SafeCrypt ICO Review: Is SafeCrypt (SFC) a Good Investment?

SafeCrypt Presale and ICO Are Going on Now in 2018. You Can Click the Image to Participate And Get Bonuses.

If you have been looking for a comprehensive SafeCrypt ICO Review, you have come to the right place! In this article, I will be reviewing this interesting cryptocurrency.

I will answer all your questions and eventually evaluate the question, “Is SafeCrypt (SFC) a Good Investment?” I am 100% sure that you will find this review helpful and valuable.

SafeCrypt Presale and ICO Are Going on Now in 2018. You Can Click the Image to Participate And Get Bonuses.

SafeCrypt Review

Name: SafeCrypt


Project Started: Early Developments in 2016. ICO in 2018.

Type: Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Short Review: SafeCrypt is one of the most promising ICOs that I have seen for a while. They are entering the market that has a potential to provide huge profits. I have invested in their ICO and I keep on following with the excitement how big profits this will generate.

That being said, I always want to remind that investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk. If you don’t want to take any risks, just follow my #1 recommendation for making money online.

 SafeCrypt ICO Review – Video Version

In order to give you a more comprehensive picture of the SafeCrypt ICO, I also created a YouTube video where I explain the key details. You can take a look at it below and I am sure you will find it helpful.  

What Is SafeCrypt?

SafeCrypt is building a cryptocurrency exchange that is aiming to solve a huge challenge in the industry: Safety.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now. The cryptocurrency market capitalization has grown dramatically and so many new people have been flowing in which has made also huge profits for crypto exchanges.

Millionaire Mike Novogratz said, “Cryptocurrency exchanges are literally printing money. It’s so profitable business.”

However, all crypto exchanges haven’t been so safe and there have been numerous hacks over the years. Almost all of the SafeCrypt members have lost their money because of the hacks in the exchanges. One of their programmers has actually lost 125.7 BTC when the MT.Gox was hacked in 2014. Nowadays it would be worth more than $1 million.

I, personally, have been lucky because my funds have never been stolen but I have friends who have lost money when their money was in the exchanges.

SafeCrypt wants to provide the best solution for this safety problem. If it will even partially succeed, this will make huge profits for early investors.

5 Benefits of SafeCrypt

  1. Almost Immediate Transactions. It takes only 24 seconds to receive the desired crypto assets.
  2. Large selection of crypto assets. At the moment, there are 44 cryptocurrencies available but the number will grow into hundreds in the near future.
  3. Risk-free cryptocurrency exchange. SafeCrypt is fail-safe by design. Investors have control over their own assets.
  4. Absolute anonymity for users. They use Cascade data encrypting which ensures the highest security possible.
  5. User-Friendly Design. They provide easy-to-use multifunctional user platform.

How Does SafeCrypt Work?

The picture below is taken from their whitepaper and it explains how the exchange is going to work. I know that it can feel a bit technical and overwhelming. That’s why I recommend taking a closer look at their whitepaper.

how does safecrypt work

safecrypt functions

SafeCrypt Pre-Sale/ICO And Token Distribution

SafeCrypt public pre-sale has started today 26.3.2018 and I have invested there right away. Early investors receive nice bonuses for this ICO.

Sometimes people overlook the significance of ICO bonuses. Let’s say for example that you invest $2,000 in the SafeCrypt ICO and get 10% bonus. That’s $200 right away for free. Even if the token wouldn’t make any gains when it hits the exchange, you have still earned $200.

Actually, SafeCrypt provides even better bonuses than 10% for early investors. Read more details on their website and join their Telegram group.

If you invest in a “group”, you can get even 50% bonuses. You don’t need to know those people personally in order to participate in a group. You just put the same code that they put and you receive the bonuses. I found a group of Telegram and received 45% bonus during the pre-sale.

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safecrypt ico
“A maximum of ~1075m SFC will be publicly available for purchase.”

As you can see in the screenshot above that’s taken from their whitepaper, you can participate in the ICO using 44 different cryptocurrencies. When their exchange will be eventually built, there will be even hundreds of available cryptocurrencies but 44 is already a great start.

In the picture below, you will find the token distribution of SFC tokens:

safecrypt token Distribution
SafecCypt Token Distribution.

Most of the tokens (70%) are issued during the pre-sale and crowdsale phases. Some of the tokens will be later bought back to the company providing profits for the investors. I will explain this buyback program more in detail further in this article.

SafeCrypt Roadmap

The SafCcrypt project has started already in 2016. You can find all the details on their website and whitepaper. That’s also the first time when they received funding for their project and formed the core team.

The problem in the market was obvious already back then. Cryptocurrency exchanges were hacked sometimes and users lost some money. That’s why SafeCrypt wanted to provide a better solution, a safe crypto exchange, for that problem.

