Is Life Force International A Scam? A Pyramid Scheme?!

Welcome to my Life Force International Review!

Is Life Force International a scam?

Everyone seems to be on a diet these days. Regardless of the age range, young and old, one has its particular diet plan either to lose weight and become healthier than before.

Due to the rising popularity, several companies tend to get attracted to target this market by creating various diet plans and sell them as a product of a network marketing company. 

This is the same situation as the multi-level marketing company that we’re about to review today. Life Force International sells liquid food as a way to achieve these goals. 

Now, let’s go back to the question, is it a scam or legit? That’s exactly what we should find out in this post. Are you ready? Let’s dive into it.

Life Force International Review - Quick Summary

Name: Life Force International

Founded: 1984

Founders: Wayne & Gerri Hillman

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: Not disclosed

Best for: It is the best option for those of you who like to sell various liquid foods to make an income. You have to generate more sales to make more profit just like any MLM company out there. If this isn’t the best opportunity for you, click the green button below.

Summary: Established in California, Wayne Hillman created the formula that would later heal his ailing wife, Gerri. Due to the commendable reasons, he decided to turn it into a business in 1984. Since then, the couple has been running the company with over 6,000 medical care professionals who recognize the effectiveness of their products.

Is Life Force International Recommended? No, it’s not a good business opportunity, to begin with. If you have been following our posts, we don’t recommend a multi-level marketing company as a lucrative and profitable income source because more members lose money. 


What Is Life Force International?

Life Force International started as a husband and wife experimentation. Gerri Hillman was ailing at the time when Wayne, the husband, was desperate for a cure. He mixed-and-matched a lot of ingredients he could find to heal his wife. 

After a series of experiments, he found the miracle formula that saved the life of his wife and the lives of other people. It is a mixture of aloe vera and 9 varieties of sea vegetables. This, in turn, became the foundation of the company in 1984.

For over 30 years, the couple ran the company and built a successful business, particularly as a multi-level marketing company. 

With over 6,000 medical professionals who recognized Life Force International as a good product, they can guarantee the continuous growth of their products.

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To date, they expanded internationally and managed to branch out in various countries, namely: Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Who Is Life Force International For?

Just like any multi-level marketing company, they encourage their members to generate more sales to boost their income within Life Force International. They seem to be focused on recruitment as well.

This is why it is important that they invite members that have already possessed the qualities of a business partner they’re looking for. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense to join the company.

Aside from that, they look for someone who can sell their products in exchange for bonuses in accordance with the compensation plan, stating the percentage of the share, based on what they have generated.

If you think you can do this, you can check out the benefits yourself and see if Life Force International is for you. 

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Curious about how Life Force International pays out its members? I know you do. This is the very reason for coming here, right? You want to know how much profit you could earn from an investment.

Speaking of investment, the downside of the company is the lack of transparency when it comes to the exact price to pay. As much as I scoured the internet to look for answers, I couldn’t find any data.

What I could provide in this post are the various compensation plans you could get from the company. What I can’t say is whether the membership or launching kit they offer is higher than your potential returns. 

This is where it goes suspicious.

Anyway, what I can show you are the bonuses that you could potentially take advantage of if ever joining Life Force International remains attractive to you at this point. 

According to the compensation plan overview, you have 7 earning options you can enjoy once you get inside the company and launch a business. 

Life Force International sells value packs to members to fully experience the healing properties.

Fast Start Bonus

Yesterday, I wrote about the benefits you get when you join Q Sciences with 30 days after signing-up. Based on their compensation, you get a bonus once you reach 40 PV at least. 

In Life Force International, their version of Fast Start Bonus has 3 ranks: Associate 1, 2, and 3; and each of them has corresponding minimum PV threshold. 

These should be achieved within the same week when they registered for this bonus. 

For example, if you are a member of a 25+ BV Autoship and managed to enroll at least 3 people either as members or customers, you have 55% of the 100 BV which is equal to $165 as your Fast Start Bonus.

  • Associate 1 - 20 BV Autoship
  • Associate 2 - 50 BV Autoship
  • Associate 3 - 100 BV Autoship

Once you managed to reach the threshold, the company pays out around 55% payable to the Enrollment Sponsor on all First Time Orders or the FTO. 

The threshold could reach as high as 224 BV.

