Is Zija a Pyramid Scheme? – Brutal Truth from MLM-EXPERT!

is zija a scam
Zija offers some events for their members which is nice, of course.

Numerous people are asking online, “Is Zija a Pyramid Scheme?” In my opinion, it’s a highly important question to ask before you are planning to join this program. In this review I will explain you the background of their system and give you a few powerful resources how you can become your own boss.

Zija Review

Is Zija a Pyramid SchemeName: Zija International

Founded in: 2005 Headquarters: Lehi, Utah

Founder: Ken Brailsford,

Field: MLM-System, Health Products

Overall Ranking: 40 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation to make money online with 98 Out of 100)

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What Is Zija? – MLM-Company by Ken Brailsford

In short, Zija is a multilevel marketing system that operates in health and wellness industry. The purpose of the company is to provide members with marketing materials about the product and to encourage them to sell products any way they can. Zija has continued to grow consistently since its inception in 2005. Now it boasts revenues of over $366 million per year.

Its founder, Ken Brailsford, is not new to the nutraceuticals industry as he was the founder and owner of Nature’s Sunshine in the 1970s. The company has many years of experience in knowing what customers want and what they are willing to pay for it. The first thing you might be asking is how you can get in and grab a share of this multimillion-dollar industry. First, let’s examine the company and what it has to offer.

Zija Products – The Famous “Moringa” Supplement

The product that Zija International sells is a plant-based supplement known as Moringa oleifera, or simply Moringa. This plant is claimed to be a highly nutritional plant that can help you have more energy and be more productive during the day. Is claimed to promote healthy circulation, provide glucose support, provide enzymes, have anti-aging benefits, deliver anti-inflammatory properties, improve metabolism, and have many more positive effects on the body.

The product claims that it is backed by scientific studies conducted by the John Hopkins School of Medicine, World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and National Institutes of Health. Upon visiting these websites, no mention of Moringa could be found, but studies do exist on the benefits of the constituents and vitamins that are found in Moringa.

This is apparently where Zija derives its information for making health claims. It seems that Moringa does have some health benefits, just as any other nutrient-packed plant does. However, whether it is the cure-all that Zija claims is still questionable.

There is no doubt that Moringa is good for you, but whether it lives up to the hype is a matter of opinion. If you use this product, you will probably feel better and may have some other benefits, particularly if you regularly consume a diet that is lacking in nutrition. However, I still don’t like that in MLMs you need to pay so much compared to normal products. If I am earning money, I want to do affiliate marketing because then I can make money by selling products for a good price.

Is Zija a Pyramid Scheme
Zija Products. Check Out How Expensive!

Zija sells products containing Moringa in a variety of forms. They sell them as liquid nutritional to give you a boost of energy, as weight management pills, and in skin care products. All of their products and product claims are based on the health benefits of Moringa and provide it in a form that directly addresses that particular issue. These are the products that you would be selling in the Moringa system.

is zija a scam
All MLM-systems claim to have the best scientist in world 😉

Zija Commission Structure – It Sounds Cool But…

First, have a look at this video which explains Zija compensation plan. Be careful because it’s created by Zija staff so it contains some promotional material.

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First off, you need to know that in order to begin the program you will be required to purchase a certain number of products that you will sell at a markup. Essentially, you buy the products at wholesale and then sell them at retail price. You will sell them through direct sales to your customers. If you are already familiar with selling and sales, you already know what this takes. However, if you have no previous sales experience, this process can be intimidating.

MLM systems are often not a good place for beginning sales persons to start their career. Colleges offer courses and degrees in sales and marketing. Of course, Zija and any other MLM schemes promise that you can rely on their sales experience and support and that you do not need your own. To a certain degree, this is true, but in the end, you have to be passionate about sales to succeed in any of these programs.

Most of the MLMs are not newbie-friendly unlike this money-making system.

With Zija, you get discounts for your first order, a bonus for reaching certain sales ranks and milestones, volume order rebates and discounts, team commissions, and bonuses as you climb up the ladder. If you actually make it to the upper echelons, you have put in a lot of hard work and hours. The problem is getting there in the first place. This is not a get rich quick scheme and you will have to put in many long hours and dedicate yourself to it in order to have a chance of succeeding, just like anything else you want to do in life.

Zija never tells you exactly how much you will make until you sign up, but it appears that commissions range somewhere around 10% with bonuses that could boost it as high as 25%, but you will not get these bonuses until you have reached a certain level of sales and place on the pyramid. This is a typical commission rate for an MLM. You can do the math to find out how much you will need to sell in order to meet your own personal goals. Then, you need to ask yourself if you think that is realistic.

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Zija Training and Support

If you have decided that Zija is right for you, then you need to know what type of sales training and support that you will receive. This is particularly important if you have little or no sales experience or education. They offer complete training, much of it by video, on both the front end and back end of the operations. Yes, you will be running your own business.

is zija a scam
Zija offers some events for their members which are nice, of course.

Zija provides you with sales and recruiting scripts, business tools for success, apparel, and marketing materials. Once you are up and running with the basic training, they teach you how to promote your products with presentations at conferences. Your team members and experienced professionals will serve as mentors and sources for support. How helpful they depend on their own level of expertise, experience, and willingness to help you.

