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Is YouCaring a Scam? – More Than $550,000,000 Already Raised on 290,000 Different Projects.

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Is YouCaring a Scam? No it's not. Throughout the years more than $550 MILLION were raised through their website. There have been more than 7,5 MILLION supporters and 290 000 fundraisers. We are talking about something very big. What is YouCaring and how does it work? in this review I will answer you comprehensively to these questions and [...]

Is GoFundMe a Scam? – $1,300,000,000 Earned on Different Projects

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Today we are going to take a look at the biggest crowdfunding platform in the world. You can fund many kind of projects on their website and already more than 1,3 billion dollars has been donated. Even though their company is huge, there has been lots of complaints about their service. Is GoFundMe a Scam? You will find [...]

Is Patreon a Scam? – Can You Make Easily $19,251 Per Music Video?

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You have a passion for singing/helping people/teaching languages/playing guitar/or whatever but you are not making a living out of it. You would like to become a full-time artist but because it doesn't pay off, you are going to your 9-5 job. Would it be possible to get funding for your project on the Internet? Today we [...]

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