Human Nature Products Review [$15 Membership For 15% Payout?!]

In My Human Nature Products Review, The Company Claims $15 Membership Fee For 15% Payout Excluding Referral Commissions & Other Bonuses. Is It Worth It Or Not?
In My Human Nature Products Review, The Company Claims $15 Membership Fee For 15% Payout Excluding Referral Commissions & Other Bonuses. Is It Worth It Or Not?

Welcome to my Human Nature Review!

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Human Nature Review - Quick Summary

Name: Human Nature

Founded: 2007

Type: Direct Sales Company

Price: Approx. $2 and up

Best for: People who wanted to sell organic skincare products made of primarily active ingredients such as citronella, coconut oil, and lemongrass that are available in the Philippines.

Summary: Human Nature is a Philippine-based direct sales company founded 12 years ago by a couple actively delving in many philanthropic endeavors.

Upon the discovery of organic materials for creating skincare products, they immediately collaborated with experts and created organic and animal cruelty-free items for their clientele across the world.

Is Human Nature Recommended? Yes, if you’re into social entrepreneurship and adhere to the social or civic purpose of business. No, if you want nothing but to earn more money this year. If this is you, click the green button below and get started now.


What Is Human Nature? 

Founded in the Philippines, Human Nature is a 12-year-old direct sales company that started as a dream by a couple, Anna Meloto-Wilk and Dylan Wilk, who is also actively engaged in different social activities in the country.

Afterward, they discovered the primary raw materials needed to create a high-quality product line from skincare to health and wellness resulting in a collaboration with the experts in the field. Hence, this company is born. 

Through the help of their close friends and family, as well as the Gawad Kalinga partners, they created Human Nature product line that dramatically increased its growth in a short span of time after they launched more than 10 years ago.

Their main goal was to produce effective, safe, and environmentally-sustainable products made from the products produced in the Philippines, which will then be transported across the world.

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Watch the video below to learn more about the company and click CC to activate the English subtitles.

How Does Human Nature Work?

Just like Vitiligo Organics, an Australian-based company, Human Nature provides a wide range of products made from organic materials without compromising the high-quality and effectiveness. As their mission says, "...creating products that are kind to the earth." The same goes for Human Nature.

They created several items that cater to the beauty needs of their target market, which also comes with bath and body, family, wellness and home, merchandise, and also clearance (discounted products).

The last option is apt for those who wanted to purchase any of their products cheaper than the regular price markup.

Under each category, they have the following products listed in accord to their official website:


  • Mineral Makeup
  • Face Care

Bath & Body

  • Hair Care
  • Body Cleansing
Human Nature Products Review Landing Page-min

Human Nature official website landing page

Body Care

  • Feminine Care
  • Hand and Foot Care


  • Kids & Baby Care
  • Men's Care

Wellness & Home

  • Essential Oils
  • Rescue Balm (of different variants)


  • Gift Box

As to how Human Nature products shows its edge against the Giants in the industry, they don’t have something special in it versus the existing brands as SeneGence, Herbalife, and among other companies produce actually.

The only makes them different is that it’s one of a few direct selling companies that’s based in the Philippines aside from Organo Gold.

How to Make Money with Human Nature?

To make money with Human Nature, you simply have to sign up in their wholesale form containing your information.

If you're concerned with the geographical location, they're actually open to make business outside the Philippines.

Unlike the companies I reviewed recently such as Acti Labs, promoting a subtle exclusivity in France and in North American areas, Human Nature does the opposite. Perhaps, you might be the first one to open a new branch in your country.

Also, you have to indicate your financial capacity to prove you can sustain the business. Especially if you are a representative in any incorporated entity.

In addition to that, you have to prove you have an existing business by showing photos of the space where you do your daily transactions.

Retail Sales Discount

Once you become one of their authorized dealers, you can get exclusive discounts from the retail sales depending on the chosen registration pack.

If you're a member and have chosen to become a loyal customer rather than selling their products, you can receive a 15% discount.

On the other hand, if you are a dealer, you will have 25% starting discount from all items in their product line.

To begin with, Human Nature won't charge anything from the membership regardless if it's for member and for the dealer.

All you have to purchase is the starter pack worth approximately $15 (Php799) for members and approximately $38 (PHp1,999) for dealers.

Human Nature Products Review Compensation Plan-min

Human Nature compensation plan in Philippine peso [conversion depends on PHP to USD applies]

Referral Commissions

You will receive compensation worth approximately $6 per person you invited and purchased items of at least $79.

That is applicable to members and dealers alike and even to those who are living abroad such as in the United States, for example.

To keep your dealer discount active, you must have at least an approximate $15 worth of purchases every month.

And as soon as you go beyond the required monthly quota, you can go higher rank by means of increasing the sales discount per item you sold. For instance, from a 25% discount, it would go 26% and up.

