Udacity Review [Pros & Cons Of MOOC Unveiled!]

Read My Brutally Honest, Comprehensive Udacity Review & Learn Its Pros & Cons In Comparison To EdX, Udemy, & Coursera Before Enrolling. Click Here To Read More.
Read My Brutally Honest, Comprehensive Udacity Review & Learn Its Pros & Cons In Comparison To EdX, Udemy, & Coursera Before Enrolling. Click Here To Read More.

Welcome to my Udacity Review!

In the 2010s, there’s an increasing demand for a massive open online course (MOOC) in which both the course creators and the students can benefit.

That’s also considered an alternative to expensive long-distance learning universities offer to students outside the campuses. 

To make learning handy, there are a certain group of people who took the initiative to build a platform for that to cater to those needs. That is in exchange for enrollment fees.

On top of that, free courses are also given as an option to invite more students to participate and later pay for further learning.

Because of seeing the potential in this industry, we couldn’t help but review some of the most popular MOOCs we could find. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past few days. Today, we’re going to review another one.

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Udacity Review - Quick Summary

Name: Udacity

Founded: 2011

Type: Massive Open Online Course

Price: Free to $2,000 per year ($200 per 10-month course)

Best for: Like any MOOC existing nowadays, Udacity is best for people who remain enthusiastic with learning and are eager to learn more through the courses this platform offer. At the same time, it’s also a great opportunity for those who want to earn an income by promoting the non-profit organization.

Read My Brutally Honest, Comprehensive Udacity Review & Learn Its Pros & Cons In Comparison To EdX, Udemy, & Coursera Before Enrolling. Click Here To Read More.

Summary: Established as a non-profit organization in 2011, Udacity is a massive open online course company that’s offering various courses to its target market i.e. students ranging computer science to entrepreneurship.

Is Udacity Recommended? No, I'll tell you the details in a while.


What Is Udacity? 

Udacity is a massive open online course program in which it offers a diverse list of courses it provides to its target marketing.

The thing that sets apart from Udemy and EdX is that it seems to concentrate on computer science during the early implementation.

It took them years before then branch out to other fields such as entrepreneurship, business, and science.

If you were to look at the list of the courses, you will directly notice a large number of computer science-related and sciences (general science, biology, chemistry, and physics). Udemy concentrates on business and EdX on programming, business, and entrepreneurship.

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In comparison to Udemy, Udacity certifies a certain number of courses as EdX does. That’s because this platform is linked to legitimate universities like Colorado State University. On top of that, they also offer prerequisites for cybersecurity and IT programs.

How Does Udacity Work?

If you are already familiar with how online courses or MOOCs work, understanding how Udacity works won’t be alienating to you anymore.

That’s because most of the features in between these 3 comparative platforms share commonalities with each other.

You register to become officially enrolled, confirm enrollment, and pay for the course of your choice. Then you get into the class and learn the lessons prepared for you and finish it with certification. Simple.

The thing is that most of the courses revolve around sciences and computer science, in general. So, if you try to review the list, you’ll discover its target and its mission for you.

Besides, most of their partner universities are best in mathematics, computer-related courses, and sciences. 

How to Make Money with Udacity?

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Udacity [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Unresponsive Mentors

One of the students complained about one of the forums I came across with and mentioned about the unresponsive mentors.

He wrote, “The mentors don't respond to our questions and I have to send dozens of [emails] to the support team to get my query answered, and most of the time the reply I get doesn't help me at all.”

2. Bad Content For A Paid Course

Of course, you can’t really expect a perfect course as the course creators are also humans, too. As the famous adage says, “To err is human.”

But that doesn’t mean you upload lessons with a lot of errors because the students, especially those who paid a lot to enroll, are expecting a lot from the entire course as well as the proficiency of the instructors, too. In fact, it’s been compared to Coursera.

3. Unfixed Bugs

Like the students in Udemy, there are some students who find hassle points in using Udacity in their learning. For instance, one student wrote a complaint against them.

He said, “The Udacity system is riddled with issues and bugs, for one they are unwilling to acknowledge this fact. Issues that they do acknowledge, they lie about having fixed it.”

4. Accused As Scam

Personally, once a certain program is accused as a scam alongside a lot of negative reviews on Google SERP means something.

It’s not because the program isn’t legit or legit but it’s about being trustworthy. For EdX and Udemy courses, they do have inevitable concerns about some bugs and problems with a refund but they don’t have the record of a “scam.”

However, for Udacity, most students wrote it’s a scam based on their dissatisfaction on the platform.

Udacity Review Nanodegree-min

The summary of Udacity Nano degrees in which most of the students have problems with

5. Too Expensive For Low-Quality Content

There are many students, who raised this concern on various forums and mentioned about either outdated information within these courses or low-quality.

I’ve seen similar concern with Udemy as there have also been quality control issues on the said learning platform.

Based on the complaints, Udacity tends to ask more for certain courses that can be accessed on the internet for free.

