Is Pay Diamond a Scam? [11 Reasons to Stay Away!]

Read my honest comprehensive review about why Pay Diamond a scam before you decide to invest and join their network marketing company. Learn more.
Read my honest comprehensive review about why Pay Diamond a scam before you decide to invest and join their network marketing company. Learn more.

Welcome to my Pay Diamond review!

Earning a passive income sounds elusive, doesn’t it? "Is Pay Diamond A Scam?" You ask yourself.

You wonder how other people do it and succeed, increasing their income streams. And here you are, you’re desperate to know the answers. You want to live that way, too. You want to earn while sleeping or traveling across the world.

You simply don’t have any idea how it works and where to begin the process.

Let me tell you this, my friend. You’re fortunate to land here in our site and find an interest to read my comprehensive review about the 10 reasons behind allegations Pay Diamond a scam.

That alone shows me you’re hooked with the idea of changing your life through earning money online in the most legitimate way possible.

I dig into the company and compiled 11 reasons - BIG REASONS - why you should be extra careful when dealing with this Multi-Level company (MLM), given they already have quite the record in different countries.

Before we dig into that, let me show you first the itty-bitty details about the company like how they started, who they are, and how do they help you to earn lots of money within a short span of time. Imagine earning 5% weekly payouts. Doesn’t that sound enticing?

Are you ready? Let’s dive in. Shall we?

Pay Diamond Review - Quick Summary

Name: Carlos Luiz

Founded: 2015

Type: Multilevel Marketing

Price: $200 to $18,000, depending on diamond packages

Is Pay Diamond A Scam? Read my honest comprehensive review about the Pay Diamond before you decide whether to join the network marketing company or not.

Summary: Pay Diamond is a network marketing company established in 2015 under the name of Carlos Luiz as the founder. Albeit they're new in the business, numerous reviews lurk around online about the company's fraudulent activities resulting to the international police warnings.

Is Pay Diamond Recommended? No. I'll discuss this to you in a while.


What Is Pay Diamond? 

Pay Diamond is a company founded by Carlos Luiz, an economist, system engineer, and businessman. Its main mission is to purchase raw diamonds from mines and process them into polished diamonds ready in the market.

As ironic as it sounds, their official website clearly mentioned his name. But many of the former Pay Diamond affiliates said they don’t have any idea who the company owner is. This sounds sketchy to me, as well.

In fact, there are many reviewers lurk around the web searching the website’s domain address and even their source of traffic to prove the site’s integrity as a network marketing company.

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How Does Pay Diamond Work?

Pay Diamond isn’t solely relying on the multi-level marketing income alone. They sell their diamond packages to people interested in buying them in exchange for weekly payouts.

It’s one of a few MLM business without necessarily requiring their members to have downlines unlike any typical network marketing exist.

Upon registration, one can receive any package of their choice, such as:

  • Joy - $200 worth of package to 0.05-carat diamond

  • Light - $400 worth of package to 0.1-carat diamond

  • Kit Diamond - $500 worth of package to 0.15-carat diamond

  • Plus - $1,200 worth of the package to 0.3-carat diamond

  • Master - $3,600 worth of package to 1-carat diamond

  • Safe - $18,000 worth of package to 5-carat diamond

Is Pay Diamond A Scam?

How Pay Diamond Will Pay You?

Once you become one of their members, you enjoy 5% weekly payouts, which sound too good to be true versus monthly payouts from other MLM companies out there. Especially without downlines helping you to sell the packages for a certain number of sales volume (as expected from a network marketing company).

Pay Diamond helps the members to put their diamonds in the market for sales while paying them per week depending on the package they bought upon registration.

  • Joy - $10 weekly payouts
  • Light - $20 weekly payouts
  • Kit Diamond - $25 weekly payouts
  • Plus - $60 weekly payouts
  • Master - $180 weekly payouts
  • Safe - $900 weekly payouts

The payouts will continue in accord to the rank determined from the package you purchased prior to the membership.

However, on the 25th week, they have the option to request the diamond shipped to them or continue receiving weekly bonuses for the remaining 50 weeks. They also have the option to upgrade one package to another anytime. 

