Southwestern Advantage Review [Door-To-Door Sales in 2020?]

Is Southwestern Advantage Scam Or Legit? 164-Year-Old MLM Continues Luring University Students. Door-To-Door Business Gets Scarier As States Took Legal Action. Read More Of My Comprehensive & Brutally Honest Review About This Controversial MLM. Read More.
Is Southwestern Advantage Scam Or Legit? 164-Year-Old MLM Continues Luring University Students. Door-To-Door Business Gets Scarier As States Took Legal Action. Read More Of My Comprehensive & Brutally Honest Review About This Controversial MLM. Read More.

Welcome to my Southwestern Advantage Review!

This company we're going to review is the oldest companies among the rest of those I encountered.

On top of that, it's one with of a few companies that accept independent contractors for free and simply focuses on sales revenues than recruitment.

Though these contractors are allowed to create their own downlines, this direct sales company doesn't require them to do that.

That said, there is an interesting opposition between the structure whether it's a direct sales company or a Multi-Level Marketing company or both?

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Now, we're all set. Let's dig into the post. Shall we?

Southwestern Advantage Review - Quick Summary

Name: Southwestern Advantage

Founded: 1855

Founder: Reverent J. R. Graves

Type: Direct Sales Company

Price: Free

Best for: College students, preferably a university student, seeking job internship opportunities to the test the waters in the realm of the corporate world to give their selves an edge to the job they desired.

This is done through learning how to sell different products provided to them to an area where they are assigned to do so.

Southwestern Advantage Scam Logo - Your Online Revenue

Summary: Southwestern Advantage is a direct sales company noted for their aggressive tactics to lure aspiring university students to join the company in exchange for profits. Their products are constantly getting great reviews but door-to-door sales is a tough job.

Is Southwestern Advantage Recommended? They have some great products. However, I recommend making money online instead of door-to-door sales.

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Southwestern Advantage Scam Review

Before you dive into our comprehensive Southwestern Advantage text review, I want to provide you an opportunity to take a look at my video review of this company.

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What Is Southwestern Advantage? 

Southwestern Advantage is a direct sales company that's offering a seasonal internship for the university students to sell any of the company's products. Be it software, educational books, and among others.

Hired as independent contractors, the youth goes on the hunt in search for their prospective clients by doing door-to-door to sell their items on hand. The program lasts for only 1 week.

Due to the reported working conditions and financial difficulties, the students chose not to mind these issues and rather continue to sell, mostly in suburban and rural areas.

That said, many citizens in the US and in the UK raised their concerns for these students because some of them are working really long hours for a low pay.

You'll need to become a great salesperson if you want to make good money with that. That's why I recommend that you start making money online rather than going door-to-door.

Important Background Information

Due to the controversy that Southwestern Advantage brought to the business industry, there are some states in the US, who took the initiative to solidify the call to stop these door-to-door selling tactics.

According to a report, the stated implemented a law just last year in which they specified the time for the peddlers to visit homes to invite or promote a product door-to-door. This is to save these young university students from this frustrating method of doing business.

With that said, it obviously affects Southwestern Advantage independent contractors to do their usual business.

Southwestern Advantage Content Image 1 - Your Online Revenue
"[Southwestern Advantage] raised a 'threat of legal action against the city' to change their ordinance from Minnesota and Nebraska are set to come to Montgomery next week for their summer gigs," the report mentioned.

Trey Campbell, a director of communications for Southwestern Advantage, responded to the state's actions. The company accepted its legal action to the threat wholeheartedly.

That is with a guarantee they won't do anything that brings harm to the students, as long as they can do their business during the working hours.

What Do They Offer?

What this direct sales company offers to their target market is simple. To sell products like anything a student can sell door-to-door. Most of the time, they promote educational materials such as books for each home at any time of the day.

Their product partners include McGraw-Hill, Princeton Review, and National Geographic. Hence, the educational materials they sell come from either of these companies.

Given, they provide job opportunities by hiring them as independent contractors rather than employees. That alone can be seen as a red flag.

Southwestern Advantage Content Image 2 - Your Online Revenue (1)

Because once you’re affiliated with the company as a contractor, chances are:

  1. The company can fire you if conditions aren’t met.
  2. The young peddlers won’t get any financial benefits as working as a regular employee, but working experience.

Some people argue that, Southwestern Advantage won’t provide enough to finance the students’ travel costs and other expenses needed on their stay.

Why do they need these expenses in selling their products in the first place?

They are assigned to a specific location. With that said, it’s obvious they need to spend their living costs from their own pockets and strive harder to compensate for the money.

It’s apparent to the many that door-to-door business strategy is one of the most frustrating and the most difficult tactic existing versus earning money online.

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Southwestern Advantage Compensation Plan

Unlike a typical network marketing company with a definite compensation plan in accord to their rank or sales volume, Southwestern Advantage independent contractors don’t have that. That's one of the reasons why Southwestern advantage is NOT multi-level marketing.

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Their revenues depend on their sales in the entire internship interim, including the deductions and living expenses they need for the whole duration.

If they aren’t selling products, the young students could end up working as an intern in an office job with an hourly rate.

Hence, most of the students end up broke.

Yet, to them, what matters most is the job experience in which is useful during job applications after they graduate college.

How To Make Money With Southwestern Advantage?

In order to make money with Southwestern University, you need to become one of their independent contractors by signing up. Once you successfully register, they will give you the products to sell in a specific area assigned.

Your sole income stream is by increasing your sales revenue by making sure you gain profits from the products sold.

