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If you are committed, you can achieve everything.

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Yesterday I talked to you why it’s so important that you always give your absolute best.

What does ‘being committed’ mean to you regarding your online business?


Here are some examples of what it could mean.

  • Committing at least 1 hour every single day, 365 days a year to build your online business (assuming that you also have a 9–5 job and you can’t work more).
  • Writing articles instead of listening to reading motivational quotes?
  • Creating YouTube videos instead of watching other people’s videos?
  • Committing to track every hour that you work on your business? And work at least 50 hours per week?
  • Not checking Facebook, Instagram or other social media until you have finished the most important business task of your day?

The most common excuse that I hear people saying why they don’t succeed online is, “I don’t have time” or “My life got in the way”.

Your mom or nice friend might accept it as a reason but as your mentor and after seeing first-hand 1,000’s of people starting their online business journeys, I don’t accept that excuse.

Not having enough time is always just an excuse.

You and me, we both have 24 hours a day.

Today I attended the seminar and it took me about 13 hours of intensive studying.

Then add the walking distance, eating and other stuff.

And guess what I still did for my online business today?

  • I replied to all the emails that I have received from you (my email subscribers).
  • Published a blog post at Wealthy Affiliate, shared it on Facebook and replied to all the people who had engaged with my post and share.
  • I replied to all the private messages that I have received from the people that I help at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • I wrote this email to you that you are reading right now.
  • Worked on my Email Marketing Mastery course to make some progress.

Keep in mind that I wouldn’t have needed to do any of that.

I already earn more passive income without even lifting my finger than most people make by working full-time.

I guess you might now understand why I do not accept, “not having enough time” as a reason for not succeeding.

“Not having enough time” is always just an excuse. Always.

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I know, it’s some tough love but I must be realistic with you.

All the best to you and remember to give you all today.

Roope “You have enough time, all the resources and everything you need to succeed online” Kiuttu

PS. I believe that you can and will make things happen.

You wouldn’t have read this far if you wouldn’t.

Now… Get to work and do what you must get done today!

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