Kangen Water Scam – Enargic Review [$4K Worthless Product?!]

Read My Post About Kangen Water Scam By Enagic. Too Expensive Water Ionizer But Found Ineffective? Learn About The MLM Before Investing Money & Time. Read More.
Read My Post About Kangen Water Scam By Enagic. Too Expensive Water Ionizer But Found Ineffective? Learn About The MLM Before Investing Money & Time. Read More.

Welcome to my Enagic Review!

This post about Kangen Water scam is one of a few interesting posts I wrote since I started writing here. I’ve been into network marketing companies years ago, however, I haven’t encountered that there’s such a thing as an MLM selling water ionizer.

Have you heard of it?

If you’re here to find out more about the product as well as the company, I’d like to give you my warm hugs because you use your wits and time to research before investing your money and time for a business in an MLM like this.

Before we dig into it, I’d like to give you a better option apart from investing in a Multi-Level Marketing company.

It’s a choice wherein you can earn more by building your own business online without the need of selling physical products nor going outside your house to sell products you don’t even believe it works. 

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On the other hand, I’d like you to read the rest of the post and learn the itty-bitty details Enagic has to offer to both their customers and their distributors.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Kangen Water By Enagic Review - Quick Summary

Name: Kangen Water by Enagic

Founded: 2002

Type: Multi-Level Networking Company

Price: $2,890 and up

Best for: People who want to earn a side income by selling water inonizer/filtration systems while recruiting to get promoted to a higher rank and earn bonuses later on.

Kangen Water Scam Enagic Logo - Your Online Revenue

Summary: Enagic is a Multi-Level Marketing company offering water ionizers and water purification systems producing Kangen Water to people around the world.

Is Kangen Water by Enagic Recommended? No, although there are a lot of good points.


What Is Kangen Water? 

As the name suggests, Kangen Water is a Multi-Level Marketing product. Not just any product but a flagship product offering water ionizer owned by Enagic Corporation. Because it’s in an MLM structure, it obviously increases the price of the machine versus the factory pricing.

Important Background Information

The interesting part about this network marketing company is that their product is unique that it garnered A+ ratings on Better Business Bureau. It’s all due to its outstanding product as well as services to their customers and their distributors.

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Based in California, this company has been an accredited business since they started on January 28, 2008, 6 years after their foundation on December 31, 2002.

For 16 years in the water filtration system industry and as an MLM at the same time, they captured the trust of the people and cemented their brand as one of the leading provider of the water purification equipment over the years.

According to BBB, they are a small-scale company with 75 employees, run by Koichiro Higa, the current CEO.

In addition to that, the company received 23 complaints filed against the company due to the problems with their product and service since they started operating their business for almost 17 years. Yet, most of them are resolved.

There are systems created for promoting Enagic such as Power Life Pro

What Do They Offer?

According to their official website, Enagic roots their product from one of the 5 types of water, namely:

  • Strong Kangen Water
  • Kangen Water
  • Clean Water
  • Beauty Water
  • Strong Acidic Water

The difference between the Strong Kangen Water and the ordinary Kangen Water is that it’s stronger and is used for food preparation and cleaning rather than drinking due to its strong cleaning effect.

What the company markets is the latter, the Kangen Water. It’s apt for drinking and healthy cooking because of its components that are electrolytically-reduced and hydrogen-rich.

Given, this kind of water gives off optimal health benefits compared to an ordinary clean water. Hence, they’re offering alkaline filtration systems as their primary product in relation to their mission of providing Kangen Water access to the mass across the globe.

Kangen Water Scam - Enagic Review Products Screenshot - Your Online Revenue

Some of Enagic's products showcasing different water purification systems to choose from

Enagic Compensation Plan

When it comes to earning, Enagic is generous enough to provide variety to their compensation plan.

