more!

8 Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

       easy-to follow

Beginner-friendly step-by-step training.

My 1-on-1 support

I will personally guide and help you to succeed.

       13 Year in business

Most trusted online business training in the world.



Members come from all around the world.

+1,5 M Members

Helpful community of online entrepreneurs.

24/7/365 Live support

Get help from successful online entrepreneurs.

Big income potential

Some members make +$10,000/month.

Long-term income 

Make a sustainable income for years.

​So Wealthy Affiliate​ is so very comprehensive ​place that includes literally everything you need to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Even though the main focus is to teach how you can make more money with affiliate marketing, by being Wealthy Affiliate member I have also got many other moneymaking opportunities online.

My Story - How I Got Started?

As I quickly mentioned you above, I started on Wealthy Affiliate without any prior experience of making money online with affiliate marketing.

At first I was little bit skeptical because I didn't know anyone who would have been making money online. That's why I wasn't even sure if it's possible or not.

However, I still get started on Wealthy Affiliate​ because it looked promising and their training was very easy to follow.

Then I quickly notice that making money online is real and the wealthy affiliate training can really help me to do as well. I said to myself, "If they can do it, I can do it.

After a little while of being a free starter members on Wealthy Affiliate, I upgraded to the premium membership because I wanted to start making serious money online.

My Struggles - And How You Can Avoid Them!

My start at Wealthy Affiliate was great. 

As a complete beginner I quickly learned several new skills like for example

  • ​How to build websites
  • How to do the basic keyword research
  • How to apply to affiliate programs
  • How to write engaging and user-friendly content.

Even though all of these skills are valuable and worth money I still struggled to start making my first commissions. I made a few newbie mistakes and now I want to advise how you can avoid them when you get started.

Mistake 1: Not Asking Enough Questions!

Probably the biggest reason that was holding me back was that I didn't ask enough questions inside the community.

I asked the couple of questions here and there but not enough from the right people. Once I started asking more questions my progress really accelerated.

2.Having the Wrong Mindset

Even though everybody says on Wealthy Affiliate that this is not the get rich quick scheme I still hoped that I would start making money faster.

I didn't have previous experience of entrepreneurship and I had always before earned money by working for someone else. When you work in a 9-to-5 job you get paid immediately. Or at least almost immediately.

However, with affiliate marketing things just don't work like that. You do the work beforehand and then you will get paid afterwords.

Let's say that you write an article today and at your affiliate links there it may take three hours to write. It may be that you will not get paid because of that article immediately.

But once it gets rank it on Google and starts getting lots of eyeballs you will also start making money.

For example, one article that I wrote on this website has already generated me more than $700 and it still keeps on making me money for years to come.

3.Waiting for Results Too Quickly Without Working Enough

Experienced affiliate marketers say sometimes that they get paid still for articles that they published 10 or even 15 years ago. They have earned with that article 10 or even 100 times more than if they would have written the article for somebody else as a freelance writer

I didn't realize all these things when I got started and I was expecting results to fast. That's why my recommendation to you is that give yourself time to learn. The money will come when you follow the training and put in the efforts.

I highly recommend that you get the yearly premium membership on Wealthy Affiliate because then you will have enough time to learn the things and start making good money. The reason that some people fail is only because they quit too early.

In addition, the yearly membership costs only $359/year (equals to $29/month). You will save $20/month compared to the monthly membership.

I haven't seen anyone failing with affiliate marketing who didn't quit. So the only way to fade to quit. If you keep on learning and moving for what you will eventually make money and most likely a lot of money.

Money doesn't flow to you unless you are willing to put in the effort.

I still see people who get started on Wealthy Affiliate who write down their goals like this:

  1. My goal is to earn $15,000/month.
  2. I am willing to invest 1 hour per day.

Like what?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a push button to riches. Of course, you can make +$15,000 if you work for a long time but it doesn't come by putting in only 1 hour per day.

Once you get everything set up and you earn a passive income, then you may need to work only 1 hour per day to maintain +$15,000/month income but getting into that point requires tons of effort.

4.Targeting the Right Keywords

If you want to get tons of traffic (=visitors) to your website, one of the most effective strategy is to create content that gets ranked on high Google. Sometimes I have got +50,000 visitors in a month from Google for completely free just because I had written some content before that got ranked on Google.

However, at the beginning I didn't know how to do it and I didn't follow the Wealthy Affiliate training diligently.

You need to target the right keywords. Wealthy Affiliate training teaches you this aspect also in a comprehensive manner but I somehow ignored the importance of it. That ignorance cost me probably 3 months and tons of working hours.

By the way, I have also created a simple 10-step training that teaches you how I got +100 posts on the first page of Google and how you can make it as well.

So, don't make the same mistakes that I did and you'll start making much more money and much faster than I did.

Despite My Mistakes, I Still Succeeded Thanks to WA!

​Despite all the mistakes that I made, I still managed to learn to make money online with affiliate marketing. I need to give credit for that to Wealthy Affiliate because their training and community really helped me to do it.

I learned early on what Kyle (the founder of Wealthy Affiliate) always taught, "I have not seen anyone failing with affiliate marketing who didn't quit." I took those words to my heart and I knew that one day I'll make it.

Once I started taking a serious action and asking lots of questions within the community, good results started coming. I've noticed that with affiliate marketing you really get what you put in. If you put in a lot of smart work, you'll get wonderful results.

If you are in with the attitude that I was at the beginning, "Well, I am not sure if this will work so better that I don't go all-in yet", most likely you will not see the great results. You need to put in the effort to succeed and once you do, even +$10,000/months are possible.

I have not yet reached a $10,000/month income but sooner or later I will do it. I have still made some great record days when I earned, for example, +$500 in a single day. If and when you will consistenly earn $500/day, that willl equal to $15,000/month and $182,500/year.

That surely requires tons of work but I am sure it's possible for you and anyone who seriously wants to succeed with affiliate marketing. As I said above, the more work you put in, the greater results you get.

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate Great For Beginners?

I thinkt the greatest beneifts of Wealthy Affiliate for beginners is that you literally don't need any experience to get started. Their training teaches you everything from the beginning until to the level that you become successful and make a good money with affiliate marketing.

In addition, it's a community and a "family" of other online entrepreneurs who are willing to help you. You can always ask questions within the community and find somebody to help you out.

When you join through my affiliate link to WA, I also provide you my exclusive 1-on-1 support and mentoring. That doesn't bring you any extra costs so it's a highly valuable bonus to you. 

Normally I could charge at least $50-200/hour for that kind of service but now it's included for completely for free for you in the membership.

Is WA Suitable for More Advanced Affiliate Marketers?


Even though I have already quite a lot of experience of making money with affiliate marketing, I still feel that I learn something new every week within WA.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you an access to other successful Internet marketers who are already making +$10,000/month online or are even multi-millionaires. You can just imagine how great tips you can learn from these guys.

In addition, Jay Neill hosts his weekly live webinars on WA where he teaches several important skills on how you can make more money online. Those webinars include all kinds of practical subjects like:

I love the weekly live webinars by Jay Neill. They are informative and entertaining.

Conclusion - Is Wealthy Affiliate Good For Beginners?

Yes, definitely.

I got started as a beginner and succeeded. I have heard the same story from 1,000's of other Wealthy Affiliate members' mouths. They started also as complete beginners but now they are making a good income online have a freedom lifestyle.

If they can do it, you can do it. If even I can do it, you can definitely do it.

An awesome bonus for you when you join through my link is my 1-on-1 support and mentoring. You will get personalized help and feedback from me anytime you need.

You can always send me your questions and I answer ALL of them. So far, I have answered 100% of the messages that I have received from the people like you that I referred to Wealthy Affiliate. And I will keep on doing so because I want to make sure you succeed.

So get started today here or by clicking the button below. 

I'm waiting you inside to help you make money with affiliate marketing! 😉

What kind of experiences do you have with Wealthy Affiliate?

Have you already started the training?

Do you want to get my 1-on-1 support to make money online with affiliate marketing?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Is Rory Ricord a Scam? No, But I Advise Being Careful with This Guy!

Rory Ricord Review 2018 - Updated Version

I have just published an updated version of the Rory Ricord review on my YouTube channel. Take a look at the video below.

In the video, I reveal my latest thoughts of the Rory Ricord program. It's also worth mentioning that Rory threatened to sue me if I don't take down my reviews.

I think that I have a moral obligation to let people know my expert analysis before you put your hard-earned money into "make money online programs".

Wealthy Affiliate remains to be my #1 recommendation for anyone who wants to make money online.

Welcome To My Rory Ricord Review!

A big number of our visitors were asking, “Is Rory Ricord a Scam? Should I join it or not?”

In this Rory Ricord review, I am going to answer these questions and give my honest opinion of this product. I am myself a full-time online marketer and I have researched more than 400 money-making opportunities online.. 

I am sure this article will be helpful for you. If you have any questions after reading this, you can always leave a question below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Rory Ricord Review - Quick Summary

Name: Rory Ricord

Founded in: unknown. The only information I found in this regard is saying that the website is 16 years old. I find that hard to believe. For a website made in 2001, there are very few online reviews and resources surrounding it. Typically, websites that have that extensive of a history will have more outside content reviewing it.

Update 30.7.2017: It seems that the company called Brunette Marketing owns Rory Ricord. That business is not BBB (Better Business Bureau accredited).

Field: SEO, social media, web blogging.

