Is SurveySay.Com A Scam? [You Become A Subject Of Research?!]

Is SurveySay.Com A Scam? My Research Revealed You Won't Get A Dime After Taking All Surveys. Your Personal Information Are Used For Fraudulent Market Research.
Is SurveySay.Com A Scam? My Research Revealed You Won't Get A Dime After Taking All Surveys. Your Personal Information Are Used For Fraudulent Market Research.

Welcome to my SurveySay.Com Review!

Is a scam? This is the very reason for reviewing this company. We have to determine whether this brings you good income opportunity or not. 

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Now, we’re all set. Let’s begin the review. Shall we?

SurveySay.Com Review - Quick Summary

Name: SurveySay.Com

Founded: 2004

Type: Online Survey Middleman

Price: Free

Best for: Nobody

Is SurveySay.Com A Scam? My Research Revealed You Won't Get A Dime After Taking All Surveys. Your Personal Information Are Used For Fraudulent Market Research.

Summary: Established in 2004 without known executives and/or founders running the site, is a Virginia-based survey middleman connecting the people to take the surveys and the companies in need for real-life samples of the target market.

Is SurveySay.Com Recommended? No, I'll tell you the details in a while.


What Is SurveySay.Com? 

Just like any other websites offering rewards from completed surveys, SurveySay.Com doesn’t make any difference. There may be slight difference, but it doesn't make a big gap.

Since companies like this act as a middle person between the merchants and survey takers, they make money from the process. 

Established in 2004, it’s been 15 years since Virginaplaza LLC operated in the industry, inviting people to sign up and take the survey they gathered from the merchants, and pay out commissions and other forms of rewards based on the accumulated surveys taken. 

Surprisingly, the company runs 2 same sites, SurveySay.Com and BigSpot.Com. Both of which have the same landing page. From there, you’d directly notice the 2 sites are managed by the same group of people. 

Extra Information About SurveySay.Com

Based on the resources I gathered, the “real” company running SurveySay.Com and BigSpot.Com is OfferWise.Com established in 2001. Apparently, it’s registered as a marketing research company. 

Their LinkedIn profile mentioned that it’s a US-Hispanic company running with at least 50 to 200 people. Thus, it’s a big business.

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What people know is that they take survey forms and give personal information without knowing these are used for their research purpose. Do you get the picture? 

Is SurveySayCom A Scam OfferWise-min

OfferWise landing page revealing market research offers to clients, using survey sites to lure people to sign up and use data for market research without consent

Since most of the reviews I read on the web didn’t provide the information I needed, I took my own initiative and traced everything I could to give you more about the company. 

From OfferWise.Com in 2001, they registered SurveySay.Com and BigSpot.Com in 2004 under GoDaddy web hosting provider under the name Varsityplaza LLC, where they headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia. Coincidently, the headquarters stated on OfferWise coincides with Varsityplaza LLC, who runs the 2 fraudulent sites. 

Now, for the key people behind OfferWise and probably - just probably - behind SurveySay and BigSpot, are found on LinkedIn. 

Is SurveySayCom A Scam Key People

Some of the few key people running OfferWise

How Does SurveySay.Com Work?

If you’re familiar with Ebates or Quick Paid Surveys, understanding the whole process of how SurveySay.Com does its job doesn’t make it difficult. There is only one thing that sets apart from the rest, though. 

Instead of letting the survey takers see the survey options, they see existing survey providers. Rather than clicking to take the test, they see a lot of survey providers making SurveySay.Com a middle person for the survey providers and the survey takers.

It’s like Upwork or OnlineJobs.Ph. You don’t see the job first until you go through a bunch of private individuals or companies in search for new freelancers. This is how this survey company appears like. 

SurveyMonkey Review Content Image 1

SurveySay.Com lures people to sign up in hopes of earning money by taking surveys, without knowing the dangerous consequences.

How To Make Money With SurveySay.Com?

Unlike Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, SurveySay.Com is a middle person not between you and the merchant, but you and the survey provider.

From there, you can’t guarantee you will earn a lot because you have to skip the middle person if you want to make more money in this kind of opportunity. 

Given the circumstances, earning lower than other survey opportunities is obvious in the situation. Because the merchant, for instance, pay this and that amount to have his surveys distributed and filled out the survey provider. 

Does CrowdTap Work Cartoon

Simplified version of how SurveySay.Com works supposedly

Then they take their own share before they distribute it to middle persons like SurveySay.Com. So, they take another percentage of the share before the survey arrives in your hands. 

Examining the flow, the amount you’re supposed to earn is already taken twice the regular share as other survey opportunities provided. 

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SurveySay.Com [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Registered On BBB Under Different Name

I searched for any records of SurveySay.Com on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but I wasn't able to gather further any piece of information about the company.

I tried in various sources outside the BBB, there's none, including the executives running the company, generally.

What I did find out is that it's registered in a different name, Varsityplaza LLC back in 2004. Apparently, it's the same year when they started SurveySay and BigSpot.

Is SurveySayCom A Scam BBB

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reveals company records of Varsityplaza LLC, responsible for SurveySay and BigSpot

2. Incomplete Information

Using WHOIS to trace the SurveySay.Com website, I learned that it's registered back in 2004, which means the company could have started 4 years earlier than the existing 2008 founding date.

Another thing I learned is that the site is registered in Ashburn, Virginia under the name Varsityplaza LLC based on GoDaddy's database.

Further, the executives or whoever runs the site has recently updated their site in 2017 with an expiring date in 2027. That means the survey company is running actively until now. 

