Team National MLM Business Opportunity Review: How Much Money Will You Make?

Welcome to My Team National MLM Business Opportunity Review!

Wouldn't it be nice to save $1,000's on memberships? 

At least I would be very happy for having such a privilege.

That's what Team National is promising but as always, I wanted to give a closer look before fully believing all the promises.

I hope this Team National review will answer all your questions. Remember that you can always ask me anything you need in the comments below, and I will help you out personally.

Without further do, let's take a closer look at Team National.

Team National MLM Business Opportunity Review

Name: Team National

Founded: By Dick Loehr in 1997

Type: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Business. Save Money on Memberships.

Price: $795 for 2 Years Or $2,195 for a Lifetime

Best for: People Who Shop a Lot And Enjoy Recruiting

Summary: Team National is a network marketing business opportunity that provides products that give savings on membership purchases.  

Is Team National Recommended? It's up to you. I'm personally not into shopping and network marketing so it's not for me but if you love those things, you may go for it.


What Is Team National?

Team National is a network marketing company that was founded back in 1997 by Dick Loehr and now the CEO of the company is his daughter.

Therefore, you don't need to worry whether or not to do this companies a scam because they have been in the business already for more than two decades.

The company has also made more than $1 billion in revenue since 1997 which is a huge milestone. It already shows something good about Team National.

Team National is also a registered member of Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B), US chamber of commerce and Direct Selling Association (DSA).

All these facts ensure you that the company is not a scam unlike some reviews on the Internet are saying. Well, they say that Team National would be a scam in order to push their own businesses.

Team National popularity experienced a sudden burst in June 2017. But who knows if those searches were for the World Cup? πŸ˜‰

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But what does Team National offer for you? Is their business opportunity and a membership really worth it? Let's have a look. 

Team National Products

The main value of the Team National is to save money on your memberships. In order to get the savings on other memberships, you need to buy Team National membership which is quite costly...

Team National provides for different memberships that you can see in the image below.

Each of these memberships will give you savings on different kind of products. Let me quickly explain you the differences.

Team National popularity experienced a sudden burst in June 2017. But who knows if those searches were for the World Cup? πŸ˜‰

1.Factory Direct package 

​This β€‹β€‹will give you savings on things like jewelry and home furnishings up to 65%

​​2.Team National Group Buying Power

Provides you savings on variety of different products like:

  • Vehicles
  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Communication services
  • Etc.

3.Team National Business Exchange

You can save at 1,000's businesses across the country.

4.Team National E-Commerce

You'll get up to 30% commissions in over 100 popular retail stores.

How Much Can You Earn with Team National? 

As you probably figured out, with the membership you will not actually make money but spend.

Of course, you can save on the purchases that you make but still you are spending money instead of earning money. You need to pay for the team national membership and for the products that you buy.

So, how does the team national compensation plan work and how much can you earn?

Instead of me explaining you how their compensation plan works I think it's better that I let one of their members to explain how you can earn money within the system.

You can take a look at the video below but keep in mind that they are trying to send you the system in the video. I have attached it here just for the educational purposes.

NOTE! Be sure to read the next chapter of this article to see the real earning figures of their members!

Team National Income Disclosure - Shocking Truth!

Even though theme national members are always talking about high income potential, the reality is that most of their members spend more money than they earn with the program.

In the image below, you will see income of their members in 2017. I think it tells quite a different story of the earnings than the guy in the video above.

Most members (+90%) don't earn anything with Team National.

92,8% of the members earn less than $550 per year on average based on the chart above. 

If you also take into account the membership costs that they need to pay in order to stay within the system, you quickly realize that they are actually spending money on the program instead of earning anything.

Less than 1% of all members are making a significant income with the program.

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Team National Success Rate

As you saw above, the success rate in Team National is extremely low. However, I am not very surprised about that because I have researched more than 100 network marketing companies and all of them had a low success rate.

I am not a huge fan of network marketing and one of the reasons is that the promise so much but the delivery so little oftentimes.

You really need to be exceptionally good to be successful with team national or with any other network marketing company.

On the other hand, you also know that most of the people who start their own business fail as well. So low success rate does not only apply to the network marketing.

I think the main reason for most people failing is that they quit too early and they are not willing to put in the efforts. What do you think?

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Is Team National a Pyramid Scheme?

If you have watched team national videos on YouTube, you have probably noticed that their business forms a pyramid structure.

Take a look at an example below from one of their videos:

Team National compensation plan forms a pyramid like all the other network marketing companies.

It is clearly explaining that the more people you recruit to that the program, the more money you earn.

Team building is in the core of all multilevel marketing companies and that is also the case with team national.

That being said, team national is not an illegal pyramid scheme because they provide real products that have some value.

Therefore, even though the recruiting plays a huge role in the system it's not the only focus. Team National has also received tons of positive reviews on BBB and other platforms.

Team National on BBB

A huge positive thing about team national is that they have tons of positive reviews on Better Business Bureau. Take a look at the picture below:

It says that out off 48 customer reviews, 46 of them were positive. You wouldn't see that kind of numbers with the company that would be a pyramid scheme or a scam.