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100

Summary: Rory Ricord is a bit mystery. His websites look a bit unprofessional and there are several negative reviews of his program on the Internet. Still, he has lots of videos on YouTube that many people are liking.

If you are highly interested in Rory’s material, I just recommend that you first go through all of his free material on YouTube before investing any money on his paid programs.

However, I wouldn’t use my time with teachers who have a shady reputation like Rory has. Instead, I recommend having a look at this step-by-step training for making money online. You can get started for completely free and no credit cards needed. That program has taught me and thousands of other people to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and make a living online.

UPDATE 13/5/2018: Rory Is Threatening Me And Others

Rory has several times personally threatened to sue me and other people who have written negative reviews of his services. He seems to be furious that there are negative reviews of his services.

I suggested that he should improve his services instead of attacking people who write something negative about him. He didn't want to listen my advice. Based on the communication that I had with Rory, I could never recommend buying something from him. 

What Or Who is Rory Ricord?

Rory Ricord is the persona for a website that claims to teach customers how to make money online. Rory Ricord says he runs a training site on making money by posting various links online. He calls this ‘link post blogging,’ a term he coined. Rory Ricard seems to be backed by and owns a company called Brunette Marketing.

Brunette Marketing has its own independent website that claims to be an online training program as well. When you follow the link on this web page, you get redirected to

Brunette Marketing is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau listed the reasons that Brunette Marketing is not accredited. These include that the Better Business Bureau is concerned with the market that Brunette Marketing is involved in. This market is online blogging using links and social media. The Better Business Bureau also lists that Brunette Marketing has failed to respond to any customer reviews or complaints.

There are also tons of complaints of Rory Ricord program. I explain more in this short video:

Based on the information that I read on other websites, Rory Ricord seems to be the marketer that is behind a vast majority of suspicious programs on the Internet.

One source claimed that Rory Ricord is responsible for other programs such as The Work at Home Institute, Profit Master Academy, Home Job Placement, and Leads Stream. Many of those programs have a bad reputation in the online business world which makes me quite suspicious about Rory Ricord.

This story is the same across all the other listed websites. These listed programs have been discredited by many bloggers and scam reviewers.

If you are interested in making a living online, I rather recommend a program that I have used myself. It works like a charm and you can also get started for completely free.

Click the Picture If You Are Interested in Making a Full-Time Income Online.

What Is “Link Post Blogging?”

Link post blogging is something invented by Rory Ricord. He states to have invented this system. Other companies and websites talk about adding links to their blog posts, but there is no mention of link post blogging. Rory Ricord says link post blogging goes beyond simple linking. According to this program, link post blogging requires only one website to be created for marketing. Outside of this explanation, Rory Ricord does not expand on link post blogging. This is to get potential customers to purchase his program to find out more details.

With link post blogging he may refer to affiliate marketing. It’s a very profitable way of making income online. If you want to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer, have a look here.

If you are still interested in Rory’s program, I recommend watching his free YouTube videos rather than paying for his programs. Here is one example of his “Blogging For Cash with Rory” Episodes

Rory Ricord Products – 1-on-1 Support

Rory Ricord sells a training program online that includes 1-on-1 support and advice from his team. This program also includes various resources regarding link post blogging and how to make money off of this system. This program places a lot of weight on its 1-on-1 training sessions.

Rory claims that his staff is trained by him alone and deeply understands the messages of link post blogging. These staff people do exist, and there are mixed reviews on the quality of the interactions. These range from claims that the staff is rude to say that the staff helps with websites but does not cover money making strategies well enough.

If you are interested in 1-on-1 support for making money online, I am giving a special offer for my visitors. All people who join Wealthy Affiliate (for free) through my website will get my personal support and mentoring. I will share all my best tips for making money online. Some mistakes have cost me 3-6 months of time. When you can avoid that pitfall you can start making money online much faster than I did.

Can I Make Money With Rory Ricord?

Based on the experiences who tried his program, most people say it does not work very well. On his website, Rory only has 18 member replies.

Out of these 18 member replies, only one has commented on the actual money making possibilities. This one person says their blog is making money every week but does not specify exactly how or how much. The other 17 reviews are from people who say they just signed up, are excited to use this, or are happy that Rory is sharing his experience.

On other websites you can find tons of negative reviews about Rory Ricord.

There are hundreds or thousands of positive reviews on my most recommended program. Some people have also learned to make +$10,000/month with that program. I know some of these guys personally so there are real people who became successful affiliate marketers. You can learn more how these guys are making +$10.000/month and how you could do it too. Remember that everyone who is making big money online has started from 0.

Is Rory Ricord a Scam

You can make a living online but I advise staying away from suspicious programs.

Other areas of Rory Ricord website have their own places for customer questions and reviews. For example, on his page about posting links, he only has reviews that either ask questions or praise his work. There are only 13 posts.

The word ‘excited’ is used as a description in the majority of these replies with little to no variance. The amount of similarity in the responses makes it appear that they are not all original.

Rory Ricord Reviews – Makes Me Even More Suspicious

When researching new programs or products online, it’s always wise to have a look what other people are writing about it. One of the most common negative signs is lots of negative reviews written by reliable online entrepreneurs.

On scam there is detailed information on the legitimacy of this program as well as customer reviews. Scam says that this is a high-risk company and product. The reviews on the website say things that back up this idea.

The most positive review says that the training is helpful in learning how to build and navigate a website, but does not cover money making. Rory Ricord commented on’s review of his product, claiming that the negative reviews are false.

Quite a few of these negative reviews say his customer service, especially with phone calls, is mediocre. Rory refutes these claims.

The reviews indicate that his phone service is inconsistent, whereas Ricord insists that his service is always working. Instead of accepting criticism, listening to his customers, and changing his service, Rory presents himself as indignant and offended.

At first it may seem surprising that there are 7 positive reviews and only one negative reviews of Rory Ricord on BBB: However, a closer look at them reveals something interesting!

ALL positive reviews are written and published in the same day 20.4.2017. It means that the owner of Rory Ricord has probably written those reviews himself. Otherwise, it would be a huge coincidence and I don’t believe that all people who like his program would have landed on BBB on the same day and published a positive review of it.

What about that negative review? Let’s have a look.

is rory ricord a scam


You should always remember with online scams that their money-back guarantee may be just a fake claim trying to get your money. Tracy’s experience makes me, even more, more convinced that I don’t want to invest my money on Rory Ricord.

Conclusion – Is Rory Ricord a Scam?

There are a few red flags around Rory Ricord. That’s why I recommend being very careful before paying any money for his system.

I promote only products that I would like to use myself. I have used Wealthy Affiliate, since 2015 and I am satisfied with their online business services. If you want to learn how to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate beats Rory Ricord like 100-0.

WA provides you step-by-step training how you can make a full-time income (or even much more) online. In addition, provide a vivid community of online entrepreneurs who support each other to push forward. One benefit in WA is that you can join for totally free. You don’t need to use a single penny to start training.

You will get +12 hours of interactive video lessons, 2 high-quality websites and other tools for completely free.

In addition, I will offer my 1-on-1 mentoring and support. I will offer you personal tips for making money online and answer all your questions. I want to make you succeed.

Before you get started, I want to mention that Wealthy Affiliate also offers a premium membership that I highly recommend. However, get started with the free account, start the training, connect with me and upgrade to the premium if you want to have an access to all tools. 

Are you ready to start making moey online? Get started by clicking the picture below:

4 step process for making money online

Do you have experience of Rory Ricord or other “make money online” -products?

Which one has been your favorite and are you already earning good money on the Internet?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Enter your text here...


Is Tecademics a Scam Or The #1 Internet Marketing Training?

Tecademics Review - Quick Summary

Name: Tecademics

Founded: By Chris Record in 2016. Current Chairman is Jim Piccolo

Product Type: Internet Marketing & Make Money Online Training

Price: Membership Is Free to Join (That's their marketing strategy) but the Individual Course Prices Are Unknown. More Information Further...

Best for: A person who lives near Arizona USA and has lots of money to invest in the Internet Marketing training courses.

Summary: Tecademics is a business center and an Internet marketing college. They have a huge campus in Arizona with tons of different services that they provide from co-working space to recording studios.

However, in this review we are going to focus on their Internet marketing training and whether or not it's worth it.

Is Tecademics Recommended? Depends on your personal situation and needs. More on this further...

(This is for those who don't want to travel to Arizona, US and want to learn at home.
It's also the same training that made me a full-time Internet marketer.)

Introduction - Internet Marketing Skill Means Lots of $$$ Today

How would it feel if you could make tons of money from the comfort of your own home wearing your pyjama?

Or you would be able to generate income streams online and travel around the world and go wherever you want to go?

I guess it would feel awesome, right?

Well, I can confirm from my own experience that IT IS AWESOME. I make my living online being "my own boss" and it's a great feeling.

Now Tecademics is supposed to teach you the same skills and today I wanted to take a look at what they provide. I am not affiliated with Tecademics in any way.

The purpose of this review is to provide you information regarding their products because many people were searching for it. I consider myself as an "Internet Marketing Expert" so I believe I can share you a thing or two about this company.

What Is Tecademics?

Tecademics, also known as "Internet Marketing College", was founded in 2016 by an experienced Internet marketer called Chris Record.

Their purpose is to teach you to master the ropes of the Internet marketing and make money online. Their name also stands for "Technology Academics" => Tecademics.