Is SurveySayCom A Scam GoDaddy-min

GoDaddy database revealed the registrant's name Varsityplaza LLC and the admin email (from OfferWise) match.

3. Lots Of Bad Reviews

Based on numerous forums I visited, I learned that out of 5 stars, 22 people rated 1 stars with only 2 for 5 stars, the rest of the 3 people rated 2 stars.

Even without going deeper into the system and examine the process, the reviews from people say a lot, given the number of reviewers' 1 star rating.

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My theories are proved right as the splurge of negative reviews are written on SiteJabber alone. According to one victim, he said SurveySay.Com should be considered illegal because the links they provide are fake.

"They have real websites listed, but the links are all fake and bring you to a fake survey that will collect and store information you give it," he said. 

Is SurveySayCom A Scam SiteJabber

SiteJabber summary of reviews of SurveySay

4. Considered Scam

Monte, one of the victims, mentioned that SurveySay.Com surprisingly asked them to fill in their personal information before they get access to the surveys promised. From there, she thought this is a red flag. 

5. No Payment

Although we're already familiar with the surveys' income opportunities, still the companies pay, unlike SurveySay.Com.

Isabel, another dissatisfied member, revealed that she doesn't get paid from all the surveys she took part and completely wasted her time.

Is SurveySayCom A Scam BigSpot Landing Page-min

Take a look at the 2 sites and their similarities. Obviously, the same group of people manage the 2 active sites.

6. Company Runs 2 Fraudulent Sites

When I read other reviews, they simply say merely about SurveySay.Com doesn't have further information to give except its founding date. However, I tried to dig into it.

As curious as I am, I found out the people running SurveySay.Com and BigSpot.Com are running another site OfferWise.Com established in 2001, which they consider the main contact source based on Manta database.

OfferWise, according to its description is a US Hispanic & Latin America Panel Experts. Aside from their headquarters in Virginia, they branched out to Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia.

What I Like About SurveySay.Com?

If I were being honest with you, there’s nothing to like SurveySay.Com because of the horrible things I discovered upon research. You may think that the website is a mere survey opportunity, but it’s not. 

Once you sign up for their offer, you’re in for their game, which is to gather as many resources from real-life users for the sake of their market research.

You learned today that SurveySay and BigSpot are the drivers or the sampling methodologies they employ to get as many markets as possible. 

Is Anthony Morrison a Scam Artisst Content Image 1 - Your Online Revenue

SurveySay and BigSpot creators surely know how to target victims using paid surveys to gather personal information for market research without consent. Not even paying them.

The use of guarantees to pay you or whatever methods they use to lure you is one of their smart tactics to get you into the platform.

Certainly, your information is needed because this is required in research because they are a marketing research company. 

Of course, they need to have them for the authenticity and validity of the results of whatever they are researching. But we all know you’re already in jeopardy. You can’t deny that. 

Thus, SurveySay and BigSpot are survey sites you should stay away from. Otherwise, you’ll be used as subjects for whatever marketing research they do for their clients.

SurveySay.Com Review - What Others Say About This Opportunity?

“I signed up to take surveys with them. They requested my information for bank so my money could be deposited directly... They told me that I would not be able to get paid unless I opened up an account with a larger bank,” Chris, one of the victims, revealed on the forum. 

Given the research I did, it’s obvious why they needed to have access for bigger banks because of the potential fraudulent activities underneath the surface.

It’s also obvious that they are using the information of people to do whatever they want with it, including the market research. 

Is SurveySayCom A Scam Negative Reviews

A few of the negative reviews SurveySay received

If you could take a look at the splurge of negative reviews in this forum, you can directly tell there’s something going on.

The highlight is when people revealed there’s nothing they could do to retract the information given to these scammers. Especially their bank accounts. 

“I wouldn't recommend using the site. I signed up using my email and I gave out my home address. I took 3 to 5 surveys and wasn't qualified for any. You do not get partial credit for any so you could be taking surveys all day and not qualified for any,” another dissatisfied user said. 

Is SurveySay.Com A Scam?

Definitely, SurveySay.Com is a scam. There’s no doubt about that, given all the information I gathered to clarify everything from scratch.

Other reviews may have stated they don’t have any Better Business Bureau records, but they do. In a different name.

Instead of having it registered under SurveSay.Com on the platform mentioned above, they have Varsityplaza LLC in which, again, surprisingly has an A+ rating.

Is SurveySayCom A Scam BBB Rating

Overview of how BBB rates every company; reveals that it doesn't include customer complaints

If you try to dissect what made the BBB provide such high rating, it’s about the completeness of company information they provide. 

Hence, they do have a complete information most people, like you, don’t know about. From what I learned, the surveys used as well as the personal information given by users are used for market research. Thereby, they don’t have the intent to pay the samples.

Without knowing, you, who registered on both sites, are now considered subjects of their game. Apparently, it’s too late to retract all the information you gave them unless if you decide to do something legal against this for your own safety.

#1 Online Business Opportunity

Whew! It took me a while to refresh my mind from what I learned today. In the beginning, I thought SurveySay.Com is like Survey Junkie or Swagbucks, however, it wasn’t the case. It’s bigger than I thought. 

I used my guts and initiative to gather all the data from various legitimate sources from WHOIS, LinkedIn, BBB, and even Hostgator to provide me the information I needed for this review.

On top of that, I have used my instincts in connecting the dots of what is really going on behind the site’s simple but dangerous sites. 

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By Mecyll Gaspary

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