Reviews of Parallel Profits… Aidan & Steve legit?

Reviews of Parallel Profits

Reviews of Parallel Profits

2019 is here and plenty of conventional methods to make money online have become saturated.

This is where Parallel Profits comes in… it’s different to everything else out there and I’m NOT just saying that to capture your attention.

What is Parallel Profits?

It’s a results-oriented business training system created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

The module is meant for anyone looking towards earning money from home.

The date of release for this program is January 29th 2019.

Does it REALLY work?

So, Parallel Profits teaches participants of the course a business model that enables them to produce income effectively.

For instance, the model teaches you a bunch of techniques where selling as little as 7 sought-after products could allow you to make 6 figures in under a year.

One of the best and simplest ways to achieve this kind of profit is to sell specific online services to local businesses.

Potential client in the form of local business

Unlike traditional ways to earn a living online, you are fully supported to establish your business from start to finish; and you have at your disposal the tools to make this venture a huge success. This franchise-like opportunity comes with three distinct twists.

For anyone who enrolls as a trainee in this system / program, you have the advantage of being invited to be part of the Parallel Profits franchise team. There are incredible benefits to joining this team.

Franchise model

For example, you have access to all the done-for-you services that you would usually need to start up.

Branding and copywriting services are also available for you.

Basically, everything is already in place and at your disposal, and all you need to do is start making sales right away.

Once the franchise team is set up, local business owners are sought as your key clients.

The best thing with this strategy is that you won’t need to sweat it out with your clients to get started;

For instance, you will not need to to run any paid ads.

Parallel Profits’ lead generation and capturing system is what drives the traffic.

This actually means that, as long as you’ve followed the system, you just need to sit back, relax as you watch sales materialize. You do not have to meet your client and do any face to face selling of your products; instead, the system does the donkey work for you.

UPDATE: You can now access the course finally!

JOIN HERE as an early bird before too many people do. I read it was going to be very limited.

About The Authors

The mentors of this program are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Having worked on online platforms for more than a decade, they are renowned for their expertise when it comes to internet marketing techniques.

The two authors made a name for themselves about 3 years ago when they first coached students and helped them make a living online in a very short time. This is Aidan’s personal FB community.

For instance, many of the students became 4 to 7 figure annual income earners (relatively) quickly and with not many sales or clients. Their business training systems are considered to be of very high quality, which ensures results AT LEAST in the long run.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Here’s a review of the Kibo code, which is their latest product if you want to read another opinion.

Why You Should Trust Them?

They come with years of experience in online marketing and digital entrepreneurship. They know and understand all corners of the industry and how it operates.

They have built highly successful e-commerce stores, affiliate sites and coaching systems that have helped many business startups on the digital arena.

Past Programs

Some of the most significant programs that were created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton and which also registered incredible successes include:

  • 100k Factory: This program was launched in 2015 and its main focus and priority was to help students to earn money online through affiliate marketing as well as e-commerce. The program was geared towards teaching enrolled students to set up their own affiliate sites. Once this was put in place, they could then adopt a number of techniques to drive converting traffic towards these sites and e-commerce stores.
  • 7 Figure cycle: This program’s main purpose was to help students achieve the specific goal of earning a 7 figure income under one year, hence its name, 7 figure cycle. This model also follows a certain sequence and progression in to get you to reach your goal re-selling interesting products on Amazon.

7 Figure Cycle and 100k Factory

People’s reviews

I know it sounds biased, but I haven’t really found any negative feedback about their previous work.

Several people mention having experienced quick success and the ability to achieve their lifelong goal of being financially independent.

Also, they have benefited for the fact that they now are their own boss.

Having to work from their own familiar environment is also a big plus to most of the people who have undertaken these.

Pros of Parallel Profits

Benefits of Parallel Profits

There are significant advantages that come with partnering with Parallel Profits. Some of them are:

– You get first-hand information and support regarding how to effectively run your online business from a team that is both highly skilled and knowledgeable.

– The unique twists conveniently remove any kind of challenges and obstacles which many people tend to face when they first start an online business.

– The chances of success for your business are always quite high as everything’s prepared for you… just go out there and sell these simple services to local businesses. Trust me, Grant Cardone would be happy with this biz model.

Make a living online


– The program is quite expensive, hence barely affordable for most people.

– It’s only going to be open to the public for about a week, everybody’s in the same page… you can’t wait for other people’s opinions and experiences for you to make a decision.

My Conclusion…

When it comes to Parallel Profits, you have the rare advantage of learning from the best.

UPDATE: You can now enroll finally!

The module stands apart from anything we’ve ever seen in this industry. Come to think of it, anyone with determination and a bit of savings can be part of this journey.

Once you join, you become part of an awesome team; but what makes everything better, is that you do not need any expertise or experience, instead you find everything ready. The tools, the materials, the marketing, name it all.

I’ve seen people following these guys for years… people who after having signed up for one of their launches back in 2015, are still loyal fans.

I’m sure you’ll find some of them on Aidan’s facebook page. They even put together an annual “12 day giveaway” for their old-time followers.

In essence, most of the hard work to get you started is already taken care of.

By Sergio

Team YourOnlineRevenue

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