Chris Records' vision in 2016 was to create a successful and a comprehensive Internet marketing college that provides education on various subjects of the Internet marketing.

  • The story behind Tecademics

As I mentioned you in the introduction, Internet marketing skill is worth more than gold nowadays. Companies are willing to pay you lots of money and you can also create your own business if you know what to do or follow a proper online business training.

However, a challenge is that normal colleges don't teach Internet marketing. Schools teach you usually the basics skills on how to use the computer and the Internet.

But they don't teach how to make money through the Internet or reach thousands of people.

Then there are many "make money online gurus" who are selling you their magical programs that are promising you the moon from the sky.

I guess you've seen ads like, "See how this stay-at-home mom makes $8,754 in 15 days! Learn how you can do it as well!" 99,9% of such programs are scams.

Yes, you can make +$10,000/month online but it requires the proper training and tons of effort. It doesn't obviously come by clicking your fingers.

Now Tecademics wants to create something that teaches you the skills in a reliable way like a real college. We may call them a college because they also have a physical campus in the United States, Arizona.

On their website, you can find tons of pictures from their students studying the skills and going through the lessons.

  • Who Is Chris Record? The Founder of Tecademics

Chris Record is already quite a famous within the Internet marketing space. He has worked with several companies and made obviously tons of money.

Therefore, he can certainly teach other people as well how to do profitable Internet marketing.

On the other hand, I need to admit that Chris Record is also somewhat controversial personality. Some people claim Chris has scammed them by inviting people to his programs. Take a look the image below taken from Dirtyscam website:

Some people are claiming that Chris Record is a scam artist. Do your own research before buying.

It's not a positive thing for Tecademics that there are such reviews of Chris on the Internet. However, Chris has left the company for some reasons and now their leader is Jim Piccolo.

How Does Tecademics Training Work?

Tecademics has undergone several changes during its 2 years of operation. The curriculum has changed sometimes and they have improved the courses.

This is what Tecademics was providing before and what changes have come:

1.Main Products

  1. TEC - The Entrepreneur Club ($100 monthly recurring fee)
  2. Tecad- Internet Marketing Principles And Core Training (One-Time Fee $2,000)
  3. MASTERS (One-Time Fee $10,000)
  4. ELITE

As you notice, the prices were not anything cheap. That's also what you can expect from a school that calls themselves the best Internet marketing college in the country. Is it the best? Well, that's another story...

Now Tecademics has updated their system and are currently selling so-called 16 individual success plan that I will describe further.

2.Business Model 

Before Tecademics was working within multi-tier affiliate program. It's not purely affiliate marketing nor multi-level marketing. It means that members will earn commissions by referring new members to the program up to multiple tiers.

It's so close to multi-level marketing that it has a little bit bad reputation among many honest Internet marketers. 

Many businesses using that business model have been closed over the years by FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Some recent examples from the Internet marketing space are MOBE and Digital Altitude. Those businesses have resembled too much a classical pyramid scheme.

That's probably one of the reasons why Tecademics has also changed their business model and, as far as I know, they have abandoned the multi-tier affiliate program. It keeps them more safe and people don't claim that it would be a pyramid scheme.

3.Tecademics Lessons

At first, Tecademics lessons were also available online but now they have been removed from the Internet. You can now only go to the courses in their location, Arizona US. 

4.Leader of the Tecademics Company

As mentioned above, the leader of Tecademics has been changed and now Jim Piccolo is leading it. You can see the picture of Jim below:

Jim Piccolo, the current leader of Tecademics.

5.Current Tecademics Services

Tecademics isn't only an Internet marketing college. They are actually providing many other services as well.

They provide...

  • Large 7,500 square foot co-working space. 
  • Meeting rooms for businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Events
  • Studio for recording and photographing
  • And more.

In the other words, Tecademics has become a "business center" where digital entrepreneurs can connect and meet other like-minded people.

Now let's talk about the 16 Individual Success Paths course that they are providing. That's their current Internet marketing plan.

Tecademics Training Courses - 16 Success Paths

As I explained above, instead of using their 4 core products, they have changed into a different kind of training plan that consists of 16 individual success plans.

Those 16 subjects include all kinds of important and relevant topics of the Internet marketing including:

Each subject is divided into 5 courses that are:

  1. Foundational Courses
  2. Core Courses
  3. Tactical Courses
  4. Sprint Courses
  5. Optional Courses

All training modules are quite comprehensive and consist of several days of training. In the image below you can see as an example their Day 1 - Day 5 from one of their core courses that consists in total of 15 days.

Core Course Days 1-5 from one of their trainings.

They talk about all the important subjects of the Internet marketing and many courses are targeted towards beginners.

As you can see above, they have Facebook 101 and similar "101 trainings" also for Instagram, YouTube and other social medias.

This kind of "shotgun strategy" can give you a good overall picture of what's going on online and within the Internet marketing space but it doesn't necessarily make you an expert.

If you want to become a great Internet marketer and start making money online like I do, I recommend going though this step-by-step training course.

Other recommended training courses that you can take from home are:

But if you have an opportunity and willingness to travel to Arizona, I think you will also learn a couple of new skills and ideas with Tecademics as well.

They have put lots of sweat and effort on creating their Internet marketing school and I believe they provide a great value.

Pros & Cons of Tecademics


1.Company Has a Great Vision

Tecademics is trying to fill out the gap between old-school colleges and shady "make money online systems".

Their mission is to have a reputable Internet marketing college where you can go to learn and master important skills.

I definitely support this kind of entrepreneurial innovations and it's great that people are teaching Internet marketing. That's what I am also doing myself so Tecademics teachers can also be considered as my "colleagues".

2.Tons of Different Training Courses

You saw above how wide range of different skills they are teaching.

Basically, anything that you want to learn regarding Internet marketing is covered under one of their training courses.

That's certainly a big benefit.

However, if you are already an advanced Internet marketing many of their courses may feel too basic.

3.It's Physical Campus Where You Can Go

Well, this can also be seen as a drawback because it's not online but if I would be living in Arizona, I would certainly enjoy visiting their in the physical place.

You can learn tons of skills and meet many people online but there's always some sort of "magic" when you do it in person in the real life. 

When you go to real-life trainings, there are usually more emotions involved compared to trainings that you watch on your sofa eating pop corns.

4.Networking Opportunities with Other Internet Marketers

This is related to the previous benefit. When you go to a real physical space, you are also able to connect with other Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs.

Those connections may be worth $1,000,000's during your lifetime. It's always great to meet other people and share ideas.

By the way, if you want to connect with me and get my 1-on-1 support to the Internet marketing and making money online, you can do so here.


1.You Need to Go to Arizona

It's a benefit that they have a physical place but it can also be a drawback.

First of all, many people don't have the opportunity to travel to Arizona to their training center.

Second, even though you could travel to Arizona in theory, it may be more convenient to learn the skills online. There are tons of awesome Internet marketing training courses also online that you can use.

My top recommended Internet marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate is available worldwide and there are already 1,5 million people in the community. That also provides great networking opportunities.

2.It's Expensive

Well, this is of course relative. If you are already a multi-millionaire then you probably consider their courses cheap but if you are a rather new entrepreneur or not rich yet, you probably say they are expensive.

In the past, you needed to pay $10,000 to roll into some of their face-to-face training courses in the campus. For the same price you could buy online courses from the best Internet marketers in the world.

At the moment, they don't reveal the prices on their homepage and you need to contact Tecademics for more information.

If you don't have $1,000's or $10,000's to spend for the training, I recommend that you start this world-class Internet marketing training for FREE:

I am not saying that you shouldn't pay for the education. I'm just saying that the price doesn't always correlate with the quality and there are much cheaper alternatives to Tecademics that provide a great training as well.

Tecademics has its own strengths but you need to be able to pay for that.

3.You Need to Know What You Want to Learn

That's of course a good foundation for anything in life. You need to know what you want to achieve before starting.

However, what if you just want to make money online don't know whether Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other platform would be better for you.

When I got started, I just had an idea, "I want to make my living online and affect positively in people's lives. I want to improve people's lives and get paid for that."

I didn't have an idea how to get started. But I found the Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training that taught me everything. It also guided me to building my own website that I never taught before would be even possible. 

Did you know that you can create your very own website even in 30 seconds even without any prior experience?

Anyway, I am sure that Tecademics will provide some sort of tips to choose your right direction. Other option is to follow my #1 recommendation below and get my 1-on-1 support.

I'll personally take a look at your situation (for free) and let you know my recommendations. Get started through the button below:

Is Tecademics a Scam?

No, Tecademics is not a scam.

Many people were asking this on Google probably because of the suspicious background of the founder of Tecademics, Chris Record.

Even though he is a successful Internet marketer, he has been involved with scammy companies like Empower Network

If you haven't heard of Empower Network before, it was a highly popular pyramid scheme-ish Internet marketing training that finally collapsed a few years ago.

Many regular individuals lost $1,000's with Empower Network. Some lost even $10,000's. Top earners like Chris Record cashed out lots of money from the company.

I hope that he is not nowadays promoting any similar programs.

Anyway, Tecademics is not a scam. They are providing real training that teaches real skills for Internet marketing.

My Sincere Advice to You

I want to help you to master Internet Marketing.

If you want to master the ropes of the Internet marketing and make big money online, I recommend that you take some training.

It will fast-track your success immediately compared to those individuals who try to learn everything just by themselves.

If you are living near Arizona and you have lots of extra money in your pockets, Tecademics may be a great choice for you. You get to know also other people who are studying and learning the same things like you are.