Those numbers are also extremely good compared to other network marketing companies like Herbalife, Amway, Melaleuca or other big ones.

Is Team National Worth It?

The national business opportunity, you need to take into account all the facts that I explained above. Around 1% of the members succeed so you need to be really serious and committed if you want to make money with this kind of business.

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If you know how to leverage the power of the Internet, you will definitely make lots of money with Team National and any other business. The Internet provides such opportunities to make a huge amount of sales and recruitment tones of people even without talking to anyone.

On the other hand, if you are only focusing on face-to-face, calling and arranging parties, I think it will be quite challenging to succeed. Yes, it's possible but it's way more challenging competitive situation where you would use the Internet.

My Sincere Advice to You

If you are going to join Team National business opportunity, I want to be sure that you know what you're doing. It is a business that requires tons of work like any other business.

Whatever their recruiters and members are saying, there are no shortcuts to success.

I have researched more than 100 network marketing companies but I have not to decided to join any of them. You know, I don't want to get a bad reputation for promoting something overpriced or not-good to my audience. I always want to be sure that the recommendations that I give you are 100% sincere and the best.

Some people love network marketing but I am personally not a big fan of expensive products. What are your thoughts?

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If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. This type of business is a piece of cake. If you don’t know the whereabouts, you’re likely to buy for it. It takes a lot of courage and knowledge before taking the decisions. There are instance in our place, people who were fooled with double your money pyramid scheme yet they end up for nothing. Networking as well. I’m not saying its bad or I’m against to it but whatever we do always think twice.

  2. This is definitely not for me. For starters its too great of an investment than I can afford to risk right now. I probably wouldn’t need to make the purchases and memberships from their partner companies at the moment. I also doubt that with the free package you can be able to enjoy a lot of benefits and its availability can be for a limited period.

    My major concern with their marketing strategy is how they are able to ensure that the rich get to refer some of their friends. Since it seems like a package meant for super rich guys who can make pricey purchases often and I doubt that such people have the time to set up such accounts and to refer their friends. If they are spending that much how ready are they to go to all that effort just to save less than 20%?

  3. I’ve encountered many MLM businesses personally and I have some friends who tried it. They have to pay the membership fee first then they’ll sell the given products. But before that happens, a certain member will convince them to join the networking. So if they are convinced enough, they are the ones who are going to convince other people in joining them.

    It’s a never ending cycle but the thing here is that not all people are capable enough in sales talking or convincing others. There are also some who are not quite used to in giving so much effort when in fact, you need a full effort on this. So in the end, they will not continue on this.

  4. I believe that people can make money with this Team National MLM as long as they do the right thing which is to have the zeal to market the products. This is one area where we have seen lots of people fail as they fail to realize that most MLM is all about getting to recruit more people into the system.

  5. The tons of good and positive reviews on Team National MLM business is one thing that makes it stand out from other MLM companies that I have come across. Although, it operates more like a pyramid scheme where you earn more money from recruiting more people into the system, in my opinion Team National looks lucrative to join.

    1. Team National certainly looks better than most other MLMs that we have reviewed. Still the success rate is extremely low which is also understandable. Probably many people join the program with the high expectation to make money easily while it would require tons of work to succeed.

      1. The actual truth behind all MLM programs is that it requires hardworking effort to succeed in the business. The problem with most MLM business is that they don’t tell investors all the truth in the business and people jump in without knowing exactly what they are heading into. It’s just good that there are good reviews about Team National unlike other MLM business opportunities.

      2. This is one issue that most MLM companies always have in the sense that they don’t give their members realistic targets which makes them expect more and fail. I am looking at a situation where people get to enjoy joining these companies simply becuase they have the vibes to market the products.

  6. I think most of the MLM businesses are legit, they actually reward the users. However, the problem with MLM is not everyone can make money. First of all you have to pay high price for joining. Secondly, you have to sell a lot of products and selling is difficult because the products are over priced. Thirdly, you need to recruit a lot of affiliates to earn comission. Since joining fee is very high, not everyone will be interested in joining under you.

    1. Yeah good points. Feels that only few percentage of the people have the attitude, willingness and skills to run their own business successfully. Most people are comfortable while working for someone else in their 9-5 jobs.

      It’s a much easier possibility than starting MLM or any kind of business where they (most likely) would need to have much more initiative and own creativity.

      With a 9-5 job a boss will often say what people must do so they don’t need to think so much themselves, Just do. On the other hand, the reward is also much smaller compared to running a successful business.

    2. Exactly. In my opinion, paying thr high price to join the MLM business isn’t thr hard part for someone that can afford to pay such amount with the promise and assurance of making profits over a period of time.

      It’s selling such products and recruiting new downliners under you that is the most difficult part in MLM business. Most people fail to get these downliners and they end up not making money as they were promised in MLM.

  7. It is pertinent that anyone thinking of joining Team National totally understands what is involved as you only get to earn as long as you keep spending on purchasing tons of items on shopping sites. It is good for those that has got the money to spend and not necessarily for us that are looking for ways to make ends meet.

      1. I’ll definitely think about this and get back to you! I’ve been looking at earning so much from the internet and this is an opportunity that I won’t let go.

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