Is Allegis Transcription a Scam? Will You Earn $17 per Hour

is allegis transcription a scam
is allegis transcription a scam

Can you really make money on Allegis Transcription?

Yes you can.

But how much money can you make?

Well, that's another question and I'll dive into details further in this article.

But I want to warn you...

Allegis Transcription is not one of the most recommended websites to make money online. Learn the steps to make the most money by transcribing following the Transcribe Anywhere course.

Allegis Transcription Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Allegis Transcription

Category: Transcription Jobs Online

Best for: People who want to earn some money with transcribing but are not aiming for high earnings.

is allegis transcription a scam

Summary: Allegis Transcription is a legitimate company and they have been operating already for years. They have a strict screening process for new potential transcriptionists because they want to provide top quality for their clients.

Is Allegis Transcription Recommended?  If you are looking for a good salary, I can't recommend this website. There are many better ways to make money online even as a transcriptionist. 

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Allegis Transcription Reviews - Video

Before you dive into my Allegis Transcription article, I want to provide you an opportunity to have a look at my video about this transcription job.

Watch the video until the end to learn everything you need to know about Allegis Transcription and find out my #1 recommendation to make money online.

If you have any questions about Allegis Transcription, ask me in the comments and I promise to help you out personally.

What is Allegis Transcription?

Allegis transcription is a company that provides transcription services for both small and large businesses. It has been in operation since 1996, and their services are target insurance companies.

The transcriptionists work from home, and their job is to transcribe recorded audio interviews between the insurance agents and the clients. The company receives a steady flow of orders per month, approximately 150,000 verbatim pages. It provides court reporting, clerical and transcription services to property and insurance companies.

Allegis transcription is contracted by companies with varying transcription needs. Their clients range from those who have seasonal fluctuations and need help to trace back a file out of a backlog.

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They also have clients with a consistent flow of claims that can only be done successfully through expert transcription. From when a client places an order with them, to the time it is delivered back to the client; the data stays safe with them and is not exposed to third parties without the permission of the client.

Note! If you haven't worked as a transcriptionist before, I recommend taking this course first. They also have a free course available for those of you who are just considering this way to make money.

How Does Allegis Transcription Work?

Transcription at Allegis may or may not work for you, depending on how well you understand how it works. Training is not intense, but they offer it for 2-3 hours daily. The training period is flexible.

However, they expect that freelancers who sign up to work with them are already trained and experienced enough to start transcribing. There are five steps that you must go through to proceed to the interview stage.

This is equivalent to an orientation that introduces you to the expectations of the company. The process lasts about 2 hours at a maximum.

You can begin by expressing interest by creating an account and providing your details on the system. Click on the registration button and this completes your first step of the five.

The other Four steps must be completed within 48 hours after registration.

They include:

  • Pre-interview questionnaire
  • Uploading a cover letter
  • Grammar test
  • Transcription test

As a freelance transcriptionist, you will be responsible for your own taxes. You can choose the hours you want to work, whether full-time or part-time. When your earnings hit $600 per year, Allegis will send you a Tax Form.

In the image below, you will see a few examples of their open jobs.

Allegis Transcription is constantly hiring people to new positions. The biggest drawback is that you won't earn big money.

Allegis Transcription Pay Rates

If you watched my Allegis Transcription video above, you found out how much Allegis pays. The salary with this kinds of transcription jobs isn't huge,

On the other hand, Allegis Transcription provides "real job" unlike online jobs like surveys, get-paid-to and PTC sites.

You'll earn more on Allegis than on small task and survey sites. But probably not as much as for example on Wealthy Affiliate.

That's one of the reasons why I don't really recommend Allegis Transcription job.

Allegis Transcription Requirements

To be able to work at Allegis Transcription, there are some general requirements that you must meet:

  • A computer, reliable internet, and good quality headphones
  • Ability to train for 2-3 hours daily
  • Prompt response to queries and communication.
  • Ability to follow instructions and honour deadlines
  • Excellent typing speeds of at least 75WPM
  • Top-notch grammar and spelling abilities
  • Attention to details
  • Technological shrewdness

As for the computer requirements, you must have a Windows PC with MS Word 2010 or a higher version. You also must have a transcription foot pedal to make your work easier and increase your earnings.

Who Can Become a Transcriptionist?

People take up transcription for different reasons. There are those who want to do it as a side hustle to supplement their primary source of income. Others want to do it full time, earning a decent income from transcription.

Whatever your reason for taking up transcription, Allegis offers you with the flexibility to choose your working hours as you deem fit. Despite being a tight job market, those willing to make the most out of it.

You can consider yourself fit for transcription if you have decent typing speeds and good listening ear. You also must be comfortable using a computer to download files and do research. It also helps if you can exercise patience because some files might be hard to understand and may take time to complete.