On the other hand, if you don't have an opportunity to travel to Arizona at the moment, there are great Internet marketing trainigs available online as well.

My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate for several reasons:

  1. Easy-to-follow step-by-step training.
  2. It helped me to go from 0 to making a full-time income online.
  3. It has also helped 1,000's of other individuals all over the world to achieve the same.
  4. You get to connect with me and other community members.
  5. I provide you my 1-on-1 support and help.

By the way, it's FREE to get started and even the all-inclusive premium membership is less than $1 per day. So, it's really a no-brainer.

What kind of experiences do you have with Tecademics or other Internet Marketing courses?

What has been the best Internet Marketing training that you have taken so far?

Would you like to get my 1-on-1 support and help to build your online business?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


What Is Authority Hacker Pro Review: A System That Charges You $997!

Welcome to my Authority Hacker Pro Review!

If you have been struggling to make money online, you are probably looking for solutions to solve your challenges and give you a big breakthrough in your life.

  • What is Authority Hacker Pro?
  • Is Authority Hacker Pro the missing link for you to make +$5,000/month online? 
  • Will it really give you the change that you have been looking for?

These and many other questions will be answered in my comprehensive review below.

If any questions pop up in your mind while reading this text, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out personally.

Authority Hacker Pro Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Authority Hacker Pro

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Price: $997 - 1,997

Best for: People Who Want to Learn Internet Marketing And Are Willing To Pay Much for That

Summary: Authority Hacker Pro provides you with tons of tested tips by experienced Internet marketers. Therefore, you will most likely benefit from the course.

However, the price of the course is very expensive and Authority Hacker support seems to be non-existent at the moment. There are programs that offer a much better quality for a way cheaper price. (See the button below)

Is Authority Hacker Pro Recommended? Not really. 

What is Authority Hacker Pro?

Authority Hacker Pro is a platform where Internet Marketers learn to make money by building affiliate marketing websites. While the program contains in depth and research-based concepts, it is also targeted for beginners. 

Most of their techniques are developed using tried concepts that are effective in internet marketing. Broadly speaking, they provide with useful tips that you can use to take your marketing campaign to the next level.

If you haven't heard before of affiliate marketing, I recommend reading my affiliate marketing guide here.

The program was developed by the two business partners Mark Webster and Gael Breton in 2014. Similar to various internet marketing programs, they help you improve your online business but with research-based and proven techniques.

Based on many user reviews, their approaches are unique and a cut above the rest. Instead of promoting just any business, Gael and Mark recommend that you take your hobby and become an authority in that niche. It's actually the same strategy that my #1 recommended program teaches.

The process of making money with affiliate marketing is very simple.

The two partners are very experienced and they have certainly operated various businesses in the past. It is simple to learn the concepts on this program and the support are also very friendly.

For instance, one of their main starting points was the development of health & nutrition website. With this site, the two partners were able to experiment and to learn by using various types of Internet marketing techniques.

Authority Hacker Pro is the platform through which they can get to share this exclusive information while still making a living out of it.

You will also be pleased to know that the techniques demonstrated in the program are based on real-life applications. In other words, the producers of this program provide you with concepts that have been implemented on their personal websites.

If you are interested in learning different aspects of the Internet marketing, I highly recommend following training courses:

How does Authority Hacker Pro Work?

In particular, they have various programs such as tutorials and educational literature, which are very useful for kick-starting your marketing campaign. 

Whether you want to start an online business or you perhaps want to improve your knowledge, this program is targeted to you. Their aim is to help you to convert your traffic as they employ contemporary technologies to improve sales.

Some of their techniques are

  • Retargeting ads using cookies
  • Deadline funnels
  • Link building Strategies

Taking things to the next level, the program also comprises of additional stuff members who can take you through the entire process. Once you advance all through the initial stages of the program, you are also introduced to the exclusive community of online markets.

Here you can get to interact with various other types of like-minded individual in the Internet marketing community.

The program also contains as many as 18 blueprints that allow users to develop various functions on an authority site. For instance, the pro membership provides various benefits such as access to well over 200 video lessons. The lessons provide coherent information on how one can implement these blueprints.

Gael Breton and Mark Webster are the founders of Authority Hacker.

What's Included in Authority Hacker Pro?

There are various programs that are included in Authority Hacker Pro. They include:

  • SEO strategies
  • Other Internet Marketing tools
  • How to drive traffic 

Broadly speaking, the program has been divided into three main categories that are 1.Authority Hacker Pro, 2.Authority Site System and 3.Authority Hacker Pro Platinum

  • The Authority Site System $997

Here users will learn about market research, keyword research and setting up a site as well. This particular program covers all the important concepts that you need to develop a profitable authority site. Once you are competent, you can even go on to start two or three marketing campaigns.

The professionals take you through the entire procedure from start to finish. More so, they also take you through starting a site to a full-blown business with in-depth videos. One of the most valuable aspects in this program is probably that they help you escape the mistakes and pitfalls that most newbies make.

The program is divided into three main categories, which contain different types of information. Users are recommended to proceed through the stages gradually before completing at the final stage, where they gain access to an exclusive community of online businesses marketers.

  • The Authority Hacker Pro Platinum $1,997

Aside from the materials you get in the Pro membership, you will also gain access to monthly question and answer tutorials. The tutorials comprise of various videos that were recorded over the years. More so, you also gain exclusive access to a 2 x 1 strategy call with experts for additional insight.

Once your business starts developing and advancing, you might need a coach or mentor to guide you through the process. This is why you will gain access to a staff member who has already experimented with various tried and tested methods over the years.

  • The Problem: Expensive Pricing

After talking with thousands of people who want to learn to make money online with affiliate marketing like I do, I have noticed that most beginners don't want to spend so much money at the beginning.

The primary problem of Authority Hacker Pro is their high price. Most people just don't want to pay $997 for some system when they can get even a better system for a way cheaper price.

My #1 recommendation is free to get started and their premium membership is also much cheaper than Authority Hacker Pro.

It has taught already more than 1,4 MILLION people worldwide how to make money online with affiliate marketing. It also took me from 0 to making a full-time income online.

Get started for free by clicking the button below:

Who is Authority Hacker Pro for? (and NOT for)

Although this program has been designed to incorporate advanced Internet Marketing techniques; it is also targeted for novice users. It’s important to make informed choices when it comes to starting any type of business.

Otherwise you may end up spending thousands of dollars on a program that leaves you only with empty pockets!

Authority Hacker Pro program is also targeted for those who want to improve their current knowledge on managing an online business. Their goal is to teach those who want to start blogs that can attract a significant audience.

It is also perfect for those who want to maintain a good readership level and it covers various aspects such as techniques for monetizing your website.

I have been able to attract hundreds of thousands of readers for FREE from Google using this strategy. (NOTE: It's not Authority Hacker Pro)

Authority Hacker Pro is not for anyone who wants to start a business that does not operate online. The concepts available in this program are specifically those who want to start blogs or websites that can make money through content curation.

In addition, the program isn't naturally for those who are not ready to work hard and implement the information. NOTHING happens unless you take ACTIONS.

Authority Hacker Pro pricing

They are seliing 3 different products that you can use to improve or start an online business. The costs of their program include:

  • The Authority Site System - $997
  • Authority Hacker Pro - $997
  • Authority Hacker Platinum Pro - $1997

Some of these prices are shocking and that's probably the main reason why most people hesitate with the program. You could get the same quality training and my 1-on-1 support here for FREE.

Promoters of Authority Hacker Pro defend a high price saying,

"It’s an all-round program that comes with support staff to help you in addressing your challenges on your journey to mastery. Additionally, unlike most IM courses where you have recurring fees, the Authority Hacker program provides lifetime membership benefits for their users.
Once you make a payment, you will gain access to various types of content and updates for as long as you want. Also, you may gain access to exclusive product offers and discounts as you follow through with their programs."

Authority Hacker Support: Non-Existent

I have sent at least 5 emails to the Authority Hacker support and I have never received a single answer. It seems that the support is dead and they are not answering people's requests.

This is a big red flag and one of the major reasons why I recommend staying away from Authority Hacker Pro.

What's the benefit of buying a program if they don't even answer your emails?

Pros & Cons of Authority Hacker Pro


  • This program is based on research-based and proven concepts based on the founders' results
  • They have professional experts available to assist users
  • This best internet marketing program provides access to an online community of affiliate marketers
  • All their programs are contained in-depth information on Internet Marketing
  • This program is divided into manageable programs
  • It is suitable for both beginners and advanced affiliate marketers


  • It will take time before you can start reaping the benefits of this program
  • Some of the concepts in this program are very advanced
  • The program is expensive compared to my #1 recommended affiliate training even though the quality is not better
  • Support seems to be non-existent on Authority Hacker site at the moment

Is Authority Hacker Pro Worth It?

Broadly speaking, this particular program is worth it if you make more money with the advice it provides than you pay for the course. However, although it may provide in-depth information about improving an Internet Marketing campaign, it should not be considered as a `magic pill`.

Not a single course will work unless you do the work.

However, most people often struggle for months if not years search for making good money with Internet marketing. The main reason is probably because they lack commitment or a mentor. That's why I offer you the best step-by-step system to follow and my 1-on-1 support to help you succeed.

A good thing about Authority Hacker Pro is that program and the concepts are proven to work. However, it is not my #1 recommendation and your chances to succeed if you let me personally help you. You can ask me anything you need and I provide you with personal tips and guidance.

