What Is Sisel International? [MLM With Worst Customer Service?!]

What Is Sisel International? A Health & Wellness MLM Based In Utah Founded By Tom Mower. Members Earn As Much As $40,000 By Selling & Recruitment. Read More.
What Is Sisel International? A Health & Wellness MLM Based In Utah Founded By Tom Mower. Members Earn As Much As $40,000 By Selling & Recruitment. Read More.

Welcome to my Sisel International Review!

You’re interested to join a network marketing company that’s going to offer you an enticing business deal by selling health and wellness products.

Well, this is no surprise. Everyone wants to do the same thing, including you. It’s just the brand that differs. 

Before we go through the whole company from a businessman’s perspective, I’d like to say my sincerest congratulations to having the time to do your research and looking for the Best Business Opportunity.

That alone means you’re getting on board for some serious income generating means this year.

Now, are you ready to dig into the new company today? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Sisel International Review - Quick Summary

Name: Sisel International

Founded: 2006

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $20 membership fee ($15 renewal)

Best for: People who like to sell physical products such as Sisel International tries to do over the past 13 years since Tom Mower, the co-founder and CEO of Sisel International, established the MLM in 2006.

What Is Sisel International? A Health & Wellness MLM Based In Utah Founded By Tom Mower. Members Earn As Much As $40,000 By Selling & Recruitment. Read More.

Summary: Sisel International also known as SISEL is a 13-year-old network marketing company that’s responsible for creating and distributing products catering to the needs of people in terms of health and wellness.

Because of his innovation, SISEL is considered as “revolutionary and safest” as they claim it, which comes along with good compensation to their members.

Is Sisel International Recommended? No. If you want a real way to earn a passive residual income, click the green button below to get started.


What Is Sisel International? 

Sisel International, stylized as SISEL, is a Utah-based network marketing company that offers a variety of "safe, powerful, and effective home and personal care items."

Founded in 2006, it's a 13-year-old MLM, yet, their vision and mission have been great to the extent where they satisfied many people with their innovative product line as well as their lucrative compensation plan.

According to their official Facebook page, SISEL is actually an acronym, which stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity.

As the name suggests, it seems the company sought to create products based in science and distribute them as personal care items.

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What Is Sisel International CEO - Your Online Revenue-min

Sisel International CEO named Tom Mower Sr. founded the company in 2006

A man named Tom Mower founded the MLM for the sake of leading a health and wellness industry revolution. His leadership has led to becoming one of the iconic persons in the realm of network marketing.

Based on his LinkedIn profile, he's been in the industry for a very long time and still active with the company operations in over 20 countries.

How Does Sisel International Work?

If you think about Herbalife, Young Living, and even Vitiligo Organics, they are in the same niche.

As of now, there are hundreds of thousands of Multi-Level Marketing companies existing and operating nowadays. And Sisel International is one of them. 

The thing about this company we are reviewing now is they cater to environmental needs. As ironic as it sounds, the company didn’t state whether they use organic materials for that matter.

They only stated it’s revolutionary toxin-free products comprising the whole product line. Nothing else.

What Is Sisel International Landing Page - Your Online Revenue-min

Sisel International official website landing page

Given, there’s nothing that gives them a competitive edge if we’re referring to their items as the Giants like Amway and among others exist in today’s network marketing. What you see in their line are similar to what has been provided by others as Avon does.

You have products catering to the optimal health boost and skincare needs. The latter alone competes with Mary Kay, another Giant in the industry. What else Sisel International provides that is unique to everybody’s taste? I guess none.

How to Make Money with Sisel International?

Claiming as a 100% debt-free company, Sisel International tries to guarantee their independent distributors their financial stability, setting their selves an advantage against other existing MLMs out there.

We all know this fact doesn't affect how each distributor earns and succeed in selling products that aren't giving a clear competitive edge. Given, let's learn the earning chances while you stay in the company, selling and recruiting people.

Fast Start Bonus

25% upon enrollment as a sponsored distributor, given after you referred a friend or acquaintance; 21% split percentage extra bonus as an upline effective for 7 levels deep payable every month.

