Is Vestige A Scam? [SECRET Strategy to $5,000/Month!]

Is Vestige A Scam? The Indian-Based MLM Is Real MLM But Known For Washing Hands If Members Face Troubles. Profits Deducted From Product Replacements And More!
Is Vestige A Scam? The Indian-Based MLM Is Real MLM But Known For Washing Hands If Members Face Troubles. Profits Deducted From Product Replacements And More!

Welcome to my Vestige Review!

Is Vestige a scam? This is answerable after we dig into the whole details of the company and evaluate whether this is a good jumpstart for money-making or not.

Given this country is based outside the United States, the question about its competitive edge against the existing Giants in the niche and in the Multi-Level Marketing industry as a whole remains unsolved.

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Now, we’re all set. Let’s begin. Shall we?

Vestige Review - Quick Summary

Name: Vestige

Founded: 2004

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: Free membership

Best for: People, who are interested in selling health and wellness products, and branch out outside India in exchange for commissions and other bonuses in accord to the generated sales per month.

Is Vestige A Scam? The Indian-Based MLM Is Real MLM But Known For Washing Hands If Members Face Troubles. Profits Deducted From Product Replacements And More!

Summary: Vestige Marketing is an Indian-based Multi-Level Marketing Company that offers a wide range of products that caters to the health and wellness niche.

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Is Vestige Good? - How to Make Money?

Before you dive into our Vestige review below, you get a chance to learn 4 steps to make money with Vestige.

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What Is Vestige? 

Founded in 2004, the Indian Multi-Level Marketing Company, Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd, envisioned to become one of the leading companies in the health and wellness niche.

Today, their ambitious goals became true as there are more than 2,500 branches across the peninsula and abroad.

With the increasing demands of their target clients, there are more and more distributors in different countries selling their products and recruiting new distributors to take part in the business expansion. 

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Its foundation lies on the vision-mission statement in which they particularly emphasized the value of economic independence among their members as well as the bench-marking on a global scale.

That clearly means they wanted to share the legacy as those big companies with a cemented image as leading brands in MLM.

How Does Vestige Work?

Like Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living, and other existing Giants in the health and wellness niche, Vestige shares the same prospective target market by means of distributing similar products worldwide comprising the following:

  • Health Supplements
  • Air Purifier
  • Ayurveda
  • Health Food
  • Home Care
  • Personal Care
  • Oral Care
  • Colour Cosmetics
  • Premium Skin Care
  • Men's Grooming
  • Agri Products
  • Business Tools

As you see, there is a wide range of items under the company, including the non-health and wellness-related products. That's because it's intended to sell under a different brand under the same company.

Is Vestige a Scam Brands - Your Online Revenue

Some of the popular brands under Vestige

According to their official website, there are different famous brands under Vestige in which the same name itself functions as a brand as well.

Aside from Vestige, brands like Ayusante, Enerva, Invigo, Lite House, Zeta, Hyvest, Assure, Dentassure, Mistral of Milan, 9 Skin Formula, Truman, Agri82, and Vescare share the same company, Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 

How to Make Money with Vestige?

To earn money in Vestige, of course, you need to sign up and become one of their authorized distributors in which you're entitled to receive the 4-Fold Bonus Marketing Plan comprising the sales at a minimum of 350 BV in 30 days.

Once you reach the quota, you can become one of their members with which the products you spent for the business starters will be refunded 1 month after the date of purchase. It's like a test for Vestige members prior to becoming a full-fledged distributor.

Afterward, you can receive the upcoming bonuses based on your overall performance on:

  • Retail Profit (10% to 20%)
  • Vestige Performance Bonus (accumulative PV & BV)
  • Vestige Director Bonus
    • Director - 600 BV, 2,000 PV
    • Silver Director - 600 BV, 1,801 PV
    • Gold Director - 600 BV, 1,501 PV
    • Star Director - 600 BV, 1,001 PV
    • Diamond Director - 600 BV, 501 PV
    • Crown Director - 600 BV, 0.5 PV
    • Universal Crown Director
    • Double Crown Director
    • Double Universal Director
  • Vestige Director Bonus
  • Vestige Leadership Bonus (15%, 28,816 BV)
  • Vestige Travel Fun (3%)
  • Vestige Car Fund (5%, 16,016 BV)
  • Vestige House Fund (3%)

Take note that in the travel, car fund, and house fund bonuses, you need to achieve the required BV and PV within the minimum of 3 months before the executives evaluate the performance.

Once they approve your generated sales within this duration, you can be enlisted to these bonuses with a lifetime guarantee.

Hence, you need to make sure you maintain the number of sales, especially if you reach the Director rank and beyond.

Vestige [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Limited Business Tools

Unlike other MLM companies with a variety of tools to aid their members to invite recruits, Vestige is limited to brochures and order forms to perform the sales talk, hoping they'd convince someone to join the company. That's too limited though.

2. Distributors Take a 100% Responsibility

In the case of product replacements and refunds, it's in the full hands of the distributor, not the company. Apparently, Vestige doesn't take their full support to their members when a crisis arises, washing their hands from the issue.

3. Ineffective Products

Over the years as an MLM, Vestige managed to create a wide range of products in their lines. In fact, they're famous for putting up different brands from them. However, according to Sonia, she tried the products but neither of them resolved or improved her health concern.

Is Vestige a Scam Products - Your Online Revenue-min

Some of the featured products on Vestige official website

4. No Concrete Plan on Agri-Products

Vestige does have a line that caters to the agricultural side of the business. For whatever reasons, there's no exact plan that helps farmers (obviously) to earn more and gain more opportunity from the products they create.

5. Focused on Profits

You will know from the first glance the company is into the recruitment and profits in comparison to those that really care.