If you intend to join the company as one of their dynamic distributors, you can enjoy the following incentives:

  • Direct Sales Commission
  • Override Commission
  • Educational Allowance
  • Monthly Incentive
  • Quarterly Incentive
  • Title Incentive
  • Global Leadership Incentive
  • Etc. 

Apart from these, you can also accumulate awards by doing your best in increasing your sales volume as well as your recruits (PV) to get promoted to higher ranks.

In order for you to make the most out of Enagic compensation plan, you must follow this 4-step formula to succeed.

How To Make Money By Selling Enagic's Kangen Water?

With the company’s “Basic 8-Point Commission Structure,” you can earn as much as you want. That is if you can gather more people to accumulate a specific number of sales volume in exchange for advancing your rank up.

Below, you see how this system works in 8 levels:

Kangen Water Scam - Enagic Review Commission Structure Screenshot - Your Online Revenue

Enagic's compensation structure based on their ranking system

That means you can start earning an income if you become 2A Level once you sell 2 units of Kangen Water purification system.

Here’s the illustration to become a 2A distributor:

  • Direct sales: 2 units x $340 = $680
  • Indirect sales (2 downlines): 4 units x $340 = $1,360
  • Total sales: 6
  • Total earnings: $2,040

The same system goes for 3A (12 sales) to as high as 6A with more than 100 units sold under your team.

Not only that, you can also take advantage the following additional income streams to increase your earning under Enagic. Only if you become one of the 6A distributors.

  • Educational Allowance (for 6A and higher)
  • 6A Title Incentive (10 machine sales required)
    • 6A - $3,000
    • 6A2 - $6,000
    • 6A2-2 - $12,000
    • 6A2-3 - $25,000
    • 6A2-4 - $50,000
    • 6A2-5 - $100,000
  • 6A Step-Up Award (only for 6A distributors with 6A downlines)
  • 6A 8 Level Group Monthly Incentive
    • 8Pt sales per month, equivalent to $20 per unit
    • $40 multiplier applied to Open Volume Sales, $30 added per Open Sales
  • 6A 8 Level Group Incentive (quarterly)
  • Ukon DD Commission (automated shipment every 4 months, equivalent to 8 points)
  • 6A Group Sale Award

Kangen Water Scam - Enagic Review [What Others Say About Them?]

Though the Enagic provides one of a kind product by serving them the Kangen Water, it seems there are many dissatisfied customers as per BBB recorded complaints.

According to the majority of the complainants, they want to return the machine unboxed and unused, however, the company doesn’t provide options for returns.

In fact, among the 22 complaints on BBB, almost everyone wants to return the machine to the company for whatever reasons they have. 

Because of that, I became curious why. The machine’s functions and purpose do sound great. But why many of them want them returned to the company? So, my curiosity filled my head and dug into the reviews.

I saw one article from a company who’s also in the same niche as Enagic. They revealed this is the most common problem most people face when they buy water ioniser from an MLM than the manufacturer.

If they opted to choose the latter option, they wouldn’t have problems returning them simply because it’s from the manufacturer per se. They wouldn’t have qualms about it and rather accept the item with defect.

Whereas, in an MLM like Enagic, they would double or triple the original price of the machine and market it as their own. 

Other than that, there are a lot of downsides when you use Enagic product because of its maintenance costs. The machine alone costs $3,980 with high pH range of 4.5 to 10.3 with undrinkable antioxidant level of -600.

In one year, you’re likely to clean it every 6 weeks especially if you’re frequently using it because of its 1 filtration system.

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Given these reasons, it’s understandable why there are a lot of returns of the Kangen Water ionizers because of the upcoming costs. The worst thing is that even CNN acknowledged the product as a scam.

In contrast to the review, I searched on Quora and found out that there are many satisfied customers lurk there.

One of them, a guy named Timothy, wrote that since they’ve been using Kangen Water machine (since his wife was 8 months pregnant) everything changed a 180 degrees.

