Review – Is SurveyJunkies A Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Review!

Is SurveyJunkies a scam or legit? This is what we’re going to find out in this post. Before we dig into that, are you familiar with GPT sites aka Get Paid To sites? If yes, you will understand why it’s a tricky industry.

Otherwise, you have to go through the post and learn more about this online opportunity that most people doubt. Why? Most of them aren’t paying well as expected. So, what is your takeaway?

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We’ll provide a comprehensive review of this GPT site and see whether this is a good company to work with or not. Aside from that, we’re going to give you the best opportunity you can try online. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we? Review - Quick Summary


Founded: 2019 (according to domain registration)

Type: Get Paid To Site

Price: Free

Best for: Nobody

Summary: is an imposter website created to mislead people from Survey Junkie (without an “s”) to victimize. The latter is a real and legitimate GPT site; however, is a scam site. 

Is Recommended? No, it’s a sketchy GPT, to begin with. To make fair and lucrative money online, click the green button below to learn about it. 


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What Is

Be wary, my friend. is a scam site that you shouldn’t deal with. If you already did, you can get out of it and search for other legitimate Get Paid To sites such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. 

Be aware that is a legitimate site, not Why are reviewers warning a lot about these 2 companies? 

It is because the name itself misleads people like you to register in an imposter site rather than the real one. If you don’t want to become one of its victims, do further research or you can read towards the end of the post.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they received many complaints from the victims and realized the existence of an imposter website. Their announcement mentioned that they are currently monitoring the case.

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“On January 21, 2020, BBB was made aware of an imposter website,, created to confuse and misdirect users from,” BBB wrote.

They added that the imposter website does false offers to its consumers’ money upon registration and making referrals. 

Because of the ongoing investigation, they aren't able to address the complaints related to the alleged company. If you want to learn more about it, you can watch Roope’s review video below.

Who Is For?

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend the company for several reasons. First, if you checked Roope’s video, you can identify the cons than the good sides of the company. 

Second, the BBB, which is a reputable review site for companies like, mentioned that it’s an imposter website that misdirects users. It’s already clear from there. 

Third, they copied the exact system as the real does. They provide a $30 bonus upon registration and other bonuses after making referrals to make more money.

They claimed they’re the top influencer network just as other GPT sites do. But most recently, I reviewed a company that said the same thing but it’s not. I am referring to Social Bounty, which is also another Get Paid To site.

Both and Social Bounty have particular similarities not because they’re a scam. Of course, they are. But at first glance, they seem real. 

At this point, I wanted to make it clear that in researching for GPT sites, you have to be careful. Otherwise, you end up becoming a victim of their scam as many shady companies are smart enough to trick people to register for false hopes.

In comparison to the real Survey Junkie, pays out too much. For example, the former pays out only $1-4 per hour, the latter pays out $30 sign up bonus + claims of earning around $500 to as much as $1,000 in a day.

Take note, for every legitimate GPT site, they don’t pay that high. So, if you encounter any company that does this trick, be careful. Don’t register by impulse. Rather, do your research and you’re fine.

Overall, isn’t a good GPT company to start making money online. If you want to learn how to make a lucrative income using the internet, get our Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to start.

Pros & Cons of

If I were to determine the pros of this company, I don’t know what to write about it because of the overwhelming number of negative sides related to

For obvious reasons, I can’t determine the good side of the company except for having a good try to trick us and others out there. But, uh-uh, we compiled the cons instead. 

1. Massive BBB Complaints

As I mentioned before, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) received a massive number of complaints from victims regarding Because of that, they have to study the case first and it’s ongoing.

So, we can’t hear a word from this reputable review site until they have finalized and evaluated the issue. 

What we can rely on is their announcement about the existence of an imposter website that continuously misleads people until now. 

As you can see, BBB is currently investigating, an imposter site that misleads people from the real Survey Junkie.

2. Promises High Payments In A Day

If you take a look at Swagbucks, they pay minimal amounts per day. This is the same case for other legitimate Get Paid To sites out there as well. You can’t expect to earn as much as $500 to $1,000 per day for a real GPT.