Vestige is a health and wellness network marketing company. Hence, it's expected they'd do better than what they promised or go beyond expectations.

Abriham wrote on Quora that he realized he fell into their tactic when he spent more on the products than the profits he received at hand.

In addition, this doesn't include the deductions made because of the product replacements and refunds since the company won't take full responsibilities at all.

Is Vestige a Scam Excerpt Negative Review - Your Online Revenue

Excerpt of the lengthy rant from a dissatisfied Vestige distributor on the forum

6. False Promises

This doesn't merely talk about the profitability alone but the effectiveness of the products as well. One reviewer revealed he experienced side effects while using Vestige products. When he complained against the company because of his health, Vestige responded, "It's because your water is not good [for the product use]."

7. Refusal to Take Responsibility

When I dug into most of the complaints from the clients, they tackle Vestige refusal to acknowledge and respond to the issues regarding the product and services as a while with a positive note.

This is quite surprising because most of the network marketing companies I reviewed did otherwise, no matter how bad the reviews are.

What I Like About Vestige?

1. Diverse Compensation Plan

There are many ways to earn money at Vestige. Given the free membership, having the chance to join the company and learn the basics of selling prior to the authorization of distributorship would be a great experience, especially if you're new in the sales.

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Is Vestige a Scam Performance Bonus - Your Online Revenue

Vestige Performance Bonus given to their distributors according to the corresponding PV and BV accumulated in 30 days

2. Diverse Product Line

They have a lot of products and brands under the same company, to begin with. With an effective sales talk and training to sell a lot, you'd get a higher chance to sell more.

3. Free Membership

If you wish to gain experience in selling physical products without the necessity to commit and spend a lot of money at the beginning, Vestige is a great option for you.

They won't require you to spend anything for the membership except the products of your choice to try.

After you sold all of them within 30 days, you'll get the refund and qualification to become a full-fledged member by then. 

4. Free Training

In relation to the previous point, Vestige will make sure you're equipped with the necessary skills to make a boost in sales albeit the lack of materials to support you.

Your generated sales will rely on how well you talk and convince people rather than relying on brochures and other tools.

Is Vestige a Scam 4 Folds Bonus - Your Online Revenue

You see, Vestige assures no demotion policy to members.

5. No Demotion

This one thing making Vestige a unique MLM. They won't demote you even if you didn't reach the quota within that month. Take a look at their compensation plan.

You see they made it clear from the beginning of their presentation that the company values the promotion more and will focus on that. They will only qualify promotions. Other than that, there's none.

Is Vestige a Scam Bonuses - Your Online Revenue

Vestige summary of bonuses with corresponding percentage equivalents

Vestige Review - What Others Say?

Given the 4.6 out of 5 employee rating on Glassdoor and 4.1 out of 5 on Indeed, it's clear that Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a good company to work with. 

Although it's based in the Indian boundaries, the fact there are more than 2,500 branches and recently expanded to other countries, it's a clear proof that this MLM is a decent company for the potential members.

Yet, if you wish to earn more money by selling the products as seriously as you are right now, this isn't a great opportunity though.

On the other hand, selling a few products for the sake of selling experience - a great and essential memory to keep as a businessman - Vestige is a good jumpstart. 

Is Vestige a Scam Glassdoor Review - Your Online Revenue-min

Vestige review summaries on Glassdoor and Indeed respectively

When I reviewed the positive and negative feedback on the said platform, I couldn't verify if it's from a verified employee or not.

As I mentioned in my previous review, Glassdoor could not be considered a valuable platform for employee reviews due to the alleged issue of forcing employees to leave positive reviews for the company they worked with.

On Indeed, the employees mentioned about the overtime, although they emphasized it’s for the sake of the company’s productivity.

If they are truly productive, why would they encourage their employees to work overtime as frequently as others do? I wonder.

Given, I searched on other forums like on Quora and found a few notes. The majority talked about the diverse compensation plan, which is a great thing for any network marketing company. It gives a greater and bigger chance for the members to earn an income in various ways.

Is Vestige a Scam Steps Success - Your Online Revenue

Vestige claims to achieve success by following these steps.

In contrary, the members won't have a 100% guarantee of higher profits regardless the sales generated from themselves or from the downlines because of the company's lack of liability for refunding and replacing the products ordered. The item costs will be deducted from their accounts, not from Vestige.

Nonetheless, Vestige is a decent company but not a good jumpstart to make business if that's what you're up to this year.

If I were you, search for another business opportunity just as Roope has for you. See the next section of this post.

Is Vestige A Scam - Conclusion

Regardless of the negative reviews, Vestige isn’t a scam but a legitimate company with real products. Unfortunately, the product lines aren’t the mere reason behind the accusations of its shady business.

It’s apparently because of the company’s washing of hands amid the distributors’ splurging concerns about the refunds and product replacements. 

Is Vestige a Scam Executives - Your Online Revenue

Vestige executives running the company, responsible for not responding to any negative issues today

Every company has its own policies and every member respects that. However, in many cases, it doesn’t exclude the inevitable circumstances wherein most of them are in the situation they feel alone in the battle. They need the company’s support, especially during the raging negative feedback.

Vestige act of neglecting their members during complaints isn’t a healthy behavior at all. Even if they don’t have any BBB records at all, that doesn’t make a good excuse. That said, it’s best not to involve in this company. Rather search for other potential business out there.

#1 Online Business Opportunity

Vestige isn’t a scam and is a legit and real company, to begin with. Yet it isn’t a great opportunity for you if you’re into residual and steady passive income without too many risks.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Is Vestige a scam?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience with this company, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with Vestige? Are they worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest in a network marketing company as Vestige does?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

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