Review – Is Use2Earn A Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Review!

What do you think? Is Use2Earn a scam or legit? This is what we’re going to find out in this post. 

If you are already familiar with how Get Paid To sites work such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie or Social Bounty, then, understanding how this site works for you and your income using the internet. 

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But before we dig into that, let me first warn you about We aren’t affiliated with the company. Therefore, the content and our judgment, whether this is a good GPT site to deal with or not, depends entirely on our research. 

Do you get it? If yes, let me know if you are ready to learn about this new GPT company we’re going to tackle in a while. Let’s dive into it. Shall we? Review - Quick Summary


Founded: 2015 (*2019 according to domain registration)

Type: Get Paid To Site

Price: Free

Best for: Nobody.

Summary: Claiming to have been established in 2015, is a scam Get Paid To (GPT) site in which it lures people to register with hopes of earning an income online. However, most of them failed to receive any payout as more and more complaints emerged on forums, including the BBB.

Is Recommended? No. Again, this is a scam site, which is, unfortunately, a sister company of other scam sites like Tap2Earn. If you want to earn a legitimate income online, click the green button below to get started.


What Is

Use2Earn is yet another scam Get Paid To (GPT) site that’s targeting mostly the naive, who are new to making money online. 

If you are new to this, you have to be extra careful in signing up for different programs because this might lead you to trouble. 


Most scam sites collect personal information from its users, including you, and sell it to other third-party companies. You might be wondering why you keep receiving spam emails, right?

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This is how these scam sites manage to send emails right to your inbox even if you haven’t registered for this and that program. Your personal information is distributed across platforms without your consent.

And Use2Earn is up for that, which is why most of its victims don’t receive any compensation even after accomplishing many tasks. In high hopes of earning money, most members don’t receive a penny. 

If you have read my review about, you may notice similarities with Use2Earn. For example, they promise you high payments in exchange for personal information.

To attract more people, they have to keep an eye on your interest. More income. 

Because of that, the persons behind this company made sure that you’re attracted to their offer of catering to your financial needs, although they know they won’t pay you anyway.

As unfortunate as it sounds, this is likely the reality for most of its victims. If you can take a look at the responses from people across forums, they ranted Use2Earn as a scam site. 

"It may sound weird that a free website is a scam. But it is not exactly free. They get your email address," Ilias Kounelis, a blogger and an affiliate marketer revealed. 

He also added that nobody has ever received any amount of money from this kind of site. No payment proof. The scammers are already smarter than they try to victimize even experienced online users. 

Who Is For?

As their claim says, Use2Earn is a #1 influencer network in which, well, influencers make money through their social media following. 

When I used their on-site calculator, it said that if I have at least 1,000 followers in any of my social media accounts, I could get as much as $230 per day.

It didn’t say how they measure this amount on each social media platform I have. It seems to be telling me the general number of followers I have regardless if I’m using Instagram or Facebook in my business. 

If it were true, then, it could be a great opportunity to do as an influencer online. However, we couldn’t deny that Use2Earn is a Get Paid To site which means we don’t expect higher payouts.

For instance, Swagbucks only pays $1 to $4 per hour on a case-to-case basis. For scam sites, they go higher as much as $500 per day. In my previous review, they go higher and promises members to earn $1,000 daily.

When I hovered through their benefits and features section of the page, I only see the general idea of what they try to do to lure its victims.

I don't want to use the term "victims" in most cases, however. It's just that this is the most relevant term I could think of to define the members who failed to earn any amount with Use2Earn. 

3-point system follows

Anyway, going to their "Benefits and Features" page. They stated that the members could use Use2Earn and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get to complete the highest task on the internet!
  • Get paid just for using social media!
  • Paid instantly to any payment method you set

What caught my eyes is what they call the "highest-paying task on the internet." I was so curious that I have to ask Google to determine which is the highest-paying task for any Get Paid To sites like Use2Earn. 

I didn't get anything except the typical tasks you expect from any Get Paid To sites like answering emails, playing games, etc. 

So, I am still wondering what kinds of tasks Use2Earn offers to its members that are considered highest-paying. At this point, I doubt it.

Pros & Cons of

If you would notice, I have been constantly comparing with other scam sites I recently reviewed.

This is because this GPT site has a similar system. With that being said, there’s no way I could provide any pros. 

