Expert Secrets Book Review [Get a FREE Book Worth $1,000’s!]

Welcome to my Expert Secrets Book Review!

If I would need to recommend to you just 1 book about Internet marketing, it would probably be this book or alternatively Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson.

These 2 books are like "Bibles" for the Internet marketers of our time.

Russell Brunson is without a doubt one of the most influential business owners nowadays and he has educated 100,000's of entrepreneurs from all over the world.

In this article, I am going to tell you what is Expert Secrets, why I enjoyed this book a lot and found it so valuable.

A great thing is that Russell is also sharing this book now for free so you can get a FREE copy of this book just by clicking the link below...

Expert Secrets Book Review - Quick Summary

Name: Expert Secrets

Website: (Get Your FREE Book through that special link)

Author: Russell Brunson

Topic: Internet Marketing, Becoming an Expert/Authority

Price: FREE (Just cover the shipping)

Best for: People who want to make more money online and have more influence.

Summary: Expert Secrets teaches you how you can become an expert and an authority within your industry and create a mass movement. The book also gives you extremely practical advice and steps how you can do this using the Internet.  

Is Expert Secrets Recommended? Yes, definitely! You can get a free copy of this book through my link below:


What Is Expert Secrets All About? 

"The underground playbook for creating a Mass Movement of people who will PAY FOR YOUR ADVICE!" 

That's how Russell Brunson describes the book in his own words.

In my experience, the book teaches you the following things well and clearly:

  1. How you can become an expert and an attractive person that people want to follow.
  2. The psychology behind creating a mass movement and practical steps to creating it.
  3. How to leverage the Internet (and webinars) to making $1,000,000's with your business.
  4. Practical steps and formula for creating a perfect webinar.
  5. How to make more money without getting more customers (the idea of sales funnels).

In order to understand the book better, I'd like to tell you a few words about the author of the book, Russell Brunson.

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Who Is Russell Brunson And Why Should You Follow His Advice?

Russell Brunson looks like a teenager but talks like a father.

Some people actually call him, "the father of Internet marketing funnels". Russell has done Internet marketing at least 1,5 decades. Not only that, he's an extremely ambitious guy who loves competing and winning.

It also means that that he's all the time becoming better at his craft, Internet marketing.

If I would need to pick 5 best Internet marketers in the world, Russell Brunson would definitely be one of them. His marketing style is very "American" and some would call it a bit aggressive but he really knows what he is talking about.

Russell has been featured on Forbes and on other huge media channels after creating Click Funnels which is worth $100,000,000's. 

Probably wouldn't be even necessary to say that Russell Brunson has become a multi-millionaire and if he lives long enough he will become a billionaire as well. Even though he started as a regular college kid who loved wrestling and learning new things...

Russell Brunson has also authored a couple of other books that have been highly successful and popular. My #1 recommended Brunson's book among Expert Secrets is Dot Com Secrets. It also teaches you important 'secrets' on how you can make a fortune with Internet marketing while providing a great value to other people.

Russell Brunson loves educating entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Expert Secrets Book Summary - Highlights

I don't want to bore you here by explaining the book in detail like, "In the first chapter Russell talks about.... Then in the second chapter he starts talking about..."

Instead, I'll raise here a few key points that greatly impacted me and why I think this book was at least 100 times more valuable than it's selling on Amazon. A great thing though is that you can get the book for 100% free through this link and you only must cover the shipping fee.

1.Become an "Attractive Person"

My favorite speaker Jim Rohn always taught, "Success is not something you try to pursue. Success is something that you'll attract by becoming an attractive person."

Jim talked about the habits and the skills that you'll need to develop in order to become 'attractive' in the marketplace.

In the Expert Secrets book, Russell shows you how you can become an attractive leader in the eyes of your target audience.

He walks you through the steps to "creating your character" and how you can use it to your advantage in your marketing.

Some key elements to creating an attractive character include for example:

  1. Telling your background story to your audience
  2. Being relatable and 'vulnerable'
  3. Sharing your own voice
  4. Etc.

2.What 1 Thing Do People Need to Believe?

If people need to believe 7234 things before they buy your product or service, you've failed in your marketing.

In fact, people should only need to believe 1 thing in order to get them convinced to buy your product. Russell Brunson explains you the psychology and practice about this in his book.

When your audience believes only 1 thing, then everything else falls in the place and the rest of the questions will be answered naturally.

Russell's statement goes like this:

"If I can make people believe that (my new opportunity) is / are key to (what they desire most) and is / are only attainable through (my specific vehicle), then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to give me money.

