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Is World Global Network a Scam Or World-Changing Business Opportunity?

Welcome to my World Global Network Review!

The chances are that you are looking for an answers to the questions like, "Is World Global Network a scam? Does Helo wristband work or are there better alternatives? Is World Global Network Business worth joining?"

Congratulations for making your research and reading my 100% unbiased review! I am not affiliated with WGN in any way so you can expect brutally honest thoughts.

You are already ahead of 90% people who just blindly rush into these systems and waste their time.

I've educated +3,000 people to make honest money online and I have published reviews of +100 MLM-companies such as World Global Network so you can certainly trust in what you'll find out here.

My goal is to help you to get all the answers regarding World Global Network that you need and learn the Best way to make money from home.

Are you ready?

Let's have a look!

World Global Network Review - Quick Summary

Name: World Global Network

Type: Network Marketing (MLM) Business in the Life-Sensing Technology Industry

Price: Getting Started Varies Around $349 - $3,499

Best for: Those 1-2% Who Are on Top of Their Pyramid

Summary: World Global Network is a network marketing company that is selling innovative products like life-sensing technology, electromagnetic wave blockers and smartphones.

Is Recommended World Global Network Recommended? Not really. More on this further.

No recruiting, face-to-face selling needed. Comfortable to do from your home...

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Ambit Energy Review: A Pyramid Scheme Or Easy $11,758/Month?

Ambit Energy Reviews 2019

Is Ambit Energy a pyramid scheme or a legitimate business that you should be part of?

That's the question that 1,000's of people have been asking Mr. Google over the years.

I've prepared this 100% unbiased Ambit Energy review to answer all your questions and provide you with a better understanding how things work with that company.

Watch the video below to hear my updated Ambit Energy review. In the end of the video, I'll also walk you through my #1 recommended way to make money online.

I'm sure that you'll find my review helpful and it will answer to your most important questions.

If you need any further help to making money from home or you have questions regarding Ambit Energy, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

“Would you like to save money on your electricity bill?
Would you like to earn monthly residual income?
Would you like to achieve a financial freedom?

All of this is now possible with Ambit Energy!”

That’s how they start their marketing speech. They promise you a moon from the sky and a little bit more. Is Ambit Energy a Pyramid Scheme? Can you really save on electricity if you change?

If you have been looking for an Ambit Energy review, you have come to the right place. I am not affiliated with their company so I am not trying to lure you into a system. Take a comfortable seat and continue reading until the end. This will be helpful information for you!

is ambit energy a pyramid scheme

Ambit Energy Homepage

Ambit Energy Review

Name: Ambit Energy

Founded: 2006 by Jere Thompson – Chris Chambles

Cost: $429 plus a $24.95 monthly fee to stay active

Type & Industry: Multi-Level Marketing. Energy Products.

Short Review: Ambit Energy is not an illegal pyramid scheme even though there has been lots of controversy around the company. Some people are reporting that their electricity bills skyrocketed after changing to Ambit Energy while others have enjoyed their service for years.

I recommend that you take your electricity from the company that is not a multi-level marketing system. Then you don’t need to pay so-called “MLM-extra” which means a higher price.

If you are looking for a good way to make money, I highly recommend checking out my #1 work from home opportunity. That system has allowed me to quit my 9 to 5 job and now I have a freedom to travel whenever and wherever I want.

What Is Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy is an international energy company founded in 2006 by Chris Chambles and Jere Thompson Jr. Their corporate headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas; their operations headquarters are located in Plano, Texas. The company uses the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) strategy to market electricity and natural gas services in energy markets in the U.S.

The company targets homeowners located in several states in America and the company has spread their business to Japan as well. As you probably know, before people Americans weren’t able to choose their energy company but after deregulation, anyone can choose the best one.

Ambit Energy’s mission is to provide the best energy products on the market. Well, that’s probably mission for all of the energy companies. Who would like to provide something second best?

I want to say right away that Ambit Energy is neither a scam nor an illegal Pyramid scheme. They sell energy products so they don’t solely focus on recruiting. However, it plays a huge role in the company and that’s one reason people have claimed it’s a pyramid scheme.

