Eminence Skin Care Reviews [High-End Products, Great Business?!]

In My Eminence Skin Care Reviews, You Will Learn The Pros & Cons Upon Joining Company As Partner. You Get Benefits Ensuring Your 100% Success. Read More Here.
In My Eminence Skin Care Reviews, You Will Learn The Pros & Cons Upon Joining Company As Partner. You Get Benefits Ensuring Your 100% Success. Read More Here.

Welcome to my "Eminence Skin Care Reviews" Post!

If you’re into beauty and wellness, often, the best option is to try and examine most of the cosmetics available. Today, we’re going to dig into Canada’s leading cosmetic product company, Eminence Skin Care.

How popular are they? Based on the number of followers and likes on their Facebook page alone, they garnered around 100,000 or more. Thus, we could assume that this company has successfully earned the trust of its target market. 

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Eminence Skin Care Review - Quick Summary

Name: Eminence Skin Care

Founded: 1958

Type: Direct Sales

Price: $15 and up

Best for: People with spas and beauty salons or anyone in a related industry can benefit a lot from Eminence Skin Care. If they wish to partner, they get 5% from orders to give out samples to clients.

In My Eminence Skin Care Reviews, You Will Learn The Pros & Cons Upon Joining Company As Partner. You Get Benefits Ensuring Your 100% Success. Read More Here.

Summary: Established in 1958, Eminence Skin Care has been in the cosmetic industry for 60 years based in Canada. With its celebrity-level exposure, Meghan Markle as one of the product endorsers, there’s no doubt about its popularity across the world, especially in North America, generally.

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What Is Eminence Skin Care? 

A Hungarian skin care expert, Boldijarre Koronczay, runs Eminent Skin Care, which has been the leading Canadian skin care company since 1958. Its astounding products became so popular that it extends outside the country and continents. It’s like Avon.

The “overnight effect” makes it a big hype for most women and spa owners leading to the dramatic expansion to the extent where the Hollywood celebrities joined the hype and used the products for their own skin care regimen. One of them is Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex.

How Does Eminence Skin Care Work?

Proud to present the one of a kind Hungarian formula, Koronczay, what the products promise is the astounding effects fast as overnight.

Although most skin care products promise this as one of their marketing tactics, Eminence Skin Care has it different. How? 

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The Duchess of Sussex has been using the same product over the course of her career in Hollywood until she entered the household of the Windsor Family.

Eminence Skin Care Reviews Products

Some of Eminence Skin Care high-end products featured on their online shop

If we take a quick glance in the products she uses, Eminence is always present in the list. So, we can really say they offer great results.

How does it work?

Most of its product takes care of the skin needs, especially the therapeutic effects of massage, which most spas and salons offer to clients. Koronczay ensures that the products get into the depths of the skin anatomy.

For instance, the products that cater to the facial muscles have to target that specific part with 100% results. The same with the rest of the items they have on the shop. 

How to Make Money with Eminence Skin Care?

Since there’s no compensation plan disclosed, the only way to make money with Eminence Skin Care is to get access with the products, which is only by joining the company as partners. 

Here is the list of the benefits you’d get once you join them as one of their authorized partners, mostly spa and salon owners:

  • Training & Staff Incentives
  • Concentrated products
  • Free marketing materials
  • Decades of Brand Equity (Strong brand recognition)
  • Web Spa Locator (Increased Traffic to Your Spa)
  • PR Strategy (Celebrity Endorsements & Media Coverage)
  • Seasonal Product Launches
  • Extraordinary Customer Service (24/7 sales reps & 24/7 Distributor Portal Access)

In the training, you will get the chance to get trained by the president himself, who’s also an expert herbalist, lecturer, trainer, and European esthetics and massage expert. 

Eminence Skin Care Content Image 1

Eminence Skin Care provides high-end spa and massage experience for its clients.

Eminence Skin Care [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. No BBB Record

Apparently, Eminence Skin Care doesn’t have any records on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is a surprising case because of the large-scale business they’re doing.

They’re catering lots of clients in the United States, yet they don’t have any registration to the platform, which serves as a guide and reference for most people to determine its legitimacy and key company information.

