Ardyss International Scam Exposed! [200+ Complaints In 3 Years?!]

Ardyss International Scam Exposed! Read my brutal & comrepehensive review about the itty-bitty details of the MLM company. Learn how to build legitimate online business here instead of relying to network marketing.
Ardyss International Scam Exposed! Read my brutal & comrepehensive review about the itty-bitty details of the MLM company. Learn how to build legitimate online business here instead of relying to network marketing.

Welcome to my Ardyss International Scam Review!

Multi-level Marketing companies selling panties and other underwears are rampant in the market nowadays. You have a lot of options to choose from which of these companies you think will help you out as an additional income stream.

The problem here lies is that more and more women have been indulged into these MLMs like Ardyss in high hopes of financial freedom. But what happens is they don’t earn much than what they have invested.

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Having you here in this post is a sign you want to make sure Ardyss International is worth your risk or not. And that’s what we’re going to talk about through my brutally honest and comprehensive review about the itty-bitty details of the company.

Ready? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Ardyss International Review - Quick Summary

Name: Ardyss International

Founded: 2001

Type: Multi-Level Networking Company

Price: $30 and beyond

Best for: People who want to delve into network companies to have a side income, especially women (majority of the distributor population).

Ardyss International Scam Exposed Logo - Your Online Revenue

Summary: Ardyss International is a multi-level networking company specializing in corsetry based in Nevada, USA. They provide comfortable and high-quality undergarments for both sexes, as well as health & wellness products.

Is Ardyss International Recommended? No. Both as a consumer and as distributor.


What Is Ardyss International? 

Ardyss International runs under The Reshaping and Nutritional Company, LLC based in Nevada, USA. They started as a vision of the Antonio Diaz de Leon’s family to create the best corsets and undergarments women enjoy.

Later on, the vision came into existence when they founded the company in 2001 and became one of the top companies selling the sole product of corsetry.

Thus, the variations of their products expanded from women to men, as well as facial and body care and nutritional supplements.

Ardyss International Scam Exposed Products

Ardyss International Scam Exposed Logo - Your Online Revenue

What Do They Offer?

The company started with women’s undergarments and reshapers and later on they expanded to different products that include the men’s undergarments and reshapers, nutritional supplements, and body & skin care.

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Ardyss International Scam Exposed Products Toggled

Some of their products they offer to customers.

Ardyss International Compensation Plan

There are many ways to earn in Ardyss based on the company’s offered compensation plan. I jot down here the benefits you will receive if you qualify to this condition: Meet the minimum Sales Volume (SV) monthly.

1. Direct Sales Commission

Distributors receive Ardyss Direct Sales Commission worth 40% margin. The amount will be reflected in the monthly commission check.

2. Express Bonus

Further, they can take advantage of the Express Bonus worth 20% (30% on Autoship) of the Value Points (VP) from the first purchase of your downline.

In each distributor, you are to receive $90USD that is if you qualify to the required sales volume of all the products, except the Power Pack orders.

3. Enrollment Relationship Bonus

For the Enrollment Relationship, Ardyss pays 10% bonus based on the Value Points done by the majority of your downlines you personally enrolled. To get this bonus, it is deemed necessary to meet the required minimum SV.

4. Unilevel Bonus

Unilevel Bonus, 5% of the VP made based on the number of levels. That means if you belong to the high rank, the more bonuses you collect.

Also, compression applies here, which means those who aren't qualified will not be included in the counting, so you get the earnings instead.

5. Generational bonus

This is an additional percentage for those who belong to the higher ranks like Manager-B or beyond. The same principle of the unilevel bonus applies.

If you reach the Manager-A rank, you're likely to receive more generations, however, you have to get the minimum SV to enjoy this benefit.

If you reach and maintain the rank with a high SV for the minimum of 2 months or beyond where the 40% rule applies, you will likely to qualify for this bonus.

6. Rank Bonus

As the name sounds, it obviously means this bonus is receivable to those distributors who reach higher ranks month after the other with 40% rule applies.

7. Presidential Pool + Extra $3,000 Bonus

Ardyss pays off an exclusive bonus to distributors who manages to earn a percentage of the overall SV points equivalent to the number of sales across the USA volume. If you ever pass this bonus, the company distributes this amount quarterly.

Apart from this Presidential Pool bonus, Ardyss pays an extra $3,000 USD paid once regardless if you have achieved this qualification many times in a year.

Extra Ardyss International Bonuses

Power Start Bonuses

This is a special promotion bonus intended for distributors to enjoy 3 months after they join Ardyss.