First, we’ll take a quick look at their products and then I’ll show you how their business part works. You’ll also find out why it’s not so easy to make money with this system as they want to you believe.

Ambit Energy offers electricity

Nowadays everyone needs energy. But does everyone need Ambit Energy? That’s another question.

Ambit Energy Products – Simply Put: Energy

Ambit Energy offers:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Green-e plans
  • Solar services

They promise to offer competitive rates and tell that your electricity bill will be cheaper if you change for them. However, customer’s experiences highly vary.

My friend’s family member joined Ambit Energy and he received a huge bill afterward. His electricity bill was 6 TIMES more expensive than before. As far as I know, this kind of rises are very rare with Ambit Energy but I have seen several people complaining their price was 2-3 times higher than before.

Still, there are also some people who said their price has gone down. We can only imagine how expensive price they were paying before joining Ambit Energy…

Anyway, let’s get to the most interesting part which is their money-making opportunity.

Ambit Energy Compensation Plan – Let’s Discuss!

Joining Ambit Energy business opportunity costs a one-time fee $429. Then you’ll need to pay a $24.95 monthly fee to stay active. That sounds like an expensive program if you compare to most other MLM-systems where you can join just for a one-time fee of less than $100. Ambit Energy consultants say that their awesome opportunity compensates the high price. Listen what they say:

“You can earn a lifetime residual income via the power of multiplication. Just bring in 3 consultants; those consultants bring in 3 customers multiplied through their 7 tiered commission structure and wow, you can easily earn up to $12,000 per month.”

is ambit energy a pyramid scheme

This Ambit Energy consultant is almost like praying you to join this program!

If it would be so easy, why would more than 95% of people fail with MLM-systems? All of them tell you the same story, “Just recruit two or three and you’ll become a millionaire.” or something similar. Their 7-tiered compensation plan is supposed to help you to earn passive income.

They say that selling Ambit Energy is easier because you don’t actually need to sell anything. Everyone needs electricity and wants to earn extra money. Well, I can say from my own experience that it’s easier said than done.

I have been selling electricity to people and even though I was studying selling every day, it wasn’t that easy. Many people who were paying for a more expensive service just didn’t want to change. Of course, my skills weren’t so good back then but the old sales principle applies to selling electricity, “You will face lots of NOs.”

That’s the reality. You need to be ready for that.

=> Tired of Recruiting and Selling? Learn How to Make Money Online Without Recruiting Anyone!

“I Was Able to Recruit 3. Can I Retire Now?”

Before I quickly mentioned that more than 95% of people fail with MLM-systems (sometimes the failure rate is even over 99%). So, how do you assume that you and your two friends belong to that small 1-5% who succeed?

Most of the time the story of successful network marketers goes like this:

  1. You invite 100 people.
  2. 20 people join the system (that’s a good number!)
  3. 10 of them leave during the first months so we have 10 left.
  4. 7 of them leave after a year because they realized they didn’t earn almost anything but spend lots of time and money. We have 3 recruits left.
  5. 2 of them drops eventually because life gets in the way and they don’t have time for this business.
  6. Then we have one below your downline who still believes he will succeed.
ambit energy recruiting

You need to become a “recruiter-machine” when you join Ambit Energy business opportunity.

The story is, of course, a caricature but it tells you that most people just come and go. Those are very few people who will eventually stick with the system and recruit others. Things don’t always go like in the movies (and like in MLM-testimonials). If you have experience of other MLM-systems like Herbalife, Mary Kay, Amway, etc. you probably understand this.

If you really want to be successful with Ambit Energy you need to be able to recruit hundreds of people and help them to recruit other people as well. That’s the real reality here. I’m not saying it’s impossible. I believe everything is possible.

I just want point this out that you understand the reality of this system.

Ambit Energy Complaints and Lawsuits

Before you rush into joining Ambit Energy, I want that you are aware of everything important about their business.

There have been several lawsuits against the company during their history. Probably one of the most famous ones was in New York in 2015 when they needed to pay around $1 million in refunds to their customers. Otherwise, Ambit Energy would have been kicked out of the business so they didn’t really have choices.

There have also been other cases in the past but this one enjoyed popularity in the media.

is ambit energy a pyramid scheme

Ambit Energy didn’t have other choices than paying $1 million refunds.