Conclusion – Is Zija a Pyramid Scheme?

This depends on how you define a pyramid scheme because all MLMs are some kind of pyramids. At least we can say that Zija is not a Ponzi scheme. They provide some value with their products and for sure their community can help you to achieve your fitness goals.

However, I don’t recommend Zija as a money-making opportunity because there are better ways available. If you are interested in making money with your own business I recommend taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not an MLM-system but an online business training and community that teaches you ever step to create a successful online business.

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What do you think about Zija?

Do you like multi-level marketing or are you interested in other online business opportunities?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. So Zija is a multilevel marketing business in health and wellness niche. I am not a fan of MLM business. In fact, I have never done MLM. One of the problems I see in the MLM business is the pricing of the products. The products are so expensive that no one will consider buying them.

    Second is the reliability of the products. MLM companies boast that their products do this and that, but they don’t have any valid research to prove the usefulness of their products.

    1. That’s true. All MLM-programs are drumming that their products are the best and researched by the best professionals. However, we have seen in several occasions it’s not true. But of course we need to analyze each company individually because there are great differences.

  2. Hi there Roope, thanks for the review on this nutraceutical MLM company known as Zija.

    Quite honestly, I have not heard of this company before, but have been somewhat skeptical about how MLM works.

    The products, as you rightfully pointed out, are rather highly priced as compared to competitors or alternative brands.

    At the very least, the consolation I could see is that there is a proper structure in teaching the newcomers about the products and sufficient support given by the company.

    Whether I would buy into such a program, that may require a little more digging and understanding of the MLM business. Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Merrell,

      yeah, this could be interesting if it wouldn’t be an MLM. There are too many hands to feed in those systems. I prefer to go to a supermarket and get my product for 2 times cheaper and the same quality.


      1. LOL try 17 x cheaper… I did the maths already.. I’m questioning this a lot. My partner is involved. I like the products and the company seem pretty good but holly shit they charge for it.. and then mistify the numbers so its very hard to see what your actually getting. My opinion is their product is definitely superior especially given what I’ve read about moringa having very poor absorbsion which zija apparently deals with by adding enzymes and mixing in seeds and fruit etc.. but does that justify the huge price hike? I like the product and would like to recomend it to people but ethically i cant bring myself to do itand I dont even like my partner pushing something because its her little team thing. Im very on the ball with this type of thing, I dont take anything I hear without pulling it appart and assesing it for validity. so far zija has been full of contradictions and irrelevant claims which are extreemely miss leading.
        like comapiring super mix to pills.. Who the hell take bloody moringa pills? like seriuosly its a food not a freaking drug. Comparing powder to powder is the only fair test but they make their mix 13g with nutrient content of 2.5g moringa. thats a daily does so that ok but they dont tell you its 2.5g moringa they tell you its 100g leaves! which is 2.5 powder! lol.. so they spin stuff like that.. and say its 150 pills in one serving.. its 2.5g serve per serve.. so that 2.5g equivalent of dried leaf powder which is $60 a KG approx.. ziga works out $1800 a KG in comparison. that’s a big frigging difference. It has other ingredients to make up the other 11.5 grams but nutritionally I dont think its much higher if any that 2.5g leaf powder. (I spent a lot of time comparing the nutrional content of the leaves, seeds, fruit (the leaves have 95% of the nutrients per weight. they tell you the seeds and friut have the minerals but the suppliment charts they supply show the opposite as does comaparing with plain dried leaf powder. (at least the shop ones give you nutrtion content.. Zija give nothing.. only iron and calcium content. 1 super mix equals same as 2.5g dried leaf powder.. so I cannot see how the price can even be close to justified. paying the business is basicaly what your paying for and lots of nice packaging. a decent product too but not to the value they try and con you into

  3. Hello Roope

    Your review of Zija fascinated me.

    I have never been a fan of MLM so wouldn’t be interested in the business side of Zija.

    In this day and age it amazes me that any company can make claims about a product and not have the relevant backing.

    We could all produce a product and say it has amazing benefits but without the research and trials how can it be proved.

    Thank you for a thought provoking article.


    1. Hi Jackie,

      For sure Zija say that they have the best scientist on the planet or something similar. But so says every MLM-system.

      I prefer just buying good products from normal retailers instead of paying for 1000 downlines in between 🙂


  4. Hey Roope Kiuttu thanks for your article on Zija products, I believe this is one of the most opportunity that many people get trapped by these MLM companies.

    I glad you have provided some great pros and cons, details about Zija.

    Zija sound like a great opportunity for someone looking to joining an opportunity that provides some good health products.

    I do agree that wealthy affiliate is one of the best platforms on the internet that help anyone looking to make money online with their own business. Thanks for great article.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      at least Zija “sounds” like a great opportunity but I will not invest my time and money on their system because I am not very convinced about it.

      There are hundreds or thousands of similar MLM-programs selling health products and saying that they are the healthiest food in the world.

      I prefer affiliate marketing also for making money because I can provide good value for my readers and clients instead of selling overpriced products.


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