Is Elite Blog Academy a Scam Or a Path to $10,000/Month Blogging?

Welcome to My Elite Blog Academy Review!

It feels to be nowadays everybody's dream. Earn money from your laptop by blogging or vlogging.

That was also my dream a few years ago and I made it a reality. I have since then traveled in 10-15 countries and made a good income online by blogging.

I guess you are also looking for a great way to make money online by blogging, right? Or maybe you are just thinking if Elite Blog Academy could help you to build a better blog for your audience?

Anyway, I noticed that many people were asking on Google, "Is Elite Blog Academy a scam?" I can tell you right away that It's not a scam but there are some things that you should be aware of.

Before we run into the details, I want to let you know that I am not affiliated with Elite Blog Academy like most others who have written reviews of their services.

Elite Blog Academy Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Elite Blog Academy (Also Known As EBA)

Product Type: Blogging Training

Price: $897 (May Vary Depending on the Year)

Targeted for: People Who Want to Make Money with Blogging

Overall Ranking: 80 Out of 100

Summary: Elite Blog Academy provides a training and support that teaches their students to make money with blogging.

However, their steep price makes it less intriguing compared to my #1 recommendation which is free to get started and provides even a better quality.

Is Elite Blog Academy Recommended? Depends on Your Situation. More on This Later...

NOTE: If you want to be very successful with blogging, I recommend following what these 5 guys did to make +$10,000/month online.

What is Elite Blog Academy?

The Elite Blog Academy is a module training that is carried out online. It is meant for bloggers who want to turn their blogging into a business that is sustainable.

The Elite Blog Academy aims to help the intermediate bloggers by giving those tools that are required to refine the message to aid in the growth of traffic and revenues, build your business and monetize your platform, by growing your business.

To enroll to the EBA 3.0, you need to access when the period is open for registration. Enrolment at these Academy only takes place five days per year.

Who Is the Founder of Elite Blog Academy?

The founder of the Elite Blog is known as Ruth Soukup. She is an author and also a successful blogger. The Elite Blog Academy was officially launched in 2014. The course has been upgraded to 2.0, and now it is at EBA 3.0.

Furthermore, she has created numerous resources that reveal the taste of her preference. Ruth offers these resources for free to your email address.

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Elite Blog Academy Homepage

What Does Elite Blog Academy Teach?

Elite Blog Academy is composed relatively like a school course as it were. They open, take up a group of students, and afterward educate them on turning your blogs into a business venture.

There is a course layout, instructional units inside the course, handouts, assignments, live Questions and Answers and that's only the tip of the iceberg. There are four modules add up to, every one of which is divided into little units.

The EBA offers the following modules;

  • Refining your message
  • Growing your Traffic and revenues 
  • Monetize your platform
  • Ways to build your business.

Moreover, the members enrolled in the Academy, are privileged to access to:

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Printed syllabus for learning
  • Videos and Pinterest strategy
  • PDF that gives an outline for the campaign on the social media.

How does Elite Blog Academy Work?

The EBA is a foundational blog training academy for bloggers. It covers the whole framework of creating and growing a successful as well as a profitable blog. The Elite Blog Academy is similar to a school course. It can begin you on the way to another profession.

Nonetheless, it will require a lot of time (the likeness a semester class), cash and self-discipline (many long stretches of worksheets and finish assignments). On the off chance that you focus on those things, I figure you may find the Elite Blog Academy be quite beneficial.

The Elite Blog Academy also operates under refund policy. In this, you have to complete 36 assignments within the 180 days. Therefore, you will be able to get your money after the successful completion of your working in 180 days.

One challenge with Elite Blog Academy is that it's available only a few days in a year. That's also one of their marketing strategies. It feels more interesting when they restrict the joining only in a few days.

My #1 recommended blogging training is available all the year and it's 100% free to join unlike Elite Blog Academy. Hear how that blogging training changed my life and will help you as well here or clicking the link below:

Who is Elite Blog Academy for? (and NOT for)

The Academy is meant for people with a passion for turning their blogging into business ventures. It is destined for people who are looking for money online through blogging.

However, the Elite Blog Academy is not for beginners since it lacks such kind of training. For example, on how to setup your blog in 30 seconds as a beginner.

Elite Blog Academy is not for people who are: 

  • Not willing to learn from someone else
  • Not willing to use several hours per day for blogging
  • In a need of quick money

Elite Blog Academy Alternatives

The Elite Blog Academy is a very expensive program charging up to $897.