If you can work remotely without being supervised, transcription may be a good option for you. The fact that it is a flexible non-phone work makes transcription an ideal job choice for many people. Transcription jobs are also widely available, with most companies considering beginners.

Transcription is not for you if:

  • You are not willing to commit a lot of your time in the trade
  • Are looking to make quick money
  • Have slow typing speed
  • Have no patience and do not want work that ties you down in one position for long.
  • Do not have a reliable internet connection and quality headphones.

Transcription is not a straightforward affair because it entails more than just listening to audio and typing it out. It is important to know that audio files are not all created the same way.

Some are easy to transcribe, while others may be more complicated. Some audios require you to listen to people talking over each other; others are unclear, while others have heavy accents that are not easy to make out.

Such files will take longer to transcribe, and this can be stressful for a beginner. However, it can get easier with time and practice.

Pros and Cons of Allegis Transcription


  • The employees can choose where they wish to work from and can schedule the own work• Allegis Transcription offers a decent pay
  • The process of becoming a transcriptionist with Allegis is straightforward and is coupled with a lot of guidance
  • The website contains resourceful videos that one can refer to if need be.
  • The management responds promptly to employee’s queries
  • A lot of work is always available all throughout the month, and one can easily hit the 100-page minimum requirement per week.
  • It is an excellent source of extra cash, with payments made every Friday.


  • Some transcriptionists who have worked there before report that the pay is low
  • Since it is on a contract basis, there are no benefits or paid time off
  • Earnings depend on one’s input
  • There is no compensation for bad recordings.
  • The rate of pay is low but better than what is offered in most other transcription places.
  • It is difficult to advance financially if you rely on the transcription jobs alone. The company does not offer a pay rise no matter how long you work for them.

Is Allegis Transcription a Scam?

Reviews from freelancers who have worked for Allegis Transcription report that the site is genuine and they can recommend it to other people looking for transcription work. The management offers helpful support all round the clock in a friendly manner.

Others say that the management tends to over hire transcribers during the high seasons, leading to job loss when there is a shortage of audio files. This has sometimes led some people to feel like Allegis is a scam, but the fact is that one can make a decent income while working for the company.

allegis transcription reviews

Some transcriptionists didn't like Allegis at all...

Allegis transcription review

While others loved working for them.

If you enjoy working for a low salary, Allegis may be for you.

On the other hand, if you are aiming for higher in life, you would probably prefer making more money online like I do.

Is Allegis Transcription Worth It?

Allegis Transcription is an okay source of transcription jobs for freelancers who have the skills and experience. The money you make depends on the amount of time you commit yourself to transcribe.

The rate of compensation might be low but is a bit better than what other transcription companies pay. Signing up as a transcriptionist at Allegis gives you also some experience of working online if you haven't done it before.

However, I do not personally highly recommend working for them because you could earn way more money with other opportunities. That being said, I know that many people are now earning much less than they could earn on Allegis Transcription.

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So it always depends on how you compare. For me $50/hour is a good money for freelancing jobs while other people could be satisfied for $5 per hour. On the other hand, high earning online entrepreneurs may charge even +$200 per hour for their services.

So when we are talking about Gould and bachelor it always depends on your perspective. If you want to learn my #1 recommended way to make money online, just click the image below or here and I will be more than happy to help you further.

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Best Ways to Earn as a Transcriptionist

Transcription is not always an easy job, but you can make it easier for yourself by following some simple guidelines.

1. Choose only the audio files that you can work on comfortably. Some files can be unclear and noisy and might take you a long time to convert into a typed order. It is better to choose your files than have files assigned to you directly. Having your preference of files to work on will make it easier for you to make more money.

2. Know where to find high-paying audio files. High-paying jobs do not come easy, but choosing the right company to work with will reduce your level of frustration. However, you need to be trained and skilled enough to land the high-paying jobs. Allegis Transcription gives you the necessary exposure and skills to help you move to the next level.

3. Get as much support as you need. Look for transcription companies that have a management team that is easy to reach and relate to, as this will boost your productivity. Allegis Transcription offers you support all the time so that you do not have to get stuck in your production.

If you want to make more money as a transcriptionist and get more useful tips, I recommend taking a closer look at this step-by-step training.

What kind of experiences do you have with Allegis Transcription or other transcribing jobs?

Do you prefer earning money by transcribing or with other online activities?

Do you prefer making passive income online or work for jobs?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. With their strict recruitment in their aim for quality outputs, it does seem that the compensation doesn’t match up.I’ve been eying transcription jobs as an additional income that’s why I’m glad that you provide us reviews of different transcription companies.

