Nevetica Reviews [Is MLM Legit Or Scam?!]

In My Nevetica Reviews Post, It's Revealed This MLM Costs High Membership Fee. Not Only It's A Pyramid Scheme, Products Untested & Dangerous To Pets. Read More.
In My Nevetica Reviews Post, It's Revealed This MLM Costs High Membership Fee. Not Only It's A Pyramid Scheme, Products Untested & Dangerous To Pets. Read More.

Welcome to my Nevetica Review!

I know you’ve been reading Nevetica reviews and I assume you know the basics about the company particularly the history and their compensation plan perhaps.

However, in this review I do today, this is going to be in-depth and lengthy, which come along with my brutal honesty based on the research I did.

Before we’re going to go through the whole details, I would like to give you a warm hug for having the time to research more about your potential business opportunity.

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That said, it’s clear you’re getting hooked with the idea of starting your own business in such a way that gives you legit and steady monthly income. That’s also part of what we’re going to discuss in this post.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into the post. Shall we?

Nevetica Review - Quick Summary

Name: Nevetica

Founded: 2016

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: Approx. $25 and up

Best for: Nobody

In My Nevetica Reviews Post, It's Revealed This MLM Costs High Membership Fee. Not Only It's A Pyramid Scheme, Products Untested & Dangerous To Pets. Read More.

Summary: Nevetica is a relatively new network marketing company that’s responsible for creating and distributing products intended to boost the pet’s lives by means of using high-quality active ingredients in their product line both taken internally and externally.

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What Is Nevetica? 

Nevetica, stylized as NeVitica, has an interesting niche of all the Multi-Level Marketing companies I reviewed so far because it does cater to the needs of their clientele. But this time, it’s for pets. Not humans. 

Like the typical existing MLM, they create products that match with the needs of the pet industry, such as:

  • Multivitamins for dogs
  • Mouthwash for dogs
  • Dental Chews
  • Anti-itch sprays
  • Shampoos & soaps
  • Vitamin packages
  • Air fresheners
  • And more!
Nevetica Reviews Landing Page-min

The first you see when you l​and on Nevetica official website

Because of the pet-related products they manufacture and distribute across the United States and other countries, they labeled themselves as “Petaceuticals.”

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As the name suggests, it’s obvious that they basically provide the supplements deem necessary for the pets to boost their optimal health by means of ingesting vitamins and using items from their product line intended for external use.

Disclosure: Since it isn’t necessary for the pets to take any of these products, it’s best to consult your veterinarian before you join the company and purchase these for them. Otherwise, it’d be dangerous to their health without noticing it.

How Does Nevetica Work?

There isn’t something special to what Nevetica produces honestly as these bunch of products they distribute is similar to those consumed by humans. The only difference is these are created for animals, primarily our pets.

Hence, you only have to change your perspective to their product line that everything you see on their online shop isn’t for you. Unlike companies like Immunotec or PM International, the company’s niche is specific. Very specific.

Once you land to their official website, you see their tagline, “Your pet’s choice.” That’s already clear. As I mentioned earlier, everything you see on their page isn’t for humans.

In addition to that, Nevetica claims that they produce the items in their product line using high-quality ingredients customized for the pets’ longer and healthier lives.

Albeit the fact that it isn’t really required to let them take these things, Nevetica insists that by using their products, your pet will boost their health more than taking nothing of these.

Nevetica Reviews Products-min

One of a few products listed on Nevetica online shop

So, it’s up to you as the owner and their master to choose whether it’s a great opportunity for you or you’re actually putting their health in danger. Everything is in your hands, including your financial freedom, my friend.

Nevetica product line is divided into:

  • Oral Care System, that includes the Dental Chews & Water Additive, as well as the mouthwash
  • Body Care, that includes items intended for external application such as Anti-itch Pet Spray, Waterless Shampoo, Paw Protector, etc. 

Before you actually put their lives at risk, this network marketing company actually provides free pet assessment, which you can make use to have their health checked prior to taking or using any of their products. It’s best to see and know their overall health condition.

How to Make Money with Nevetica?

Since this is a new Multi-Level Marketing company, they are continuously looking for founding members by means of opening the Ground Flood Opportunity for you, desperate to look for a business opportunity this year.