What Is Sisel International Fast Start Bonus - Your Online Revenue

Sisel International Fast Start Bonus, also applicable principle to Retail Commissions worth 25%

Retail Commissions

25% upon order a minimum of 50 PV and is payable every day, especially if you enroll someone as a customer; 21% split percentage for 7 levels deep every downline

Direct Commissions

7% every purchase made and every time your downline refer someone under them (up to 7 levels deep) with a minimum purchase of 50 PV payable monthly.

Rank advancements are measured through PV and Qualified Downline Volume from Rank 2-Star to as high as 10-Star Masters payable under direct commissions as well.

What Is Sisel International Direct Sales Bonus - Your Online Revenue

Sisel International Direct Commission payout

Infinity Bonus

As soon as you become one of the 3-Star Masters, you will start receiving this bonus in your account, which is tantamount to 0.5% starting Level 8 and beyond aside from the 7% 7-level split percentage as an upline.

That means if your 7th level downline enrolls people as the 8th level, you will start a 0.5% bonus from that all the way to infinity.

What Is Sisel International Infinity Bonus - Your Online Revenue

Sisel International Infinity Bonus applicable to 8th level downline and beyond (to the 10th level deep)

Master Check Match

Other MLMs refer to as Generational Match Bonus and is payable monthly. In Sisel International, this is equivalent to 10% from your First Generation, 5% from Second Generation, 5% from your Third Generation, 5% from your Fourth Generation.

What Is Sisel International Generation Match Bonus - Your Online Revenue-min

Sisel International match bonus applicable from 1st generation and beyond

Rank Advancement Bonus

For 3 consecutive months, the company will evaluate your sales performances both in the recurring orders and personal sales you made within 90 days or so.

Once you qualify, you're entitled to receive this bonus equivalent to $50 with an additional $125 as soon as you hit Master Builder rank.

What Is Sisel International Rank Bonus - Your Online Revenue

Sisel International Rank Advancement Bonus from Master to 10-Star Master

Lifestyle/Auto Bonus

It's also payable every month if you qualified to 1-Star Master and is able to maintain the same PV and QDV for 3 consecutive months.

What Is Sisel International Lifestyle Auto Bonus - Your Online Revenue-min

Sisel International Lifestyle/Auto bonus for members who achieved quota within 3 months

Wealth Builder System

Like Retail Commissions, it's payable every day in accord to 50 PV minimum order for 36 days. That is if you purchase the Wealth Builder Pack once.

What Is Sisel International Wealth Builder - Your Online Revenue-min

Sisel International Wealth Builder Packs to induce recurring bonuses depending on the starter pack you purchased

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Sisel International [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Not BBB-Accredited Business

According to the Better Business Bureau's records, Sisel International started the business operations in 2006.

Yet, they didn't manage to earn the accreditation from the site, which means they fail to satisfy the conditions either by responding to the complaints from their customers or the company structure that corresponds to the compensation to their independent distributors by itself isn't satisfactory.

What Is Sisel International BBB - Your Online Revenue

Better Business Bureau's accreditation summary for Sisel International

2. Horrible Return Policy

A customer named Rita wrote on Sisel International official Facebook page that this company gives a bad customer service in terms of the product returns.

"They have a horrible return policy and they play hard with your hard-earned money," she stated.

Another customer named Demarcos also supported the claim by saying the return policies are unfair and rigid. "They even tried to push blame on me for the shipper's responsibilities which is one of the biggest no-no's in customer service," he said.

Terms like "The shipper really messed up in this situation and it's unacceptable in the company" and "...with minimal knowledge of the shipper's ineptitude" are used as excuses.

What Is Sisel International Negative Review - Your Online Revenue

One of a few negative reviews written on Sisel International Facebook page

3. Horrible Customer Service

This is in addition to the previous point, which I think has a separate concern. A dissatisfied customer canceled his autoship, however, the company responded the order will continue and charged him $50 even after he called many times to return the received package.