There are also more than 500 customer complaints filed against Ambit Energy on Better Business Bureau. There have been several reasons for complaints:

  • The prices were higher than they promised.
  • Ambit Energy consultant wasn’t honest.
  • Marketing strategies were shady and the customer didn’t understand everything.

Are these just normal complaints that every company receives? You decide.


Conclusion – Is Ambit Energy Worth It?

I have reviewed 60-70 MLM-programs and almost all of them have one similar characteristic. They have higher prices than normal companies. Ambit Energy is not an exception.

I call this nowadays so-called “MLM-extra”. Most of the time you need to pay something more if you want to use network marketing products. Of course, they always say it’s high quality or something similar but most of the time that’s BS. You can still support your friend and buy the product if you have some extra money in your wallet.

What about Ambit Energy business opportunity?

To be honest, I find this more interesting than most MLM-opportunities. Anyway, everybody needs electricity so the market is huge and there’s certainly a big potential. However, I am not a big fan of network marketing and pyramid structures. Also, their lawsuits and +500 customer complaints on BBB make me a bit suspicious.

The fact is that you will make most of your money by recruiting new consultants to the system who will gather their own army to their downline if everything goes well.

If you are interested in work from home opportunities, I still have good news for you. I make money online and this website is actually designed to help you as well. I recommend checking out #1 make money online training that helped me and thousands of other people worldwide to earn a living on the Internet.

What is your experience with Ambit Energy or with other MLM-programs?

Have some of your friends joined Ambit Energy?

Let me know in the comments below!


Is VoxxLife a Scam? [3 Secrets Revealed!]

Welcome to my VoxxLife Review!

I’ve come across a concerned individual in a forum, whose parents are way too indulged in MLMs. In fact, they’re obsessed with them for a long period of time. Recently, they land their hundred percent attention to Voxxlife, a networking company selling socks. They aren’t as any other pair of socks and insoles, but they’re packed with science. 

Before I dig into it, first of all, I like to congratulate you for taking a time to research the MLM and find legitimate ways to make money online.

What is Voxxlife? Is VoxxLIfe a scam or legit? Is VoxxLife business opportunity worth joining? 

You’ll get all the answers from the comprehensive review I’m going to tackle in this brutally honest review. I advise you to fasten your seatbelts because I’m not related to Voxxlife in any way and I’m reviewing it in an investor’s perspective: whether it’s worth your money or not. Both the positive and negative sides of the company and the products they sell.

By the way, we have published 100+ review on different MLM companies in our site just like Voxxlife. So, we are one of the leading experts on this topics.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

VoxxLife Review - Quick Summary

Name: VoxxlIfe

Founder: Jay Dhaliwal

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Programs. Health & Wellness Industry.

Price: Voxxlife offers the following business kits: Bronze for $200 with a guaranteed $110 profit; Silver for $400 with $310 profit; and, Gold for $600 with surprisingly, $605 profit.

Best for: People who are into wellness and optimal performance, specifically to enhance the quality of life by alleviating pain, enhancing energy, and mobility.

Especially the athletes and others involved in intensive physical training and coaching, as well as active non-athletes.

Summary: Voxxlife, as a network marketing company, existed for six years providing optimal health care products, primarily Voxxstasis and Voxxsole, helping individuals reach the optimum lifestyle through the power of HPT or the Human Performance Technology.

A group of medical team of chiropractic neurologists and reflexologists developed and coined this term to define the science behind the effectiveness of their product. According to them, once HPT takes effect, the human body reacts by soothing any ongoing body issues affecting one’s mobility.

These include the pain, fatigue, and any other sorts of negative concerns, which leads to dependency on drugs for a temporary relief like painkillers, vitamins, and supplements. 

Is VoxxLife Recommended? No. The company collected amass of negative reviews, thus, making it a bit sketchy. If you want to know how to earn an income with or without Voxxlife, see my #1 recommendation below.

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Lyoness MLM Review: Is Lyoness a Pyramid Scheme Or #1 Opportunity?

Welcome To My Lyoness Review!

If you have been looking for an honest Lyoness MLM Review, you have come to the right place.

Congratulations for doing your own research and looking for legitimate ways to make money online.