In the picture below you can see what is coming in the near future (Q2 2018, 2019 and onwards) in the SafeCrypt project:

SafeCrypt Roadmap
SafeCrypt Roadmap for the Near Future.

As you can see in the picture, many events will be happening soon with their project. At the moment, we are still at the end of Q2 2018 and their pre-sale of tokens has started.

Those who invest early in great projects make the biggest profits.  When big masses have invested, it’s impossible to make huge profits anymore. Let me explain more in the next chapter.

Is SafeCrypt (SFC) a Good Investment?

As I explained above, cryptocurrency exchanges have been extremely profitable businesses recently. They haven’t been only profitable for the founders but also for those who have invested in them.

Have you heard, for example, of two major cryptocurrency exchanges called Binance and Kucoin? Both of them are relatively new companies but they have grown extremely fast.

In addition, they have issued tokens that play a function within their exchange. If the exchange does well, token holders benefit. Those tokens can be exchanged like any other cryptocurrencies. Let me just show you what kind of profits Kucoin Shares and Binance Coin holders received in 2017.

Binance Coin
Binance Coin literally exploded. 200 times gain in 5 months in 2017.
SafeCrypt investment
The price of Kucoin Shares went from $0,60 to more than $20 in 2 months. That’s +33X profits!

Can you imagine what kind of gains those crypto tokens made in just a few months? If you would have invested in Bankera coin just a measly $1,000, you would be $200,000 richer now (supposed that you sold them in dollars).

Imagine if SafeCrypt makes even a little bit similar gains like Kucoin and Binance tokens? Even though they wouldn’t achieve similar success stories like Kucoin and Binance, they still have a huge potential to grow. Big  profits within a relatively short period of time are completely possible.

Actually, SafeCrypt feels almost even as good as Bankera ICO that gained huge popularity a little while ago. They raised around $150,000,000 during their ICO. The time will show how much SafeCrypt is able to raise but I believe that the amount will be quite significant.

SafeCrypt Repurchase Program

SafeCrypt team is going to buy some of the tokens back in order to stabilize the token price. That will itself provide good profits for the ICO investors. Let me show you a little glimpse of their whitepaper that explains their buyback program:

safecrypt buyback program
SafeCrypt is going to purchase some of the tokens back providing nice profits for early investors.

You may be wondering how they are able to “almost guarantee” profits for investors. I was also thinking about that question and I decided to ask from their team members on the Telegram chat. Have a look at our discussion in the picture below:

safecrypt repurchase program
SafeCrypt team member explained me the idea of the repurchase program more in detail.

I like his argument, “Is safe by design cryptoexchange on the constantly growing multi billion dollar market capable of generating profits, is that the question?”

He points out that SafeCrypt is going to buy back the tokens with the money that they generate from the exchange. It’s a multi-billion dollar market and even if SafeCrypt would partially fail, they would still make big money. With a pessimistic prediction of market share of just 0.9% will be able to generate $43000 daily on fees.

That’s why Mike Novogratz probably says that cryptocurrency exchanges are literally “printing money”.

Buyback program is actually commonly used with cryptocurrencies. For example, Binance and Sharpay use the similar system as well.

SafeCrypt Reviews – Blockchain Experts Praise This Project!

SafeCrypt has received very positive reviews on numerous cryptocurrency-related website. Let me show what ICOBench gives for SafeCrypt:

safecrypt ico on ICOBench
SafeCrypt ico review on ICOBench. It’s one of the highest-rated ICOs there with an average rating 4,7 out of 5.

ICOBench is only one example because and many other people have given it a great rating.

Even though you always need to take such reviews with a grain of salt, it still gives you a slight indicator whether or not this project has any potential. When it comes to SafeCrypt, we can see that it has a great potential.

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Conclusion – Is SafeCrypt ICO Worth Investing?

In my opinion, yes it is. That’s why I have invested in SafeCrypt ICO. I see that it has huge potential for growing and providing profits for initial investors.

The past has shown that those who invested early in the cryptocurrency exchange tokens have made huge profits. Of course, there are risks and anything can happen along the way but in my opinion the rewards outweigh the risks in this case.

What do you think about SafeCrypt?

Are you going to invest in their ICO?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

(DISCLAIMER: This article is not an investment advice. It only represents my personal opinion of SafeCrypt ICO. You have the full responsibility of your own investment.)

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  1. Cryptocurrency is one of those things I have to read between the lines. I’d love to try SafeCrypt but I want to be sure I’m investing in something with a good ROI.

    1. Personally, I believe that SafeCrypt will have an amazing ROI. That being said, all investing involves risks and there isn’t 100% safe way for profits.

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