1. Promotes A Quick-Rich Scheme

The fact that promotes a quick-rich scheme, it pre-determines the shady side of this GPT site. In comparison to Swagbucks, the highest payout they did was around $12 per hour. 

Let’s say, you worked around 8 hours just as any full-time job does. You only earn $96 for the whole 8-hour work regardless of the high-paying tasks you accomplished. 

$96… That’s a bit far from their $500 promise of daily income with 

As you can see on landing page, you'll notice their $500 promise as an income for their members.

2. Fake Information Disclosure

They claimed that their company has been existing since 2015. But according to Whois, a reputable website registrar, has only been almost 1 year since its establishment. 

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In addition to that, they stated its fake testimonials on its landing page. Based on reports, the photos used are stock photos and the scammers used them to make users believe they are real. 

One of the fake testimonials featured on their landing page

3. Fake Headquarters

I searched on Google Maps to find out their headquarters. Surprisingly, it showed some Chinese restaurants. If you claim to be the #1 influencer platform, you could have a big office. 

In this case, there is no office found in this photo. As you can see in the image below, there is no signage that says anywhere no matter how much I turned Google Maps over and over. 

This is where headquarters address takes me. Just a lot of Chinese restaurants around. No office.

4. No Social Media Platform

When I hovered through their social media accounts, I don’t see on any of the popular social media choices at all. So, does this mean that is a scam? Yes. 

Why? This is because their platform is concerned about your social media following. With that being said, they could have at least a platform to execute their stuff. Unfortunately, there’s none.

5. Illogical Terms & Conditions

I’ll take credit for Gig Hustlers who have been analyzing’s terms and conditions. According to them, the company will only pay out to those members who are 99 years and beyond.

So, you expect that only old people who reached the age bracket will receive the most payouts. And obviously, this is impossible. You can’t expect our grandparents too busy working at home the whole day with Get Paid To sites like this at all.

6. No BBB Profile

Even if it’s a scam, users would appreciate if registered on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). But there is none. 

Is a Scam?

Based on the research I did, there’s no doubt that is a scam. At first glance, you wouldn’t notice these tiny things like I did. Especially if you are new in the internet-related opportunities to make money.

If you take a look at Roope’s Smart Dollars Club review, you’re going to see the same thing as Read the post and examine whether what I say is true or not.

First things first. You can’t expect high-paying income when you choose to spend hours in any Get Paid To site. It doesn’t matter if it’s as big as Swagbucks or Survey Junkie.

As I mentioned earlier, the highest payout is around $12 per hour. That is if you are lucky enough to land in a good task. In most cases, you are only receiving cents. 

Not too long ago, my sister tried to do some surveys to make some bucks. She spent the whole day until midnight but she ended up earning a few dollars. Her situation is true to most members. claims that if I have at least 1,000 followers on any of my social media accounts, I could possibly earn around $230 per day.

Thus, the $500 promise does for the sake of marketing is false. Neither the information they provide is real. No real testimonials. No real headquarters in Google Maps. Nothing.

Overall, if we answer the question, “Is a scam or legit?”, it is a scam. There are no ways I could prove its legitimacy.

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Conclusion - Is Worth It?

No. It’s not going to be worth your while at all. Period. For obvious reasons, failed to convince us, including those reputable review sources. 

First, they have illogical terms and conditions that put their users to a compromising situation. 

The fact that they stated that you aren’t qualified to receive any payout unless if you reach 99 years old is proof that they don’t have an intention to pay you at all. 

Second, the information disclosed on their website is fake. The scammers used stock photos to fool people with their positive testimonials. 

From there, they try too hard to convince their potential victims to register with their personal information. site footer stipulates their fake address.

Third, have you ever wondered why do you keep receiving spam emails from private individuals or programs even though you haven’t registered. At least, you haven’t heard about them. 

As I mentioned before, most scam sites exist not to provide legitimate services to its users. Their motive is to collect as many leads as possible to sell it to third-parties. 

If you are one of the victims, then, you would probably notice that you start receiving spam emails. And that sucks, right?

In general, is not a good Get Paid To sites to deal with. It’s best to stay away from them as earlier as you can. If you haven’t registered yet, good for you. You still can run away from trouble.

If you are already one of its members, then, you have to deal with it by removing your information in their database. 

What I just hoped is that you used a fake email or an abandoned email when you fill in the information.

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Now that I shared my thoughts on my “ Review” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort into income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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