We have published reviews of +100 companies like Lyoness and of +500 make money online opportunities in total so you can expect to get the all the information you need in this. page. 

I know many of you have seen Lyoness members praising the system with all their power and heart. The company clearly has many cult-like characteristics like many network marketing companies have in general.

I am not affiliated with Lyoness in any way so you don’t need to fear that I would be praising the system here.

The purpose of my review is to provide you information so you can make an informed decision whether their business opportunity is worth it or not. Some of you have probably asked, “Is Lyoness a Pyramid Scheme?” You’ll get also an answer to that question in my article below.

Lyoness Review - Quick Summary

Name: Lyoness

Founded: In 2003 by Hubert Freidl

Type: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Cashback Programs.

Median Income for All Members: $0,04

Lyoness Homepage

Lyoness Homepage

Summary: Lyoness offers two things: 1.Cashback program. 2.MLM business opportunity. With the cashback program you won’t earn very much and most likely it’s not worth your time if you are living in a western country (the earnings are so small). Their MLM business opportunity has a few suspicious things that I explain more in detail in my full review.

If you want to find a trusted and a reliable way to make money online I recommend taking a look at My #1 RecommendationThat system has taken me and thousands of other people from 0 to making a full-time income online. Learn the 4 step process that I am using by clicking the button below.

NOTE: The steps that you learn in my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide work for making money with Lyoness and to any other company that you want to promote.

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TubeBuddy Review 2019 [7 Ways to Make More Money on YouTube]

Welcome to my TubeBuddy review!

Before we get started, let me make a bold claim, After you have read my TubeBuddy review, you will install TubeBuddy and you start wondering why you haven't started using it before!

In this comprehensive TubeBuddy review, I am going to show you 7 practical ways how TubeBuddy has made me more money on YouTube.

TubeBuddy has 10's of benefits and features that help you to make more money on YouTube and grow your channel.

I recommend checking out all the benefits yourself on

It's also 100% FREE to start using TubeBuddy so you can only win anyway...

The only regret that I have is that I didn't start using TubeBuddy before. During the first day of using TubeBuddy, I realized one thing that has already made me probably $1,000's in revenue.

More on this further...

Now have a look at my quick summary of TubeBuddy and then I'll reveal you the 7 ways how TubeBuddy helped me to earn more. 

TubeBuddy Review 2019 - Quick Summary

Name: TubeBuddy


Type: YouTube Growth Tool

Price: FREE - $49/Month Depending on Which Plan You Choose

Best for: YouTubers Who Want To Grow Their YouTube Channels Faster and Easier

Tubebuddy logo

Summary: TubeBuddy is the most famous and used tool for YouTubers. It helps you to grow your YouTube channel faster and more easily. It's already used by more than 1,000,000 YouTubers and I am one of them. Also the most successful YouTubers that I personally know are using TubeBuddy and recommending it to others.

Is TubeBuddy Recommended? Yes, TubeBuddy is our #1 recommended tool for all YouTubers. During the first day of using TubeBuddy, I learned something that has paid me already $1,000's (if not $10,000's) in revenue.

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Is Scentsy a Pyramid Scheme? – Read My Honest Answer!

Scentsy MLM Review 2019 Update

Our 100% unbiased and transparent Scentsy review has been so popular that I decided to publish an updated version for you on my YouTube channel.

I am still not affiliated with Scentsy in any way so I am not going to sell their products or system to you.

You'll find out the facts and the truths about the company and their products that Scentsy consultants and affiliates wouldn't dare to tell you.

I'll also answer the questions like, "Is Scentsy a scam or legit?" and "Is Scentsy business worth joining?"

In the end of this video, I will also walk you through the BEST way to make money online (with and without Scentsy).

I'm sure you'll find my review helpful and valuable.

If you have any questions regarding Scentsy or making money from home in general, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

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Is Arbonne a Pyramid Scheme? No, But I Prefer Making Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate!

Is arbonne a scam or legit

Welcome To My Arbonne Review!

You might have heard of those lovely people from Arbonne selling the stuff of dreams. And they are lovely because these people dress to the nines for their various events.

There is a high-pressure push from your local consultant to join the team. And while Arbonne is not a pyramid scheme, which is illegal in many countries, the question arises why their products are so expensive.