Achievers Club

If, for instance, you are already at the Associate 3 level, you are qualified to get this bonus. Once you do, you get 15% of the total monthly FTO volume, payable on a pro-rata basis. 

Based on their compensation plan, you have to make sure you get the following monthly FTO divided into 5 tiers of pools.

  • 750 FTO BV (6%)
  • 1,500 FTO BV (3%)
  • 3,000 FTO BV (2%)
  • 5,000 FTO BV (2%)
  • 10,000 FTO BV (2%)

The only way you can take advantage of this bonus is when you reach the minimum of 95 BV in that month, aside from having at least an Associate 3 level. 

Further, there should be at least 750 BV recorded in the FTO. This serves as the basis aside from the month's 95 BV requirement.

Residual Bonus

When it comes to Residual Bonus, you have 3 options depending on your qualification aka compressed genealogy every 10th of each month.

This explains how residual bonus works in Life Force International compensation plan.

Customer Program

As an MLM, it's a must to offer members special compensation, especially when they get customers. The first ones you will gather will be considered first-level customers. 

After May 1, 2010, Life Force International implemented this program in which the Fast Start Bonus worth 55% will be paid based on the FTO, which is already mentioned earlier.

At this point, you receive a 25% to 45% bonus on your account payable to the Placement Sponsor qualified. The Residual payout will then follow with at least 10% FTO for the next 3 levels of upline.

Infinity Bonus

Life Force International pays out this bonus at multiple levels as long as you manage to reach the minimum threshold worth 14% PV. This, in turn, corresponds to the levels, particularly Level 4 and beyond.

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  • Bronze (2%, minimum of 1,000 BV)
  • Silver (4%, minimum of 2,500 BV)
  • Gold (6%, minimum of 6,000 BV)
  • Platinum (10%, minimum of 10,000 BV)
  • Diamond (14% share + 4% per Platinum and Gold Levels)

Generational Power Bonus

It is what they call a leadership development bonus payable to members who belong to the levels of Star Diamond, Crown Diamond, or Royal Crown Diamond. 

Life Force International pays 12% of the total company BV. Take note, the payout will now be based on the company's sales. 

This is how Life Force International pays out generational bonuses to its members, depending on the leg and level.

Revenue Sharing Bonus

Revenue Sharing Bonus

This is a 2-revenue sharing bonus intended to pay members in a Star Diamond level and beyond, equivalent to 40%.

Pros & Cons of Life Force International

If you’re keeping an eye for the details I wrote in this post, you would immediately notice the pros and cons of joining Life Force International. 

The positive sides are noticeable; on the other side, you can see the negative sides if you’re sharp.

Anyway, here are the top 3 pros and cons you should know and realize upon joining this multi-level marketing company as your business this year. 

1. Diverse Compensation

If you could notice in my posts, I always highlight the diversity of a compensation plan within a company I review. 

This is important because you’re given a lot of options to work on specific areas, specifically the minimum thresholds.

If you aren’t able to sell within the same week upon registration, as an enrollment sponsor, you can still make more money once you invite more people as your downlines. 

Given the situation, Life Force International can still pay you out in other bonuses they have for you as a member. In this case, they did a good job.

Do you think these reasons are enough for you to join Life Force Intenational?

2. Diverse Products to Sell

This is another important thing in a network marketing company. To guarantee you can sell more, you must have an abundance when it comes to the variety of products you can offer to your customers.

Based on their website, they have products that cater to the dairy wellness, weight management, sports nutrition, hemp dynasty, as well as value packs to choose from. 

3. Member of Direct Selling Association

MLM Legal, a website that provides a review of Life Force International, revealed that the company is an official member of the Direct Selling Association. 

At least, in that way, you could say this is a legitimate company to deal with. Yet, this isn’t enough to say that joining this MLM is a great opportunity for you this year.

That is if you want to earn more money, enough to replace your day job.

1. No BBB Accreditation & Rating

Although Life Force International is registered on the reputable company review site, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) didn’t give them an accreditation status. 

In addition to that, they didn’t provide any ratings at all. No complaints from members and customers are recorded as well. 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) didn't give this MLM an accreditation status & rating as a company.

2. Lack of Transparency

The first thing that caught my eye while researching about the company is that they didn’t disclose the exact prices, for instance, the membership fee or the launching kit fees. 