On the contrary, the company pays weekly bonuses, such as:

  • Binary Bonus
  • Team Bonus
  • Qualification Bonus
  • Unilevel Bonus
  • Signup Bonus

Further, they also pay residual pay plan comprising the a) Matrix Compensation Plan, the commission by 3x10 configuration with $0.50 worth affiliate commissions, b) Binary Compensation Plan wherein the following ranks receive a certain number of points attached

  • Joy - 50 points
  • Light - 100 points
  • Plus - 300 points
  • Master - 1,000 points
  • Safe/Premium - 10,000 points

How To Earn Money With Pay Diamond?

There are 3 ways you can take advantage to make money in this company. You can do either referral bonus, binary bonus, or weekly bonus.

1. Referral Bonuses (in-person recruitment and by referral link recruitment)

You have the option to keep recruiting to get 10% Personal Volume (PV) from the person’s packages.

Let’s say, your friend joins and buys the Premium Package worth $18,000. Automatically, you have 10% share from it.

In addition to that, Pay Diamond will pay you 5% from the package from the referral link. Unlike the other system wherein you receive a 10% bonus, you can get 5% for every person you convince online.

Let’s say:

  • $900 compensation from Safe Pack purchase
  • $180 = Master Pack
  • $60 = Plus Pack
  • $20 = Light Pack
  • $10 = Joy Pack

2. Binary Bonus

Another means to make money in their system is through binary bonuses attached to the corresponding value from the packages your friend bought in bitcoins.

  • $18,000 pack gives 5,000 PV
  • $3,600 pack gives 1,000 PV
  • $1,200 pack gives 300 PV
  • $400 pack gives 100 PV
  • $200 pack gives 50 PV
Is Pay Diamond A Scam? See the members' potential binary earnings as part of their bonuses.

In Pay Diamond's terms, this will give you the following potential binary bonuses after:

  • 5,000 PV will give you potential $5,000 bonus
  • 1,000 PV = $1,000
  • 300 PV = $300
  • 100 PV = $100
  • 50 PV = $50

Because it's in binary, whenever you have signed in two friends, for example, for your left and right leg, Pay Diamond will automatically merge both legs with the corresponding PV. This gives you the potential residual income.

3. Weekly Bonuses

As I’ve mentioned earlier, if you become one of their members, you will receive 5% weekly payouts depending on the rank you belong.

  • Safe = $900 weekly payouts
  • Master = $180 weekly payouts
  • Plus = $60 weekly payouts
  • Kit Diamond = $25 weekly payouts
  • Light = $20 weekly payouts
  • Joy = $10 weekly payouts
Is Pay Diamond a Scam? See the company's weekly payouts.

Pay Diamond Income Disclosure Statement

The company’s income disclosure statement may be clear, however, they continuously receive negative feedback from the former members and the potential buyers of these packages as well.

Pay Diamond Reviews - What Do Other People Say?

According to most reviews, the Pay Diamond site alone has a sign of a red flag. Based on in-depth research, the site domain registration is purchased on December 26, 2014. They updated the site on November 25, 2015, with ‘Pay Diamond Marketing & Sales Limited’ to an owner, who has a virtual office in Hong Kong.

Traffic source is checked via Alexa, which reveals 12% of the traffic came from Japan and majority from South America. Basically, the site is hosted in Brazil and expected to be in Portuguese.

Additional to the first two negative reviews, Pay Diamond is apparently banned in some countries like in Bolivia.

On top of that, probably the biggest and the ridiculous membership system, the company will ask the potential affiliate to register in the site and will be asked to buy Bitcoin worth of the package. How’s that?

11 Reasons Why Pay Diamond A Scam

1. No actual product or real company to show and review

Amid there are lots of Google and YouTube advertisement of Pay Diamond's affiliated members promoting their success in selling diamonds and recruiting new members online, they fail to impress the potential recruits. Doubts prevail instead.

In the video below, you'll see Carlos Luiz's comprehensive discussion about how "legitimate" their business with diamonds is.

However, when I searched about Maui International Investment Limited, the one who issued the invoice with the diamond business, as stated in the printed invoice he showed, I see nothing. 

No official website found.

No details about the company, except they are a private company limited by shares entity. According to the Hong Kong business site, they've been operating since 4 years and 253 days. 

