Kirby Vacuum Reviews [Direct Sellers Fraud Vs Victims On Pending Lawsuit]

Welcome to my "Kirby Vacuum Reviews" Post!

Who would have thought that you can sell anything as a direct selling company even the simplest things are possible? If so, can you make a profit out of it?

With that being said, we dig into one of the oldest companies that sell household utilities, a vacuum cleaner, for example. 

Also, we’re going to tackle the background as well as its income potential, pros and cons, and conclusion whether this is a good company to affiliate with or not. 

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Kirby Vacuum Review - Quick Summary

Name: Kirby Company

Founded: 1914

Founder: Jim Kirby

Type: Direct Selling Company

Price: Free to join as direct seller

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Summary: Founded in 1914, Jim Kirby developed the idea of a household cleaner for 2 friends after World War 1. Over the years, the simple business idea turned into one of the most popular household names and in the Direct Selling opportunities. 

Is Selling Kirby Vacuum Recommended? No. Due to the overwhelming number of lawsuits filed against them, affiliating with Kirby Vacuum isn’t the best option for you.

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What Is Kirby?

In 1914, Jim Kirby created one of the masterpieces of all time. A simple idea of having a durable and high-quality household cleaner transformed people's perception of cleanliness. 

Kirby then developed the first Kirby vacuum design for 2 people, which became the pioneering design for business and vacuum models today. Especially the models produced in 1925. 

The earlier designs created from his mind became the standard for household cleaning until today. After more than 100 years, they remained the big name for vacuum cleaners. 

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What makes their vacuum cleaners stand out from the competitors is the importance of having original design, motor orientation, materials, and functionality. These values are transformed into how they produce each device.

The company created the first vacuum cleaner design that has a removable floor nozzle and handle with further enhancements from the appearance and improvements to further aid people in cleaning their homes or offices as much as possible. 

One of the latest Kirby vacuum systems available, which has 3 ways to maximize cleaning mess

Over the years, they decided to change the business model to retailing, which became the start of getting people to become their distributors, causing soaring sales. 

Today, Kirby remained at the top of the game approximately 500,000 sales per year. One of the main sources of revenue is the distributorship of over 800 factory distributors around the world. 

These factor distributors then gather as many people as they can do to sell Kirby vacuums as a direct seller door-to-door. From there, the parent company doesn't have actual control resulting in many lawsuits and scam reports. 

If you think this is a good start for your business journey, I don't think it's a wise one. As you can see, Kirby's reputation among people, especially around the United States, many victims reported scandalous incidents leading to changes in how people look at Kirby in comparison to how they perceive the company before.

Because they pioneered the modern design, nobody could forget Kirby and will remain a part of everyone's lives. You may think that this is a good foundation for selling a popular product; however, it’s not. 

 3 way system of Kirby vacuum cleaners to maximize cleaning in any surface

Who Is Kirby For?

If you ask me personally whether to invest in Kirby Vacuum or not, I would. But only if I will remain a consumer. Why? Kirby vacuum, in spite of the negative reputation, is of good quality and proven to last over 50 years.

Because of its high-quality vacuum cleaners produced and popularized after the First World War, Kirby Vacuum has been a household name.

If you were a kid and had used a good vacuum cleaner, you probably have an idea you were using Kirby. 

However, if you want to join the direct selling department, that’s another story. Albeit its good reputation as a household manufacturer, the people involved showed opposite values towards their customers. 

Recently, several lawsuits have been filed against Kirby Company because of its direct sellers, whom they called “distributors,” impose brutal direct selling tactics forcing old people and the vulnerable to purchase a $1,500-worth of vacuum cleaners. 

Best Company mentioned that Kirby Company received its latest federal class-action lawsuit after violating the civil action provisions based on the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. 

Kirby, particularly the distributors, faces pending lawsuits after 600 complaints received from unethical direct sellers within a few years.

The case revolved around selling used vacuum cleaners as new ones. 

Further, many reports stated that Kirby independent distributors are subjected to relentless criticism. Within a few years, they received more than 600 complaints and resolved only a few with pending cases. 

Kirby continues to thrive in this new image towards its stakeholders due to their inability to control the ethics of their direct sellers. The reason for having an unethical selling tactic rampant among distributors is that it's done door-to-door. 

Given the pressure to make commissions, these distributors will do everything to earn it. Even if it will cost the lives of their customers, they will not care. 

Although the parent company is aware of these complaints, Kirby don't face any responsibility over these issues and let their distributors resolve these problems because they're considered as independent contractors.

Pros & Cons of Selling Kirby Vacuum

Kirby vacuum remains at the top of their game when it comes to their quality household utilities except for their distributors. 

With an overwhelming number of lawsuits filed against them, the company has become known for unethical business towards their consumers.

Because of that, after all the research I did, I summarized the top 3 pros and cons of joining Kirby Company and start selling quality vacuum models as a direct seller. 

