Is Secrets Of The Wealthy A Scam? [$3K to $21K Sales Funnel?!]

Is Secrets Of The Wealthy A Scam? Sketchy Sales Funnel Exists As Others Lure The Naive To Pay $3K To $21K For Fraud System. Learn More Before Joining Program.
Is Secrets Of The Wealthy A Scam? Sketchy Sales Funnel Exists As Others Lure The Naive To Pay $3K To $21K For Fraud System. Learn More Before Joining Program.

Welcome to my Secrets of the Wealthy Review!

Is Secrets of the Wealthy a scam? For sure you have heard a lot from this webinar training Grant Cardone launched last year. Given, it’s obvious that you’re here because you want to know whether this program could benefit you or not. 

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So, are we all set? Let’s dive into the program. Shall we?

Secrets of the Wealthy Review - Quick Summary

Name: Secrets of the Wealthy

Founded: 2018

Founder: Grant Cardone

Type: Training/Webinar

Price: $97 (95% off from original price of $1,975)

Best for: People who are interested in building online businesses and learn how to attract fortune and obsess with it by means of free training Grant Cardone offers to its target market.

Is Secrets of the Wealthy a scam cover-min

Summary: Secrets of the Wealthy is a program intended to teach people the secrets of wealthy people. It’s not only how they made the fortune but also how these group of people change their mindset that attracts fortune regardless of what they do and how they make money per se.

Is Secrets of the Wealthy Recommended? Yes, in terms of learning the concepts of attracting wealth. Not because it’s a great opportunity.


What Is Secrets Of The Wealthy? 

Established as a training program in 2018, Grant Cardone, one of the leading experts and influencers in the field of self-development, Secrets of the Wealthy intends to teach the common people (the naive in financial knowledge) the fundamentals of attracting wealth.

According to their official website, it is structured as a webinar program payable online in order to access the lessons he teaches.

Among the contents in the curriculum, it does have the same feel as David Sharpe of Legendary Marketer combined with Dan Lok’s.

He shared his life as a broke 25-year-old and how he made it to the pedestal, including how he managed to keep his luxurious life by showing his behind-the-scenes on the webinar itself. From there, any person could notice the similarities with his program as Sharpe’s and Lok’s concepts.

How Does Secrets Of The Wealthy Work?

Like Tony Robbins’ strategy to teach the necessities, Grant Cardone promotes Secrets of the Wealthy as a webinar program in which you have to purchase for $95 in a limited time to access the lessons you need to learn from him.

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If you take a glance at Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer, you could see the similarities of the patterns as Dan Lok and others in the same field.

The difference is that this one concentrates on changing your financial mindset, turning it into a money-making machine. 

Is Secrets of the Wealthy a scam models

Dan Lok, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, & David Sharpe have similar formula in attracting financial independence to fortune as taught in their respective training.

Noticeable patterns:

  • Sharing backstory as a broke young adult
  • Building businesses back-to-back to thrive as multi-million dollar companies
  • Contributing to society by teaching how finances work and how changing financial mindset attracts 10X wealth 

From there, you could see similarities in these 4 men in similar niches in which you could compare side-by-side.

How to Make Money with Secrets Of The Wealthy?

There’s only one way to make money with this program and obviously, it is to promote it to your users. If you intend to each money from this, you have to make sure you have a large following in order to generate referrals.

Once you do, you have to get into their membership and make sure you’re one of their bonafide affiliates wherein it doesn’t require technical knowledge.

Based on their official website, you have to make sure you generate traffic and sales to ensure more commission payment.


Grant Cardone's affiliate page containing everything you need to know about making money from his programs, including Secrets of the Wealthy

According to the program details, they payout as much as 5% commission tiers. It could also reach to as high as 10% full commission depending on your referrals in your account.

Further, they need to see you reach at least $100 threshold before they allow you to redeem your income, which is payable every 15th of the month of January, April, July, and October.

Secrets Of The Wealthy [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Scam Sales Funnel

While I hover through different reviews about this program, I noticed one blogger named Kyle, who mentioned about the shady tactics of an unknown guy.

He’s using Grant Cardone’s program to scam people to buying packages worth $3,000 to as much as $21,000 + administrative fees. In addition to that, there’s also a promise of a 50% commission payout.  

What I Like About Secrets Of The Wealthy?

1. Lots Of Positive Reviews On Amazon

There’s no doubt most of Grant Cardone’s works on various third-party platforms such as Amazon receive high ratings from satisfied customers.

Most of them recommended his books and actionable lessons for those who haven’t known the basics of attracting wealth. 

2. Actionable Program

Effective self-development program entails drive and force from the creator itself. It needs to push you to make an actionable plan for your goals and attain them for good.

Having that said, Secrets of the Wealthy inspires people to replicate Cardone’s success thinking they’d gain the same or at least similar outcomes by following his pieces of advice. 

3. Affordable Training (For A Limited Time)

Although it’s only made available for a limited time, the fact that Secrets of the Wealthy shuts down its mark up price from $1,975 to just $95 deserves applause.

Not only you get substantial information on how he succeeded through a step-by-step process, but you can also gain insights on how to change your mindset to obtain the best version of yourself in slow but surefire ways as possible.

Secrets Of The Wealthy Review - What Others Say About It?

Honestly, there’s not that much review about Grant Cardone’s program and personally, I take the positive reviews as a grain of salt.

As I mentioned in the quick summary, I would recommend listening to his webinar at a cheap price. But it’s not something you could earn much from it.


Some of the positive reviews for Secrets of the Wealthy webinar training

Albeit the promises of securing large amounts of commission payouts on your end, however, if you don’t have a massive following and you’re just getting started, there’s no sense of building a business around it. Besides, you have to be vigilant enough to prevent yourself from scam.

According to Kyle, one of the bloggers who discovered a sketchy sales funnel of the same program, he mentioned that the unknown man asks for at least $3,000 to as high as $21,000 not including the upcoming fees for the sake of access.

From there, you could imagine how many people could be lured into investing such a large amount of money thinking fortune could be expected sooner than doing the hard work itself.

Because of this, if you want to make an income as an affiliate promoting this webinar training to your followers, you need to make sure you don’t disregard the power of tenacity and hard work to achieve financial freedom. Otherwise, making them believe that Secrets of the Wealthy brings wealth alone is nonsense.

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On top of that, they also need to make sure it’s from Grant Cardone’s official page and not from a shady sales funnel as you see online, scattering itself in different identities.

Is Secrets Of The Wealthy A Scam?

Secrets of the Wealthy by itself, as a webinar training, is not a scam. It’s a legitimate program with a real backstory to tell, inspiring you to become the best version of yourself by changing yourself mentally in preparation for the financial independence you longed for.

Given, needless to say, that regardless of the program you join - be it Legendary Marketer or High Ticket Sales - attracting fortune entails a lot of driving force from your end.

You have to be consistently hustling to achieve that goal. You can’t simply derive its outcomes from petty sales funnels and other quick-rich schemes out there. 

Fraudulent Secrets of the Wealthy page where expensive packages are offered to victimize

Nonetheless, Secrets of the Wealthy is a legitimate training wherein you could maximize and earn money from it as an affiliate marketer.

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#1 Online Business Opportunity

Promoting someone’s product as your online business opportunity could be very tricky. That’s because you can’t assure whether that system or this system works or not.

You have to keep in mind that whatever financial-related seminars, among others you promote, it all boils down to how much your users extend their efforts for the sake of achieving their financial goals. 

Yes, making money online enables you to travel around the world and an ultimate freedom but you must be willing to work for it.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Is Secrets of the Wealthy a scam?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with Secrets of the Wealthy? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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