Is Zwerl a Scam? No, But Surely Not My #1 Recommendation!

is zwerl a scam

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Zwerl Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Zwerl

Product Type: Earn Money by Being an "Expert"

Price: Free to get started

Best for: People who want to make money by sharing their expert knowledge

is zwerl a scam

Summary: Zwerl is just another online app to earn a few extra bucks. I like their unique idea of sharing experts and people who are looking for answers but I must that this is not even closely the best way to earn money online.

In addition, there have been recently numerous complaints and negative reviews of Zwerl that encourages me to stay further.

Is Zwerl Recommended? Not really.

What is Zwerl?

Zwerl is a platform that supposedly provides answers on as many as 150 topics. Each topic comprises of several individuals who work part time or full time to address the needs of clients.

They claim to be actively hiring at all times, and one can make money from home. While this program might seem legitimate for some users, there are some aspects that are still relatively inconsistent.

is zwerl a scam

Also, the program does not have any hiring restrictions and one can set their unique working schedules. The pay rates are no well defined, but recent sources quote the price to average in between $8 to $16/hr. NOTE! As I explain above, the real earnings are way lower.

For the FB members, the pay might average by the minute spend time addressing questions. This app was built to help clients unlock a new world of knowledge and to allow people from all over the world to gain access to instant and valuable assistance for their needs.

Zwerl Features

The Zwerl app comprises of various unique features that allow users to interact with the clients. For instance, the app has a sleek and contemporary interface design, which ensures a hassle-free user experience. In other words, the app has been designed to make it simple for novice online earners to start making a living by sharing their skills.

On the Zwerl platform, the areas of expertise are many, which mean that users are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the appropriate area of skill.

Taking things to the next level, the app also has a team of support staff available to help you address any of your unique concerns.

If you are facing challenges making a withdrawal, or if you perhaps have challenges accessing the features of the Zwerl app, the support staff members will assist you instantly.

However, there have been recently numerous complaints regarding customer support as you will find out later in the "Zwerl reviews" section.

is zwerl a scam

How Does Zwerl Work?

The app works by providing answers to users based on various topics of interest. For instance, some of the topics covered included personal finance, math, translation and more. That said, it’s not easy to determine the opportunities that are available on each of the topics available at the platform.

Broadly speaking, the platform has been advertising for individuals who are informed about movies, men’s fashion, wine, betting and more. Since the app is still in the growth stages and applying is simple, it is perfect for novice users. Besides that, they don’t have any excessive requirements for users. For instance, a recent ad by pet experts mentioned that to apply you will need:

  • A fast typer
  • Be fluent in English
  • An expert in a particular field of expertise

Even more, the program comprises of a downloadable app that allows users and clients to interact. The app comprises of a sleek and well-designed interface that makes it simple to access to the features of the app.

In fact, the developers of this program have done well to create the platform upon which users can interact and get answers for their unique complications.

Additionally, for you to work on the Zwerl app, you will need to sharpen your skills in a particular area of expertise. In other words, you will have to read a lot and provide valuable results to your clients. It is only through this way, that you can elevate through the levels and start earning real money that you can use for your daily living.

The average rating that you receive from clients all through your work on the site, will determine your pay increase. If you have any questions about the app or its functionality, there is a team of support staff available to help you address the problem.

Once you create your unique user profile on the app, this will allow you to gain access to the application and to interact with clients.

The app comes with a sleek and contemporary design interface, which makes accessibility very simple. As a result, clients and experts can easily interact and share information on the Zwerl app.

Who is Zwerl for? (and NOT for)

This program is designed for those who want to make some money by sharing their knowledge. However, we must admit that Zwerl isn't for people who want to make serious money online.

You can't make passive income with Zwerl and your earning potential is anyway way smaller than on better opportunities.

How Much Money Can You Earn with Zwerl?

Broadly speaking, the zwerl platform is not transparent about the average amount of money that one can earn with the program.

However, based on the primary sources that review such programs, we can see that the program provides an average of $8 to $16. Even more, the app pays through PayPal or even through direct deposit well.

NOTE! Some members reported that earnings are very low with Zwerl and the communication with their support is very challenging.

The app will only allow you to make as much as you have worked for. In other words, you will not earn passive income.

Is Zwerl a Scam?

While this program is not necessarily a scam, it does not provide the benefits that are mentioned on their homepage. In fact, some users have already complained that making a profit on the platform is sometimes challenging and it might require in-depth expertise.

This program is not a scam in many ways. The developers have done well to come up with a coherent rating system that ensures that experts are paid well for their skills.

If you tend to provide high-quality answers to the clients on the platform, then you can be sure of a better pay rate.

More so, the number of clients that hit up on your profile will also increase significantly. The app provides users with the ideal platform to interact with the client and to provide valuable answers.

One of the tell-tale signs of a scam app is that it would be having various inconsistent features. This would include lack of a payment withdrawal method and no appraisal system for experts who perform well. 

Zwerl Reviews - Some People Liked It

I found out that Zwerl reviews vary from negative to positive reviews as well.

The average rating of the app is 3,8 stars out of 5 on Google Play Store which isn't that bad. However, a closer look at the reviews give us another story. Take a look at the most popular Zwerl reviews below:

is zwerl a scam

Most popular Zwerl reviews aren't very positive

Based on all the Zwerl reviews I have read, I can't recommend it to you. There are way more profitable and reliable ways to make money online.

Pros & Cons of Zwerl


  • This program is available with a sleek and contemporary interface
  • The app is simple to use and navigate
  • The app covers various types of topics and it’s downloadable for free
  • The app pays more for those who provide valuable answers
  • The payment can be withdrawn through direct deposit or PayPal


  • Some users have failed to make a withdrawal from the app
  • It takes time to understand how to get good clients
  • The payment rates are somewhat low
  • Several negative user reviews

Conclusion - Is Zwerl Worth It?

This program does not provide a stable platform where one can earn a living. In fact, you might end up struggling for several days before you can start making a reasonable profit from the platform.

You will spend several hours typing and giving in-depth answers to clients and with a small wage to match your skills. Even though this platform may earn a few bucks, our recommendation is to skip this "opportunity".

On the other hand, if you just want to try it for fun, that's fine. But for money-making purpose it isn't good.

If you want to learn a simple 4-step strategy that I personally use to make a living online, I recommend having a look at it here or clicking the image below.

4 step process for making money online

What kind of experiences do you have with Zwerl or other money-making mobile apps?

Let me know in the comments below!

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