Playlist Push Review [Earn Up to $12 Per Song!]

Read My Comprehensive, Brutally Honest Playlist Push Review Before Joining. Does Paying $500-$1K Ensure Spot On Spotify? Would Musicians Make Money? Read More.
Read My Comprehensive, Brutally Honest Playlist Push Review Before Joining. Does Paying $500-$1K Ensure Spot On Spotify? Would Musicians Make Money? Read More.

Welcome to my Playlist Push Review!

Have you ever wondered how independent artists reach millions of listeners by producing music on big music platforms such as Spotify?

Let’s face it. The money-making game in the music industry is a bit tough. Not only the content creation itself but also the marketing and the business side of things. Music is a business.

As a music creator, you have to consider that as part of the winning game. Hence, there’s an increasing demand for platforms such as this company we’re about to review today.

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Playlist Push Review - Quick Summary

Name: Playlist Push

Founded: 2018

Founder: George Goodrich

Type: Independent Playlist Monetization Platform

Price: $250 to $1,000+ per campaign

Best for: Playlist Push, as the name suggests, is best for the music creators and music curators to work hand-in-hand in amplifying the reach of music to its target listeners.

Read My Comprehensive, Brutally Honest Playlist Push Review Before Joining. Does Paying $500-$1K Ensure Spot On Spotify? Would Musicians Make Money? Read More.

Summary: Playlist Push is an independent playlist monetization platform in which it functions as the avenue for music creators to amplify its music to the respective target listeners through reaching out to big music platforms such as Spotify and its curators.

Is Playlist Push Recommended? Yes, if you intend to make money with music, it’s an excellent opportunity.


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Playlist Push - Earn Money

Playlist Push promises that you can make up to $12 per song.

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What Is Playlist Push? 

Established in June 2018, George Goodrich founded Playlist Push as an independent playlist monetization platform.

As the name suggests, it pushes a music creator’s playlist to amplify its reach to big music streaming companies like Spotify. 

Hoping to have a place on Spotify’s playlists, music creators use platforms like this to aid them in increasing the reach.

In accord to its mission, “Creating artists to playlist curators.” Musicians willingly spend an average of $250 to as high as $1,000 and beyond for the sake of it. It does seem similar to Music X-Ray.

How Does Playlist Push Work?

Once a musician finalizes his song and put into recording, he submits the song alongside the rest of his compositions in one playlist.

From there, he has to pay the flex pricing before Playlist Push endorses those to Spotify, for example. That’s one (1) campaign. 

Granted, music curators would listen to the submitted songs and designate them to different playlists streamed to billions of its users every single day. 

Playlist Push Review Landing Page

Playlist Push features what to expect for curators and creators alike on its landing page.

Thus, this platform is like a semi-advertising company in which a musician relies on to ensure his music is heard across the world aka “Playlist Pitching.” Otherwise, he’ll be stuck in a rut with his music unheard.

If a blogger or a writer pays Medium to reach out to hundreds of thousands of readers every day, Playlist Push applies the same principle.

How to Make Money with Playlist Push?

I did research about the only way to make money with Playlist Push. Indeed, it’s through affiliate marketing.

You have to become one of its affiliates to generate an income worth 10% from every referred user you directed. That’s 10% of the campaign price.

To help you in promotions, just like any affiliate marketing program, the company provides you 2 options for your users.

First, you can add an affiliate link in one of your content or sidebar images whatever you have. Second, you’re also given the discount codes for your referrals amounting 7.5% off of the campaign price, very beneficial for your users.

Playlist Push Review Affiliate

Playlist Push affiliate sign up & log in page showing connections with Spotify

Playlist Push [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Payment Won't Reassure Spot On Playlists

Upon submission of the music to curators, the musicians wouldn’t know the status of their songs whether they become pitched to big companies or not.

One of the dissatisfied users ranted about Playlist Push intent to make money rather than helping musicians like him.

He submitted his songs and were accepted. But then, they were thrown because they thought they were so bad.

“If the song was so bad, why put in on your lists? Is this how they get [the] money? But adding a song and giving quick feedback? Because I know if I were a playlist curator, I definitely wouldn't put a song on my playlist if I feel like the song was bad!” Jay Reid, one of the dissatisfied users, wrote.

2. Expensive Platform For Uncertainty

There was one of the ranters, who revealed that he spent $500 for ensuring his songs be on the playlist. They were, but then the pitched songs alongside the list weren’t related to his genre.

As a result, there were only a few listeners of the songs which aren’t worthy of the price he paid from the beginning.

On top of that, one of them revealed he spent around $2,000 to as high as $3,000 for that. “We paid $2K to $3K for spins in the low 10 thousand. It didn't help us hit any official Spotify algorithmic playlists, let alone editorial... The cost per song isn't really sustainable,” Al Dente, a musician, stated.

Playlist Push Review Curators-min

Curators choose which song fits the playlist. At the same time, they reject songs that don't suit their taste and the genre of the playlist they're curating.