Southwestern Advantage Content Image 3 - Your Online Revenue

Southwestern Advantage Review - What Other People Say About Them?

I saw on Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) records they have been an accredited business since 1961 with an outstanding customer rating.

That alone is a proof many people adhered to their mission of providing job internship for the university students albeit the controversy it brought to many of the universities in 2 countries.

Over the years, there are only 91 complaints received although they started their business in more than 50 years. That's far too less to cause a stir the communities. Probably, that's only because it's online and we wouldn't know how aggressive their tactics are in person.

Southwestern Advantage Scam BBB Summary

BBB summary of Southwestern Advantage records

As curious as I was, I dug into these reviews one by one and realized the problem tackled the same thing. Refund.

Many of the reviews wrote dissatisfactory remarks to the young salesmen who immediately signed the customers up on the site without even asking if they would subscribe or not.

The majority of the reviewers mentioned they're surprised Southwestern Advantage has been charging them a minimum of $20 per month and up to $500 without knowing it.

Southwestern Advantage Scam BBB Complaint

One of the hundreds of complaints with the same issue on BBB

Even if they tried to contact the salesmen or any of the persons from Southwestern Advantage, they couldn't reach them out. Until now, none of them received a resolution to these problems. 

As for the intern's perspective, one of the former sales representatives wrote on Glassdoor how disappointed he was with working with the company.

"There are no benefits at all. What you make on the bookfield is your only financial benefit. Not everyone makes money and they don't compensate you for losses. It's not for the lazy!" he wrote.

On the brighter side, many of them gave positive feedback regarding the incentives they received including the flexibility of the working hours and how they can make use of their summer earning money, as well as international trips abroad and other bonuses.

Southwestern Advantage [UGLY] Truths Unveiled!

1. Reputation

The more I researched about this company, the more I see SeneGence, a skincare MLM, in them. How? 

It’s because no matter what they do to protect their business and grow, their reputation earned across the US and the UK highlighted more in the eyes of the non-members. 

Some people end up thinking that Southwestern Advantage is MLM but that's not actually true. It's a single-level direct sales company.

2. Customer Service

BBB recorded 91 complaints and the majority of them tackled their inability to respond to their customer’s concerns regarding their issues with the books they received from them.

3. No Compensation For Losses

If you encountered losses along the way, it’s not their problem. It’s yours, apparently. What Southwestern Advantage cares is your sales revenue and that’s it. 

If you spent a lot more money than expected upon your stay, it’s your own concern. This is why there are independent contractors who don’t care about their customer’s welfare, given their awful situation to sell more for the sake of earning money. 

What Did I Like About Southwestern Advantage (So Far...)?

Basically, the only thing I liked about Southwestern Advantage is their mission to help more university students to learn more business skills and give them a competitive edge over the rest of the “academically excellent” individuals.

To them, they discourage the societal norm of having only the smart ones get hired and rush to graduate college thinking the fastest way to get a job is being young.

Southwestern Advantage Content Image 2 - Your Online Revenue

Photo credits to Mini Thian on Unsplash

In their perspective, many employers don’t care about the age as long as you have the competence they required or needed for the job they’re offering.

And even if you’re the smartest or the youngest applicant in the group, as long as you don’t have the skill set they’re looking for, you won’t get hired. 

Southwestern Advantage Content Image 5 - Your Online Revenue

Because of that, they provided an income generating opportunity and spend your entire summer working by selling educational materials door-to-door to make sure you earn money while you’re either off from school or not at the time.

Instead of wasting your time binging on Netflix, you earn more money while you’re taking advantage of being young.

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Is Southwestern Advantage Scam Or Legit? - The Final Verdict

If Southwestern Advantage is a scam, they wouldn’t have existed today. Probably, they already closed their doors a century ago. But it’s not the case.

That means Southwestern Advantage is a legitimate company with real products to sell by means of recruiting more independent contractors and earn a percentage of their sales revenue. This is how the company survived all through the years.

Albeit the great intention of providing job and money-making opportunities for the young people, it’s sad to say they got a countless number of negative reviews adding to their bad reputation earned more than a century, almost 2 centuries since they started this company in 1855.

Best Way To Earn Money As A Student With #1 Recommended Tool In 2019

Doing a door-to-door business is one of the most difficult and probably the most frustrating type of strategy anyone could do.

Although we’re already in modern times, wherein most of the businesses are done online, there are still many young people delving into this for the sake of making money.

Certainly, they rather spend their entire summer in search for customers to buy their products on hand and learn from that experience.

Yet, as human as we are, they also need to satisfy their physiological needs by means of having comfortable working conditions, which doesn’t happen to most of them.

Southwestern Advantage Content Image 7 - Your Online Revenue

Photo credits to Rawpixel on Unsplash

They have to work immensely to get a quota. Although the company didn’t make it clear to others, but in order to survive and have profits, they have to do it. As the reviewer mentioned, “It’s not for the lazy.”

Well, here’s the thing.

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Now that I have shared my thoughts in my “Southwestern Advantage Scam” review, it’s time to turn the tables and ask your thoughts about the post.

What kinds of experiences do you have by selling educational materials as a Southwestern Advantage independent contractor? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest your time in these opportunities like this one?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have further questions that I haven't discussed in the post, feel free to leave them in the comments. I love reading them.

Do the same when you have suggestions to add for this post. That’d be much appreciated as well.

On the other hand, if you feel like you want to learn more about Roope’s step-by-step formula to make money online, leave a comment and he'll be happy to help you out with your business starter concerns.

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