1. Reputable Household Name

For over 100 years, Kirby has established as part of the household name by creating and distributing high-quality vacuum cleaners, which plays an essential role in cleaning and safety. 

If Jim Kirby, the founder, never took the initiative to design it, what type could have been? Do you think we can expect the same design as we have in our houses today? 

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Who knows? 

A used Kirby vacuum cleaner still costs 4x higher than other brands, ranging at least $600+. Brand new Kirby vacuum cleaner costs at least $1,000 and up.

2. High-Quality Vacuum Cleaners Guaranteed

Kirby is known for its high-quality vacuum cleaners without compromising the functionalities of the device. The customers may pay 4 times higher than any regular vacuum cleaners; however, they know it’s worth it. 

According to Tom Gourley, one of their customers, the products are of high-quality and worth the investment. 

Another satisfied customer wrote, "I would suggest you all purchase it used...because it's very reliable and rarely break."

Although its purpose isn’t as dramatic as something that’s seen on a big scale like clearing fields, the company made sure that even for simple cleaning tasks Kirby takes that role and dominates in a good way. 

To reach that goal, they ensure that the products they distribute and sell are of good quality and will last for at least 50 years. 

Hence, the typical vacuum cleaner design we’re familiar with are by-products of what Jim Kirby has created which became the foundation of Kirby we know today. 

3. Free To Join As Direct Seller

In most companies that do a door-to-door selling, they don’t ask for anything from their direct sellers. Kirby does the same with “Kirby Dealer” which they offer for free.

This is a similar case to my previous post about Southwestern Advantage in which the direct sellers go to each house and present the product and offer towards the end of their presentation. 

They won’t ask for a membership cost to get starter kits and products to sell. This becomes an attractive opportunity to gather more recruits. 

1. Highly-Priced Vacuum Cleaners

Little did they know that they will have to make sure the items will be sold as soon as possible. Similarly, the direct sellers who affiliated with Southwestern Advantage, face the same business hurdle.

"The vacuums are so expensive because the distributors have to cover operating expenses and expenses from purchasing the machines and paying the salespeople as well as turning a profit," a customer named Ryan Sellman explained. 

Kirby invites more direct sellers as independent contractors.

2. Several Lawsuits Filed Against Kirby Distributors

Over the years, Kirby has been facing various allegations tarnishing the good name of the company. 

The cases range from sexual assaults of one of their direct sellers and complaints from the vulnerable citizens against aggressive business tactics.

Given the situation, who would allow random people knocking on the door only to find out they will be forced to buy a $1,500 worth of household equipment? 

Most people felt defeated against the direct sellers because they seemed so trained to manipulate their decisions leading to nonsensical purchases of Kirby vacuum cleaners.

The gravity of the crimes became a subject matter to law schools like UC Berkeley, Harvard University, and Columbia Law School. 

Based on the number of allegations related to unethical business tactics, Kirby became a good subject matter related to unconscionability. The term is defined as the extremely unjust practices in any direct selling company.

The term is defined as a doctrine in contract law that "revolves around extremely unjust or overwhelmingly one-sided in favor of the one who has the superior bargaining power."

With that being said, it can be considered as an act of fraud or deceit; yet, gravity is worse than any crime related to it. 

In Kirby's case, they're famous for using the psychological trick in which they convince people that whatever vacuum cleaner they use other than Kirby's is crap. 

The direct sellers are so good at this, especially when they're dealing with a vulnerable and/or the old people. 

They won't allow the consumers to decide and weigh their options. Otherwise, they wouldn't leave the house until they get a "yes" to the offers.

In one case, a direct seller didn't leave the customer's house for 5 hours after his business presentation because of the same reason. 

Even if they produce high-quality vacuum cleaners, the fact that they rely on direct sellers for sales boost, nobody wants to risk their lives and money to allow strangers enter their houses and listen to a scam-like business presentation.

How to Make Money Reviewing Products Online Content Image 5- Your Online Revenue

Kirby direct sellers need assurance to make profit.; hence, the unethical business tactics as a result.

3. Intense Pressure Among Direct Sellers

In relation to the previous point, Kirby vacuum cleaners distributed around the world aren’t following the same retail prices. Once a consumer buys one for his home, the price he paid is an inflated amount. 

As one of the customers mentioned earlier, these vacuum cleaners have a definite price point in the manufacturing process. The ones we know in the market are the result of the additional charges. 

The distribution companies have to pay the expenses for getting the devices and the direct sellers. If you read about our Usborne Books review, each distributor has to take responsibility for the products he’s bringing. 

That means, at your expense, the products you sell are considered as sold as soon as they release it to you for direct selling. Thus, you have to do extra effort to earn returns for the investment.

It’s not directly implied in Kirby’s case. The direct selling may be free but you have to think about the next steps. 

You have to know the terms of taking out a certain number of vacuum cleaners, making sure you sell everything and earning a profit. 

Consequently, the majority of their clients have to pay as much as $1,500 and beyond for a piece of household equipment which you can buy for a few hundreds of dollars in stores nearby. 

