MojiLife Review [No ROI Expected?!]

In My MojiLife Review, I Revealed It's A Pyramid Scheme For Many Reasons. They Pay Low Commission, Ineffective Products, & Customer Service. Read More Here.
In My MojiLife Review, I Revealed It's A Pyramid Scheme For Many Reasons. They Pay Low Commission, Ineffective Products, & Customer Service. Read More Here.

Welcome to my MojiLife Review!

First of all, I’d like to say my warm welcome to you for being here. It’s because to me it seems you’re in a serious search for a business opportunity this year.

That’s the very reason why you land to my MojiLife review with a clear interest to learn whether this new MLM is a good investment or not.

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Stay in this post and I’ll talk more about it after we dig into this new company today. Without further ado, let’s dive into it and determine if it’s a good MLM to begin or a mere scam.

Are you ready?

MojiLife Review - Quick Summary

Name: MojiLife

Founded: 2016

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $88 and up (membership)

Best for: People who like to sell air fragrances and air humidifiers bringing soothing feeling from the varied scents available in exchange for commission rates and bonuses from the company payouts.

In My MojiLife Review, I Revealed It's A Pyramid Scheme For Many Reasons. They Pay Low Commission, Ineffective Products, & Customer Service. Read More Here.

Summary: Founded in Utah, MojiLife is a relatively new MLM founded in 2016 with its first product AirMoji as one of the first featured and flagship products released and launched.

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What Is MojiLife? 

MojiLife is a network marketing company based in Utah, USA. Its foundation lies on the success of their flagship products Air Moji, MojiLoo, and MojiMini, which are also their most popular and most favored products released in 2016.

Its founder and currently serving as the CEO, Darin Davis, shared the history behind his initiative of creating an MLM that caters to the custom fragrance needs of the target market.

Back in 2013, the building where he did his business with his team was caught in a fire. He's left with nothing but optimism and drive to move forward with a dream to create a product.

A "revolutionary product" that will change the game in the history of network marketing. That's when he and his team created AirMoji and launched it as their flagship product.

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Albeit it's been years since the launching, they continuously develop the product for various improvements from the first product made available. Along with AirMoji, the next 2 products came along and like the former, they succeeded in the market.

MojiLife Review AirMoji - Your Online Revenue-min

MojiLife flagship product AirMoji (also a featured product on their page)

How Does MojiLife Work?

Basically, MojiLife is all about air fragrance. Thus, the company concentrates on creating products that improve the space by means of sight, smell, as well as sound. This is why they started with AirMoji, which until today sells a lot because it serves its purpose.

Davis visioned their target market will enjoy the experience with the products they create and distribute. At the same time, he sought for relaxation and recharging moments with the company's customers and the products as well.

According to its official website, the company claims that people's lives will improve if their brains are relaxed. Negative stresses will be lessened and replaced with relaxation.

MojiLife Review Must Haves - Your Online Revenue-min

Some of the MojiLife products also featured on their official page

Davis claims this is only possible if the person uses any of MojiLife in which the products with fragrance infusion could affect the limbic center of the brain, which is responsible for the emotions as well as the person's psyche.

If these vital areas in our head are in a state of peace with the use of Moji products, there's an expected optimal boost in anyone's life. Scientifically-speaking, the theory sounds plausible.

Stress can affect both positively and negatively. Humans need positive stress as stimulants to get going. Otherwise, everyone will live in a dull, slowly rotting without a sense of achievement.

MojiLife Review Promise - Your Online Revenue-min

One of MojiLife promises to their clientele is to have a good relaxation experience using their products they create and distribute across different countries.

MojiLife products have a clear intention, to increase the relaxation by creating a one-of-a-kind product that answers to this concern. The negative stress.

This is why they develop AirMoji along with other fragrances and essential oils. They even released MojiPod, MojiMini, MojiClean, as well as some home decor to improve the interior of the living room by adding some small elements in the house, particularly in style.

How to Make Money with MojiLife?

Selling MojiLife products could be a great experience, given that the intentions of the company are clear enough to sell a lot of items at hand.

The question is if joining the company as one of their authorized distributors is a great jumpstart to those who want to earn more money in a realistic but not too little profit. 

This is why we do business, right?

We want to earn more, especially if we also work in a full-time day job. We want an extra income to accommodate all the expenses.

That said, MojiLife provides a business opportunity for you to think about prior to deciding if this works for you or not.

To join MojiLife as one of their distributors, you need to find a sponsor to assist you upon enrollment. That also depends on which country you reside, either in Germany, Australia, Canada, or the United States.

