Amsoil Review [Great MLM Opportunity Or Nah?!]

Read This Post About Amsoil Reviews And Determine Whether This BBB-Accredited Business Is Worth Your Investment Or Not. Is This MLM Scam Or Legit? Read More.
Read This Post About Amsoil Reviews And Determine Whether This BBB-Accredited Business Is Worth Your Investment Or Not. Is This MLM Scam Or Legit? Read More.

Welcome to my Amsoil Review!

I know this is one of the Amsoil reviews you read. But this post is definitely lengthy and comprehensive.

If I were honest with you, I never encountered a network marketing company that’s selling non-skincare products. Not even fashion or accessories.

Synthetic lubricants for cars?

To me, it appeared this industry is saturated enough  to the point you have a tough competition to stand out, to begin with. 

Not only to shine among the hundreds of thousands of the existing MLMs across the country and the world but also to provide the best of the best quality products and services to their respective target clienteles.

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And because you’re here, it seemed you’re in the route through building your own business. Otherwise, you won’t be too curious about this review at all.

Because this review isn’t a mere review of the MLM but it contains the content to entice you to make more money. If so, I have a piece of advice for you, my friend.

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Are you ready to dig into the company? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Amsoil Review - Quick Summary

Name: Amsoil

Founded: 1973

Type: Multi-Level Networking Company

Price: $7 and beyond

Best for: People who are open to selling synthetic oil in competition against the ones available in the market by means of a network marketing company.

Amsoil Reviews Logo

Summary: Amsoil is a network marketing company founded 46 years ago in Wisconsin that’s offering synthetic oil to their target clientele, obviously those people, who own cars.

Is Amsoil Recommended? Yes.


What Is Amsoil? 

Amsoil Inc., simply known as Amsoil is a Wisconsin-based network marketing company that focuses on providing packages of synthetic lubricants and filters to their target market.

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Founded by Albert J. Amatuzio, who was once a former jet fighter pilot, this MLM started with experimentation in the early 1960s wherein he did in-depth research about the formulation of synthetic engine oils.

With his discovery, it paved the way to his success in the MLM industry with a structure. All through the years, with 4 decades in business operations, his company provided a wide range of formulations in the form of variants of lubricating oils apt for specialized vehicles and others.

Amsoil Reviews Landing Page-min

Amsoil landing page

Important Background Information

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the founder of Amsoil had the necessary experience as a former jet fighter pilot, which is enough to have exposure to the basic needs of a certain vehicle.

That desire to create a new formulation of the synthetic lubricating oils and filtration systems gave Amatuzio the road towards his success in the Multi-Level Marketing industry.

That said, his influence provided several opportunities to give back as he accepted the sponsorship offer to Grand National Cross Country back in 1999.

At the same time, he supported AMA Supercross Championship and AMA Arenacross Championship by becoming the official oil supplier.

Aside from these 2, there are more on the list, such as United States Auto Club (2010) and International Hot Rod Association (2012).

In addition to these, this MLM also have naming rights on a specific ice hockey venue in Duluth, Minnesota as "AMSOIL Arena."

Just 2 years ago, the Amsoil founder passed away.

What Do They Offer?

If we're talking about their wide range of products to cater to the lubricating needs of each type of vehicle, there are lots of them on their official online shop. These are categorized into the following:

  • Auto/Light Truck
  • Motorcycle
  • ATV
  • UTV
  • Snowmobile
  • Marine Outboard
  • PWC
  • Heavy-Duty
Amsoil Reviews Content Image 2 - Your Online Revenue

Photo credits to Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The difference with their synthetic oil versus the conventional oil in the market is that there are chemically-engineered to take out the contaminants or molecules that aren't necessary to be present for the vehicle's needs.

Because of that, there is a guaranteed versatility and pureness in these oils forming uniform molecular structures providing better vehicle performance versus the conventional oil refined from crude oil.

Amsoil Reviews Products-min

Amsoil product summary based on the vehicle type

According to their website, they wrote, "[Amsoil synthetic oils] provide better friction-reduction, optimum fuel efficiency, maximum film strength, and extreme-temperature performance."

Give, Amsoil synthetic oil helps you save more money because it lasts longer than other oil types, as well as longer-lasting engines, protection from the extreme heat to as much as 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Amsoil Compensation Plan

You have 2 options to earn money in Amsoil. You can either be a dealer or you can sell their products in your own retail store.

If you opt to choose the first option, you need to register online first before you proceed to sell the products. That alone, you need to spend $50 for the dealership.

To know more about being an Amsoil dealer, you can see the video below and listen to the testimonials of one of their active dealers.

Disclosure: You need to work hard and at your best to see the returns of your investment. If you aren't this type of person or not willing to commit to providing 100% excellent service, forget joining the company.