It’s the luxury car among vacuum cleaners available in the market.

See the big pricing differences between Kirby vacuum cleaner and the one produced by other companies.

Is Kirby Legit Or Scam?

When it comes to its legitimacy, Kirby is a good company that produces household cleaning products. Aside from vacuum cleaners, they have various items on their shop like shampoo, allergen filter bags, and more. 

Although they produced a lot of items, Kirby vacuum cleaners built the foundation of a simple business that succeeded so much that it became a pioneer of modern household cleaning. They have a great story to tell that lead to their success today.

Various designs were released over the years, yet, the company remained at the top when it comes to high-quality vacuum cleaners that will last for a long time. In most cases, direct selling companies don’t survive that long. 

If you take a look at the comments below, you can see how satisfied they are for the product even if they paid a high-cost. 

As far as quality goes, Kirby never fails towards it clients even if the price is too high vs vacuum cleaners in the market.

Overall, Kirby Company is a legitimate company and not a scam. Even if they’re known for brutal and manipulative business tactics, there’s no doubt the vacuum cleaners are durable and worth the cost. 

It’s just the issue of how it’s marketed and sold. With that regard, Kirby Company has no control since this is a concern any distributor office should resolve. They consider distributors and direct sellers alike as independent contractors.

Conclusion - Is Selling Kirby Vacuum Worth It?

If you take a look at the complaint below, you can clearly see how Kirby suffered as a brand name worth respecting. 

Because of the unethical business practices from their distributors and dealers, the company has to face the problem themselves. 

It’s like you’re facing someone’s issues regarding your product simply because one of your direct sellers forced them to buy it. For a parent company or any other creators out there, it’s receiving a big slap on your face. 

As a manufacturer, Kirby created the modern design in which most vacuum cleaners we know are based on. Other rival companies may have their own version of it, but Kirby vacuum cleaner prevails. 

The product itself doesn’t have an issue. The majority of their clients willingly spend more than a thousand bucks to get one to make sure they stay in a 100% clean home. 

Complaints revolve around the distribution of the products, involving the direct sellers and distributor companies. 

One of the negative feedback from a dissatisfied customer towards Kirby vacuum cleaners

Firstly, the customers pay 4 times the price of a regular vacuum cleaner because of the middlemen. As I mentioned before, becoming a Kirby direct seller is like selling luxurious cars by knocking on people's doors.

The prices aren’t from the manufacturer’s retail price anymore. Of course, the distributor companies have to make a profit to pay the expenses for the machines. 

There’s no problem with that. But if you intend to make money by selling them, you may have to pay every unsold machine including the expenses of the distributor companies. 

As a direct seller, they have to make a profit as well. So, they will add more based on their personal preferences. Yes, Kirby Company has no control over the actual pricing when it reaches the direct sellers. 

To them, it’s the distributors’ prerogative how much they think each piece of equipment they’re bringing would cost. So, if you paid $1,500 or more for a vacuum cleaner, you’re paying the middlemen’s profits.

And to avoid paying everything for an expensive piece of household equipment, the direct sellers have to do anything they could to get rid of them. Otherwise, they may have to pay for the price. 

This is where Kirby’s name is compromised. No matter how they tried to create a great product, they don’t have control over the serious issues done by their distributors and direct sellers.

With that being said, if you intend to join Kirby as a direct seller, it’s not worth it. Aside from bringing the bulky vacuum cleaner from one house to the other, you’re not sure if the door you knock will buy your product. 

You worry about paying the unsold machine so you’re forced to manipulate your clients and take advantage of their weak decision-making skills. 

One report mentioned that they target the old people and the ill, who are vulnerable enough to overpower and force to purchase large amounts of money for a Kirby vacuum cleaner they don’t need. 

Overall, Kirby Company manufactures high-quality vacuum cleaners and other household cleaning materials and accessories.

Aside from high-quality vacuum cleaners, Kirby Company creates other cleaning materials as well.

Even if they produce these with a good cause, it all depends on how their distributor companies and direct sellers market them. 

Yes, it’s a disappointment. The company started great and succeeded internationally without problems. It’s the issue caused by their sellers’ unethical business tactics and extreme manipulation. 

Because of that, becoming one of Kirby Company’s direct sellers is not a good idea, to begin with. Especially if you’re looking for a good income opportunity. 

If you are working for a full-time job, it’s the worst decision you could do. The reason is obvious. You have to spare more time to roam around and to knock on people’s doors hoping to sell. 

You have to force people to buy your product because you have to pay for the machine if they won’t. 

Hence, your profit potential is compromised. In this case, you can’t blame those direct sellers who do dishonest ways to sell. They have to earn more to pay for them. 

Now, it’s your turn. If you don’t want to pursue the plan to sell Kirby vacuum, you have a lot of options. You can start searching for any opportunities online

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Now that I shared my thoughts on my “Kirby Vacuum Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Kirby? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort into income-generating opportunities like this?

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