Some people who buy Authority Hacker Pro think that it's some "magic program" that will automatically help you to make more money online. That's not true.

This program requires effort, consistency, and discipline from the users to achieve the best results. It is a comprehensive internet marketing program that touches on various crucial concepts.

Is Authority Hacker Pro a Scam?

This program is not a scam because the concepts available are based for real-life applications and the developers of the program are legitimate people. Also, they have an online community where you can gain access to additional support from other like-minded Internet marketers from all over the world.

Even though it will take some time before you can start reaping the benefits from this program that doesn't mean it's a scam. Making $10,000/month online requires time and effort.

The program touches on various important concepts that will take your marketing campaign to the next level. The program is expensive, but it can take improve your prowess in business in many ways.

But as I explained above, the success and failure are on you. This program teaches some concepts that can help you but they don't guarantee you any success.

These are a few things that Authority Hacker teachers on their website.

Authority Hacker Pro Reviews

In order to be fair towards the program, I will show you a few testimonials that are used when people are promoting the program.

It seems that some people have found it useful even though that's definitely not the case with all of the students. Based on my years of experience in the Internet marketing space +90% of the people who take such programs will fail because they lack commitment and consistency.

  • Thomas Parks says

Wow! What a program. It took me some time to complete all those webinars and tutorials, but it has improved my business in several ways. I have learned about link building, which has drastically enhanced the results of my campaign. I am competent in programming and SEO, but I have often struggled with the advanced concepts.

Once I was through with their training courses, the performance of my internet marketing campaign increased two-fold. I love you guys!

  • Rosa Brooks says

I have been struggling to find a good IM program over the years. I have invested in several programs in the past and most of them often have redundant information. However, this best internet marketing program is the real deal. The concepts are advanced but they are presented in a simple format that is perfect for novice users.

I really love how they have categorized their programs into exclusive packages and they also have a team of support staff to help.

  • Shaniqua Noels

Ever since I was fired from my 9-5 job In New Orleans, I have really found it challenging to make ends meet. I got two kids and my husband salary is only enough to cater for the kid's tuition.

The Authority Hacker Pro program has changed my life by helping me improve the results of my fashion blogs. I have learned so much information in such a short time, and I hope to invest in many programs by these guys. You guys are the best.

  • Quincy Dash

Having struggled with how to start an internet marketing business in the past, I just decided that this career path would not be ideal for me. In fact, I even started searching for other avenues for making a living, until I stumbled upon this particular program.

It has helped me a lot, all though I am still at the first stage. I hope to complete all the courses and I recommend that you consider investing in the program if you want to improve your business.

Authority Hacker Pro Alternative

As I have mentioned several times in this article, Authority Hacker Pro is not my #1 recommended Internet marketing / Affiliate marketing program.

Yes, they do teach many good tips and advice but it's still far from Wealthy Affiliate community and training that has been teaching affiliate marketers of all levels to make a full-time income online already for +12 years.

I started on Wealthy Affiliate as a complete beginner but now I am making a full-time income online. I have been able to:

  • Travel around the world
  • Meet my friends who live abroad
  • Support my loved ones financially
  • Help other people to make money online as well

Nowadays I also provide my 1-on-1 support for my website visitors who are willing to get started on Wealthy Affiliate. I will:

  • Show you the exact steps that took me from 0 to making $$$ online.
  • Provide you personal tips on how to get started.
  • Answer all your questions personally.
  • Make sure that you earn money online.
  • And more!

Another great thing is probably that now you can get started for completely free. Just click the button below or continue here to start making money online like I do.

What kind of experiences do you have with Authority Hacker Pro or other Internet marketing trainings?

Which one has been your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Yoonla Review: A Scam Or Legit Money-Making Opportunity?

Welcome To My Yoonla Review!

If you have been looking for a comprehensive and honest Yoonla review, you have come to the right place.

In this review, I will reveal you thing that Yoonla affiliates don't tell you. I am not affiliated with Yoonla in any way so I can easily reveal you the truth behind the curtain. 

I will also answer a major question that thousands of people were asking onlien, "Yoonla is a scam or legit?"

Let's have a look!

Yoonla Review - Quick Summary

Name: Yoonla


Owner: Reno Van Boven

Price: Free to Get Started + Many Upsells

Summary: Yoonla provides some basic Internet marketing tips and advice but the it doesn't even closely provide the same value like better programs like Wealthy Affiliate. The main focus on Yoonla system is just inviting more people to the system instead of teaching how to do Internet marketing in general.

Is Yoonla Recommended? Not really. There are way better programs available.

Is Yoonla Legit? - My Video Review

Before you dive into my review of Yoonla in this article, I want to provide you an opportunity to take a look at my Yoonla video review below.

In the video, I answer the most common question, "Is Yoonla a scam or the best make money online training program?"

In the end of the video, I also reveal you my #1 recommended make money online training. I am 100% sure that you will find my video helpful and valuable so be sure to watch it until the end.

What Is Yoonla?

Yoonla is a "make money online" program that shows the complete beginners how to earn through CPA marketing and affiliate marketing.

CPA (Cost Per Action) is a type of marketing where you get paid even though a lead wouldn't make a purchase. For instance, when you sign up or fill a unique link, you receive a specific percentage payment depending on the CPA offer.

Yoonla does not deal with any tangible products but rather the digital products that involve training on the online marketing aspect. Reno Van Boven of New Zealand started the program in 2006.

How Does Yoonla Work?

It's simple. You first have to sign up to become a member. After that, an affiliate link is provided to you to help in promoting Yoonla. Once you send the link to anyone and they sign in using the link, a commission is given on every sign-up.

The bread and butter in Yoonla are just about recruiting others to make money. I don't like that fact.

Making between $1 and $5 for just getting someone to sign under you? This is quite a good deal, and that's why most of its members only send you to the sign-up page other than sending you the video explaining how the whole program works.

If one of those who signed up using the affiliate link upgrades and becomes VIP members, a further commission is earned.

As you can assume, many Yoonla affiliates are using many dishonest and unethical methods to get more referrals to their downlines. That's probably the main reason why people think it's a scam.
is yoonla a scam

Reno van Boven, the founder of Yoonla, is a very experienced Internet marketer and has built several online businesses. He has way better skills than most Yoonla affiliates.

What's Included In Yoonla?

Everything is simple and straightforward in Yoonla.

You basically just sign up, complete your account, pay the money and start promoting their system. I am definitely not a fan of such systems and that's why I can't recommend Yoonla.

Anyway, let me still show you the Yoonla training to provide you the best information possible. There are few steps and extra things done in the system that helps you in making money.

One of the things that caught my attention is the "affiliate marketing" 101 part. Next I will explain you the steps of the Yoonla training.

  • 1
    Evolving the app and tracking commission. In this step, you download the Yoonla app file. A custom landing page creates the zip file that is required for the upload.
  • 2
    Creating an automation account. This is a straightforward step. You only need USD 15 per month for the GetResponse. A GetResponse is an ESP that allows you to collect and follow up the subscriber emails. ​​​​
  • 3
    Putting up an automation campaign. You are required to create an email autoresponder that educates you on how to deal with the GetResponse when sending the automated emails. You will also get a pre-written email to avoid writing your emails.
  • 4
    Forming a small business account. Typically, this makes it easy for you to get a yahoo web hosting to host on your landing page.
  • 5
    Acquiring your evolve app. This step gives you guiding instructions to set up your yahoo hosting account
  • 6
    Customizing the evolve site. Once you have uploaded the Yoonla zip file app, the landing page will appear. It looks like this:You will receive instructions on how to customize it
  • 7
    Evolve channel activation.This is the final step for the starter membership.Apart from the signing up and convincing other people to also sign up, much still has to be done for it to look like a real affiliate program. Yoonla's essence of signing up than promoting the affiliate link is an excellent starting point for earning online. It's crucial to have other leads in right if you want to become successful in any business. It's hard to succeed if you don't have any links, in the online business, email addresses are the business leads.
  • is yoonla a scam

    Yoonla provides some training on several aspects of the Internet marketing including social media, email marketing, SEO and other aspects.

    One good thing about Yoonla is that it gives its users a video tutorial to enable them to get started and move forward.

    For you to get email addresses more easily, Yoonla provides you with three products. You promote them then to get email addresses of the interested people. However, this will naturally cost you even more money as I will explain further.

    Yoonla understands that people tend to give out their email addresses more quickly when they have been promised something in return. Hence that's taken care of by the three digital products given.

    There's nothing good that can come out without spending. You must make some investments for you to make money. This is the primary rule for everyone who is planning to have business success.

    If you want to make affiliate marketing your career and especially through Yoonla, you must make investments. You must invest time and money into the system to succeed.

    On the other hand, you can still get started for free with my #1 recommended training program.

    Yoonla Cost and Affiliate Program

    Joining Yoonla is free but they have many upseslls.

    When you show people your landing page, and they become interested, you get immediate payments for just getting them to form a free account.

    However, as you may already assume, moving forward and making money with Yoonla is not free. Here are some of the costs that will come:

    • A domain name ~$15 per year which comes with a yahoo hosting
    • A web hosting ~$7.99 per month depending on which service you use. Our #1 recommended domain host is Siteground
    • An autoresponder. Minimum $15 per month. The more subscribers you get, the more expensive it become. Our #1 recommended autoresponder is Aweber.

