STOP Watching Motivational Videos. Start Making Money Online! (Secret)

What activities make you money online?

You should often ask yourself this question because it’s so easy to get distracted.

Let’s say that you read my +9,000-word Ultimate Make Money Online guide.

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What should you do next?

  • Watch more training videos?
  • Read more inspiring success stories?
  • Network and chat with other online entrepreneurs?
  • Listen to motivational videos on YouTube?

All of those things are great BUT….

=> Nobody pays you for doing those activities!


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE watching motivational videos on YouTube from Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, etc…

But even though you would watch 1,000,000 motivational videos on YouTube, you don’t get paid a single dollar.

So, what specifically should you do to make more money online?

Let me tell you:

  1. Write more content to your website.
  2. Make your website more user-friendly (By adding images and improving the visuals, for example)
  3. Share your website’s content on social media.
  4. Apply to affiliate programs.
  5. Leave links to the products that you are promoting.
  6. Build your email list and relationship with your email subscribers.
  7. Build your YouTube channel, get more views and subscribers.
  8. Create new ads and master the skill of paid advertising.

These are the activities that you need to take to take and YOU WILL BE PAID for doing that.

Of course, if you don’t know what these things mean, you first need to go through the Wealthy Affiliate training and learn the skills.

But once you’ve learned what you need to do, then you just must TAKE ACTION.

You must TAKE MEASURABLE ACTION to get the results!

1 Quick Challenge For You!

I want to give you an important challenge.

This challenge can change your life if you take it seriously.

“Write down at least 1 action that you are going to do every single day to make progress with your online business!”

Do EVERY SINGLE DAY at least 1 thing that moves you forward.

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It can be…

  1. Writing a new blog post.
  2. Applying to an affiliate program and creating a promotional video.
  3. Watching a training video for 30 minutes to improve your skills, for example, at Wealthy Affiliate and immediately applying the knowledge.
  4. Create a Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Google ad.
  5. Ask for feedback regarding your website from 1 person and improve your site accordingly.
  6. Publish a new YouTube video.

You obviously don’t need to do all of this. The point is that you need to pick some measurable action that you keep on doing every day.

Taking action will give you the results, not just watching motivational videos.

Whatever it is, just do it.

Little progress every day adds up to BIG results in the long run.

As always, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask me and I’ll be happy to help you out.

At your command!

Roope “Take Massive Action” Kiuttu

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