It raises the big question, "Is Arbonne a scam or legitimate business opportunity?" Is it even closely as good as our #1 recommendation to make money online.

In this 100% unbiased Arbonne review, we are going to take a look at their program as a business opportunity. Reading this article will be helpful if you consider joining their program.

The information is gathered by Justine. I (Roope) have added my own notes to the article.

Arbonne Review - Quick Summary

Name: Arbonne

Founded: 1980

Type & Industry: Multi-Level Marketing. Wellness & Cosmetics.

Best for: People who love recruiting and selling Arbonne products.

Summary: Arbonne has experience for almost 4 decades. To remain so long in the business means that they have done many things right. However, their experience shouldn’t be the only reason to join their MLM-system.

Their products are expensive, only a few people earn money in the system and most Arbonne consultants actually spend more money than they ever earn in the system. If you absolutely love their products and you have a hard-working character, joining Arbonne could be a reasonable option.

However, if you want to have more flexibility and still work from home, have a look at my #1 recommendation for making money from home. That will also help you to make more money with Arbonne if you eventually decide to join them.

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Is 4Life a Scam? Why Do 97% of Their Members Fail?

4Life Scam Review 2019 - Updated

The chances are that you are looking for an unbiased 4LIfe review that answers to all your questions such as:

  1. What is 4Life business opportunity?
  2. Is 4Life a scam or legit?
  3. Is 4Life a pyramid scheme?
  4. Is 4Life worth joining or not?
  5. Etc.

I am not affiliated with 4Life in any way so I am not going to sell you their system unlike 90% of the other reviews are doing to you.

You'll get here only unbiased information of 4Life and also learn the best 4-step formula to make money with (or without) this 4Life.

I've helped +3,000 people to get started making money online and I'd be glad to help you as well. So, watch my updated review below until the end where I show you the best strategies for succeeding online.

If you have any questions or you need help to making money from home, just leave me a comment below and I'll be more than happy to help you out!

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Is Monat Global a Scam? Read 5 Facts That You Must Be Aware

Welcome to my Monat Global Review!

Tons of people are asking the same question, "Is Monat Global a scam or is this business opportunity worth joining? Will it make me good money to achieve a financial freedom?"

If you have been asking that question from yourself recently, you have come to the right place.

I have researched more than 100 network marketing companies over the years and helped +3,000 people to make money online.

I am 100% sure that you will find my Monat Global review helpful and it will give you the clarity whether or not this business is right one for you.

You'll also discover 5 "Shocking Facts" about this company.

Are you ready? Let's have a look!

Monat Global Review - Quick Summary

Name: Monat Global

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company Selling Hair Products

Price to Join: Monat Global affiliate membership $99. Product Packages Ranging Between $299-599

Best for: People who love hair products, selling, recruiting and are not afraid of the Monat Global's bad reputation.

Summary: Monat Global is a network marketing company founded in 2014. The company grew extremely fast but recently there has been lots of controversy around them.

Lawsuits, hair loss, baldness and other not-so-nice things. Complaints have been revolving around Monat Global. I wouldn't like to join a company with such a controversial reputation.

Is Monat Global Recommended? No. There are tons of more reliable business opportunities available.

If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and join the program that can make you +$10,000/month online, click the button below to get started for free.

Is Monat Global a Scam? - My Video Review

If you want to see the most brutally honest Monat Global review, you MUST see my video below.

I highly recommend watching until the end of the video where I walk you through the proven 4-step formula that YOU can use to make even a life-changing income online.

I use that 4-step formula to make money online myself and I have helped +3,000 other people to start making money with that formula as well.

That's why i'm 100% convinced that you'll also succeed by following my simple steps. It requires work to succeed with any business but with the right strategy you can make it more easily.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me and I'll be happy to help you.

5 Facts About Monat Global

Before we get into the actual detailed review part, I want to share you 5 facts that you need to be aware of when it comes to Monat Global.

1.Monat Global Compensation Plan Is Generous

compared to other similar companies. This has probably been a significant reason why they have grown so fast.

Many people feel intrigued to join when they see that there is a good earning potential. They don't care so much about the price/quality ratio of the products when they see the $$$ that they could earn.