2. No Background Information

For a company with over 60 years in the industry, it’s usually common for these types of companies to disclose the real founder of the company even before and after the acquisition, if that happened. However, as much as I tried searching for any piece of information to support that, there’s none available.

3. No Compensation Disclosed

What they guaranteed to its potential partners are the benefits listed before, which will be made available upon registration.

However, from a business person’s standpoint, you’re also curious how much can you actually make from Eminence Skin Care products. Unfortunately, there aren't any compensation plan or something that supports it.

What I Like About Eminence Skin Care?

1. Lots Of Positive Reviews

There’s no doubt that Eminent Skin Care products are well-accepted by many of its markets not only in Canada but in the United States and other countries as well.

In fact, there are many bloggers, who reviewed the products and listed many of them as their new favorites. On Amazon, for one product, it has received an average of 4.5- out of 5-star ratings with 270 reviews.

Eminence Skin Care Reviews Products on Amazon-min

Some of the Eminence Skin Care products featured on Amazon, all with high ratings

2. 60 Years In The Industry

Another key factor to consider when partnering is the length of time they’ve been active in the skin care industry.

They started the business in 1958 and ever since, they haven’t dissatisfied their clients so far. That alone is proof that their products are worth the price. If you think about it, it’s older than Mary Kay, which was established in 1963.

3. Strong Support For Partners

They don’t only give out the authority to sell Eminence Skin Care products, but they also provide the necessary training to enhance their partner’s skills in marketing the business.

As I mentioned earlier, you see the benefits of being a partner - increasing traffic to the spa site through the spa locator, and many more. 

Eminence Skin Care Reviews Benefits-min

Wheel of benefits featuring what you get as Eminence Skin Care partner

4. Concentrated Products

This is actually great because it allows you to use any of Eminence Skin Care products for longer than expected (most of other existing products).

According to instructions, you have to use a small amount (pea size to be exact) of it because of the concentration. You have to dilute it before you apply on your face for 1 to 3 minutes through massage.

5. Worth The Price

Although most of the products are within $50 range, you can still say it’s worth the price because of the effectiveness it brings to your skin.

If Meghan Markle is a fan of this product, that means it’s a great one, too. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so well-accepted by most spa and salon owners, especially the make-up artists working with Hollywood celebrities.

Eminence Skin Care Reviews - What Others Say About It?

“I managed a Massage and Spa Clinic that offered professional services. We carried Eminence and had training on how to use this product. This is not a product that is sold directly to the public, only to high-end spas. We had to go through a screening process and be approved by Eminence to carry their product,” Jessica wrote on Amazon to answer an inquiry.

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If there are 74% among 270 people who rated 5 stars for one product on Amazon, Eminence Skin Care absolutely did a great job.

Eminence Skin Care Reviews Review

Summary of Eminence Skin Care reviews on Amazon

For one product alone, it has been well-accepted by most experts and users, who received the skincare from high-end spas they’ve been. 

The rest of the products listed on Amazon, even at the average price range of $50 and beyond, they gained mostly 4.2 ratings from many of the reviewers. That is per product.

Overall, they gained a lot of positive experiences to the point the Duchess of Sussex enjoyed and benefited from it. 

Think about it. If the Hollywood stars enjoyed their products that much, do you still question its effectiveness? I don’t think so.

Is Eminence Skin Care A Scam?

There’s no doubt that Eminence Skin Care is not a scam. Instead, it’s a legitimate Canadian skin care company based in British Columbia, to be exact.

Given the testimonies of most spa and salon owners, you can’t really doubt the effectiveness of the products. 

Another fact to consider is that they existed and remained active for the past 6 decades in the industry, you can’t question the company whether they’re offering high-quality products or not referring to the splurge of positive reviews each product received. 

Eminence Skin Care Reviews Landing Page-min

The moment you land on Eminence Skin Care, you immediately feel the high-end vibe.

Further, you can’t easily access the products without proper training to ensure the right way of using the concentration applied to the skin. In a pea size, you can massage the whole face for a few minutes and see great results. 

Eminence Skin Care is well-accepted by most of its target market. Therefore, it’s a legitimate income opportunity if you’re into skin care.​

Again, you need the necessary skills to generate more sales aside from the ones they provide upon partnering with the company. 

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Eminence Skin Care Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Eminence Skin Care? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this? 

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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