Pact App Review – Earn Money And Get Fit! But…

pact app review

There is an endless list of ways that you can make some money online. There are more hundreds of sites that pay you for your opinions, while others reward you for bringing in new members. Also, there are sites that compensate you for downloading and installing mobile applications.

Many of these online platforms do not need you to devote most of your time. So you can register on as many as you can handle. Some need your time, but that time is spent on doing something that is directly beneficial to you. One of such is the Pact App.

In this Pact App Review, I am going to show you how it works and I will also show you a way how you can make a living online. I have experience of more than 250 make money online programs and I am a full-time online marketer so I guess I can give you a tip or two.

Pact App Review

Name: Pact App


Field: Mobile Application

Membership: Free

Overall Ranking: 40 Out of 100. The idea is great but the execution isn’t so good.

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pact app review

What Is Pact? – An App to Motivate You for a Better Life!

If you have made your New Year’s resolution about living healthier and working out more, the Pact App is here to motivate you.

Pact App is basically a mobile app that rewards you for exercising and penalizes you when you don’t. Pact was formerly known as Gympact. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. And they can be found in both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The Pact App was designed with motivation in mind. Pact Uses the principles of reward and punishment. People are motivated by rewarding them when they follow the certain guideline or by knowing that a penalty awaits when they don’t. The developers believed that they could harness this in creating an app that can help people.

The thought of gaining or losing money will help people who are trying to achieve certain health goals meet them with the Pact App. The rules of the app are very easy to understand and are straightforward. The instructions for taking a break from the app temporarily or permanently are very clear.

This app is perfect for those who visit the gym on a regular basis and is also an interesting way to earn some extra cash. However, there are several complaints about their services that I’ll show you further. But first, let’s discuss how this application works in practice.

How Does Pact App Work? – Set Your Bet and Get to the Gym!

The Pact App is free to download.

After downloading and installing the app you need to set up your account. Once you set up your account you will be asked to create an agreement that you will visit the gym a certain number of times every week. You will also agree on what fine you will pay if you fail to achieve your goal.

Every agreement for the following week’s pacts must be made on Sundays, before the beginning of the new week.

The app has a default fine set at $5, but you can set your fine between $5 and $50. The fines must be paid for every time you miss a visit to the gym. At the end of every, those that succeeding in keeping their agreement will be rewarded. The duration of every workout is 30 minutes, and for every day only one workout will count.

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How Does Pact App Verify Gym Visit?

The Pact app verifies your gym attendance when you log in at your gym using your smartphones GPS. This feature is one Pacts unique feature as it allows the app to monitor your activity accurately.

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When you launch the app on arrival at your gym, the app scans your area for gyms near you, after which you can register your presence. There are cases where your gym may not be found. All you need to do is draw a triangle around the gym on the map to log its location, then enter it.

The new gym location will be added to the Pact database by someone at the company.

pact app review
People use Pact all around the world.

How Does Pact App Track Activity Outside The Gym?

Another method by which Pact can track your activity is by using the motion tracker in a smartphone. This is great for people who do not go to a gym but prefer to workout at their home gym or at the office. You may not always restrict your workout to the gym which can be tracked by GPS. But motion tracker will verify your movement for at least 30 minutes.

This method is great for outdoor activities like running or cycling. For workouts that involve water like swimming, you may not be able to register your activity. The only way Pact can track your movement if by using a compatible tracker or by using a waterproof phone case.

Not many of the popular fitness trackers are compatible with Pact. Using the step counter feature of the app is great for counting steps. Apps that are compatible with Pact include Fitbit, Moves, Up by Jawbone, and Runkeeper. These third party apps are very reliable and accurate.

Pact Rewards and Fines

As I mentioned above, you can set a fine of between $5 and $50 (it defaults to $5) and this has to be paid for every visit to the gym that you miss. When the week comes to an end, the people that met their targets and attended the gym will be paid. The payout is a share of the total money received from those that failed.

It is advised that you focus more on what you are going to lose should you miss your workouts. If you miss 3 days of workout, you will be charged $15. If you have set a higher fine, you can lose even $150 by missing three workouts. Now that is something to motivate you.

The payouts vary every week. It’s calculated based on the revenue that is earned from those that miss their workouts. You can have as many pacts as you can handle. If you add up all the cash that you earn over time, it can be quite something.

In the early days of the launch of the app, payouts were $0.50 and $0.75 for every workout completed.

40% of the revenue collected from defaulters goes to the Pact Company; the leftover is what is paid to those who fulfill their pacts.

pact app review
You can also track your diet with Pact

How do You Redeem Your Rewards?

When you set up your account, you will be required to fill in your card or PayPal information. Your reward can only be paid through PayPal, when you fail to fulfill your pact, you will be charged through your cards.

To retrieve your cash, you need to reach a minimum of $10 in your Pact account balance. It could take a few weeks before you can redeem your cash.

Even though Pact App’s idea is wonderful there are numerous complaints on Apple Store and Android store. Let’s have a look why people were dissatisfied.

Pact Complaints – Lots of Bugs And Errors

pact app review
Customer service didn’t respond to Toteach’s messages and his account was deleted.
pact app review
Eunhaejune couldn’t sync Pact to other apps. In addition, Pact was freezing and there a few other errors.
pact app review
Hambomambo had also difficulties when connecting Pact with other apps so he didn’t want to use it.

Conclusion – Is Pact App a Scam?

