Codecademy Review [Best Coding Schools Online?!]

Read My Brutally Honest, Comprehensive Codecademy Review Before Joining Membership. Students Asked, "Is Codecademy Better Than Udacity?" Click To Learn More.
Read My Brutally Honest, Comprehensive Codecademy Review Before Joining Membership. Students Asked, "Is Codecademy Better Than Udacity?" Click To Learn More.

Welcome to my Codecademy Review!

In the past few days, I have been reviewing a lot of massive open online course (MOOC) companies that provide a diverse range of courses for its target learners.

Although they serve different concentrations, they share the same commonalities. They are all learning platforms, yet, unlike Teachable, they link with subjects from the universities and teach the concepts online.

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Now, we're all set. Let's dive into the post. Shall we?

Codecademy Review - Quick Summary

Name: Codecademy

Founded: 2011

Founders: Zach Simms & Ryan Bubinski

Type: Online Interactive Platform

Price: Free to $19.19 per month (special prices apply)

Best for: An MOOC like Codecademy is best for people who want to learn more about computers and the programming it involves i.e. JavaScript, among others and prepare for the income ahead.

Read My Brutally Honest, Comprehensive Codecademy Review Before Joining Membership. Students Asked, "Is Codecademy Better Than Udacity?" Click To Learn More.

Summary: Established in 2011, Codecademy is a massive open online course or an online interactive platform in which the course creators can upload their lessons online for its students to learn such as basic programming.

Is Codecademy Recommended? Yes, I will tell you the details in a while.


What Is Codecademy? 

Established in 2011 under the leadership of Zach Sims, co-founder (alongside Ryan Bubinski), Codecademy is founded as an online interactive platform wherein students can learn the 12 different programming languages such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • C++
  • Sass
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • And more!

Both Sims and Bubinski are Columbia University.

In that perspective, it somehow has similarities with Udacity wherein the concentration of the courses is within the computer-related subjects and its languages. However, they don't give away certification as Udacity and EdX.

To date, there are more or less than 45 million students who trusted the platform in terms of learning computer programming across the world.

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How Does Codecademy Work?

Following their mission that says, “Tell us why you want to code. We'll show you what to learn.” The Codecademy team dedicates themselves in building students, who are ready to make an impact globally by means of creating systems from the codes. 

Aside from teaching the codes, each student is given 87 drills to master the skills along with feedback from the community comprising the instructors, coaches, and graduates regarding your work.

In order to maximize your money, time, and effort on Codecademy, you need to be interested in computer and its languages.

If it’s your thing, then, you can simply hover through the list of courses they offer and choose which of those are necessary or best for your needs. 

Once you do, you can pay for its monthly subscription worth $19.19 until the course finishes. If you opt for free courses, Codecademy gives out that option as well. You can register for free and upgrade your account anytime.

If you do well on these courses, you may also have the possibility to work on the biggest companies in the world such as Facebook, IBM, HUGE, Google, and Bloomberg.

How to Make Money with Codecademy?

Just like the other MOOCs, I reviewed in the past few days, earning money in this platform depends on how you see the income opportunity in Codecademy.

Either you see learning and upgrading your high-income skills as a means to attract wealth or you rather become an affiliate and directly promote the platform to your readers. 

Either of the 2 is a great option. By becoming the best in the field of computer programming brings you a fortune as how Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook and Steve Jobs started Apple and Bill Gates with Microsoft.

Codecademy Review Affiliate

Codecademy Affiliate Program page shows the entire benefits you get once you become their affiliate.

On the other hand, if you rather earn an income online and keep your online business going, you can apply as one of its affiliates and earn 25% of the share as commission payout payable. Plus, you can also receive another bonus in case if you become one of their top performing affiliates.

To do that, you have to be a member on Rakuten first before you can apply for Codecademy Affiliate Program. After you submitted the application, you have to wait for around 1 to 2 days before they approve it.

Codecademy [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Too Slow For Many

This is a similar concern for Udemy wherein most of the students complained about its slow-paced instruction and sometimes low-quality and outdated information.

Personally, this rant centers on the smart ones in the class. If not, those who already have backgrounds in programming.

The reason Codecademy has to do it is that they also have to cater to those students without any background in computer programming and are using the platform as a learning resource. 

2. Too Basic For Students

This is when students prefer learning the coding classes on Udacity. According to some students who ranted on the forum, they mentioned that Udacity tends to be comprehensive and caters to the intermediate learners than Codecademy does.

“It's nice for beginners. But there's not real meat beyond that. I wish they did have a learning environment like that for coding beyond the basics. I can't stand to watch videos. I need to be hands on the entire time,” one of the students wrote.