These things are often revealed on an MLM website like Herbalife or Forever Living. Because of that, it made me feel suspicious about Life Force International. “ Why would they hide such valuable information,” I thought.

For sure, you have those questions in your mind, too, my friend. 

A complaint revealed that the money-back guarantee they promised isn’t true. According to the complaint, the company refuses to pay for the shipping and handling of the products, especially if you want to return them regardless of the reasons. 

When he called the company to resolve the issue, what Life Force International responded is, "Sorry, we don't credit you for shipping and handling!"

3. Ineffective Products

Unlike Wayne’s claim that the combination of 9 sea vegetables and aloe vera help in alleviating illnesses and supplement the body’s needs, many customers found that the products aren’t effective at all.

Since Life Force International refuses to show the pricing of their products, not everybody knows how much they’re spending. The complaints from various forums supported the claim. 

"I took this for a month and did not see any results. And the price was ridiculous but I tried because a friend told me it worked. The taste is bad, the price is horrible, and it does nothing," a complainer wrote.

Some of the negative feedback against Life Force International products, dissatisfying customers from its false promises.

4. FTC Pyramid Scheme Alert

Out of 250 multi-level companies under investigation, Life Force International is one of those that qualified for the 5 basic requirements for a pyramid scheme. 

The data emphasized the need for recruitment to grow in an MLM rather than generated sales of their products. This is the first thing you need to know to determine if this company is a good start for your business.

If you take a look at the FTC document, you will see similarities of this company and its system, making them a good candidate for a pyramid scheme. 

The FTC Guidelines in which it shows why Life Force International qualifies as a pyramid scheme.

Is Life Force International a Scam or Legit?

After we dove into several aspects of the company, you could say you’re digging your grave when you opt to join Life Force International as a business start for this year. 

Regardless of the company’s legitimacy, the fact that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) flagged them as one of the MLM companies passed for a pyramid scheme case is a big matter to consider. 

If you would notice in my previous reviews, you will notice the big difference between an MLM with a flagship product that sells itself without the need for recruitment to grow as a company and an MLM that relies on membership. 

As you can see, none of the flagship products Life Force International has released since they began in 1984 are seen effective. In most forums I came across, the majority have negative feedback to tell.

From there, you get the gist of the overall performance of each product even if you don’t have to join the company and try their products.

Some of Life Force International products only made available for members and its customers.

Based on the reviews alone, it is giving you the idea that Life Force International products don’t seem to work.

In addition to that, the expenses are skyrocketing as well. Not only should you keep the BV higher to keep your membership, but you also spend more to guarantee more profit. 

This is to the extent you’re only relying on recruitment to gain more bonuses than your actual income. For those who aren’t able to invite friends or family will not gain bonuses as promised. 


As I mentioned earlier, the company pressures you to generate more and more sales and downlines until the 5th levels for the sake of receiving apt compensation in your account. 

Because of these, Life Force International is not a good company to deal with. It’s best to stay away from it and search for other options available out there.

In that case, I suggest you take a look at the Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to guide through the step-by-step process towards reaching your financial goals this year. 

Life Force International compensation plan

Conclusion - Is Life Force International Worth It?

As far as my research goes, Life Force International is not worth your time. If your plan is to make a side income, you have more opportunities you can try, especially if you opt for an online passive income. 

In a multi-level marketing company such as this one, it won’t give you more benefits than stress. This is inevitable for members because you have to perform best in 2 sides.

First, as soon as you joined, you have to invite 3 people at least and generate the minimum threshold to qualify for the Fast Start Bonus. Right then and there, you will see the pressure right after registration. 

Second, to make sure you’re getting more profit in your account, aside from having downlines, you have to boost your sales to its optimum to get this. Otherwise, you will stay low-ranked and receive low payouts. 

This is the reason for discouraging you to join Life Force International and any other multi-level marketing companies out there. It’s not profitable enough to pay the efforts you did just for the sake of running a business. 

If you want better options in which you’re assured you get what you worked hard for, click the green button below to know what I exactly talk about a lot of times. 

It’s your turn to decide now, my friend. 

Now that I shared my thoughts on my “Is Life Force International A Scam?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Life Force International? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort into income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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