Consequently, it made me realize that once a company does this, it is clear to trick people that they can make more money online through a quick-rich scheme basis. promises users to earn as much as $1,000 in a day, which is impossible in a legit Get Paid To (GPT) site.

3. Lots of Negative Reviews

On Google Search Engine Results Page (SEPP) alone, you can find tons of reviewers who have a lot of bad things to say about 

Gig Hustlers wrote that copied a lot of content from various GPT sites such as ViralContent, SpudBucks (another scam GPT site), and Survey Junkie.

Another thing they pointed out are the noticeable errors on the website, making it unprofessional and sketchy. Take note, if you notice errors in any GPT site, be wary. You don’t want to be a victim, right? receives a lot of negative reviews from big sites like SiteJabber.

4. Misleads People From Real Survey Junkie

Whoever created isn’t smart enough to trick people into believing they can earn as much as $1,000 per day. 

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They may copy a lot of systems as other real GPT sites do, but they can’t outdo most critical reviewers like us.

As far as my research goes, the information satisfies my desire to know more about this shady company. 

First of all, any legitimate Get Paid To sites, regardless if they’re a big company or not, they don’t pay high. 

That’s the first thing you should take note of. No company will pay you higher in every task you do. Otherwise, that company you’re dealing with promotes a quick-rich scheme, which isn’t a good thing.

is survey junkie legit or a scam

This is the real Survey Junkie website.

5. Inconsistent Payout Information claims they pay $30 when you sign-up. However, if you take a look at the amount written at the footer, you see it’s $25.

The persons behind this scam seem to be uncertain. This is yet another red flag.

You have to know how much they can exactly payout despite the odds. The company must be sure of how much they give based on its realistic expectations. Not the other way around. 

As you can see, they promise to pay $30 upon registration. Yet, at the footer of the page, you see they wrote $25, which is already inconsistent with their promise.

Is a Scam?

Based on the information I gathered in this post, it is very clear that is a scam.

It’s a shady company, to begin with. First and foremost, the moment you land on their page, you already notice discrepancies.

Keep in mind that in every legitimate Get Paid To sites, errors like these aren’t observable as they made sure that everything is okay. They are not a fan of quick-rich schemes as these shady companies do. 

Speaking of quick-rich schemes, most real GPT sites like Swagbucks aren’t paying high. So, don’t expect to earn $500 within a day or so. 

You have to have a lot of work to reach that threshold. This is the reality that most people who rely on GPT sites to make money face all the time.

This is among the hundreds of negative feedback about on a reputable review site.

Consequently, they have to find other income opportunities they could find on the web to add the income stream because they know they won’t earn much in this industry. 

The last thing I wanted you to take note is the fact that even the most reputable review sites warned you to stay away from these kinds of sites. 

Why? This is because these companies may only set up a GPT site as a way to accumulate leads for their shady plans. 

For example, when you register, you fill in the required information without knowing that these things will be filed in one spreadsheet and sell to others for leads. Does that sound bad? Yes, it does.

In general, stay away from because this is, again, an imposter website that misleads people from its original site, Survey Junkie. Let me reiterate it, avoid the one with “s.” 

Take note that the real site doesn’t have an “s” in their name. and are different. Be careful, my friend. tries to mislead more people through posting fake testimonials on their page.

Conclusion - Is Worth It?

No, it’s not worth your while. When you start filling in the information they want from you, at that moment, you are already wasting your time.

So better search for other income opportunities you can find on the web if you like than spending more time on this shady company.

If you like to know how to build your own lucrative online business, why not take a look at our Ultimate Make Money Online Guide, which contains the step-by-step process in building your online platform from scratch.

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Avoid wasting time in searching for Get Paid To sites for small income versus the effort you have exerted to accomplish tasks. Build your own online business and start earning a lucrative income this year. 

Now that I shared my thoughts on my “ Review” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort into income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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