His wife isn’t as sickly as before and they influenced the whole neighborhood to use the same machine rather than drinking alkaline water available in the stores. 

Pros & Cons of Enagic's Kangen Water


  1. Expensive (markup price at least $2,000 to as high as $4,000 depending on the manufacturer
  2. Frequent cleaning (every 6 weeks)
  3. High pH levels for a drinking water
  4. Prone to counterfeit/imitation
  5. Need additional calcium glycerophosphate
  6. Limited 5 year warranty
  7. Company doesn’t accept returns (implicit)
  8. Has only one filter
  9. Doesn’t remove heavy metals or salts
  10. Increasing negative reviews from public


  1. A bit cheaper when bought from manufacturer
  2. Access to alkaline water at home than buying in stores
  3. Increases optimal health
  4. Brings wellness at home
  5. Legitimate product
  6. Various ways to earn as a distributor

Kangen Water Scam Conclusion

Albeit the raging negative reputation for Enagic Corporation, their flagship product Kangen Water Purification System remains one of the top leading water ionizer providers in the world.

Hence, Kangen Water isn’t a scam, rather a legitimate water ionizer in which Enagic provides. Their company is legitimate as well as their mission to provide healthy water.

Though the machine alone is expensive, the benefits it brings are incomparable. That means the decision of buying one and owning one machine at home is up for the consumer’s choice, whether they choose to buy the plain water in the convenience stores or the bottled alkaline water. It’s economics, you can’t control that. It’s their decision.

Now, everything boils down to weighing the pros and cons of selling and owning a Kangen Water machine. Does it worth the money or the effort of selling it? If you were to ask me, I rather go for a better option wherein I earn money without selling a product that brings me nothing but hassle.

Don’t get me wrong. Kangen Water [machine] is one of a kind and I don’t have to argue with that. But the thing is, we’re talking here in a businessman’s perspective.

Do we have to spend so much money for that or do we have to spend a lot for the sake of the startup cost to start a business with bad reputation? 

Let’s be realistic here. It’s hard to counteract the negative publicity of the brand. It’s up to you which of which is a sound decision for you in between these two.

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Now that I have shared my thoughts and opinions in my Kangen Water Scam review post, I turn the tables and ask your opinions about using a water ionizer.

What kinds of experiences do you have with Enagic Kangen Water? Are they worth your money?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or in an MLM?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have further questions that I haven't discussed in the post, feel free to leave them in the comments. On the other hand, if you feel like you want to join Roope, leave a comment as well and he'll be happy to be of help.

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.


  1. Water ionizers have proven to be an area of much debate and for years many people have done research to uncover what potential health benefits they may or may not offer.

  2. Enagic is the best company to be involve with when it comes to direct selling. They develop ordinary people to extraordinary ones to achieve a great life. The product is amazing with lots of uses and benefits for the your health and household. Distributors do not “chase” prospects but educate them about the product and find value in it. We connect with real people not just merely making money online. I am new in Enagic but i really get a support and guidance from my leaders on how to develop skills to be a successful distributor.

  3. First of all there is ONLY one price EVER.. Yes you purchase through a distributor but it is processed by head office so it’s the one price across the board,

    You may see different prices advertised as depending on the country cos of exchange rate it is different costs..

    The only time there may be a different price is if someone is selling off their machine but it will be cheaper never more..

    The cleaning of the machine takes two mins to set up and leave to soak for 3 hours and rinse for 3 mins when done.. ( yeh 5 mins work every 6 weeks to make sure my machine is perfectly clean is NOT a big issue for me )
    I have had mine for 18 months and loved it head office where amazing, I had an issue with my filter last year and they replaced it no questions asked,

    You won’t have issues with counterfeit if you buy through an Enagic distributor it’s only when people try to save money and get a cheap one on Ebay or Amazon that they can get caught out

    1 filter? Most machines only have 1 filter..

    I will never drink tap or bottle water again it’s horrible

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