How to Earn Money Online with a Blog? 5 Opportunities Explained

How to Earn Money Online with a Blog
There are several effective ways to earn money with a blog
How to Earn Money Online with a Blog
There are several effective ways to earn money with a blog

There are thousands of ways to earn money online. One of them is blogging and today I’m going to give you 5 relevant answers to the question, “How to Earn Money Online with a Blog?”

1.Google Ads

This is probably one of the most famous ways. When you have enough visitors on your blog you can earn money with Google ads.

Google Adsense is very easy to activate.

When someone clicks Google’s ads on your website, you will earn the little money.You can also contact the companies directly and ask how much they are willing to pay you if you show their ads

Google Adsense is one way to earn money with a blog but not it’s not my favorite. You can contact the companies directly and ask how much they are willing to pay you if you show their ads on your website.

2.Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you place companies’ links or ads to your website. But you don’t get the commission when someone clicks the ad.

You get the commission when someone buys the product.

You can, for example, put the link to Amazon. Then someone clicks the link and goes to Amazon’s website. Then he/she buys the product and you get the commission of the product.

There are many good sides in affiliate marketing. For example, when you take someone to Amazon you can earn commission despite what product the visitor buys. Even if your product is a book but the visitor ends up buying clothes, you will get the commission of those clothes.

Many programs teach on the Internet to earn money through affiliate marketing. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate provides the best training and the community to learn to become a successful affiliate marketer.

3.Sell Your Own Products

One of the most profitable ways to earn money with a blog is to sell your own products.

Your products can be T-shirts, ebooks, online courses or anything you can imagine.

The good side when you are selling your own products is that you will get 100% of the money while in affiliate marketing or selling ads you only get some commission.

Still, the truth is that selling your own products usually requires more work than selling products from Amazon.

Amazon has already built the trust with the people. But when you are selling your own products you first need to gain trust in the eyes of your customers.

Creating your own products can still definitely be worth it as you are persistent with the marketing.

4.Private Sponsorship

As your blog becomes more and more popular you can find sponsors.

Companies related to your niche become interested in marketing their products and services in your blog.

Or for example, if you have a travel blog, the travel agency may give you a free trip if you write a review of their service and leave ads to your blog.

In order to gain this kind of sponsorship, you need to convince the company that your blog has enough traffic and it would be profitable for them to sponsor your blog.

Many times private sponsors don’t just appear but you need to be active yourself in order to them.

5.Speaking Fees and Personal Appearances

Many people don’t think this possibility at first.

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But as you write a blog and gain the expertise in your niche you can have new and interesting opportunities.

You can use your blog as a merit and market yourself to become a speaker at the conferences and different kind of events of your niche.

I know that many bloggers will never become public speakers but I wanted to share this possibility to open eyes to see how many possibilities there really are as a blogger.

Having a great blog can also help you to get a work place because the boss can see your great efforts that you have made in your blog. But I bet that you don’t need to work for anyone else if as you become the more successful blogger. 😉

How to Write for Blogs


These were the 5 ideas on the question, “How to Earn Money Online with a Blog?”

1.Google Ads
2.Affiliate Marketing
3.Sell Your Own Products
4.Private Sponsorship
5.Speaking Fees and Personal Appearances

Remember that when you are writing a blog, success doesn’t come overnight. It neither comes automatically.

Sow, sow and sow. Sow little seeds of success in your blog and over the time course you can reap the harvest.

Usually, you will also need to have training on how to market your blog and how to earn money with your blog faster.

In my opinion, the best way to start earning money with a blog is Wealthy Affiliate. They provide a thorough training and the community of enthusiastic people who encourage you to push forward.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I think that producing your own product will definitely give you bigger benefits in the long run. But it is harder to sell than those already established products. The competition in the market is very tight. Products keep popping up everyday. You cannot even know if it is effective unless you try them. For now, I will just stick with the products of others such as Amazon.

    1. You are right. Creating own products includes a higher risk than selling products as an affiliate. However, the returns can also be much greater if the product is good. Then you can possibly your own “army of affiliate marketers” that sell your products further.