4. Tight Competition

The products aren't competitive, especially with the existence of the Giants such as Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Avon, Young Living, and among others in the same niche. It's a lot of disadvantage for the independent distributors to compete, unfortunately.

What Is Sisel International Products - Your Online Revenue-min

One of the featured products on Sisel International official website

5. Unreliable Positive Reviews

This is one thing I noticed when I hovered into their Facebook reviews. The negative feedback sound sincere than the positive ones.

I thought perhaps these are independent distributors trying hard to keep the company's reputation than saying a positive experience with the company and the products they distribute.

What I Like About Sisel International?

1. Diverse Compensation Plan

This is nothing special as other MLM offer the same to their members. Yet, I still appreciate the variety of income streams they provide for them to make an income in many ways.

Especially to those that encourage passive income by means of receiving bonuses from the recurring orders of the downlines.

2. Outstanding BBB Rating

Albeit the negative reviews on their Facebook page, Sisel International received a great BBB rating of an A+, though they didn’t receive the full accreditation from the platform.

3. Company Maturity In The MLM Industry

The fact it existed for more than 10 years, needless to say, this company is real and legit and is capable to pay their independent distributors in comparison to those relatively new network marketing companies with less than a decade of business operations.

Sisel International Review - What Others Say About Them?

Negative feedback splurge on Sisel International official Facebook page from their dissatisfied clients.

Most of them tackled the same thing, horrible customer service. That concern has unfortunately led to the compromised devices as Tim (one of those who wrote a negative review about Sisel) wrote on the page. 

His experience with Sisel International was so horrible that it destroyed his hardware after he used the products he ordered from the company, thinking that the product is made from China. We can’t assume it’s because of that alone, but the quality is worse than he thought.

What Is Sisel International Negative Review 1 - Your Online Revenue

Sisel International receives lots of negative reviews like this one

Another problem I learned related to their bad customer service was their inability to hear out their independent distributors and customers alike.

The majority of them wanted to either return the product because of the damages and to cancel the autoship they incurred from the previous month.

The company responded to these by means of telling the customer’s faults instead of handling these kinds of scenarios with care.

Apparently, they make excuses to make their clients feel bad and discouraged to return the products after they wasted their money on these horrible items they received.

What Is Sisel International Negative Review 2 - Your Online Revenue

Sisel International doesn't positively respond to returns & makes excuses

If referring to the positive feedback, there’s nothing to say because they are obviously from the independent distributors’ desperate call.

From how I saw it, these are mere 1-sentence reviews, which are obviously sounding insincere. Their responses got comments like “lies” from those who experienced the Sisel International product line.

Nonetheless, the MLM product line and compensation plan sound decent. But given the issues of the products in reality and partnered with their horrible customer service, Sisel International is undeniably a bad company to invest your resources.

Is Sisel International A Scam - Conclusion

Sisel International is a real company. Therefore, it’s not a scam nor a pyramid scheme. They create real products to their customers and distribute them through its independent distributors across the United States.

The problem here isn’t about determining whether this MLM is sketchy or not, but the call of improving their service towards their clients. That’s the main issue.

Because of that, many are having second thoughts if they should invest their money in the company or if they should search for another business opportunity out there. 

As I mentioned earlier, their customer service didn’t seem to listen with the feedback from their clientele and even to their independent distributors per se.

Even if they provided varied income streams for them, it’s not enough because of the disadvantages they get from their existing dissatisfied customer service.

Unless if they resolve this issue, they might improve and honestly, it would take a while before that happens. 

For now, the latter is the best option for you if you intend to pursue your business endeavor this year. That said, Roope has a better recommendation for that.

#1 Online Business Opportunity

You don’t have to wait for every network marketing company to change their return policies for the sake of pursuing your plans in joining MLM like Sisel International. Instead, it’s best to search for more potential business opportunities out there.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “What is Sisel International?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience with this company and in a network marketing company, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have by selling Sisel International products and other items in their product line? Are they worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest in a Multi-Level Marketing company like Sisel International?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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