Codecademy Review BBB

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows D rating and no accreditation status for Codecademy.

3. Low BBB Rating

Aside from having a D rating on the Better Business Bureau’s records, Codecademy also fails to get its accreditation. Even if they have fewer complaints received from the students, they still get this low remark.

What I Like About Codecademy?

1. Easy To Follow Lessons For Beginners

This is especially to those students, who find it hard to learn and master the material. Before the instructor moves on to the next material, you go through the lessons first and master them.

According to one student, who tried Codecademy, he wrote, “They show you what the completed project is going to look like before you begin, but if you're not just using it as a refresher (which most of us would be) then it's all Greek to you... it walks you through writing that exact page/program one step at a time, explaining which each line of code does it goes.”

2. Free To Quit

If it's too difficult for you, you can simply quit the lesson and come back anytime. Unlike Udacity, where students lost their lessons after coming back, Codecademy makes sure its students won't find a single hassle when returning to the lesson they left off.

3. IDE Interface For Helpful Hints

Aside from giving you the time to master the material before moving on, Codecademy also makes sure its IDE Interface is implemented to provide helpful hints on the material for easy following. This is only made available when the student requests it.

4. 12 Coding Tracks For Free

This is one of the plus points for Codecademy. They provide this option to learn the 12 coding tracks for students who are unable to pay a monthly subscription.

5. Few Complaints Filed On BBB

In the past 3 years, there are only 3 complaints recorded against Codecademy with 2 complaints resolved in the past 12 months.

Codecademy Review - What Others Say About The Program?

There are many opposing thoughts when it comes to which of the learning platforms do best in terms of teaching computer programming and its 12 coding tracks. In fact, the students recommend this program and that program alongside its respective pitfalls. 

For example, this student recommends Udacity more than Codecademy by saying, “Udacity CS101 is really good. The teacher is great. Well-done material or presentation. The quizzes are sometimes really hard. They make you think. You'll have no choice but to learn something into. Especially if you're just starting out with programming.”

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But if you check my post about it, there have been many student complaints because of unresponsive mentors, among others. 

Codecademy Review Learning Process

Codecademy displays the basic learning process a student undergoes upon enrollment.

“[Codecademy] is a legit place to start and worth finishing [the material]. But it is by no means complete,” another student stated his sentiment about the program.

Others disagree in which they stated that the platform is a great starter for those who want to begin learning CS and a great refresher for graduates and teachers. 

Nonetheless, there are pros and cons in relying on Codecademy as a learning resource for its stakeholders.

Yet, the fact that the bigger companies like Amazon and IBM trusted and partnered with them means they are real and sincere with their mission towards the aspiring coders.

Is Codecademy A Scam?

Needless to say that Codecademy is a legitimate online platform for learners and other stakeholders alike.

They made sure they didn’t leave out any student from mastering the material for the sake of those who want it done fast and move on. 

For the smart ones and those with a background in CS and other programming courses, they find Codecademy as a slow and tedious platform. Yet, for most of the students who shared their experience with the platform, they find it amazing and best.

Codecademy Review Categories

Some of the learning material Codecademy students will learn throughout the course

Even if the BBB didn’t grant its accreditation status and provided with a low rating based on customer satisfaction, there are still a large number of students, who trusted this company for learning computer programming.

On top of that, they rely on their courses to take a spot as one of the team members on the biggest companies in the world, making an impact across the globe.

#1 Online Business Opportunity

As I mentioned earlier, having a background and understanding in computer programming is considered a lethal weapon towards attracting wealth. I never saw any gifted programmer poor.

Most of them utilized their strong high-income skills in programming and created an influential platform that billions of people use every single day. Just as how Roope utilized the #1 online business opportunity he found recently, allowing him to make $3,000 in a day.

Facebook, for example. Mark Zuckerberg was a dropout from Harvard University after discovering the harm his project could do to the students.

Yet, he remained adamant and pursued the platform, keeping it improved as much as he can using his smart coding skills. 

Codecademy Review Content Image 1

You can make money in any strength you have. Be it programming, running an online business, or simply marketing a product. Who knows? (Photo credits to Fatos Bytyqi on Unsplash)

The same fate for Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who established and created computers the world can use. Through these people, we experience convenience in producing written outputs from the software they made.

Given, mastering your high-income skills in coding doesn’t simply apply in making programs but building a website through WordPress is also a great example. Learning SEO and making the online business run require basic coding knowledge as well.

Codecademy Review Content Image 2

The same principle applies to become an affiliate marketer. To get more sales, you need to master the art of marketing. Robert Kiyosaki repeated that tip for aspiring marketers in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Codecademy Review” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with Codecademy? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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