    These are the costs that come in addition to the Yoonla membership. Yoonla has numerous upsells even though signing up is free.

    If you want to enjoy the full benefits of their affiliate program, they require you to upgrade your account and buy their other products.

    is yoonla a scam

    Yoonla has a free membership available but if you want to make money with their system, you need to buy their membership $297 and invest money in autoresponder, domain hosting, domain name and getting traffic.

    Yoonla Affiliate Program

    Next I will show you the commission that you can make per referral/lead. It means that you will earn this money every time somebody signs up under you.

    The commission that one gets depends on your country. Yoonla has three main categories:

    Zero commission countries

    • Pakistan
    • Nigeria
    • Zimbabwe
    • Zambia
    • Uganda
    • Niger
    • India

    These countries do not generate the CPA leads. However, if you come from any of them, you can still be a Yoonla member. You will be able to get the commission if you convince a person from that country to become a VIP.

    Many affiliate programs do not include these countries due to the many frauds that come from them; this is a method of filtering the legitimately trying people who want to run businesses without free handouts.

    $4 commission countries

    • UK
    • USA
    • New Zealand
    • Canada
    • Ireland

    $2 moderate commission countries. Any country that is not included in the groups mentioned above is classified under this group.

    You still get paid when any of your referrals get an upgrade to be a VIP. Also, when you sign up for Yoonla, small leads are received in the form of emails, the information comes with several products that the Yoonla founder wants to commercialize.

    Minimum Payout Once you have attained $50 in your account, you can make a withdrawal. This happens when the leads have undergone legitimacy evaluation. The commissions are credited to your Yoonla account.
    is yoonla a scam

    The primary way to make money with Yoonla is through affiliate marketing.

    3 Ways How Yoonla Affiliates Make Money

    Basically, Yoonla makes money from these three ways:

    • Affiliate commissions: 

    After joining Yoonla account, lead pages, yahoo web hosting and Get Response become the essential tools for the online business. This means that when you get any of the products through the link and make payments, Yoonla receives an affiliate commission.

    • Membership upgrades: 

    Yoonla’s free membership primary purpose is to upgrade you to the elite membership. The site costs around $297 and pays their affiliate a 60% commission.

    • Email marketing:

    Yoonla has an extensive email list since it's a CPA affiliate program. They also use and recommend email marketing which is, of course, one of the most profitable strategies to make money online.

    Pros and Cons


    • Large member base: Yoonla has more than 1.5 million members worldwide. Honestly, this is an incredible achievement.
    • Step by step training: Yoonla has a well-structured program that you can quickly navigate through.
    • Lucrative CPA: getting $2-4 every lead is a profitable CPA program.


    • Pay to play: you only start getting a commission in the elite’ membership. To get to the elite fraternity, you must have $297 which are like pay to Playbill.
    • Expensive page traffic: Yoonla training is focused on a payment method. More specifically, the focus is on the audio platform. This means that you are giving someone money to get an extensive email list.
    • Pyramid scheme? Of course no but the program involves recruiting many members to the business although you get extra cash by doing that it does not prepare one to be an independent marketer.
    • Fake and spammy websites promoting Yoonla: many programs are faced with this problem. They give out an upfront promise that you are creating your site, but in reality, you are merely forming a landing page for email collection.

    Is Yoonla Worth it?

    Let me first show you how one guy was recommending Yoonla:

    The program is not only pocket-friendly but also simple to use if you have an affiliate mind.
    It’s been long since I reviewed such an affiliate program. Yoonla is one legit program that not only helps you in making money but also leaves you more informed about affiliate marketing. There is entirely no reason for regretting it.
    Since Yoonla is a referral program, you have very little to lose when things don't work out as expected. Learning occurs gradually, and there is the need be geared for challenges for you to get money.
    Yoonla is an essential platform for the people who want to get right online money by just using the simple CPA and affiliate marketing. It's a popular and decent method of getting money without doing much work.
    There is no need of burning a hole in the pockets to get the Yoonla benefits as the acquired benefits make you enjoy without costs. There are no hidden costs, and it's made available for everyone to join freely. However, patience is a key if you want to be successful in Yoonla.
    If you are an excellent fast learner, you don't have to think about Yoonla twice. Basically, if you want to make extra cash by working online, then you need to join Yoonla. It will not only save you time but also leave you better.

    I can't fully agree with his thoughts.

    Yes, it is free to get started with Yoonla but if you want to buy the premium, you need to pay hundreds of dollars.

    The main reason why Yoonla is not worth is that they are better alternatives available. In addition, their training is planned to teach how you could promote Yoonla to other people as well. What if you don't want to promote Yoonla? Then I feel that you are just paying in vain.

    Is Yoonla A Scam?

    No, it is not. Although I can't advise you to join it. Maybe you will learn a few useful tips but your time and money could still be spent better elsewhere, in my opinion.

    The reason why many people think it's a scam is that some Yoonla affiliates have used unethical methods promoting Yoonla. They have maybe promised some big earnings or spammed their Yoonla affiliate links everywhere.

    Actually, I have seen the same phenomenon happening also with other CPA programs that were popular in third world countries like the Philippines and Nigeria.

    Probably some members are so desperate to earn money that they are trying everything. Then they may not have a proper education to behave well in the online world.

    is yoonla a scam

    Yoonla is not a scam. They teach, for example, how to do email marketing online.

    Yoonla Reviews - What Do Other People Say?

    Yoonla has many positive reviews from its affiliates. They are trying to promote you their system by sharing affiliate links all over the Internet.

    However, there are also some unbiased reviews of Yoonla program that tell you the truth instead of the typical "Join, Join, Use my affiliate link!" -song.

    Based on my research, most unbiased reviews say that Yoonla is not a great program. They offer some value but the truth is that they mainly just teach you how to promote their own program.

    Conclusion - Is Yoonla Worth It?

    I didn't join Yoonla and therefore, I can recommend it to you either.

    My principle is that I only recommend products that I could use or I could honestly recommend to my family members and friends. Yoonla is not such a program.

    I feel that the training where the focus is on promoting their own program is not the best one.

    I also compared Yoonla and my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate and found out that WA is way better.

    Wealthy Affiliate was founded +13 years ago and has already taught more than 1,300,000 people worldwide on how to make money online. They also provide free tools like domain hosting, keyword tool and other things that are not included in Yoonla.

    If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate (which is by the way my #1 recommendation to make money online), click here or the image below to get started.

    When you join WA, I will be helping you hand by hand to move forward and start making money online. I can guarantee that you WILL make money if you follow the training. Thousands of people including myself have proved the system over and over again.

    4 step process for making money online

    What kind of experiences do you have with Yoonla or other similar systems?

    Would you like to learn more effective and better ways to make money online?

    Let me know in the comments below!

    If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


    Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam? Is $10,000/Month REALLY Possible?

    is affiliate marketing a scam

    After seeing some people making tens or even thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing, you may have asked this question from yourself, "Is affiliate marketing a scam?"

    I have been making money online with affiliate marketing already for a few years so I know that affiliate marketing is not a scam. However, I understand the reasons why you may be asking that question

    In this article, I am going to give you a very comprehensive answer to this question and also show how affiliate marketing works in practice. I am sure you will find this helpful and valuable.

    Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam? - Quick Summary

    Affiliate marketing is not a scam but there are 3 main reasons why some newbies may think so:

    1. Get Rich Quick schemes
    2. Real Affiliate Marketing Scams
    3. Unrealistic Expectations

    If you know that making money with affiliate marketing takes time and effort, you most likely won't fall into such scams. Still, I recommend that you read my article all the way through to understand better how they work.

    Is Affiliate Marketing a Recommended Way to Make Money Online? Yes! I have made money online with affiliate marketing already for a few years and I recommend it to you as well.

    "Affiliate Marketing Scam" - Video

    Before you dive into my full article, I want to give you an opportunity to have a look at my video where I show whether or not affiliate marketing is scam.

    I also show you how I learned to make money online with affiliate marketing legitimately as a Christian man.

    Even +$10,000/month income is possible using legitimate methods as you will learn in my video below.

    If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help you out in the comments!

    What Is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is simply the process of earning money (a commission) by promoting other people's or company's products.

    Christina Piccoli has written a wonderful affiliate marketing guide for beginners that I highly recommend reading if you want to learn how it works from A to Z and how you can get started right away. 

    To understand how affiliate marketing works in a nutshell, take a look at the picture below:

    is affiliate marketing a scam

    Affiliate marketing happens all the time everywhere and it's one of the most common ways to make money online. Actually, affiliate marketing has also existed before the Internet but it has just happened offline.

    When you recommend your favorite gym to your friends, you are actually doing affiliate marketing. As a reward you will often get a free membership month or other rewards.

    With affiliate marketing online the rewards and commissions are usually paid in cash. You promote, for example, a digital product that costs $100 and it gives a 50% commission. Every time when somebody clicks your link and buys the product, you earn the commission.

    The best part of affiliate marketing is that you can actually help people while earning money. As an affiliate marketer you connect a person who needs somethingand the product that provides that value.

    So, affiliate marketing is a legitimate to make money online and there's nothing wrong with it itself.

    In the next chapters, I will still explain you a few situations and examples why some people have mistakenly thought that affiliate marketing would be a scam.

    Affiliate Marketing Scam Controversy - 3 Reasons

    There are a few reasons why some people have thought that affiliate marketing would be a scam. In reality, affiliate marketing is probably the most legitimate way to make money online but some people have just been doing it dishonestly.