2.More Than 95% of the Distributors Fail

It's a common fact that less than 5% of the network marketing distributors and marketers succeed eventually. I have seen some companies where the success rate is even less than 2%.

There are many reasons why this happens. I think the most common ones are:

  1. The lack of persistence
  2. The lack of mentorship/proper training
  3. The lack of desire to succeed

When I started making money online, I also felt an urge to quit because I didn't get the results as fast as I would have wanted. Therefore, I understand why so many people quit.

But I am grateful that I was part of the Wealthy Affiliate community that helped me to push forward and start making good money online. 

Now I can also help you to make money online with my 1-on-1 support. Just join here if you want me to guide you forward.

3.It Is Possible to Make Money But You Must Be Exceptionally Good to Succeed

Having the fact that less than 5% of the members succeed, we realize that ordinary actions are not enough for you to make big money with their program.

You must be exceptionally good.

Exceptionally good at recruiting AND/OR selling.

The biggest money is made by recruiting within network marketing so that's the skill that you must master if you want to earn good money with any of those companies.

Personally, I have never really liked face-to-face or call recruiting. It just feels too pushy often and it can be draining to try to convince people to "buy your idea" or join the program.

That's why I prefer making money online because I can make tons of money even without opening my mouth or talking with somebody. 

What about you? Do you prefer face-to-face selling or making money online? Let me know in the comments below and hit me up if you need any help and I'll be happy to help you out.

4.Monat Global Products Don't Work for Everyone

Some members have given positive reviews after using their products but there are also more than 672 complaints of their business on BBB.

Therefore, you can't sell their products to everyone.

Or of course you can sell but you can't assume that all of them would buy again because they just don't seem to work well for everyone. More on this further...

5.There Has Been Tons of Bad Press for Monat Global

If you are planning to join Monat Global, I think it's good that you acknowledge how this company has been presented on media several times in a negative way.

There have been several lawsuits filed against Monat Global over the past years which is one of the reasons why the company has been in the media so many times.

Shampoo that makes your hair fall out... Sounds scary!

Some people say that any publicity is good publicity. They think that even though the company is presented in a negative manner, it's still good because it brings the brand awareness to more people which will lead to more sales eventually.

This can apply to many situations but I think that it doesn't apply in this case. When people see how negatively Monat Global hair products have affected on people's lives, they get scared and feel like, "I never want to use such products myself!"

What do you think about this?

I hope you have found these 5 facts helpful. Now it's time to move forward to our "real Monat Global review" where I explain you more details about the company.

If you've read enough and just want to find a 100% reliable way to make money from home, I recommend skipping the rest of this article and reading more here.

What is Monat Global?

Monat Global is a multi-level marketing company that mostly specializes on the personal care and hair products. Originally, the company was founded in 2014 by the Urdaneta family. The founders are specifically Luis Urdaneta and his son Rayner Urdaneta who are the current chairman and CEO respectively.

The company was originally established in the US but has massively expanded over the few years to open other branches in Canada and the European Union.

This fast growth can be attributed to the good publicity it had in the beginning years. However, the company has been a common news maker tough in the negative manna. To know why we need more information about this company.

Monat Global Products - What Do They Offer?

Monat global mainly sells different types of hair care products. The company claims that these products are made from natural ingredients which are safe, pure, and sustainable.

In the list, Rejeveniqe Oil Intensive has been depicted as the main product for Monat Global. This particular one helps in repair of the hair rehabilitating and reenergizing the scalp.

For the record, the available products are way too many to be listed. Therefore, visiting their website for more information concerning their products is much preferable. 

So many controversies revolve around these products whereby other praise their goodness while others report bad experiences such as loss of hair, scalp issues, skin rashes among others among others. Such complain raised on these products as the reason Moat Global has been in the spotlight currently.

Monat Global product prices are huge.

One of the most common complaints regarding their products are their massive prices.

Take a look for example at the picture above.

They have a 237 ml shampoo bottle for sale for $35. That's incredible. I think the maximum price that I have paid for the shampoo bottle during my whole life is around $5.

It feels that paying 7-15 times for a shampoo bottle just feels insane. Now I understand why they can pay so good commissions for their distributors.