Disclosure: You need to generate sales volume at a minimum of $29 (Php15,000) per month. If you maintain the pace, your discount would reach 30%.

Human Nature [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Tight Competition

This is no news. Obviously, in a health and wellness niche, having a tight competition against the Giants in the industry such as Amway, Forever Living, and among others have always been a great challenge. Especially to those who are new in this industry.

2. Not BBB-Accredited Business

Although Better Business Bureau recorded Human Nature with an outstanding rating of an A+, the fact it's not considered an accredited business, joining the company leaves a big question mark to prospective members and dealers.

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In My Human Nature Products Review, The Company Claims $15 Membership Fee For 15% Payout Excluding Referral Commissions & Other Bonuses. Is It Worth It Or Not?

Human Nature summary on BBB

3. Low-Profit Potential

If you think about it and if you do notice it, you’re earning in Philippine peso rate. That means if you reside outside the country and if you’re living in a country that belongs to either the second or the first world, the rate is small.

It’s clear to work harder to sell more to different people to receive the expected payout you want to receive from Human Nature.

What I Like About Human Nature...?

1. Philanthropic Mission

I have always admired big companies that started with a vision involving the founding members with a social and civic consciousness.

It reminded me with Chantel Waterbury of Chloe + Isabel Jewelry wherein she started a massive following to her company she built because of the same reason.

Not only she helped the clients, but she also found the very reason for helping others to find business opportunity and work to earn more money for their families. The same principle applies for Human Nature as a company per se.

2. Lots Of Positive Reviews

I used Human Nature myself way back and I didn't see any problems using the product either. The same goes to others who also tried wherein they wrote their satisfaction online and shared their stories on how Human Nature helped a lot in their daily care routines.

I used Human Nature myself way back and I didn't see any problems using the product either. The same goes to others who also tried wherein they wrote their satisfaction online and shared their stories on how Human Nature helped a lot in their daily care routines.

One of a few positive reviews for Human Nature products

3. Outstanding BBB Rating

Although Human Nature is Philippine-based and is only branching out in Wisconsin with Katy Wallace running the company, Better Business Bureau managed to give them a high rating with the positive impact the company and their products have provided not only to their clientele but to the world environmentally.

4. Diverse Compensation

The payout may be lower than any existing companies out there, however, Human Nature is true to their values of giving away the compensation every member and dealer deserves.

The company has no qualms on paying those who have done so much hard work to generate more leads - both in personal sales and retail sales.

5. Environmentally-Conscious Company

Human Nature is guaranteed to have used organic raw materials planted and grown in the Philippines. As you see, the country is known to be the "Pearl of the Orient," and by having that name, it wasn't given just because.

There's a reason behind it. 

The country is blessed with a lot of resources every person can make utilize without harming the environment at all.

At the same time, they provided more opportunities to people who are working hand-in-hand in planting the raw materials that also act as the active ingredients in their product line.

Human Nature Products Review - What Others Say About Them?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the company seems to have received a lot of positive feedback from the customers they served, who also became their loyal fans.

Many of those who tried their products don’t have second thoughts of coming back and purchase recurring orders every single month. 

A customer named Imee wrote, "Human Nature hair products are absolutely amazing for rebonded/salon stressed hair since they are sulfate free and smells really nice."

Another customer stated the same with an addition about how Human Care baby products do to her baby's skin.

She mentioned, "I love Human Nature as it is gentle on the bottle and in the environment, too! Now that my son is a 1-year old plus, [I'm] still using this and recommend to other moms, too."

Human Nature Products Review Summary

Human Nature Review Summary Via TryAndReview.Com

Try and Review gave an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 from the 15 members who stated and reviewed the products.

Is Human Nature A Scam - Conclusion

Given all the research I did to learn more about this Philippine-based direct sales company, it’s clear that Human Nature is not a scam.

Rather, it’s a legitimate company with a real and clear mission to help social entrepreneurship by means of supporting environmentally- and sustainable product line.

If it were a scam, it wouldn’t have succeeded in the long run and might have been shut down for legal reasons.

However, it remains as one of the leading health and wellness direct sales brands in the country. It might not be as big as Herbalife right now, but it’s still a great way to make business with these lovely people.

Human Nature Products Review Landing Page-min

Human Nature company executives and staff working behind

If you were thinking of earning more rather than upholding the value of social consciousness, you’re valuing the wrong perspective in business. You’re nothing different than those people without thinking else other than money.

Nonetheless, Human Nature could be a great direct sales company to start a business. But if you want to earn more than selling physical products as this company does, there’s another option for you, my friend.

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Now that I shared my thoughts about the Philippine-based direct sales company in my “Human Nature Products Review” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask you about your experiences and thoughts in mind.

What kind of experiences did you have with Human Nature, in general?

Do you prefer to earn an income by selling organic products as Human Nature does? Or you rather earn passive income this year?

What do you think about this online business program? Would you like to give this a shot?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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