Tigerfish Transcription Reviews [$200 Upfront For $5 Job?!]

In My Tigerfish Transcription Reviews Post, It's Revealed That Every Hired Applicant Requires Purchase $200 Worth Of Software Though Compensation Is Uncertain.
In My Tigerfish Transcription Reviews Post, It's Revealed That Every Hired Applicant Requires Purchase $200 Worth Of Software Though Compensation Is Uncertain.

Welcome to my "Tigerfish Transcription Reviews" Post!

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for being here and up for another interesting review of a transcription company today.

You see these days more people show interest in applying for a transcription job because of its attractive offers. 

What they don’t know, including you perhaps, is that you don’t actually receive much compensation than building your own profitable platform and make a stable passive income from it. 

Otherwise, you might have to see our #1 recommended way to make money online. (Spoiler: It’s not a transcription job!)

Now let’s dive into the whole post and see what this transcription company can offer you if you plan to pursue applying any of the entry-level jobs and make a few bucks from it. 

Shall we?

Tigerfish Transcription Review - Quick Summary

Name: Tigerfish Transcription

Founded: 1989

Type: Transcription Company

Price: $200 upon job entry

Best for: Nobody unless if you’re willing to pay $200 for required software. Otherwise, it’s unwise to shell out that much without certainty for the right compensation.

Summary: Founded in 1989, Adam Goldberg established Tigerfish Transcription which is currently based in California, USA, as the name suggests, a transcription company with a lot of hired transcriptionists and editors working together.

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What Is Tigerfish Transcription?

Adam Goldberg started Tigerfish Transcription in 1989 in California, USA as a way to help others in either ways: to make money as a transcriptionist or to have an audio or video file transformed into written output. 

“In 1989, I founded Tigerfish Transcription with a vision of excellent service and positive community involvement,” he wrote on his personal LinkedIn account. 

In addition to that, he’s been interested in an open and collaborative approach when it comes to his employees. Thus, he preferred hiring those who are easy to work with and can meet the demands in a short time. 

He also shared that he started the company as a one-person operation. He did all the projects alone in the same manner as he implemented the policies with his employees today. 

Who Is Tigerfish Transcription For?

When it comes to its stakeholders, there’s no doubt that Tigerfish Transcription is for those who want to experience earning money working for a transcription job online.

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If you want to pursue this kind of job, then you belong to the group of people I am referring. You are one of those who wanted to make some bucks without the need to leave the house and still make the same amount of money as those who commute in the traffic more or less. 

Often, the entry-level transcription applicants take the majority of the population. What happens is that these entry-level workers stay in the job for a long time until the ranking rises until they reach the editorial position. 

Tigerfish Transcription Reviews Order Form

Order form used by Tigerfish Transcription clients to ask for a quote and/or other inquiries.

Once they reach that level, they make more money by simply editing or reviewing the projects submitted by the transcribers. Compensation-wise, it’s not a question that they receive more than the transcribing workers, though the latter does the most work. 

For instance, in Tigerfish Transcription, according to a source, the company pays around $7 to $15 per hour, which is a bit less compared to AccuTran Global with $21 per hour.

It could go higher depending on how well you work and how long you’ve been serving. Yet, seeing you earning $0.005 per word; hence, $5 for 1,000-word transcription. 

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Pros & Cons of Tigerfish Transcription

1. No Experience Required Opportunity

You don’t need to have a vast transcription experience to land a job in Tigerfish Transcription because they accept both entry-level applicants with or without experience related to transcription. 

2. Simle Job Application Process

Upon reviewing the application process on their official website, what Tigerfish Transcription requires are your personal information, such as name, email address, and contact details attached with the tests to see if you are good for the jobs they’re offering or not. 

3. Long List Of World-Renowned Companies

Once you get into the company as one of its bonafide transcriptionists, you’re likely to work on the following areas: 

  • Earth Science
  • Space Exploration 
  • Historical Archive
  • Economic Forecast
  • Print to air
  • Courtroom Files
  • Boardroom Files

Additionally, you’re also entitled to work on the projects these companies ordered like ABC, Pinterest, Wall Street Journal, NASA, American Express, MSNBC, USA Today, among others. Given, you have the benefit of exposure working with these world-renowned brands and establishments.

Tigerfish Transcription Reviews Companies-min

One of the few companies Tigerfish Transcription has been working with over the past 30 years in service.

1. Exclusively For US Residents

The offer might not be entirely enticing for you, given the $5 potential income on your account. Working with the companies I listed earlier is far more attractive.

Unfortunately, you can’t apply for the transcription job if you aren’t residing within the United States. Hence, international applicants aren’t accepted.

2. $200 Payment Upfront Required

Tigerfish Transcription requires you to purchase Start Stop’s Power Play worth $200 upon acceptance to the job.

For every newbie, especially you, I bet you aren’t interested in shelling out that much money without knowing how much you can earn at the end of the month, for example. 

3. Demanding Job Without Clear Compensation

Any transcription job is highly demanding. I reviewed a couple of transcription companies in the past few weeks and I saw similarities in between them.

For instance, CastingWords pay between $0.85 to $1 per audio minute. Scribie, on the other hand, pays $0.10 per audio minute.

The measurement of your payment depends on the length of the file you receive. Yet, simply submitting the work won’t make anything unless it's approved by the editor or not.

If let’s say the file you worked on is approved, you get the corresponding pay. Otherwise, you won’t receive anything.

Which is why it’s not wise to work on these kinds of jobs because you aren’t certain if you get paid from the hard work you exerted or not.

Is Tigerfish Transcription A Scam?

You see Tigerfish Transcription has been in the transcription industry for 30 years under the same man, Adam Goldberg.

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The fact he’s showed his commitment to the company he built alone, there’s no question about its legitimacy.

The long list of world-renowned brands and media companies such as GE, JP Morgan, Google, Capital One, among others cements the trust-level people perceive for the company. 

Therefore, Tigerfish Transcription is not a scam nor a Ponzi scheme though it requires you to purchase the $200-worth of software for a seamless work as one of its transcriptionists working hand-in-hand with editors providing excellent service to its target clients. 

Tigerfish Transcription Reviews Content Image 1-min

Tigerfish Transcription isn't a scam.

Conclusion - Is Tigerfish Transcription Worth It?

The question finally comes as to whether Tigerfish Transcription is worth it or not. Be prepared for what I have got to say.

As per the information I gathered for the review, I don’t recommend the company as your full source of income. Not even for applying for the transcription jobs they’re offering. 


First of all, I know how hard it is to make money online for the first time. It’s also understandable that you don’t have the money to spend for the sake of getting the job.

How much more spending $200 for a software Tigerfish Transcription requires from you? 

Although you wanted to work with the big companies who trusted the company over the years, shelling out that much isn’t a wise move unless you’re willing to spend it for the sake of the highly-demanding job as a transcriptionist. 

Is Zeek Rewards A Scam Content Image 1

You can't expect earning more by working as a transcription online over the years.

Other transcription companies like CrowdSurf don’t require any payments or purchases from applicants or entry-level workers because they know this group of people don’t have or aren’t prepared to spend that much. 

Nonetheless, Tigerfish Transcription is a good company to work with. However, it’s not a recommended way for you to make money online. If you want to make as much as $10,000 in a month, we have something for you then. 

It’s an easy but effective process you can follow as you slowly build your online platform for making a stable passive income.

You’re building an online business from the stuff you love doing and at the same time, making a lot of money from it. 

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Now that I shared my thoughts on my “Tigerfish Transcription Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Tigerfish? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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