Serious Bloggers Only Review [Best Blogging Course For $49?!]

Read My Serious Bloggers Only Review, Containing My Honest & Comprehensive Feedback About Blogging Course Without BS...
Read My Serious Bloggers Only Review, Containing My Honest & Comprehensive Feedback About Blogging Course Without BS. Worth It $49 Course. Guaranteed Learning..

Welcome to my Serious Bloggers Only Review!

For someone who just started blogging, getting desperate to know every inch about the blogosphere is normal. In fact, everyone, including today’s influencers, started that way. That’s why you want to read about my honest and comprehensive Serious Bloggers Only Review, right?

You want to know whether investing your money, time, and effort to this course is worth your while or not; whether or not, you can guarantee a big Return of Investment (ROI) after you finish the course.

Sure, I’d love to give you my honest feedback about the course based on personal experience and my in-depth research. In this post, I will share every itty-bitty detail about Serious Bloggers Only and how it gives impact to your blogging experience.

Before we dig into the lean meat of this post, I want to give you a warm hug as a way of saying congratulations of your research endeavor.

That means you’re serious about blogging and your accumulated risks. To me, it sounds you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn a passive income.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in. Shall we?

Serious Bloggers Only Review - Quick Summary

Name: Serious Bloggers Only (SBO)

Founded: 2015

Founder: Jon Morrow

Type: Blogging Course for Beginners

Price: $49/month

Best for: Beginner bloggers who want to take blogging seriously & earn passive income

Read My Serious Bloggers Only Review. I'll Share Every Itty-Bitty Detail About The $49/Month Course And See If It's Worth Your While Or Not At All?

Summary: Serious Bloggers Only (SBO) is one of the Smart Blogger's (formerly Boost Blog Traffic) flagship programs under Jon Morrow's mentorship, teaching blogging novice the proper blogging with intent to earn money. He's one of the highly paid bloggers in blogosphere, responsible for millions of traffic coming into sites like KISSmetrics and Copyblogger.

Is Serious Bloggers Only Recommended? Yes. I'll explain this in detail in a while.


What Is Serious Bloggers Only Course? 

In the membership course worth $49/month, Jon Morrow himself will teach the strategies and tactics he used to build one of the world’s most popular blogs, which includes the cheat sheets and checklists.

  • Knowledge Base - Fundamentals of blogging i.e. blog content, getting traffic, developing blogging skills, & successful blogging. This includes the following specific training:
    • Finding the perfect domain name
    • Setting the WordPress website
    • Social espionage
    • Creating effective optin pages
    • Crafting attention-grabbing headlines
    • Creating credibility
    • Blogging Basics (Blogging 101)
    • Traffic on Demand
    • SEO 101
    • Creating Viral Infographics
    • Irresistible Offers
    • Product Pricing Formula
    • Creating Sales Funnel, Funnel For Blogs
  • Step-by-step courses and checklists with easy-to-follow tutorials
  • Most advanced blog training
  • Behind the Scenes of SmartBlogger.Com (formerly BoostBlogTraffic.Com) to have a peek of how they manage to get 200 million traffic on average and earn $50 million in revenue.

At the end of the course, the program expects its students geared with the skills needed to guest post to big sites like Huffington Post, Forbes, and others.

That said, it comes with a price. The cost for the Guest Blogging, another flagship blogging course is $591 or three payments of $197.

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How To Make Money With SBO?

Money comes after a successful blog, which is measured by traffic. However, to create a successful blog with millions of traffic on average, it needs hard work.

Once achieved, affiliate marketing success is guaranteed because of loads of users to stop by the site brought by organic search and backlinks.

This course isn’t intended to earn money from the program per se. It’s a program to help beginner bloggers to upgrade their blogging skills to level up against the giants of their niches. For example, they land a guest post on Forbes with the link en route to their opt-in page.

If you think that blogging is not for you, I recommend taking a closer look at Parallel Profits because it teaches you to create a 6-figure home-based business by following proven steps.

Serious Bloggers Only Reviews - What Other People Say About The Course?

Based on my personal experience with Serious Bloggers Only, I gained a lot of knowledge-based learning, which is very important when you want to turn your blog into a money-making machine.

When you have the intention to earn money through your own websites, like Roope does in Your Online Revenue, you don’t write blog posts about what you did today and what you ONLY love. It’s about your audience.

To do that as effectively and properly as possible, you need to know your readers. In this site, it’s about you, who are desperate to earn a passive income without risking way too much, risking large amounts of money only to find out you’re scammed.

So, Roope and I do research and write posts that we deem valuable for you. The site name says it. Likewise, Serious Bloggers Only. I may sound salesy, however, it’s simply feedback of the entire experience I had in this course. In the end, it’s up to you whether you try the course or not.

