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Is Silver Lotto System a Scam or a Surprising Way to Beat the Lottery?

Ken Silver has made a website called Lotto Life where he is advertising his “proven” lotto system called Silver Lotto System. If we believe Ken’s word, this system has made thousands new millionaires worldwide. Is Silver Lotto System a Scam? Let’s find out!

Silver Lotto System Review

Is Silver Lotto System a ScamWebsite: www.theLottoLife.com
Founder: Ken Silver
Price: $39.95
Field: Lotto System
Overall Rank: 1 out of 100

What Is Silver Lotto System All About?

The Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver has been around for a few years now, claiming to have helped thousands of people win millions of dollars playing the lottery. The Silver Lotto System which was originally called Honest Lotto System but for some reason its name was changed to the Silver Lotto System. Interesting, huh?

The reason which was confirmed to be as a result of the extremely bad reputation Honest Lotto System had. After many complaint from people that Honest Lotto System was not real, Ken Silver decided it was best to repackage his lottery system, he then changed the name to “Silver Lotto System” and hyped-up the whole system to sound much better.

Ken Silver promises that he can raise your chances of winning the Lotto up to 98% for each time you play with 1% remaining down to luck (win 9 out of 10 draws) and for a monetary investment of only a couple dollars a week.

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Ken Silver also claims the Silver Lotto System is applicable to more than a 100 different lottery games throughout the world, and believes it is far exceptional to other systems and strategies that help people win the lottery.

How does that sound? For me I will say so generous of him to be sharing his secret for winning the lottery with us. Obviously, someone has found a small niche in a moneymaking industry and it is through the lottery system.

He went all the way to prove that Silver Lotto System actually works by fabricating dozens of testimonials on his website, testimonials which are basically written by himself and affiliates promoting the system to earn commission because that is the only way they can actually make money with this lottery system, not by winning any lottery games!

Does Silver Lotto System Work?

Ken Silver claims he found the perfect methods to identifying lotto patterns but what Ken Silver claim to have innovated is absolutely devious and a way of getting money and more money from people. If the win rate he promised was in fact real, we should be seeing tons of real reviews everywhere.

Moreover, why haven’t Ken Silver who claims to have won the lottery jackpot shown any real proof of his winnings too? Instead all we see on the Silver Lotto website are bunch of winning lottery that are not clear enough to be verified if they are real or not, again very suspicious! One characteristic of online scams are false testimonials.

Is Silver Lotto System a Scam

Ken is using a typical online marketing trick of showing his expensive cars

I found genuine reviews from sites not selling his products claiming that Ken Silver is an untrustworthy seller and there have been many complaints about him and his Silver Lotto System. Various websites, legit articles and posts in several forums are also stating that the Silver Lottery Systems have been tested enough times and it continuously yielded very poor results.

I came into a conclusion that Ken Silver is not a lottery expert, just a common writer or publisher, hence all the made-up writings and claims about his Silver Lottery System. You also have to understand that the Silver Lotto System revolves around what is called the “lottery wheel system”.

The lottery wheel system is a method or strategy of choosing and arranging lottery numbers in order to have a greater chance at winning but this idea is to target the smaller second and third tier prizes rather than the jackpot itself, so don’t think that the Silver Lotto system will ever win you a Jackpot.

I believe that it’s not even possible to beat lotto.

What Is the Price of Silver Lotto System?

It costs $39.95 to purchase the Silver Lotto System which often comes with a discount of $10. For that price ($29.95), you are supposed to receive an eBook within 48 hours of your purchase, giving you the details on this “guaranteed” lotto system.  Afterwards, you will have to pay additional $19 monthly which is for the Lotto 80 membership.

Pros & Cons


  • Silver Lottery system comes in a e-book download


  • Silver Lotto System does not give you a 98% win rate, more like a 2% win rate or nothing
  • Fake testimonials are being used to sell the system
  • Once you purchase the Silver Lotto System, Ken Silver does not help you but instead ignores you if you have problems (many complaints of no support at all, once he has your money).
  • Guaranteed 60 day full refund, but we found many complaints the refund is hardly ever honored
  • Ken Silver has a very bad reputation as a misleading seller of lottery products, claiming to win lotteries, yet the proof and facts show the opposite
  • Certain reports of Credit Cards being billed over and over without authorization from the card owner
  • Cannot find any lottery winners who have used and won with the Silver Lottery system.

Conclusion – Is Silver Lotto System a Scam?

Certainly a scam! Just like most lottery system that guarantee winning the lottery draws, knowing very well that a lot of people wants an easy way to money. They simply trick you to thinking you can make money with their system and that is obviously not the case, instead they are enriching themselves by selling this system to desperate individuals looking to earn quick money.

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Have you tried some lottery systems? Did it work?

Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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