$1,000,000 MISTAKE That Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs Make!

The BIGGEST and the MOST COMMON mistake that aspiring online entrepreneurs make…

Is that they don’t want to make mistakes!

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Yes, you heard right.

The most common mistake is that they don’t make any mistakes.

What’s the consequence of that?

They don’t do anything at all (or enough)(because they are trying to be perfect right off the bat which is impossible!

Have you ever fallen into that trap?

2 Different Stories — Which One Are You?

I see it happening every single day.

People start online business training at Wealthy Affiliate with high expectations.


Building an online business is fun but you must be ready to make mistakes to have breakthroughs!

This is how it usually goes:

  1. You set high goals, “I want to make +$10,000/month online in 2 years.”
  2. You go through the first couple of training lessons.
  3. You build the first website and it gets indexed on Google.
  4. You add “About”, “Privacy Policy” and your first blog post on the website.
  5. Then you ask for feedback from me.
  6. I give you the steps to move forward and improve your site to start making money with it.
  7. And…..
  8. ….
  9. For some mysterious reason, you stop.

I’ve seen this process happening numerous times and I always feel so sorry for those who quit.

They had all the potential in the world to reach their, for example, $10,000/month goal and much, much more.

But for some mysterious reason, they stopped.

Don’t let that be you!

The story could also continue like this…

  1. I give you steps to move forward and improve your site to making it a money-making machine.
  2. You take action and improve your site.
  3. You continue the Wealthy Affiliate training.
  4. You continue creating more content on your website.
  5. You make your first income from your website!
  6. You realize that the steps that you learn at Wealthy Affiliate really work.
  7. You repeat the process.
  8. You make more money!
  9. ..
  10. And then eventually, you reach your original goal of $10,000/month.

Which story would you like to choose for yourself?

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The first option where you quit early without achieving any results and continue in a boring 9–5 job?

Or the second option where you apply what you’ve learned and eventually exceed your goals?

The choice is yours.

Give Yourself Enough Time!

I recommend committing yourself for at least a year for the Wealthy Affiliate training. Most people quit their first online business within a week so if you stick to it for a year, you’re immediately beat 90% of the people.

Then you’ll be able to start seeing the results and reach your goals.

The biggest proof for you is probably when you earn your first dollars and the income starts flowing in.

My mission is to help ordinary people to make a life-changing income online that gives you the freedom to choose whether you want to work or not anymore in your current job.

There are a lot of online business training programs and I have reviewed hundreds of them on my website YourOnlineRevenue.com.

To be completely honest with you, some online business training courses are crap.

Some programs are okay.

And a few of them are great that help thousands of people to change their lives and make a lot of money online.

My #1 recommendation for complete beginners is Wealthy Affiliate.

Especially if you don’t have a lot of money to invest. There are other great courses as well but those usually cost $1,000’s while Wealthy Affiliate is 100% free to get started.

Wealthy Affiliate training took me from a complete beginner to reaching $6,000+ month online (and later even more after I went through also other training courses).

If you have any questions along the way, you know how to reach me. Just reply to any of my welcome messages at Wealthy Affiliate or contact me through Facebook.

You can also watch my video below where I show you more about Wealthy Affiliate and how it works:

Best regards

Roope “Be ready to make mistakes” Kiuttu

Affiliate Disclaimer:

If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way without any extra cost to you. You’ll get personal help as a Bonus from me if you join through any of my links in this post.

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