VigRX Plus Review – Affiliate Marketing Scam Or Legit?

Read My VigRX Plus Review And Tell Whether Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Is Scam Or Legit. $350+ Commissions For Affiliates VS Wealthy Affiliate. Read More.
Read My VigRX Plus Review And Tell Whether Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Is Scam Or Legit. $350+ Commissions For Affiliates VS Wealthy Affiliate. Read More.

Welcome to my VigRX Plus Review!

First of all, I don’t want you to focus on the review of the product per se. But the chances of earning money with the product as a whole.

This is why we’re here, to shed a light on your income opportunities while you’re getting hooked with the idea of promoting VigRX Plus and other sexual enhancers you think will work.

That said, I want to give you a congratulatory hug for having the time to research and learn more about this product and the company responsible for its immense popularity.

To me, it sounds like you’re getting serious with opening an online business with high hopes of earning passive income.

If so, I encourage you to grab your FREE copy of the Ultimate Make Money Online Guide and learn how to build your reputation as an affiliate marketer.

Are you ready to dig into this post? Let’s dive in. Shall we?

VigRX Plus Review - Quick Summary

Company Name: Leading Edge Health

Founded: 2001

Type: eCommerce (affiliates)

Price: $34 and beyond

Best for: People interested to earn money as an affiliate by promoting their product line comprising mostly of sexual enhancement supplements for both sexes.

VigRX Plus Review Logo - Your Online Revenue

Summary: Leading Health Edge is an eCommerce company with an open opportunity for affiliates to promote their products to different people across the United States, Canada, and the world by means of online lead generation in exchange for earnings.

Is Leading Edge Health Recommended? No. 


What Is VigRX Plus? 

VigRX Plus is one of the flagship products under Leading Edge Health, a British Columbian-based company founded in 2001. Along with the brand, there are few more other popular brands like GenF20 Plus, BrainPill, and Skinception Line, skincare product line.

Here's the confusing part.

Based on Better Business Bureau's (BBB) records, they are founded in 1997, operated locally in 2001 which is probably months earlier than 2002. It took them 10 years before they became an incorporated business and another 2 years before BBB accredited them.

VigRX Plus Review Landing Page-min

VigRX Plus separate website landing page (apart from Leading Edge Health website)

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Important Background Information

I found out there's no information about the background of this company. So, I took the initiative by researching more about it.

What I found out is that their average revenue surmounts to $47.4 million. Currently, they have 237 employees working hand-in-hand for their daily business operations. From there, you can see this is a big company indeed.

VigRX Plus Review Leading Edge Health Info

Basic information about Leading Edge Health as a company

Another thing I found interesting is that there's also a company named VigRX Plus, drug manufacturing and research, pharmaceuticals, healthcare based in Tennessee. With 293 employees, they earn an average revenue of $58.6 million.

VigRX Plus Review Company Info

VigRX Plus company info in comparison to Leading Edge Health

When I tried to search for the site location and see where it is exactly, I found out that VigRX Plus official website is registered in Ashburn, Virginia.

VigRX Plus Review Site Location

VigRX Plus website location

From there, I found these pieces of information confusing with the main question in mind, "Is VigRX Plus a company or a brand under a certain company?"

That’s what we have to find out in this post.

Probably, Leading Edge Health tries to create a separate entity for VigRX Plus as a brand, the same way as the other popular brands they have under their name.

What Do They Offer?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Leading Edge Health has 4 popular brands, such as VigRX Plus, GenF20 Plus, BrainPill, and Skinception Line. Based on the research, they operate in separate entities, unlike most companies I reviewed. 

The majority of these companies tied with the brand and they include it in their collection or business starter kit for any prospective Active Distributor joining the company. However, for this one, it has a different system.

Leading Health Edge has offered a wide range of products intended to cater to the needs of the men and women alike based on their physiological needs i.e. sexual health, anti-aging, skin care, and among others.

VigRX Plus Review Men Products-min

Some of Leading Edge Health products for men

Men's Health

  • GenF20 Plus (boost youth hormones) - $67
  • Semenax (increase semen during orgasm) - $34
  • VigRX Plus (male sexual enhancement) - $34
  • TestRX (natural bodybuilding supplement) - $57
  • ProSolution Pills (male enhancer) - $34
  • ProSolution+ (treat premature ejaculation) - $36
  • ProSolution Gel (condom-compatible stamina increaser) - $34
  • VigRX (male sexual enhancement) - $34
  • VigRX Oil (male performance enhancer) - $34
  • Volume Pills (orgasm extender) - $30
  • VigFX (liquid gelcap formula) - $50
  • VigRX Delay Spray (climax delaying formula) - $34
  • And more!
VigRX Plus Review Women Products-min

Some of their products intended to cater to the women's needs

Women's Health

  • Provestra (sexual desire booster) - $38
  • Vigorelle (spa-quality personal lubricant) - $41
  • HerSolution (libido supplement) - $37
  • HerSolution Gel (instant solution for dryness) - $35
  • Chlogoren800 (green coffee bean supplement) - $33
  • HCA Fit (weight loss supplement) - $33
  • Total Curve (breast lift) - $50
  • Kollagen Instensiv (skin repair) - $49
  • DermeffaceFX7 (scar remover) - $34
  • And More!
VigRX Plus Review Anti-Aging Products-min

A few of Leading Edge Health anti-aging products available

Anti-Aging Products

  • A mix of some of these products listed in men and women items

Leading Edge Health Compensation Plan

The certain way you earn money with referrals you generated for Leading Edge Health is through their affiliate system, connected to Sell Health. Obviously, you need to promote their sexual enhancement products online and earn money from them.