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If not, the instructors seem to have no qualms showing their incompetence on the subject matter to their students. As a result, there seems to have an online protest against Udacity per se.

6. Too Basic Curriculum

In relation to the previous point, there are also students who have problems with weighing the quality of the lessons they get from various instructors to the amount of money they invested for the course.

According to one of the students, he wrote “The course seems to be disorganized. The instructors add much unnecessary information, which made the explanation less clear. When I had puzzles in the projects, it's hard to find someone to help me out. The mentors are previous Nano degree students and not good enough to help you solve your puzzles.”

7. No "Lifetime Access" Guaranteed

One student revealed that Udacity doesn’t actually give you lifetime access to the course. Instead, the learning material is only accessible when you aren’t graduating from the course.

Once you go, you aren’t authorized to relearn the subject as it guarantees “Lifetime Access” prior to enrollment and payment.

8. Terrible Execution

Justin Tromp, one of the students who find a "meh" experience with Udacity wrote, "[Udacity is a] good idea but terrible execution."

According to him, this MOOC has a good setup with a solid foundation on learning purpose but "half of the subject material is non-lectured."

He said that he felt grateful he had a CS background before he took a Udacity course. Otherwise, he would find the platform useless.

What I Like About Udacity?

1. Diverse Learning Opportunities

What I love about these types of programs is that it provides diverse learning opportunities to learners like me.

I love learning so much that I continuously read tons of stuff both offline and online and apply them in various endeavors. In fact, I wrote about it in my Udemy post.

2. Leading Platform For Robotics

There’s no doubt that albeit the splurging negative reviews about Udacity, they remain one of the leading MOOCs for robotics and programming courses.

"The Big Data Foundations Nano degree offered by Udacity is one of the best introductory courses on Big Data one can find.

The explanations are very simple and cover all important topics," a student named Harigovind Valsakumar stated. 

Udacity Review Courses

Udacity courses in various categories

3. More Practical To Learn

For Adriaan, one of Udacity students, the MOOC takes you from the very basic to challenging programming concepts and paradigms.

It follows a system for students to take step-by-step before they proceed to the advanced stage of the course. "The projects really get you to think and apply what you've learned. It stretches mentally in many ways," he stated.

4. Great For Basic Learners

One of the learners mentioned before that Udacity courses begin with the basics of the subject before they proceed to the advanced level.

Because of that, the intermediate and the advanced learners find this frustrating since they’re expecting the professors heading towards the lean meat immediately.

Well, in fact, there are students who need further assistance in learning the concepts to cater, also.

Udacity Review BBB

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) releases high rating for Udacity.

5. High BBB Rating

Surprisingly, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a high rating A+ for Udacity albeit its failure to gain the accreditation status.

Aside from the above-mentioned platform, other forums could support with high average customer rating, though the MOOC receive quite a lot of negative reviews from the students they serve.

Udacity Review - What Others Say?

"Most of the courses are free of cost and the Nano degrees are worth the cost," one of the students wrote on the forum.

Albeit the number of negative reviews of Udacity from a lot of its dissatisfied students, there are still many people find its potential as a learning resource.

In fact, many are impressed with its ability to cater the beginner learners to cover the areas and teach them seamlessly in a pace wherein they can cope with before they proceed to the intermediate and advanced course levels.

Udacity Review Get Hired-min

Udacity ensures graduates to get hired by companies easily.

Yet, this strategy frustrates most of the "smarter" learners because they see the content as low-quality and slow, even outdated.

Some of them complained about its inability to credit the courses to work, especially those who used Udacity as a learning resource with a verified certification. 

"I thought I would get in contact with many companies through Udacity degree but no one knows what Udacity is. In fact, all the interviews I went for no one recognizes them. Useless degree," a web development student named Shristi Gurung wrote on the forum.

Is Udacity A Scam?

Needless to say that Udacity is a legitimate massive open online course (MOOC) company with a variety of courses it offers to its target market i.e. students.

Its concentration on programming, robotics, and Nano degrees are seen as beneficial to most beginner students although most learners with prior knowledge with these areas find it frustrating because of the content quality. 

Secondly, Udacity may have linked with legit universities in the United States but they failed to make sure that these partners can issue a verifiable certificate for the sake of those who apply for jobs using the platform as a degree.

Udacity Review Companies

Udacity partners with companies as Employer Network.

Perhaps, they made EdX as a benchmark but unlike the latter, Agarwal made sure its learners will have no problems with it.

Thirdly, there’s noticeable terrible customer support from these areas making a massive number of learners feel dismayed.

Of course, in a platform with wide use of technology as a means to provide this kind of service faces inevitable tech-related issues such as bugs.

Yet, the company should have taken these itty-bitty concerns with consideration and made an action to resolve such for the sake of the students.

In that way, they wouldn’t have qualms in continuing the course regardless of the slow-paced and lack of quality control problems they face. 

Nonetheless, Udacity is a real company with a legit mission and vision it adheres for the sake of the learners across the world.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Udacity Review” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with Udacity? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

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