    Let me give you 3 examples:

    1. Get Rich Quick schemes
    2. Real Affiliate Marketing Scams
    3. Unrealistic Expectations

    In the following chapters, I will explain more in detail what each of these things mean and how they have confused people's minds over the years. 

    Get Rich Quick Schemes + Affiliate Marketing

    Have you ever heard claims like, "Make $9,543 during the first month!" or "Earn $3,298 in just 7 days as a complete beginner!"

    Those are called get rich quick schemes and 99,9% of them are scams. If you want to make $9,543 in a month, you either need to have lots of experience or lots of money to invest. Otherwise, you will not make $9,543 during the first month with affiliate marketing.

    While reviewing more than 450 make money online opportunities and systems, I have seen numerous affiliate marketers promoting such get rich quick scams. Actually, some of those affiliates may be rich because of those schemes but they have completely lost their integrity.

    Some people are always promoting one "scheme" after another.

    Most famous get rich quick schemes within affiliate marketing space are probably Digital Altitude, MOBE, Awol and other similar programs. Actually, Digital Altitude was already attacked by FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and many other similar systems have been shut down over the years.

    The idea there is that you can get started with $1 or for completely free. Then you climb up their stairs (by buying expensive products) and start promoting their systems to other people. They have upsells all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars.

    I recommend staying far away from such schemes.

    Yes, you can make $9,543/month.
    Yes, you can make $3,298/week.
    Yes, you can make $500/day.

    But that kind of income requires lots of work and effort! Often it also requires financial investments.

    My #1 recommended affiliate marketing training doesn't require any up-front investments and they don't have expensive upsells. But I can say that you will not big money unless you put in the work.

    Real Affiliate Marketing Scams

    Over the years there have also been some cases when affiliate marketers have actually scammed the actual product creator who has founded the affiliate program.

    It may sound unbelievable but it's true. Venture Beat explained about one of such scams in 2013 on their website.

    Affiliates had driven sales themselves and wanted to get the commissions from the founder. However, those sales were not real and the founder didn't get the money. I won't go into details here but it's interesting to know that such scams have also existed.

    Unrealistic Expectations

    The truth is that it's very easy to get started with affiliate marketing. You can create your own website in 30 seconds and put affiliate links there.

    Or you can go to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or to other social media and share your affiliate links. When somebody clicks your links and buys something, you earn a commission.

    That being said, making money with affiliate marketing as a complete beginner is not that easy. Most likely you won't make many sales by sharing your affiliate link to your friends on your Facebook page (unless they are interested in the subject).

    If you attract traffic to your website from Google through organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like I do, it will take some time get some traction.

    Once the traffic starts flowing in, everything becomes easier and easier. But it doesn't happen overnight.

    Another classical mistake that beginners make is to spread yourself too thin. It means that they get so excited about making money with affiliate marketing that they immediately create 5-10 new websites.

    Then they post a few posts on each site and nothing happens. They start thinking, "This affiliate marketing thing doesn't work. Better to concentrate on my 9-5 job." Even though nothing could be actually further from the truth.

    Affiliate marketing works and it is a very effective way to make money but if you have unrealistic expectations, you will be disappointed.

    That's why I offer my 1-on-1 support to you if you want to start making money with affiliate marketing. Having a clear step-by-step training and an opportunity to ask me anything you need will help you to move forward much faster.

    Affiliate Marketing Examples

    Take a look at my comprehensive article where I show and explain 5 Awesome Examples of Affiliate Marketing Websites.

    The most common way of making money with affiliate marketing is the following 4-step process:

    4 sptes Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

    This is a typical 4-step process of making money with affiliate marketing.

    You choose an interest and build a simple website around that subject. Next you attract visitors to your site. You earn money when they click your affiliate links and buy something.

    Let me give you a quick example on how this can work in practice:

    1. You are interested in playing guitar.
    2. You build a basic guitar website and leave affiliate links to Amazon best-seller guitars..
    3. People visit your website from Google, Facebook and other channels.
    4. You earn money when some of your visitors clicks your links to Amazon and buys something there.

    Another example is my language learning site.

    1. People who are interested in learning languages come to my website.
    2. I recommend them a course that will help them their target language faster.
    3. Somebody clicks my affiliate links and buys the course.
    4. I earn a commission.

    A great thing here is that I am able to help that visitor his target language much faster and at the same time I can earn money. Everybody wins.

    Affiliate Marketing Example

    Let me give you an interesting examples of affiliate marketing from my own life.

    I am originally from Finland but I haven't lived there for 1,5 years and I wouldn't. I wanted to set up a company in XXX country where I have never created a company before. 

    I didn't know personally anybody who would have created a company in XXX country where I wanted to create so I needed to ask from Mr.Google.

    I found a website that looked reliable and they said they could help to create a company in that place. Therefore, I decided to contact that company and they helped me further.

    However, that company didn't help me to do the whole process because they just replied, "We know another person/company that can help you." In the other words, they were affiliated with a company that helps people to set up their companies in that specific country.

    The middleman company probably took a commission for the recommendation.  

    Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

    Often people ask me, "Roope, how much money is it possible to make with affiliate marketing? Is affiliate marketing worth it?"

    The short answer is that you can make an unlimited amount of money with affiliate marketing. However, I understand that answer isn't usually enough and you are also looking for a more specific answer.

    Take a look at my article where I show you 5 real-life examples of people who have made consistently +$10,000/month online with affiliate marketing.

    As I explained at the beginning of this article, you will not make +$10,000/month with affiliate marketing as a complete beginner. However, it's completely possible once you have got the ball rolling. 

    Some of the most successful affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn make even hundreds of thousands of dollars online. But in order to avoid such income, you need to be in the top 1% and work your butt off.

    In my opinion, affiliate marketing is a much better way to make money than going to a regular 9 to 5 job. With affiliate marketing your income can grow every month while in a regular job you get a raise much more seldom.

    In addition, you have way more freedom when you make money online. Actually, I am writing this article now in Thailand where the living costs are 2x cheaper than in my home country Finland. I can "live like a king" here with the same costs that would just give me an average life in Finland.

    Conclusion - Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam?

    No, affiliate marketing is not a scam. It's one of the most legitimate ways to make money online and it can be a win-win strategy for everyone.

    • An affiliate marketer earns a commission for promoting a product.
    • A client is happy because he found that he was looking for.
    • A company makes a sale which was their target.

    Therefore, all parties can win with the affiliate marketing. Often affiliate marketer can also provide some kind of special bonuses or discounts for a client. Therefore, having this middleman is often a positive thing.

    If you would like to make money with affiliate marketing as well, I recommend clicking the picture below or clicking here to get started. I will show you a simple step-by-step strategy that you can use to make money with affiliate marketing online.

    In addition, I will provide you my 1-on-1 help and support because I want to guarantee that you succeed.

    4 step process for making money online

    What kind of experiences do you have with affiliate marketing?

    Do you need my help to start making money by using this strategy?

    Have you also gone through the Wealthy Affiliate training

    Let me know in the comments below!

    If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


    Human Proof Designs Review: This Is Why Their Customers Succeed!

    human proof designs review

    Welcome to My Comprehensive Human Proof Designs Review!

    I have been a customer or Human Proof Designs and I know their founder, Dom Wells, through Wealthy Affiliate already for a few years.

    In this Human Proof Designs review, I am going to answer all your questions regarding HPD and share my own experiences as their customer. Everything didn't go so smoothly that you would expect. Read what Dom did then!

    Human Proof Designs Review - Quick Summary

    Product Name: Human Proof Designs


    Product Types: Article and Keyword Packages. Ready-Built Websites for Affiliate Marketers.

    Price: Depends on the Product. Exact Prices Specified Further.

    Best for: People who want to build their own online / affiliate marketing business.

    human proof designs review

    Summary: Human Proof Designs is a wonderful resource for affiliate marketers and basically for anyone who wants to earn more money online. The company delivers awesome results to its customers and is committed for the 100% quality. 

    Their main products are well researched and ready-made niche websites. They also provide other tools to boost your online business like content creation, link building and keyword research.

    Is Human Proof Designs Recommended? Yes.

    Human Proof Designs Video Review

    In order to provide you the most comprehensive picture on how Human Proof Designs can help you to make more money with affiliate marketing faster, I also created a YouTube video.

    In the video, I show in a great detail the background behind Human Proof Designs and their services. In addition, I explain my own experiences when buying HPD products.

    I am sure you'll find the video review helpful and valuable. Please, let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you out as always.

    What Is Human Proof Designs?

    Human Proof Designs is a company created by Dom Wells that is committed to help you to boost your online business. During the past few years HPD has been growing rapidly because of their high quality products and a good reputation within the Internet marketing industry.

    The founder of HPD, Dom Wells, became quite famous on Wealthy Affiliate online business community because of his fast success with affiliate marketing.

    He started in 2012 as a beginner and just 3 short years later he was making +$10,000/month online. In addition, his story didn't end there.

    Soon his online business was making +$100,000/month. Soon he reached $1,000,000/year mark and the story keeps continuing today. The bottom line is that Dom Knows what he is doing when it comes to building affiliate marketing websites and online businesses.

