VIQ Transcription Jobs Review: Earn Only $7 Per Hour?

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Isn't it awesome to work from home?

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You can imagine that it's not a coincidence that I've been making money from home already for 4-5 years.

The chances are that you are looking for a way to make money from home and you're searching if VIQ Transcription (before known as Transcription Express) is a good company to work with.

You have come to the right place.

In this comprehensive VIQ Transcription Review, you'll find out everything you need to know so that you can start making money from home in a reliable way.

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VIQ Solutions Review - Quick Summary

Name: VIQ Solutions (Before known as Transcription Express)

Founded: 1995

Type: Transcription Jobs From Home

Price: Free

Best for: People Who Want to Earn Some Small Side Income by Transcribing

Summary: VIQ is a reliable and a well-established company that has operated for years. You can make money with them by accomplishing transcription tasks that they receive from their clients.

VIQ Solutions therefore works as a "middleman" between a client (who pays money) and you (who earns money).

Is VIQ Transcription Recommended? It depends on your goals. Personally, I don't recommend using VIQ Transcription if you want to make money online. Click the green button below to see a way that pays more and is much more enjoyable.


What Is VIQ Transcription?

VIQ (formerly known as Transcription Express) has provided transcriptions for companies already for years since it was founded already back in 1995.

They following kinds of services for their clients;

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  1. Insurance Transcription
  2. Government Transcription
  3. Corporate Transcription
  4. Legal Transcription 

The company operates throughout the US in 49 states and every single week they process over 4,500 transcripts. 

The average length of their contract is 17 years which means that VIQ is focusing on long-term relationships with their clients and their clients are truly satisfied with the service.

Now how is all this related to you if you want to make money with Transcription jobs on VIQ?


They obviously need someone to deliver the transcriptions for their clients. Someone needs to do the work.

That's where you walk into the picture.

But before I go into a greater detail, I want to point out that there are many similar transcription companies out there if you want to make money online by transcribing. 

Who Is the VIQ Transcription Jobs For?

If you have some experience of making money online with transcription jobs, you know that they're not going to make you rich.

Most of the time transcription jobs, fit in these categories:

  1. Part-Time
  2. Work From Home
  3. $5 - 20 Per Hour Salary (Depends also on your speed)
  4. Work Anytime You Want
  5. Limited Amount of Work Available

When you apply for a job as a transcriptionist on a low-entry website such as VIQ Transcription, you'll usually just need to pass the basic screening test that makes sure you'll get the job done.

After you've done the test, someone from their team contacts you and you can start the job. When you keep on accomplishing tasks well, you may take even more responsibilities. 

That's how things move forward.

But if you want to make a significant amount of money and also grow professionally, I highly recommend that you rather follow my #1 recommendation to make money online.

By doing that, you'll most likely enjoy the work more because you get to do what you love and your income potential is unlimited, unlike with VIQ Transcription.

VIQ Transcription Job Reviews

Before you get started in this kind of online job, it's always good to read what other people are saying who have tried this job.

All the reviews you can find are currently still under the name Transcription Express on Glassdoor. That's because the company was known before as Transcription Express.

The most common complaint that people obviously have is that the salary isn't good enough with this company. That's one of the most common complaints actually for any transcription company. 

That being said, several people have been satisfied when working for Transcription Express and therefore they've given it a good rating. 

Out of all the reviews you can find, you can draw a following conclusion:

  • Transcription Express / VIQ Transcription is a reliable company but the salary for transcriptionists is very low.

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Pros & Cons of VIQ Transcription Jobs

1. The Company Is Well-Established

One of the first things that you must look for when working for a new company is that whether or not the company is reliable.

If the company isn't well-established, it means that you may be in a risk of not getting paid. This will most likely not happen with VIQ Transcription / Transcription Express.

Transcription Express was founded already back in 1995 so it's been through a couple of ups and downs and survived all of them.

In addition, most of their clients work with them long-term which guarantees that the business will continue thriving as the time passes by.

2. VIQ Transcription Has Friendly Staff

In order to stay in the business for almost 3 decades you need to care of the people who are working for you.

VIQ Transcription has done that pretty well and a lot of their employees have said that it's a fun place to work with and colleagues are friendly.

That being said, if you are working from home as a transcriptionist, you'll most likely just work alone and not meet people from VIQ Transcription company (unless you decide to visit their office one day).

You'll work as an independent contractor if you do transcriptions for them.

If you want to learn how to build a profitable transcription business, I recommend that you follow Janet's advice from Transcribe Anywhere.

1. The Salary Is Low

The cold truth is that transcriptions aren't generally hard to do. Almost anyone can learn to do them with a short practice.

It means that you're not going to earn a lot of money from these kinds of jobs. If something is easy to do, generally it doesn't pay well.

If you want to earn more, you'll need to have skills that very few people have or just follow my Ultimate Make Money Online guide here if you want to earn more.

2. No "Benefits"

Even though VIQ Transcription will be paying your salary, it doesn't mean that you'd be their employee.

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That also means that you won't have employee benefits that others have. If you get sick, you simply won't earn money.

Or they don't pay for your retirement.

You also need to pay all the business-related fees by yourself.

All these things add up and your net salary from VIQ Transcription becomes lower and lower.

Is VIQ Solutions a Scam Or Legit?

When a company is providing an opportunity to make money online, people are always asking a question whether it's a scam or not.

That's a valid question because there are a lot of scams out there.

But I can tell you right away that VIQ Solutions is NOT a scam. It's legitimate company that provides transcription services to their clients in a reliable manner and pay their employees and contractors as agreed.

Conclusion - Is VIQ Transcription Job Worth It?

In my personal opinion, VIQ Transcription job simply isn't worth it. This kind of job doesn't pay you well and it doesn't grow you personally nor professionally.

The company is good and reliable but for transcription contractors, it isn't the best place to be.

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What do you think about this product?

What kind of experiences did you have?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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