Want to Make Real Money Online?

Read My Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to Get Started Today.

Monat Global Compensation Plan

Monat Global is network marketing company. Payments are given depending on the successful sale of products made by you or your downline. The more you sell, the more money you get and the bigger ranks you ascend. 

Recruiting and moving up in the ladder (pyramid) also plays a big part in the Monat Global company.

In this line, five ranks have been designed for these sellers. Below is a summary of what you to do to climb the ranks.

  • You start by generating 200 PV a month and you are named Marketing Partner
  • This is followed by the Managing Marketing Partner who generate 300 PV a month.
  • The third rank is Associate Market Builders who generate 400 PV.
  • The fourth rank is Market Builder. This generates 500 PV. With more sales, you keep moving through
  • Managing Market Builder,
  • Associate Market Mentor,
  • Market Mentor,
  • Managing Market Mentor,
  • Associate Executive Director,
  • Executive Director and 
  • Senior Executive Director who in a month sell 500 PV.
PV is your personal volume generated from your purchase and selling of the products while GV is the group volume.

These specifications are many and complicated that you to check on their website. There you will get to know other commission-based payments such as

  • Retailed commission payout
  • Rirect recruitment commissions
  • Residual commissions
  • VIP customer acquisition bonus
  • Rank achievement bonus

If you want to learn how you could achieve all those bonuses by selling their products online, I recommend following Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training.

It has helped me to reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide through my website that I never thought would be possible.

Another program that teaches you to make big money online is called Elite Marketing Pro.

Monat Global Lawsuit

There are dozens of reviews and lawsuits that have been filed against Monat Global. In the last four months, five class-action have been filed against the company. Customer complaints have said that the products lead to

  • Itching
  • Burning scalp
  • Hair loss
  • Severe allergies

I would personally be afraid of joining such a company that is selling products that affect in people in the way it was specified in the video.

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Monat Global Complaints on BBB

In the last 12 months, the Better Business Bureau has received about 552 complaints against the company. These issues relate to their products or rather their MLM business opportunities.

Among the complains, there are:

  • 55 advertising issues
  • 72 billing issues
  • 15 delivery issues
  • 5 warranty issues
  • Among other issues as well as dozens of product/services-related problems.

There are also the credibility issues with the FDA which has not been confirmed.

572 complaints in 12 month sounds like an interesting accomplishment...

Monat Global is not BBB accredited and they have a low rating of D on the scale +A - F.

Pros & cons of Monat Global

On the pros, Monat Global is still young and this makes it easier for many people to sign up for MLM opportunities and make profits. The other is the rapid growth of the company. This speaks volume of the high demand for its products and business opportunities. Monat Global can also be used as a social company.

This owes to the fact that many people promote it through social media as well as through face to face interaction because it works through direct sales. Monat provides its employees with very good compensation plan and as one join the business, he/she is given a chance to own an individual’s eCommerce store

On the cons, the company is receiving more than enough complaints from customers which is ruining its reputation. The lawsuits also are as well numerous and dangerous.

These complaints also come from Market Partners. These Market Partners always complain that they take months before they are paid. Products of Monat Global are a little expensive though they are worth it. Joining the company is also expensive given that it charges 100 Dollars for the kit and 2O Dollars for every year renewal.

Is Monat Global a Pyramid Scheme? 

Illegal pyramid schemes are systems where recruiting have the biggest focus and products sales don't play almost any part within the company.

In the pyramid schemes the products are usually mostly sold for the members of the program because outsiders don't think they aren't worthwhile.

Even though I have seen many MLM pyramid schemes over the years, I think that Monat Global isn't a pyramid scheme because they at least have real products that they are selling.

Even though Monat Global uses network marketing and the pyramid form, it is not classified as an pyramid scheme.

Conclusion - Is Monat Global Worth It?

When I take into account everything that has been revolving around the Global Monat company, I can't honestly recommend joining them.

There are tons of 100% legitimate companies available that offer almost exactly same products for a cheaper price and with a good income opportunity as well.

I have never been a big fan of network marketing because they often sell a bit overpriced products but again this is just my personal choice and I know that some other people like network marketing.

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What are the things that have helped you to succeed with business?

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