    His company Human Proof Designs offers several services including:

    • Ready-Made Niche Websites $798 - $1,799
    • Keyword Packages $69-99
    • Link Building Services Starting from $149
    • Search Engine Optimized Content Packages Starting from $199
    • Link Building Course $7
    • Amazon Affiliate Video Course $7

    As I will explain more in detail further, Human Proof Designs and their customers have achieved lots of success over the years. HPD has been featured on several famous websites as you can see in the image below.

    human proof designs review

    Human Proof Designs has been featured on famous websites like Entrepreneur, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits and Jungle Scout.

    HPD is committed to help its customers succeed with their online business. More successful customers means also more business to them.

    I talked about the same subject in my recent Thrive Themes review. Isn't it great to have a whole team providing the best tools and resources just to help you to be more successful. Many that kind of services will give huge returns on investment in your online business.

    Human Proof Designs Products

    In this section, I am going to explain and show you more about HPD products. I will explain how each product will individually help you to boost your online business.

    Let's me start by showing a few numbers of their business and explaining about ready-made niche websites.

    human proof designs review

    Human Proof Designs has already served thousands of happy customers

    1.Ready-Made Niche Websites

    I remember the time when I was starting my first affiliate marketing site. I didn't know almost anything about making money online or how to build good websites. I got started little by little but I must admit that I was hitting my head to the wall for a while.

    I was figuring out what would be the best niche, what kind of keywords I should use, how could I get more visitors and millions of other things. Getting a ready-made website from Human Proof Designs would have saved tons of my time and nerves.

    HPD service didn't exist back then but nowadays it has already served thousands of customers with convincing results. Keep in mind that you will not only get the website but also a comprehensive training (created by a super successful affiliate marketer) and an on-going support.

    human proof designs review

    When i first heard about HPD ready-built websites I thought like, "Well, I am already an experienced Internet marketer. I don't need anyone to build my website because I can build it myself in 30 seconds."

    Oh boy, I was wrong.

    HPD doesn't only build you a website but they also provide you all the following things:

    • ​Detailed Niche and Keyword Research
    • Hand-Picked Domain Name
    • 1,000's of Words of Fully Search Engine Optimized Content
    • Premium Themes & Plugins
    • Detailed 6-Month Plan for Success
    • On-Going Responsive Support
    • And More!

    With the premium package you will also get:

    • Social Media Accounts Set Up for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
    • Professionally Designed Logo
    • eBook Lead Magnet
    • And More!

    You probably already noticed that Human Proof Designs website package is not just some "random website built for you" but it's a premium quality website packed with fully optimized content and premium features.

    Let me show you a few examples of their available niche sites in the image below:

    human proof designs review

    3 examples of ready-made niche websites. Monthly profit potential $2,684-3,470.

    If you are interested in building your site fast and avoiding common pitfalls, I highly recommend that you take a closer look at Human Proof Designs Niche Sites. They have researched very interesting and highly profitable niches that I couldn't have even think of before.

    They have also laid out all the financial details and earning potential for each website like you can see in the example below for a Bike Helmet website:

    human proof designs reviews

    Potential Profit for a ready-made bike helmet website on HPD.

    2.Well-Researched Keyword Packages

    Keyword research is probably the most essential part of your website's success if you want to rank your website #1 on Google. Some time ago I researched 18 SEO experts and almost all of them mentioned high quality keywords as a big ranking factor.

    There are basically two ways to do your keyword research:

    • 1
      Buy a keyword tool, spend hours researching the best keywords and hope that they get ranked on Google OR  
    • 2
      Get an affordable keyword package from HPD to save your time, money and nerves.

    Keyword packages from HPD aren't just a random list of words put together but they are hand-picked using professional tools to optimize your site and sales. 

    All of the following will be included in your keyword package:

    • Ahref's (professional keyword tool) list of 1,000 keywords
    • 8 hand-picked keywords to optimize your Google ranking and sales
    • Top 100 Amazon Best Selling Products
    • Competitor research - To beat your competitors in Google rankings

    Notice that Ahref would itself cost $99/month. With this package you get the whole list of 1,000 keywords and hand-picked 8 keywords to help you to succeed faster.

    Top 100 Amazon best selling products will also help you to succeed more easily because you don't need to spend hours researching this data manually. Another option would be to buy Amasuite that costs already $197 itself.

    In the other words, with the keyword package you get hundreds of dollars worth of data and it saves hours of research time for just $69. Not a bad deal, huh?

    3.SEO Article & Content Packages

    I have published more than 530 articles on and I know very well how challenging it may be to find great content writers. I have bought articles from around 10 different websites and companies over the years. One of them is Human Proof Designs.

    Writing content is probably the single most time-consuming part of any blog or a website. If you can write a great writer, your website is pretty much guaranteed to succeed.

    Human Proof Designs articles are guaranteed to be Proofread, SEO-Friendly, High Quality and Unique. In the image below you can see the details of their standard article packages at the moment.

    human proof designs review

    Human Proof Designs Standard Article Packages

    Before you take a closer look at HPD article packages, I want to share my experience when buying articles on HPD.

    I bought 10 review articles (1,000 words each) and gave them 1 keyword and quite loose instructions for those articles. After some time I received all my articles and I was surprised how well they were laid out.

    I must admit that the articles exceeded my expectations because I didn't even provide very detailed instructions for them.

    But that's not the whole story.

    The articles were a bit late from the time that HPD had promised. However, for that little inconvenience, Dom offered me 50% of my money back. Can you imagine? The article packages were already cheap but Dom gave even half of the price back because of the little delay.

    That experience convinced me that Dom Wells and Human Proof Designs go all the way to provide 100% customer satisfaction in every situation.

    The reason that those articles were a bit delayed was that it was a holiday time in Christmas and it was already more than 1,5 years ago in 2016. Now HPD has much more writers and they can make on-time delivery anytime. As I explained above, the company has grown very fast because of its success and positive customer feedback

    NOTE: Human Proof Designs articles certainly aren't cheapest in the industry. If you are looking for an alternative, I recommend having a look at my #1 recommended article writing service here.

    4.Amazon Affiliate Course $49 $7

    human proof designs review

    Dom's Amazon Course Costs Only $7. (Click the Image to Learn More)

    I explained Dom's success story at the beginning of this post. When it comes to affiliate marketing, Dom knows his craft. He became ultra-successful faster than most people who have done affiliate marketing for years.

    Nowadays Dom concentrates on helping other people to achieve the same success by educating other people and providing his ready-built niche websites.

    However, nothing will work unless you know what you are doing Most people hit their head to the wall for a long time until they make any money online.

    When I started watching Dom's Amazon affiliate course, I was thinking

    "Wow! This knowledge will save probably hundreds of hours of time from somebody who wants to make money as an Amazon affiliate."

    Other Human Proof Designs Products & Services 

    I will not go to details with all the other products and services that HPD provides because otherwise this article would be too long.

    However, you can take a look at all HPD services here

    Human Proof Designs Reviews - What Are Other People Saying?

    When I write and publish reviews on I always take a look at what other people are saying about the specific company.

    I wasn't surprised when I saw a long list of positive reviews of Human Proof Designs.

    I knew that HPD is delivering high-quality products and it has a good reputation within the Internet marketing industry. They have already served thousands of happy customers and helped them to make more money online.

    Pretty much all Human Proof Designs that you can find are positive because customers have been so satisfied with the results. In the next chapter I will share a few success stories from their customers.

    Human Proof Designs Success Stories - Will You Be the Next One?

    Over the years numerous Human Proof Designs customers have achieved success with their ready-built affiliate marketing websites. I wanted to take a few moments to share some of those success stories with you.


    Gary had messed around with affiliate marketing for 5 years but he went from failure to failure.

    Then he bought a HPD ready-made niche website package and made $1,080 in the first 4 months.



    HPD Customer


    Alejandro was an unhappy waiter and wanted to find something better. He turned to HPD and bought a ready-build affiliate site.

    In just 8 short months Alejandro was already making +$1,500 with his website.



    HPD Customer


    Jake was struggling with his site for a while but decided that he wouldn't quit. 

    Little by little results started coming and now he is comfortably making $1,000/month passive income with his website.



    HPD Customer

    These are of course just 3 little examples of numerous success stories. I wanted to share these stories with you to show some real proof that HPD customers really succeed.

    I know it very well that the process that Dom teaches really works. Making money with affiliate marketing doesn't happen overnight but you will surely make money with your website when you have patience.

    Conclusion - Are Human Proof Designs Services Worth It?

    The short answer is: Yes!

    As you saw in the customer stories above, their website has paid itself back several times. If Alejandro invested in his ready-built website $998 and it's now making him +$1,500/month, I could call it a good investment.

    On the other hand, if you are expecting for an overnight success, that most likely won't happen. You must be willing to put in the effort to make consistently $1,500/month with your website.

    And you must remember that $1,500/month isn't even closely the upper limit. You may make even 5-figures (+$10,000/month) if you are willing to work very hard.

    If you are on a very tight budget and not willing to invest money any money on your online business, then HPD may not be for you. If you want to get started for free, I recommend joining #1 online business training and community.

    Then you will learn the skills to build sites yourself. It will surely be time-consuming but at least you don't need to spend so much money. I want to underline that building a successful online business is not free. You either need to invest lots of time or some money to start earning income.

    But if you want to accelerate your success, I highly recommend taking a closer look at Human Proof Designs Ready-Made Websites.

    What kind of experiences do you have with Human Proof Designs?

    Have you already made money with affiliate marketing?

    What kind of tasks are most time-consuming for you in building an affiliate marketing business?

    Let me know in the comments below!

    If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.