First of all, I don’t think I have to point this out because it’s too obvious. Anyway, I have to, just in case. You can’t join the company if you don’t have a heart for animals.

You’re about to enter an industry where cruelty towards the pet world is a big crime. If you’re an animal lover, this would be a great opportunity for you to earn more. Otherwise, get away and search for other options.

Nevetica Reviews Income Potential-min

Nevetica claims a high-income opportunity by selling pet-care products to worldwide market

Going back, to start earning an income in Nevetica, you have to sign up to become one of their authorized distributors. To do that, you have to register on their information page right on the website.

After which your pet health assessment comes next. In this section, you have to disclose every piece of information about your pet, including where did you get or meet with them for the first time and their potential or hidden health issues such as heart or thyroid, etc.

Once the membership is made, you can now maximize the 9 income streams in this company, which includes the following:

  • Personal sales with cash bonuses
  • 1st order bonuses (15% + personal referrals)
  • Unilevel bonus (10% + sales volume)
  • Turbo Infinity Bonus (for President Rank only)
  • Income Match Bonus
  • Leadership Advancement Bonus
  • Global Pool Bonus
  • Sponsored Vacations
  • Executive Leadership Council 

To learn more about their income streams, you can watch the video below.

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Nevetica [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Sketchy Company

There is an existing splurge of reviews from different people who first reviewed the company based on how their performance and customer reviews.

Most of them labeled Nevetica as a scam. There are some that warned other prospective distributors, who plan to join the company with high hopes of earning something in return. 

2. No Information About The CEO & Executives

I searched for Lance London on LinkedIn and some websites with profile records. However, there is no record about him at all. The fact I couldn’t get any information about the founder of the company is already a red flag to me.

Nevetica Reviews CEO

This is all you see on LinkedIn. No information about a man named Dr. Lance London

3. No Existing Records On BBB

This is yet another red flag, apparently. There’s no record on Better Business Bureau in terms of the basic details every MLM company should have e.g. history, founder, CEO, executives, etc. for their members to share and learn. This isn’t the case for Nevetica, unfortunately.

Note: Most sketchy companies either they're a scam or a pyramid scheme, they usually don't have records on BBB. If there is one, it could be an unaccredited business.

4. Relatively New Company

This could be an excuse. If you think about it, you can guarantee the maturity of the MLM company if it’s already in the industry for a minimum of 10 years. Nevetica is just a 3-year-old network marketing company.

I posted a lot of new network marketing companies that launched either last year or earlier this year. But to me, having launched in 2016 isn’t that new. Yet, not matured.

5. Untested Products

Now, this is another story. According to one review, there’s a high possibility that the claim of distributing untested products is true, given that Nevetica is a new company. 

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Besides, there’s no testimony from customers or pre-launching group of individuals with which the products are tested to their pets, of course. 

6. Expensive Requirements

Now, this is another story. According to one review, there’s a high possibility that the claim of distributing untested products is true, given that Nevetica is a new company. 

Besides, there’s no testimony from customers or pre-launching group of individuals with which the products are tested to their pets, of course. 

7. Lack Of Opportunity Plans Specificity

What you see on their official website are all about how massive the pet industry is and how Nevetica can cater to the needs of the target market.

But there’s no other information particularly on how the company compensates their distributors as specific as possible. The fact there’s no income disclaimers issued and written on their page, you can’t ensure ROI.

What I Like About Nevetica...So Far?

1. Diverse Compensation 

Albeit there’s no clarity on how this company gives the payouts to their authorized distributors, the diversity of the compensation is a good point.

It does mean that Nevetica is open to provide different income streams to their members. Unfortunately, this isn’t specifically discussed on their page.

2. Unique Niche

There are a lot of network marketing companies that exist nowadays, especially in the health and wellness niche.

However, there isn’t an existing company that caters to the needs of the animals, particularly for the pets. Honestly, this is the first time I encountered an MLM doing this.

This makes the company unique just as Somaderm (selling growth hormone) and Tinnitus Miracle (natural way to heal tinnitus) do.

3. Low Competition

Since Nevetica belongs to the same niche, yet, they accommodate different target market, it’s clear they stand out from the rest of those network marketing companies within the health and wellness group. 