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3. Music Curators' Flattery

The musicians, who intend to submit their songs rather listen to critics to improve their music. Instead, the curators tell them they love their songs; yet, they didn’t make it sure if there’s a place for them on the playlist they promised.

“I'd love to know why they didn't add the song if they liked it! If they didn't like it, I'd rather have negative feedback in right from the beginning,” Lola, one of the musicians, complained.

4. Difficulty To Choose Genre

Along with the submission of the song, the creator has to choose which genre his song belongs to. That’s where the problem comes in because most of the creators tend to be subjective, resulting in their incapability to choose which of the specified genres his music falls.

This is precisely the issue of Brandon Watson, one of the disappointed musician, who used Playlist Push for pitching his music.

“I diligently try to place a song in the correct genre based on the results given to me by Playlist Push. I always seem to get a majority of curators leaving a review that it says, ‘It doesn't fit their playlist,’” he revealed. 

What I Like About Playlist Push?

1. Streaming Opportunities For Musicians

There’s no doubt Playlist Push helps in pitching an indie music creator’s music to playlist for curator’s review.

Once these songs are approved, they will be submitted to big companies responsible for heavy music streaming like Spotify.

To many of them, this is the more natural way to ensure their place on the mentioned platform. “Playlist Push is a good platform to promote your music on Spotify,” one musician stated.

2. Great Way To Launch Music

There’s no doubt Playlist Push connects the music creators to curators particularly on endorsing their music to platforms with bigger audiences.

Granted, they could popularize the song and launch successfully as an indie music creator. “Such a great way to share new music and have it listened to by the very people who [can] help it get launched,” a music creator named Fiona wrote on the forum. 

Playlist Push Review Artists-min

Music creators benefit from Playlist Push through its capacity to endorse music to Spotify.

Playlist Push Reviews - What Others Say About It?

There are opposing thoughts about Playlist Push when it comes to its effectiveness as a platform.

Some music creators find it difficult to satisfy the curators when it comes to choosing the genre and/or mixing the songs to another with another vibe on it. 

On the contrary, some creators find it easier to launch their music on Spotify if they’re willing to pay hundreds of dollars.

Anyway, it becomes a popular platform for musicians to get endorsed to Spotify. To them, it’s a do or die situation. There’s no turning back. They spend $5,000 for a campaign and let Playlist Push do the rest. 

Playlist Push Review TrustPilot

Playlist Push earned 5 out of 5 customer rating reaching 41% among its users.

“I think this platform works great for straightforward genres that are very easy to put into a category. Different songs struggle in my experience of mine and other artists,” Paul shared his sentiment towards the platform mentioned above after having his work rejected.

“I think for the price, it wasn't worth a brief push,” a songwriter named Jared mentioned his situation wherein out of 9 songs he submitted, only 4 of them were accepted.

The rest rated 4 stars. Albeit the high rating, the curators were meticulous in choosing which of the songs are best and fitting to the genre. 

Generally, there are opposing thoughts about this platform. With that having said, it’s difficult to say whether Playlist Push is the right choice or not.

Playlist Push Pricing - Is It 100% Free?

If you want to make money on Playlist Push, it's 100% free to use.

The only people who need to pay for using their website are the artists who want to promote their music and songs.

In the other words, it's a platform that connects people who want to make money by listening to music and the artists that want to promote their own music.

There are several websites out there including Music Xray for example.

Is Playlist Push A Scam?

Based on the research I did, there’s no doubt that Playlist Push is a legitimate company with a real mission to its stakeholders.

Goodrich did an excellent job in establishing a platform for the musicians and curators alike in such a way it’s becoming a popular choice for endorsement to Spotify.

Just so you know, Spotify is the leading Swedish media services platform most musicians rely on when it comes to launching their music to billions of its audiences across the globe.

Regardless of the opposing thoughts from different music creators I came across with, Playlist Push is not a scam. It’s a legit company with intent, to help stream music and launch indie songs as seamlessly as they can.

Playlist Push Review Content Image 1

Playlist Push is a legitimate playlist monetization platform helping indie musicians find opportunities to launch on the music mainstream. (Photo credits to Ashkar Dave on Unsplash)

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Hence, every musician has something to say with failing many times before they see fortune in the craft they’re pursuing. At times, they couldn’t and eventually quit to survive.

Yet, that’s not the point in the post. We’re here because we want to make sure we survive and thrive regardless of what we do.

When I dug into different sources and learned about Playlist Push as well as the musicians involved, I learned that creating music and building business don’t make any difference.

Playlist Push Review Network

Playlist Push garnered a lot of following & networks since its launching mid-2018. It's a proof of its legitimacy to its mission of helping indie musicians to launch music.

A musician creates music and earns royalties. A businessman builds a business and makes a passive income. Both of them hope to be recognized and become a big help to the society in spite of the differences in perspectives.

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Playlist Push Review Content Image 2

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Playlist Push Review” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with Playlist Push? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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