The process includes the decision to choose any of their MojiLife distributor kits as your business starters.

  • Basic Distributor Kit - $88 + shipping fee + tax
  • Plus Distributor Kit - $175 + shipping fee + tax
  • Elite Distributor Kit - $295 + shipping fee + tax

After choosing the distributor kit of your choice, you have to fill in the required information on the website along with your desired website name.

That alone is a hint you're going to have your own personalized website to sell your products online.

Lastly, you need to inform them of the exact shipping address where you want the products to be delivered.

After you submit all the information that comes along with the name of the sponsor, you will have to wait for the company's confirmation.

Obviously, after you made your registration, you'd want to have a clear path to how you should strategize your business by learning how MojiLife pays you in commissions and other bonuses.

As an independent distributor, you have 5 income streams to maximize:

1. Hosting Parties

 Like Tupperware, you have to host a lot of parties to make sure you earn a lot of money. That's because in every home party you accommodate, you will receive more or less 20% MojiCash if you achieve at least $200 retail sales.

Further, you're also entitled to receive a gift and a 50% discount from any products in the product line.

2. Retail Sales

Like any MLM companies existing, it's obvious you need to generate more sales to earn more commissions equivalent to 20% to 25% in all retail sales made in that particular month.

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3. Personal Sales

You have to enroll more people under you, who will work hand-in-hand to generate more sales.

Intended to make massive recruitment and reach out to more people, MojiLife seems to encourage their distributors to invite more people to join the company for this matter.

4. LifeStyle Pool Bonus

If you belong to a group named as one of the bonafide Life Experts, you will have a 1% share of the global wholesale volume from the entire company.

5. PayCation Bonus

If you continuously produce more sales, including your downlines, and you maintain it for some time, the company won't hesitate to give you an incentive that involves trips in exotic locations and even in luxurious cruises.

Below you see the compensation plan that serves as your reference in case you pursue your plan to join MojiLife.

If you do, it's best to learn the basics of online marketing, especially they also implement social media marketing.

MojiLife Review Compensation Plan - Your Online Revenue-min

MojiLife compensation plan summary

MojiLife [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Ultra-Extravertedness Needed [To Survive!]

If you try to look at the compensation plan, you will notice you receive a good amount when you do more parties.

Rather than generating leads that give you a fair amount of commissions, in every host party you do, you will immediately receive $200 from the company.​

That said, it's obvious they encourage you to do that, just as Color Street Nails does, it requires a tremendous amount of social skills and sales talk to convince people to join the company to use a product that's already available in department stores.

2. Ambitious Monthly Quota

Once you become one of their distributors, you're expected to generate a quota, which is given to every MLM.

However, even if you're a novice in the company and in the industry per se, you need to generate at least 300 PRV to as high as 1,000 PV every month.

3. Products Already In The Market

You have to increase your host parties tantamount to the given quota to ensure your income per month, especially if you want to rank high faster than everybody else.

The thing is most of the products sold in MojiLife are already available in the market. Hence, there's no need to join the company to buy any of their products at all.

MojiLife Review Prices Amazon - Your Online Revenue-min

Same types of air fragrances cheaper on Amazon than on MojiLife

4. Tough Competition Within Company

As an independent distributor, it's a must to know how to become strategic to hook your prospective clients and downlines by learning the basics of business in a network marketing industry.

Given that today, MojiLife has already gathered 2,000 independent distributors. That means you have to compete with each of them, so you have to do more.

5. Limited Market

The fact you’re selling a specific niche just as MojiLife does, it’s a disadvantage for the independent distributors to sell more.

If you think about it, how many people would like to order a bunch of air fragrances? I don’t think once they purchase an item from you like AirMoji, for example, you expect them to return and buy another one in the same month.

So, from a business perspective, you can’t expect much profit unless if you expand your reach to more people for sales.

6. Not BBB-Accredited Business

One of the top consideration you need to look into every company you encounter is the Better Business Bureau’s judgment.

If they’re not one of the accredited companies, be warned. The platform won’t release an accreditation to companies with questionable business tactics and if they think it would bring no good to people.

MojiLife Review BBB - Your Online Revenue

MojiLife on Better Business Bureau's records (rating & accreditation status)

7. F Rating On BBB

In relation to the previous point, MojiLife failed not only the accreditation from them, but also the rating with an F. 

That means they didn’t reach the standards every legit MLM should and they fail to satisfy many customers either by not responding to the complaints or there are way too many complaints to handle within a short span of time.

In the case of MojiLife, they didn’t respond to any of the complaints filed against them. That said, it’s clear they didn’t have qualms on clearing their name from their dissatisfied customers.