  2. I often read about blogging/vblog is associated with earnings. I understand a few principles behind it. I am impressed how effective their strategies. I know this involves time and effort. But I’m willing to try. To take extra challenge of opportunities on online works. Do instagram accounts be applied in affiliate marketing methods? Please, enlighten me. Thank you as always. Good day.

    1. Yes, sure you can use Instagram for affiliate marketing as well. Many people are already doing it and earning a big money with it.

      Of course, you’ll need to gather a large audience to make big money with it but keep in mind that everyone who today has a large following once started from 0.

  3. From what I have learnt so far ever since I started out as a freelancer, making use of Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Sell Your Own Products, Private Sponsorship, Speaking Fees and Personal Appearances can only be possible with first owning a blog/forum or your own website. They are all good ways to earn money online but becoming an affiliate marketer seems to be the best among them all.

    1. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money. That being said, I think that the greatest income potential in the long run is by creating own products. At some point I am going to create my own products as well.

      1. Hmm, I know you well Roope from our time together here, if you have voiced about creating your own products to sell, it means that you have already started working on it. So, between me and you, could you give me a tip on what your product would likely be? I’m very eager to know, please don’t mind my curiosity.

        1. Most likely teaching something about making money online, Internet marketing or cryptocurrencies.

          At the moment, I am fine with promoting the Wealthy Affiliate make money online training but in the future I’ll most likely create my own courses as well.

          I’ve already done 2 cryptocurrency courses on Udemy and in the future I may make more.

          1. That’s nice and with how good you are with the work you are doing already in Wealthy Affiliate, I’m absolutely sure that once you have your own course rolling out, it’s going to be exciting and exceptional. Cryptocurrency is a great niche to work on and I’m sure with time more people are going to buy the idea of dealing with cryptocurrency because some are still skeptical about it.

          2. Thank you again 🙂

            I think that my work within the cryptocurrency space has already influenced in one way or another to 10,000’s of people worldwide. My videos, articles and courses have been watched by so many people in total that it must have some sort of influence. 🙂

          3. I don’t doubt it at all because I have watched some of the YouTube videos which you made on cryptocurrency, and from the little understanding I have on cryptocurrency, the information you put out on those videos are very detailed and informative.

  4. Blogging for me it is the one of the best jobs for those people who have a lot of experiences in life. In blogging you don’t have to be professional as long as you can read then write and just be true in your every blogs you will surely get a lot of traffics.

    1. Yeah, that is a good point of view. You can also start blogging even though you wouldn’t yet have much experience of the subject. The interest enough because in the process you will surely become an expert.

      1. Yap, guess what? Here in my country blogging is now being taught in some schools here, then when I am invited to talk at front about blogging I share about them what I saw here, that blogging was not all about writing, it is all about passion and also earning. So I told them that every blogs pays off so they have the favor.

  5. Private sponsorship is probably the best method of revenue for a blog. It tends to pay quite a lot especially if you can manage to get sponsored by a massive company. You can also get some free products to test out which is another added bonus. I know that YouTubers do this quite a lot and it is probably a much better method of income than what they get paid from YouTube for displays advertisements on their videos.

    1. Yeah, with the sponsorship you can make good money. Also if you just have enough traffic you can do money with almost any way. Even ads pay fine if you optimize them well.

  6. Great article! I enjoyed the way you broke it down into 5 ways which cut out a lot of unnecessary things and gave the bigger picture. Do you think one way to go might be to build your site up from affiliate marketing first and basically just gain google’s trust and then start marketing your own products from the same site? I am thinking I might go this way because at leas by then I will have a good amount of traffic as opposed to creating a product and having zero traffic to start out with. What do you think?

    1. Thank you for the comment Liz.

      Yes, your plan is definitely great. Many people do like that. First, they start with affiliate marketing by selling other people’s products. I recommend that for you also because it could be quite challenging to sell your own products right from the start. It’s possible of course but starting with affiliate marketing can make things much easier.

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