Even though there are several complaints of Pact, some members have been happy and say that it works. Some of them have even been paid.

I downloaded the app but got so frightened after reading many Pact reviews. I thought that it’s not worth the risk and I’ll skip this opportunity. You can always make similar challenges even without using this app. I declared on my Facebook page that I will pay 100€ to somebody who comments on my post if I don’t fulfill my goals.

In my opinion, the idea behind Pact is great but they are still failing with technical parts. If they would be able to fix problems I would probably start using their service to keep myself more motivated for going to the gym. Pact wouldn’t any way give very much money so that can’t be the main reason for using this app. Of course, it’s a nice bonus.

Pact Alternative – How Do I Make Money Online?

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What do you think about Pact? Do you know some great Pact alternatives? Let me know in the comments below.

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By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Even though your rate is 40 out of 100 (which shows low rating), I believe this is a good app for people who love to work out in a gym. Sadly, I don’t go to a gym, therefore, there is no way I can use this app.

    Money is a great motivational force, and we you get monetary rewards for achieving your target, it is wonderful. Those who go to a gym can surely benefit from this app, but for someone like me who does not go to a gym, this is useless.

    1. Hi Vinaya,

      I enjoy going to the gym. It’s probably my favorite sport. In addition, I like earning money online. That’s why I would love to use the app like Pact.

      Did you read the whole article why I gave it so low score?

      The app has so many errors and you may lose your money even though you fulfill your goal. I think you understand why I gave it only 40 out of 100. Actually, the lower number could be even more realistic. But I like the idea of this app so I gave points for their creativity.

  2. This app would really motivate me to go to the gym everyday if I would ever use it. Losing $5 a day per miss would really be a great loss to me. Nevertheless, it would benefit me and help me become committed to my gym programs. From that alone I’m still winning even if I pay a fine.

    1. Hi Suavecito,

      yeah, Pact had a great idea but I think their execution didn’t work so well. I heard that they are closing down because things didn’t work out. They had many errors and some people who achieved their goals still needed to pay because the app had errors.

      Better to stay with more reliable apps like HealthyWage.


  3. I LOVE the idea of going to the gym and get paid, but I do have three concerns:

    1. Privacy: does this app required to access everything on my cell phone?
    2. App’s stability/maturity: will I be credited to each gym visit by using the app?
    3. What is there are more people going to the gym vs. those who failed…will I still get pay?

    Time to get up and get my arrz moving…

    1. Hi Pamela,

      1.Naturally, they don’t have an access for everything on your cell phone. You can also read their rules for more details.

      2.Yes, but there have been some errors so the app is closing down.

      3.Yep, but the prize will be smaller.

      The app will be closed in the near future but I hope they’ll develop a better app in the future.


  4. I remember downloading this app when it was still quite new. I set a bet of 5 dollars and was pretty motivated to go to the gym. But as work piled up, I had to quit the app for good as I couldn’t go to the gym regularly.

    As an update to all of us, PactApp is shutting down. I have received an email from them asking me to withdraw my earnings of 5 rewards points. Lol. Check out this email:

    We noticed that you still have 5.0 rewards left in your Pact account. As Pact is shutting down, we highly encourage you to withdraw these rewards as soon as possible. You’ve earned them!

    The Pact Team

    I hope the pact team would create another similar app soon.

    1. Hi Lindbergh,

      I also heard some rumors that Pact was closing their app. Thank you for the confirmation. Hopefully they’ll create a better app in the future and it will become success.

      Or maybe we could create such an app ourselves? 🙂


  5. Your review is spot on! I couldn’t agree more with the things you have mentioned. I think that the whole concept of the Pact App is really good but the execution is absolutely horrible. I know that it’s based around trying to motivate people to stick to their goals and to stay active throughout the week but the way they are using isn’t good. It is far too intimidating.

    I remember when I tried the app myself I deleted it after reading the consequences of failing to meet the ”pact” – it just seemed too unpredictable. What if I had a busy week and couldn’t go to the gym three times like I agreed that I would? I don’t want to actually lose money. Also, the bugs that their users have mentioned are terrible. Can you imagine actually following through with your promise of doing certain exercise but the app not being able to sync it? It sounds very dumb and overall, probably a waste of time.

    1. Hi Rania,

      yeah, the execution of Pact App doesn’t work as it should. Just as you said, imagine those people working hard and accomplishing their workout goals but then they weren’t able to sync the app. They lose money because of those apps.

      One great option is just to make a deal with a friend and give money to other one if you fail your goal. If your friend fails a goal, he needs to pay you money. The idea is the same like in Pact App but there are not technical problems because of syncing the app 😉


  6. Hi Roope! 

    Really interesting and in-depth review of the Pact App. I actually found this app on an ad on Facebook and it looked pretty interesting and hence I decided to do a little research.

    Really great review and I think I will give it a miss too. Also, I will definitely check out your alternative for pact WA!

    1. Hi Fernglow,

      Yeah, I think that the idea of Pact is great and I will look for other similar apps that motivate you to go to the gym or running.

      For money-making purpose they don’t work so well. I will concentrate on Wealthy Affiliate when building my business and making a living. But apps like Pact can motivate you to exercise more and maybe earn a few dollars at the same time.

      On the other hand, you can make a bet also with your friend without risking it with this kind of app. You can agree with your trusted friend that both of you exercise 3 times a week. If one of you misses a training, he needs to pay another friend $5. The idea is the same like in Pact but it’s probably easier to use.



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