They rather focus on expanding the business without caring if they receive negative feedback from their market. 

What I Like About MojiLife So Far?

1. Diverse Compensation

Although you have to host as many parties as you can to guarantee a fair amount of payout, MojiLife seeks to give you more chances of earning by means of retail sales and even in the constant increase of downlines you make within 30 days and in the succeeding months.

MojiLife Review Host Rewards - Your Online Revenue

MojiLife host rewards given to independent distributors

2. Unique Niche

If you happen to notice in most of the reviews I write, I always admire those network marketing companies that target unique niches.

For instance, NeVetica is in a health and wellness niche but they have a different market, the pets. Another MLM like Somaderm provides business opportunities to those who want to sell HGH to enthusiasts.

Nevetica Reviews Tracking App-min

NeVetica is considered one of the MLMs with unique niches as MojiLife does

3. Consolidated Fragrance Company

Selling essential oils is one of the rising niches nowadays. Because of the high demands, it’s obvious for companies the potential business derived from the people’s access to them as doTerra provides.

The thing is MojiLife consolidated the need for essential oils and made a hub for those enthusiasts by adding air fragrances, including the tools in the product line, to boost that experience.

MojiLife Review Host Products - Your Online Revenue-min

Some of the few products featured on MojiLife online shop

MojiLife Review - What Others Say?

As I mentioned earlier, MojiLife seems to have no qualms on receiving negative feedback from any of the products they produce and continue to expand the business by recruitment and generating sales from their distributors and their respective downlines.

I dug into the complaints from bloggers and even those registered on the Better Business Bureau and found out that mostly they have problems with the product per se.

They aren’t able to serve its promise. In fact, some of them wrote it’s best to purchase air fragrances available in the market than spending and risking money to MLMs. 

"My experience with Moji products is absolutely dissatisfying. First off, the products take 2 weeks to get to you. Then, when they get here and you start using them, it works for like 2 days! The fragrance is gone!" one of the customers wrote.

She also added that MojiLife doesn't provide a refund by making excuses such as the excellent quality of the product upon return.

MojiLife Review Negative Review - Your Online Revenue

One of negative reviews filed against MojiLife written on BBB

Another customer complained about being charged 3 times well, in fact, she mistakenly clicked the purchase button 3 times without knowing the company has already confirmed.

But even though she clicked it 3 times and the purchases are made 3 times (obviously), MojiLife should have sent her 3 orders. But they didn't.

Instead, they denied the claim and even called the customer a liar even if the customer told them she would file a dispute to refund the extra charges.

MojiLife responded to go ahead, though she has gathered a lot of evidence to support her claim.

Most bloggers warned about the company's sketchy tactics, specifically on how low the commission rates are.

In comparison to other network marketing companies out there, they only provide 20% to 25% commissions to their independent distributors compared to other companies like Younique with 30%.

Is MojiLife A Scam?

If you ask, “Is MojiLife a scam?” let’s determine what makes a company a scam. In layman’s term, it’s actually a company that exists but the services and products aren’t real. It’s merely gulping loads of money from the members with promises of providing returns and items they purchased.

For MojiLife, it’s not a scam. Rather, they appeared to be a pyramid scheme in many ways. Any legit company, no matter how worst their services and products are, will respond and face their dissatisfied clients no matter what.

This company isn’t. Telling them to “go ahead and complain” is a clear sign they don’t care about their customers at all. 

The products they create is admirable but the behavior isn’t matching their visions at all. Whoever runs the company, Davis or another man named Darrell Jakin as registered on BBB, appears courageous enough to encourage their staff to do stuff like that to their clients.

MojiLife Review CEO - Your Online Revenue-min

Inconsistent records of the MojiLife executive

Based on the research I did today, the fact there’s no clear income disclosure except for the screenshot of the compensation plan, MojiLife doesn’t take their members’ intention of earning money seriously.

What they care is expanding the business to as many people as they could within a short span of time. Other than that, nothing.

Nonetheless, MojiLife is a bad company, to begin with. The products aren’t extraordinary enough for people to be enticed to join.

These are already made available in the market for a cheaper price. So, there’s no other reason to risk your wallet for this shady MLM.

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But once you overpower discouragement and become tenacious instead, you’ll see success clearer than ever.

Now that I shared my thoughts in my MojiLife review, it’s time to turn the table and ask you about your experience.

What kinds of experiences do you have by selling MojiLife products and other items in their product line? Are they worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest in a Multi-Level Marketing company like MojiLife?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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