As for others who have undergone the training as I did, you see their feedback below.

Read My Serious Bloggers Only Review, Containing My Honest & Comprehensive Feedback About Blogging Course Without BS. Worth It $49 Course. Guaranteed Learning..

Serious Bloggers Only (UGLY) Truths Revealed!

Although I couldn’t think of the cons of Serious Bloggers Only, there are a few things I want to note. To me, it will give you an idea of what else Jon Morrow and his team need to improve. This is again based on personal experience and from the feedback of other bloggers.

1. Price Commitment $49/month in exchange for loads of information.

This is pretty obvious and to me, this isn’t really the bad thing about Serious Bloggers Only. You’re aware what you’re spending upon registration in the first place.

You know what, when you want to get serious about blogging, prepare for the necessary expenses as a startup cost. Treat it that way. 

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2. Confusing setup amid the beginner-friendly site.

Yes, I had it when I entered the Serious Blogging Portal. I remembered there were lots of information and I got confused where to start.

In fact, I was in a frantic, trying to keep myself down and organized my thoughts which of these overwhelming information I needed to go first. I started there and went on to the next process.

3. Forums aren’t as great as expected and promised.

Although they have a great forum, other bloggers see it as not really exemplary as expected. In fact, they compared it with the Wealthy Affiliate forum’s active engagement. 

4. No free trial, only paid trial for 85% discount, for example.

They don’t offer a free trial, unlike most paid membership training. You need to spend a few bucks as an initial commitment for a limited time.

Once the discount expires, you’re going to pay the regular price. Let’s say, you registered Serious Bloggers Only for $1, make sure you cancel your subscription before the 30th month or else you’ll be automatically subscribing to the regular price worth $49 per month.

What I Like About Serious Bloggers Only As A Blogging Course...

1. Crazy Discounts.

Jon Morrow’s massive discounts time to time are insane, which are exclusively enjoyed by his subscribers.

For example, a $200 worth course would be $7 for a certain period of time. Sometimes, as low as $1 membership fee as a trial period.

When I joined Serious Bloggers Only, I only paid a buck in exchange for massive information. These kinds of offers are only available in a limited time. So, it’s best to enjoy it as much as you can.

2. Full of valuable information.

Jon Morrow knows what he’s doing, he’s the man behind the world’s top sites and earns thousands of dollars with a single post.

3. Best jumpstart course for beginner bloggers.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, blogging isn’t an easy endeavor. Especially if you’re a total newbie and you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s important to get to know the basics so you’ll know your first few steps to build an influential or a top blog. That is if you plan to turn your blogs into a source of an income stream.

4. Massive and active support and community similar to Wealthy Affiliate forums.

Like in WA, a great community is important when you begin this difficult blogging journey. For you, it’s giving you a sense of welcome and empathy from the people who had once been there when they began.

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5. 30-day money back guarantee.  

Yes, although I only paid a buck, the course promises to return the money I paid if I were dissatisfied with their service.

Since I enjoyed their resources until now I’m using them, I didn’t ask for a refund. If you had a different experience as I had, you can immediately ask them to refund your $49 for your first month in case if you didn’t like what they offer you.

Simple. No drama. 

Serious Bloggers Only Review Conclusion

Overall, you don’t guarantee success in blogger if you don’t treat blogging as a job. Seriously, if you thought Roope plays games while running Your Online Revenue, no.

As a blogger myself, running a blog with the intention of making it a successful one requires a tremendous amount of investment. To increase the chances of your future success, you need to sharpen your weapons.

In blogging, you need to develop your blogging skills to make sure your readers read your post to the end. That alone is an amount of copywriting skills there (to increase the branding itself). Another is getting to know Google and its algorithm. Note: It’s not easy.

On top of that, your possibilities of earning online by doing something legitimate and scam-free. In that case, Roope made an Ultimate Make Money Guide with 9,000+ words to make sure you get a gist of what you’re going to go through once you decide to make well in affiliate marketing like he’s doing.

To sum up, Serious Bloggers Only is a legitimate course worth the try. You wouldn’t regret having that experience like I did. It’s been 2 years now since I tried the course and I tell you, I kept Jon Morrow’s pieces of advice by heart, which became a big help in blogging top sites like Roope’s.

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Now that I have shared my thoughts and opinions about Serious Bloggers Only, I would love to hear from you.

What kind of experiences do you have with Serious Bloggers Only or any other blogging courses like theirs?

Which one has been your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have questions, feel free to share your thoughts about the post and our Ultimate Make Money Guide and he will be happier to be of help.

Before you go, I recommend that you go ahead and read our Ultimate Make Money Online Guide here. It can change your life forever...

By Mecyll Gaspary

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