How does this work?

When you, a rookie distributor, manages to maintain the minimum number of personally enrolled active downlines along with the number of Group Qualification Points.

Within the period of working under Ardyss, you can earn 3 types of bonuses, namely:

  1. “On Time” Bonus
  2. “Off Time” Bonus
  3. Matching Bonus

If you want to learn the best way to achieve all their bonuses, I recommend using the Internet to make sales like these 13 guys who make +$10,000/month online.

Limitations of Power Pack Bonus

Limitation of Ardyss Power Pack bonus includes if you aren't able to purchase the Power Pack within 90 days after joining the company, you can't avail this bonus at all. Otherwise, you can qualify for the 3 bonuses payable within the first month or two.

In addition to the first limitation is your obligation to meet the criteria of at least 50 Personal Qualification Points (PQP) in a month. Talking about the commissions, there is no corresponding fee to checks under $200 USD. If it's beyond the amount, there's $5 fee.

Ardyss International Autoship Bonus

If you intended to have it on autoship, Ardyss will reduce the monthly minimum purchase requirement. Plus, there will be discounts for shipments, however, you're still going to pay the taxes for the wholesale price.

If you want to discontinue this option, you have to inform the company 3 days earlier. In this case, this is where the problem occurs. We'll delve into that in a while.

Review of Ardyss International - What Other People Say About Them

According to Better Business Bureau, Ardyss International is not an accredited company since its establishment in 2001. Based on the overall status behind their D- status, the company failed to resolve 4 complaints filed against them.

These complaints are filed within 2018 alone and until now they aren't resolved.

“...They do NOT do refunds even though it [wasn't] stated that on their website...I've already returned the merchandise and have proof of return and receipt and I still have not received my money back nor after I sent them the tracking information..."

This is one of a few complaints they received, however, it focuses on Ardyss’ inability to refund their unsatisfied customers. Not only that, they also fail to pay their distributors' their commissions.

Ardyss International Scam Exposed Negative Testimonial

One of a few unresolved complaints recorded by Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Ardyss International Scam Exposed!

As far as my research goes, I haven’t come across any positive feedback from the people who tried and tested Ardyss products. They may be a legitimate company with real products to offer their customers, however, the number of complaints they received over the years is insane.

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Many distributors explained the company promised to pay them the commissions they earned, but they never received one. Below are the screenshots of them within recent years and there are lots of them (imagine 200+ complaints within 3 years).

Ardyss International Scam Exposed Negative Testimonials from Distributors

Here a few of the distributors' complaints recorded.

There's another thing I want to share with you here. I visited their website and click on their membership button just to see what page shows up. By the way, Ardyss shop and their membership site are separate. 

If you want to go to their shop and buy their corsets, for example, go to If you intend to start a business with them, visit 

Going back, when you land on their site, you see this, 

Ardyss International Scam Exposed Membership Button

But if you click that button, you will see this instead...

Ardyss International Scam Exposed Membership Button Direct Page

You see nothing but an empty page. I had to go through their FAQs section to see details about their program and tell you what I found out in this post. 

If I were on your shoes, I don't think I'd invest in a company with a poorly structured website. Just so you know, Ardyss is an international multi-level company, yet they couldn't afford a nice website intended for potential distributors. 

If I ask you, would you rather invest a lump sum of money with Ardyss? You have your answer, my friend.

There are many better ways to make money from home.

What I Like About Ardyss International (So Far)...

The company sought a lot of options for them to earn more and more commissions. That'd be encouraging for them to meet the required sales volume and PV per month. 

Hence, building a business through Ardyss won't be a great jumpstart for you at all. 


Look back at those distributors who haven't received a pay from their commissions and bonuses the company has promised from the beginning of their membership. 

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Conclusion - Is Ardyss International A Scam...Or Not?

This is where the heavy judgment comes in. If I were honest with you, I recommend not to start a business with this company, given all the complaints from the distributors filed within a short span of time.

As a company, they’re legit because they sell real products. You see the unboxing video below from a woman who tried Ardyss body shaper right in front of the camera. So, there’s no doubt they do legitimate business.

However, the issue here is their existing poor customer service affecting both the consumers and the distributors. That’s the main problem until now it remains unsolved.

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Now that I have shared my thoughts in my Ardyss International Scam post, I turn the tables and ask your opinions this time.

Do you have previous experiences with Ardyss International or similar companies? 

Do you prefer earning passive income through affiliate marketing or pursuing MLM instead?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you feel like you want to learn about the step-by-step formula to making money online, leave a comment as well and we'll help you out.

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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