VigRX Plus Review Sell Health Affiliate-min

Leading Edge Health Affiliate System for their affiliates to promote products

According to their website, they wrote that most of their affiliates enjoy the following benefits:

VigRX Plus Review Sell Health Affiliate Benefits-min

Leading Edge Health affiliate benefits

You see you could earn as much as $350 and beyond per sale of each of their products, which is considered high for an affiliate.

As far as affiliate marketing goes, I know you won't get that high commission for every referral you make. Even for big affiliate marketing companies like Wealthy Affiliate, you earn $4 for every person you refer.

If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate and its 4-step proven and legitimate way to earn more money without selling these sexual enhancement products, you have 2 options.

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How To Make Money By Selling VigRX Plus & Sexual Enhancers?

Since this company isn’t a Multi-Level Marketing company as I expected from the beginning of this post, the only way you can earn money is by promoting their products online as an affiliate.

How do you exactly earn as an affiliate marketer?

You need to get into their sign up process and become one of the Leading Edge Health affiliates.

You can register on SellHealth and follow their instructions on how to set up everything to prepare for your upcoming earning. 

While everything’s being set up, you need to leverage your blog or website, a platform you will use to promote their products on the web.

You have to make sure your website generates a large amount of traffic enough to generate leads, which then becomes the referrals you gather en route to their website.

If any of these referrals purchase any of the products you promoted, you earn a certain percentage (your commission) and that’s recurring.

Because you already set everything up from the beginning you don’t need to repeat the steps. All you need to do is to keep the traffic high to ensure a continuous lead generation.

VigRX Plus Review Content Image 2 - Your Online Revenue

VigRX Plus Review - What Others Say?

Referring back to the BBB records, Leading Edge Health is an accredited business with an A+ customer rating. That means there are many satisfied customers from any products this company has been offering to them.

Surprisingly, they only earned 1 out of 5 star rating based on the problems with product or service.

VigRX Plus Review BBB Ratings

Leading Edge Health, the mother company of VigRX Plus, customer rating on BBB

Most of the reviews tackled the company's inability to respond to their issues with the product and there are some who wrote the infectivity of one product Kollagen Intensiv product as promised.

As for their recently popularized product, VigRX Plus, there are many satisfied men who wrote about their satisfactory sexual performance upon using the product. There's an immediate reaction after ingestion, which is for them a great thing.

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"My libido and sex drive skyrocketed, and I have the stamina to keep up. I have been having problems with erectile dysfunction for some time now," one review mentioned.

Pros & Cons Of Selling VigRX Plus & Other Leading Edge Health Products


  1. Limited niche (selective target market)
  2. Too good to be true affiliate earning ($350+)
  3. Product too personal to promote vs programs, etc.


  1. 16 years in affiliate marketing
  2. $50 million commissions paid out
  3. 17 years in business (eCommerce)
  4. Diverse product line
  5. Lots of positive feedback
  6. Outstanding BBB customer rating
  7. BBB accredited business

Is VigRX Plus Worth For Affiliate - The Final Verdict

If you have the courage enough to promote these kinds of products, you can promote the Leading Edge Health product line as much as you could.

However, if you are the type of conservative affiliate, it would take a lot to muster your courage and write about sexual enhancers.

In addition to that, there are many positive reviews for their product line, to begin with. Especially men.

Upon using their flagship product, VigRX Plus, they immediately feel the effect and the changes in their sexual performance. Hence, improving their marriage and relationships, in general.

VigRX Plus Review Content Image 1 - Your Online Revenue

Photo credits to Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

On top of that, they have a wide variety of products to offer their affiliates to promote, given the 17 years of business. Certainly, there are many product options for the affiliates to promote apart from the sexual enhancers on the list.

Nonetheless, VigRX Plus is worth promoting as an affiliate. But then again, you need to muster your courage to do it.

Because you know, you’re gathering more traffic from it. So, many people will see your website and earn referrals from it. You need to get prepared for that. 

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Now that I have shared my thoughts in my VigRX Plus review, it’s time to turn the tables and ask your thoughts about the post.

What kinds of experiences do you have by selling sexual enhancers as Leading Edge Health offers to its affiliates? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or not?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have further questions that I haven't discussed in the post, feel free to leave them in the comments. I love reading them.

Do the same when you have suggestions to add for this post. That’d be much appreciated as well.

On the other hand, if you feel like you want to learn more about Roope’s step-by-step formula to make money online, leave a comment and he'll be happy to help you out with your business starter concerns.

You can go to any of his posts and leave a comment. He’ll review it and respond to you the soonest.

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