On the other hand, if you want to open your own retail store, here's what they have to say about it.

The types of retail businesses who often connect with Amsoil for this option are those with auto parts stores, powersports dealerships, auto service centers, and convenience stores.

Amsoil Reviews Content Image 3 - Your Online Revenue

Once you choose this over being a dealer alone, your store is all connected to Amsoil Retail Account Program, an aid to generate more income in this model.

Within this aid, you benefit the company's tools, such as: 

  • increased visibility through their Amsoil locator
  • increased profits because of the existing demand
  • exclusive distribution either for small and regional stores
  • extensive product line
  • advertising support.

How To Make Money With Amsoil?

If you prefer becoming an Amsoil dealer, you have to sign up and purchase the quick-start kit, which included the following items:

Amsoil Reviews Dealer Starter Kit Products

Amsoil Dealer Quick-Start Kit

So, once you become of their active members, you're likely to enjoy the following benefits:

  • 25% discount for every order
  • Special offers
  • PC points for all purchases
  • Free shipping
  • Free gear
  • Earn referral rewards (500 bonus points)

As I mentioned earlier, you can either be a dealer or a retailer to earn money in this MLM. The thing is, Amsoil is one of the synthetic oil suppliers that are in demand.

Plus, they’re not easily found in the market unless if you become one of their members to access them. 

That way, as a supplier, it doesn’t have to be difficult to boost your income as you keep increasing your sales within your proximity.

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This is possible because Amsoil supports its members with the tools needed to optimize their business, in general. 

Amsoil Reviews - What Others Say?

With 32 customer reviews on Better Business Bureau (BBB), Amsoil garnered 5 out of 5 rating, which isn't simple for any business to achieve.

From there, you can see how people love the product with satisfaction after using the product or after they become one of the company's dealers. In addition to that, they're also BBB accredited business since last year with an A+ rating.

Amsoil Reviews BBB Rating Summary

Better Business Bureau's record summary of Amsoil as an MLM

One of the reviewers with an anonymous name Bob L wrote, "The products that are available from Amsoil are all top tier. They do as they say and more. Longevity of the motor oil is great. The customer service has always been great. I will be buying their products for many years to come."

Amsoil Reviews Amazon reviews

Amsoil product review summary on Amazon

On Amazon, I saw one of the Amsoil products with 18 customer reviews. With only an average of 3.4 ratings, there are some who experienced immediate problems with their engine as soon as they used their oil.

Amsoil Reviews Negative Reviews

1 out of 3 negative reviews of Amsoil on Amazon

Another reviewer wrote that the majority of the people get into this because of the Amsoil hype, not because the company provides a great quality of synthetic oils.

"Let me say this Amsoil is not a bad product. It is just [overhyped] so much that the consumer gets caught up in a sale of snake oil," she wrote.

Pros & Cons Of Amsoil


  1. Pricey versus conventional oils 
  2. Exclusivity to access but still managed to get into Amazon


  1. Diverse product line
  2. 46 years in the MLM industry
  3. Lots of good reviews
  4. Simplistic money-making opportunities
  5. Great customer service
  6. High-quality synthetic oils and other products

Is Amsoil Scam Or Legit - Conclusion

Based on the research, there’s no doubt Amsoil is a legitimate company with real, high-quality products to offer for their target market.

From BBB records alone, they have a perfect score that comes along with the accreditation and an A+ rating.

That’s a great thing to look at whenever we review a certain network marketing company versus the typical MLMs we encounter. Albeit the existing negative reviews, they don’t top the majority’s positive feedback at all.

Given, Amsoil is a good MLM to look into when you want to invest in a certain company for the sake of earning money. In order to give your potential income a boost, I want you to take the next section seriously, the money-making process.

How To Earn More Money In This MLM?

Even if you pursue your plan to invest in a Multi-Level Marketing company such as Amsoil, by learning the basic principles of leveraging your business is a must.

This is because today’s network marketing game changed a lot over the years, especially with the rising demand for online shopping and such stuff. From there, you have to position your business right.

If you don’t know how to generate leads from online traffic, how would you make your business visible in the eyes of your prospective clients?

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As I mentioned earlier, building your own MLM business isn’t about the in-person sales only. The internet rose to domination with billions of users lurking around the web.

You need to upgrade your network marketing skills as well.

That said, it’s best to expand your reach as an Amsoil dealer and give yourself a competitive edge over the rest of the dealers across the country. 

Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Amsoil Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the tables and ask you for your insights about the program and the post.

Do you want to earn an income by joining MLM selling synthetic lubricating oils as Amsoil does?

Or you rather invest your time to leverage yourself by honing your high-income skill set as an affiliate?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you feel like you want to learn about the step-by-step formula to making money online, leave a comment as well and we'll help you out.

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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