    No health insurance and no offer of pay rise are the major drawbacks that I see for transcription jobs that’s why I only see them as supplemental source of income.

    You are right that Asian and Western countries have different views regarding salary. Still, earning $5 is still considerably low for me. If this is the case, I’d rather render overtime at work and do a job that I’m already knowledgeable and comfortable with.

    1. I agree with you that doing overtime at work is often a much better option than doing some random online jobs. Always need to analyze which one work is the best 🙂

  2. If one can be able to survive the training session of Allegis Transcription company, then I’m sure such individual would do well in such job. But this major draw back on all Transcription job is its inability to pay well as we see that it’s the same thing with Allegis Transcription company, they offer good job unlike other sites but they still don’t pay well. Some people are actually comfortable doing such jobs and earning less but it’s definitely not my preference of job.

      1. Setting up your own transcription business will most likely pay you better than working for another Transcription company. Looking at the cost of taking the courses on Transcribe Anywhere at nearly $600, it’s a bit costly but I believe it’s going to be worth it should you succeed in starting up your own Transcription business.

        1. Yeah, high quality courses cost money.

          However, as I mention in the article there, one will earn that $600 back in a couple of days if he finds a good transcription client.

          1. The prospect of being able to earn the money invest in getting the transcription course in days is very appealing and interesting but one should consider the possibility of getting a good transcription client with all the competition in the industry for clients.

      2. I have been interested in transcription of late. I am looking forward to that review on setting up a personal business. This site looks great although as a majority of the members are saying here the pay is quite low. I will update you guys later on after going through the transcription business article.

  3. I have never done transcription job, in the virtual world or real work. However, I have been taking interest in transcription jobs since a long time because those who have worked as transcriptionsist have always told me they earn well. Not the job but the earnings have always lured me. However, I have never attempted because I use English as a second language and most of the transcription jobs required a good communicative language skills

    1. I see. I guess that we have a different definition for the words, “Good salary”. In Finland and in Asia the standards are completely different.

      If we compare transcription online job earnings to typical earnings in Asian countries, we could say that the earnings are good. But if you compare the salaries from transcription jobs online to Western standard salaries, transcription jobs are one of the lowest paying ones.

      As I explained in another comment, probably the most profitable way to make money with transcriptions is to set up her own transcription company with the help of Transcribe Anywhere.

  4. I have tried transcription for a few weeks actually. It isn’t easy as you think. Companies pay a lot less then you would think they would pay for a job like this. You can work for hours and hours just to earn 15$ or a bit more.

    In my opinion, it isn’t worth the time you spend unless you are fine to work a lot of hours for a little pay.

    In my opinion there are better sites and companies that pay more for other types of jobs. I prefer working for jobs as making money online can’t be as easy as people think.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with transcribing jobs. I agree with you that it’s not as fast and easy as people would assume at first. Of course, you can develop better skills and make money faster later but the payout still isn’t huge.

      Having a 9-5 job is probably the “easiest” way to make money but at the same time it’s not as profitable as having a successful business.

  5. Allegis is recommended for those with intermedite to advanced or expert transcription experiences. This is a great paid-by-the-hour job that I can recommend to friends who would like to have some work on the side on top of their regular jobs.

    About the “no compensation for bad recordings” though, do they have technical support staff who can probably help fix the recording isssues on their end, or maybe upload another clearer file in exchange for the low-quality one? Do you also have recommended brands for affordable transcription gears, such as headphones and transcription foot pedals?

    1. For questions about the recording quality you need to contact their support.

      If you are interested in making money with transcription, I do recommend getting headphones and a foot pedal.

  6. I’ve tried transcription before. This is the most tedious job you will ever do. When you first start out, transcribing a 5 minute video can take you 4 hours. The companies are very strict and there is very little room for error. My advise don’t quit your day job.

    Also the pay per minute of audio to transcribed is very low. The site I transcribed for paid 17 cents a minute. For a one hour audio you get paid 10 dollars but bear in mind it can take you all day to transcribe. For an expert it takes you 4 hours. So I don’t think this is a sustainable way to earn an income.

    1. 17 cents per audio minute sounds very little. You are right that it doesn’t pay off in the long run.

      My friend has been transcribing in the local hospital now quite a while and he is earning an okay salary because it’s in Finland. There the salaries for any jobs are quite okay and employees are treated well.

      But for 17 cents per minute transcribing isn’t worth it like you said.

    2. @jaymish Your success at transcription all depends on how quickly you can type. Some people type very quickly and are good at typing and listening at the same time. Others, it takes time to practice. Some people never get very fast at all. If you’re a fast typer and can multitask, transcription might be nice, but it’s not perfect and does require being able to type quickly.

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