How to Make $1,000 a Day with Affiliate Marketing? (Simple Math Explained!)

Make $1,000 per day with affiliate marketing

You’re probably reading this article because you want to make money with affiliate marketing. You want to make…

  • $100 a day.
  • $200 a day
  • $500 a day
  • $1,000 a day or even more.

(If you are not aware of what is affiliate marketing, read my article here where I walk you through hand-by-hand the basics of affiliate marketing and show how you can start making money.)

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By reading through this article, you are going to learn the simple mathematics on how you can make even $1,000 PER DAY and more with affiliate marketing online.

But first, let me tell a little bit of background how I got started with affiliate marketing in 2015 and I FAILED because I didn’t understand this math.

Strategy to Failure — Do NOT Do THIS!

If you want to make a life-changing income online with an affiliate, you should avoid the mistake that I did at the beginning.

If you want to make just a couple of bucks, you can go to this route what I did but I guarantee it’s NOT going to make you a life-changing income. That’s why I’ll show you a better way at the end of this article…

I went to and signed up for their affiliate program and started promoting my favorite books.

The price of each book was around $10–25 and the commission from Amazon was around 4% for each sale.

It means that when someone bought a book through my link on Amazon, I only earned something between $0,40 and $1.

If I would have wanted to make $1,000 per day, I would have needed to sell a minimum of 1,000 books per day.

Did I succeed?


However, since then I’ve learned a lot and I have had several days over 4 years when I’ve made over $1,000 in a single day. My record so far was around $3,100 in a day.

I understood how to make money with affiliate marketing that changed my life forever and I’ve been able to travel around the world and live the lifestyle of my dreams even though the beginning wasn’t so rosy.

Now you can learn from my mistakes and succeed faster than I did

Simple Strategy to Make $1,000 Per Day with Affiliate Marketing

You don’t need to be a genius to understand this.

I’ve created you the following video where I walk you through this process step-by-step so you can go and watch it or you can follow my article below where I explain to you this strategy more in detail.

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Click the thumbnail below to watch my video.

If your goal is to make $1,000 per day, you must break it down and answer 2 questions.

1. How much money do you earn per sale?
2. How many sales do you need to make?

See 4 simple examples below:

1. If you make $1,000 per sale, you only need to make 1 sale to make $1k per day.
=> For example, Legendary Marketer affiliate program

Get started with Legendary Marketer here.

2. If you make $100 per sale, you’ll need to make 10 sales every day.
– For example, Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program

Get started with Wealthy Affiliate through the link below:

3. If you make only $10 per sale, you’ll need to make 100 sales every day.
– For example, electric piano on Amazon.

4. If you earn just a tiny $1 per sale, you’ll need to make 1,000 sales every single day.
– For example, the Holy Bible on Amazon.

Do you see the math?

The more expensive the product you sell, the fewer sales you need to reach your income goal.

Now I’m not saying that you should go out there and start promoting the most expensive products that you find on the Internet.

All I’m pointing you out is the math.

When I got started, I promoted the cheapest products that I found.

I made almost nothing and I was able to provide no support or bonuses at all to the people who bought them.

Nowadays I am promoting products that offer a higher value to people, make me higher commissions and I can provide them more bonuses and support.

Now if this sounds complicated for you, don’t worry, I’ve started from nothing too. I come far away from the North from one of the coldest countries in the world from a relatively small city, raised by a (loving) single mother.

I started online with a slow Internet connection, cheapest laptop that I was able to find in the store and I didn’t know personally anyone who would make money online.

Still, I have been able to make several times over $1,000 per day with affiliate marketing online, travel around the world and live the life that I never thought could be possible.

(Below are just a couple of pictures from my trip around the world. I lived/visited in 15 countries during the 1,5 years.)

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See you inside!

Roope “From failure to making a life-changing income online” Kiuttu

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