From there, I remember VigRX selling products for sexual innuendo. This is very obvious to look at. That said, it’s also both advantageous and disadvantageous to the authorized distributors due to the limited and narrowed clientele.

4. Lots Of Positive Reviews On App

Nevetica app is also available but it's only for iOS. No Android version is released yet. It's used to track your pet's health as well as the new updates of products and services Nevetica provides.

As of today, there's 4.6 out of 5 customer rating on App Store. Hence, it's a recommendable tracking app for pet owners alike.

Nevetica Reviews on App Store

Nevetica customer rating summary on App Store

5. Potential Billion-Dollar MLM

The fact it's a unique niche for any MLM industry it's no news if you could earn a lot of money by selling products to those concerned pet owners. You don't have much competition in this case.

That is if Nevetica does things right and legal. However, as of now, transparency to their plans towards their members and prospective distributors remain a mystery. 

Nevetica Reviews - What Others Say?

Since there are no customer complaints recorded on the Better Business Bureau, I went to different forums to gather as many reviews as possible about Nevetica.

As I expected, there are many people, who are concerned about the business, because the products could kill their beloved pet.

“Pets are big business. This shit will kill [my] beloved pet. Be sure to avoid this crap. Even some of the treats sold at the big box stores can be toxic,” a pet owner wrote. 

Nevetica Reviews Content Image 2 - Your Online Revenue

There are also others concerned about the pet owner’s decision to let their pets take those “toxic” products recklessly without checking whether the product is good for the pet or not.

A pet owner named Mortimire stated, “Their pets can’t object or even understand what they’re being fed. They’ll eat what they’ll [be] given, get sick, and maybe even die.”

For some reasons, the new MLM actually became a hype online as one reviewer mentioned that it could become the new Apple in that sense.

Further, she claims that it could be part of the company’s tactic to pressure the founding members and distributors to sign up and collect sales fast. Overall, there aren’t positive feedback about Nevetica or their products at all.

Nevetica Reviews Tracking App-min

Nevetica claims the app is available to both App Store and Google Store. Yet, it isn't.

For their app, on the other hand, many seems satisfied with how it helps them with tracking their pet's health and at the same time keeping updated with the latest services and products Nevetica releases from time to time. 

According to the App Store reviews, there are 36 users who wrote reviews to share their experiences to others both good and bad. 

Jacq Russel said, “[The app is] very user friendly. Innovative and so very useful for pet owners. Lots of good information and resources. It’s new but exciting to see someone including our furry family members. Looking forward to using it quite often. Great tool.”

Albeit the positive reviews, a reviewer wrote the opposite as others did. According to him, the app gave him a terrible experience as it’s “extremely cumbersome and poorly engineered.”

Is Nevetica A Scam - Conclusion

Based on the research I did, it’s clear that Nevetica is not a scam. Rather using scam as a term to describe the company, it’s apt to use a pyramid scheme in a way that there are real products but the chances of earning money are low. 

Although the product line sounds decent, the authorized distributors might find it hard to sell them because of many reasons, resulting to become a pyramid scheme. 

First, there are existing claims the products are all untested. So, as a pet owner, you wouldn’t want to risk your pets’ lives for the sake of proving a theory their products work. 

Second, there’s no specific compensation plan as to how you can earn albeit the 9 ways or the income streams are provided. Nevetica merely wrote all the fluff on their website. Other than that, there’s none to look at actually.

Nevetica Reviews Content Image 1 - Your Online Revenue (1)

Third, there’s no clear information about the persons running the company, although the name Dr. Lance London, the founder and CEO, is named. There’s even an existing LinkedIn account related to his profile as well as his background.

Fourth, the product line exists but the business opportunity isn’t. Therefore, Nevetica is not good business, to begin with.

It’s not because the products won’t work or works but the fact there’s a limited target market, it’s quite disadvantageous for the distributors. Besides, they could be untested. We might not know. 

Nonetheless, Nevetica isn’t a good business for you. It’s best to look for other opportunities such as Roope’s #1 recommendation for you.  

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Now that I’ve shared my thoughts about my “Nevetica Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the tables and ask you about what you think.

What kind of experiences did you have with Nevetica, in general?

Do you prefer to earn an income by selling pet products as Nevetica does? Or you rather earn passive income this year?

What do you think about this online business program? Would you like to give this a shot?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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