It sounded a bit strange for me at first but it made perfect sense after reading the whole Expert Secrets book.

You don't need to try to convince your audience about 4398 things before they'll buy your product. You just convince them about 1 most important thing and then all other objections become irrelevant and they want to buy that product.

3.Tell Stories... And Tell Even More Stories

The greatest leader of all time, Jesus, was a great storyteller. He died already +2,000 years ago but he still has still billions of passionate followers all around the world.

Selling, marketing and creating a mass movement is all about telling stories. Once Russell Brunson's friend counted how many stories he told during one 60-minute speech... Guess how many?

Russell told 50 stories in 60 minutes!

It's not a coincidence that he has made $1,000,000's during some of his speeches.

In the book, Russell doesn't only highlight you the importance of telling stories but he also teaches how you can tell stories that people want to listen.

Russell Brunson loves telling stories! I guess he's telling one story also in the image above? 😉

4.Your Moral Obligation

Sometimes people don't like the idea of selling... They feel that it's like pushing things to people that wouldn't care less.

However, Russell takes a completely different perspective to selling in his book.

He explains that selling a product or a service that people need is actually your moral obligation. You are anyway making them a favor by selling it.

There is still a challenge that even the greatest product in the world is not going to 'sell by itself'. That's why you need to learn the skills that Russell teaches you in the book about selling and marketing.

5.How to Create a Perfect Webinar (Literally!)

Even though I have published 100's of videos already on my YouTube channel, I have never held a webinar.

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In Expert Secrets, Russell walks you through how you can create a Perfect Webinar using exactly the same formula that he and other highly successful entrepreneurs have used to make $1,000,000's online.

That really sparked my interest and I'm most likely going to hold webinars in the future. When I do that, I'll definitely going to follow Russell's formula.

Even though you wouldn't create webinars, this part of the book is extremely helpful for you if you're a marketer or a salesperson. And actually, I think that all of us are some sort of salespersons because we need to 'sell ideas' every single day to the people that we interact with.

6.More Great 'Aha!' Moments

I can't cover all the Aha moments and highlights that I got from this book in just one article. In addition, you will get more value from the book by reading it yourself instead of me explaining what I learned.

That's why I recommend that you get your Free Expert Secrets book here.

Expert Secrets PDF Free Download

Some people have been asking, "Is there a free PDF download for the Expert Secrets book?"

And the answer is No.

The good news is that you can get a real Experts Secrets book for free through any links on this page. Majority of the people still prefer reading the 'old-fashioned' book instead of staring the screen for hours to read the book.

After you've got your Free book, Russell also offers you to get his Experts Secrets audiobook so you can listen to it right away. Audiobook has also other benefits like you can listen on the go, while exercising at the gym or while cooking for example.

Expert Secrets Amazon: 4,7 Stars Out of 5

Expert Secrets has received extremely positive reviews on Amazon.

At the time when I'm writing this review, there are 171 reviews of this book on Amazon and 87% of those reviews have given this book 5 out of 5 stars.

The average rating of all reviews is 4,7 stars out of 5 (see below).

You can also get this book on Amazon for their cheapest price here. The benefit of buying from Amazon is that you'll probably get the book shipped to you a bit faster. In addition, you can get the audiobook from Audible.

Expert Secrets Book Review - Conclusion

If you have followed my content, you probably know that I am living currently the "laptop lifestyle" and traveling around the world (see the image below).

If you want to be able to travel around the world while making money online like I do, read My Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to get started for free.

It also means that I can't carry so much stuff with me because everything needs to fit in my backpack and one bigger luggage.

There are only a few books that I carry with me when traveling and one of them is Expert Secrets. It's certainly one of the best books for Internet marketers ever written.

It's written by a great Internet marketer to (upcoming) great Internet marketers. I know personally some successful Internet marketers and pretty much all of them have read this book. I guess there is some causal connection? 😉

"When you read this book, you'll become a great Internet marketer!"

Well, maybe not so direct causality but this book will certainly increase your skills and take you one step further to achieving your goals and dreams online.

That's why I highly recommend grabbing your free copy while their supplies last...

Have you already read Expert Secrets?

Would you also recommend it to others?

What other great books for Internet marketers and entrepreneurs would you recommend?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Hello Roope, thanks so much for this interesting book review! This book seems to be so useful for anyone. You gave new info to me. I may read that book.

    Your emails and online guide are so amazing. I recommend those to everyone 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Eija! You’ll surely find this book helpful and it will take your online business journey further. Also, glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying my daily emails.

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