In contrary, another site records that this company has been dissolved since April 8, 2016. This is supported by Hong Kong Company registry list run by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, in which they don't have the record of the company displayed in the search results.

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2. No Information About the Owner

They mention a name, Carlos Luiz, as the founder of Pay Diamond. According to their official website, he has quite a background when it comes to business, specifically in network marketing with 26 years of experience on the line. 

Further, they claim he's also an economist, system engineer, and entrepreneur. He once worked as a commercial director in a Japanese multinational commercial firm; marketing director of another commercial firm in China. 

3. Expensive Packages For a Starter

The lowest price range for a diamond package is $200, which can go up to as high as $18,000 for a premium package with 5-carat diamond. For an average Joe like me, where would I get such money to start selling diamonds?

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4. The Company Is Too Young For Such a Big Investment

The company has been existing since 3 years based on the information they mentioned in their website. It’s risky to invest a large amount of money for a startup investment for a company that exists less than 10 years in the business.

5. Focuses on Recruitment Than Selling Products

Because of that, the company sounds like a fraud. It’s structure clearly shows they are apparently a pyramid scheme.

6. Lots of Negative Reviews

There is no doubt Pay Diamond as a young multilevel marketing company garnered more negative reviews from the existing members and even from the former affiliates than the positive.

Not including the buzzing online reviews from the bloggers who had gone deeper in research to make sure the company is safe from fraudulent activities or not.

7. Banned In Many Countries

In YouTube alone, I've seen a few videos Pay Diamond produced years ago. When I checked each video, they seem to be convincing. Who wouldn't?

They have undeniably HQ videos in their account. And to me, if I haven't done my research well, I would be easily convinced they're a legit company.

Because of that, Pay Diamond has been banned from many countries, especially in Bolivia. This is due to the ongoing scam warnings from the international police community. 

8. Unclear 'Bitcoin' Membership System

Part of their membership system is to have you undergo purchasing bitcoins. Pay Diamond clarifies the only way the new members can get the packages is through bitcoin system. 

If you were to ask, would you believe such an MLM system exist? Why would I buy my diamond packages in a form of bitcoin? That sounds sketchy to me. A lot. 

9. Questionable Website Information

According to their official website, “...with the ONLY intention of recruiting new members who understand what the business is all about and have indicated interest to participate by simply completing our contact form.”

Unlike other MLM companies, they have real products to sell after the registration. They sell the products along with the registration on a certain bracket.

Further, the foundation of the company is clear on the website about page. It’s not the case of Pay Diamond. 

10. 50-Week Maturity Period

What will happen to you if the business goes out before your 50-week maturity period? You can't get out from the company unless if your surpass the required period of time. Besides, the company is too risky to invest yourself to it. 

11. The Risk to Ponzi & Pyramid Schemes

Here's a video post of Ethan Vanderbuilt, who thoroughly discussed how Pay Diamond qualifies as an MLM company practicing potential fraudulent activities.

He highlights the company's records in the Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) and Winkler Police Warn.

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Conclusion - Is Pay Diamond A Scam?

Overall, I don’t recommend Pay Diamond as your option to MLM. That is if you intend to join a risky business like that. Within 3 years, they managed to gather as many victims as possible lurking on the web and spreading their terrible stories to save others.

Unfortunately, there are many network marketing companies like Pay Diamond. And to me, as an online entrepreneur, it hurts me to see people like you, desperate for a solution to escape from a dreading day job and work whenever and wherever you want to. Only to end up burying yourself in misery simply because you became one of their victims.

You end up losing instead of gaining something in return like you expected from the beginning. This is the reason why I do the research as much as I could and inform you about the company to help you decide if your decision is right or wrong.

My comprehensive review about Pay Diamond a scam will assist you in your decision whether you take the risk and buy their diamond packages or not. If not, I have a better option for you.

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Now that I have shared my thoughts and opinions about Pay Diamond, I would love to hear from you.

What kind of experiences do you have with Pay Diamond or any other MLM companies like theirs?

Are they worth your time, money, and effort? 

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have questions, feel free to share your thoughts about the post and our Ultimate Make Money Guide and I will be happier to help you.

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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