A good thing with an expensive price is that when you spend lots of money in a program, you are often more committed to follow the instructions and make things happen.

However, there are much more affordable and even better options available.

My #1 blogging training is Wealthy affiliate for several reasons and it's also 100% free to join. They have also a premium membership available that costs less than $0,98 per day which makes it way cheaper than Elite Blog Academy.

I know that price is not the only factor when deciding a blogging training. I can also confirm that Wealthy Affiliate training works and it has turned thousands of people from all around the world from complete beginners to making even +$10,000/month online.

I started as a complete beginner on Wealthy Affiliate and nowadays it makes me several thousands of dollars every month and allows me to travel around the world.

Here are just a few things that you'll get when you join Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Interactive Step-By-Step Video Training (5 + 7 modules, 120 lessons in total)
  • Private Access to the Owners (Kyle & Carson who became millionaires by blogging)
  • I Will Personally Coach And Help You To Make More Money with Your Blog. You can ask me anything you want.
  • Unlimited Community Support of 1,4 Million People. (Many of them are making a full-time income with blogging and are willing to help you as well.)
  • Free 24/7/365 technical support that gives a feedback to the blogger immediately in case of a reported issue.

Furthermore, the Wealthy Affiliate is readily available. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for the Elite Blog Academy to open for you to make money. At the moment, Wealthy Affiliate also provides a free account for all new members.

Pros & cons of Elite Blog Academy


  • There is a step-by-step training by a successful blogger. 
  • The course is well structured and therefore.
  • It also creates the community primarily through the FB groups that ensures networking with other bloggers
  • The EBA has diverse resources for learning and therefore can cater to different learning preferences of different people.


  • The EBA is may not fit the beginners since a big part of the training focuses on advanced strategies.
  • It has limited availability; sit is opened for only five days per year.
  • The EBA is very expensive to enroll.
  • Doesn't provide keyword tools and hosting like Wealthy Affiliate.

It's 100% possible to make big money with blogging. You just need to do what to do.

Is Elite Blog Academy a Scam?

The Elite Blog Academy is not a scam!

All their training and networks are genuine. Ruth has incredible expectations to enable individuals to prevail with their blog. There are even specific examples of overcoming adversity, so there's no uncertainty on the authenticity.

I just wanted to address this issue because I found out that many people were asking this question on Google.

Conclusion - Is Elite Blog Academy Worth It?

If you are willing to invest $897 in a blogging training and you think it provides you that much value, go for it.

The creator of the course, Ruth Soukup, is a successful blogger so you can certainly learn several good tips from the training that can be worth the money.

However, I know that most people don't have an extra $897 laying around just for investing in a new course. That's one reason why Wealthy Affiliate is a preferable option.

I have also listed a few other differences between my #1 recommended blogging training, Wealthy Affiliate and Elite Blog Academy below.

What kind of experiences do you have with Elite Blog Academy and other blogging trainings?

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By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I am thankful for your good ways of sharing your thoughts. Your site is a great way to learn, develop and adapt skills to improve our means of living. To value time and making the most of it. Plus, it’s free. That’s why, I don’t have to join with Elite Blog Academy. Besides, I always believe success happens when you put your heart and soul to the best of your ability. God bless us all.

  2. Its weird that I find myself in that classification of (not for). I feel like I need to pull up my socks in the blogging to reach that category. Its not great being at a position to take advantage of such opportunities.

  3. For people who are so into blogging and really wants to make money out of it. This is a great investment, though yes the price might be pretty huge but I think the results of those training would be very much worth it. By investing your money you’ll also be investing yourself in that particular job or so that’s why it is also good.

    By putting in money, you’ll be putting in more work since yo don’t want to put your money to waste. Well for me, investing 800 dollars for a profit way bigger than that every month would be a great choice.

  4. I’ve been thinking about creating a blog, most articles that I read about making money online conclude that is the best method. My biggest challenge is finding a niche that is profitable and actually start to do it. Elite Blog Acadent seems like a good training but too expensive for me right now.

  5. Elite blog academy seemed promising for those who are passionate enough in blogging and are willing enough to spend that huge amount of enrolment. But if someone wants to join but lack enough background about blogging then this is not meant for them.

  6. This price is making the eyes pop out of my head. 800 dollars for a blogging course? I think this is too much money. I think that not everyone can be blogger you need to have some natural writing talent. What if you spend this amount and find out that you just can’t blog? I think also there is a lot of information on blogging online. Use that and when you have the skills and are making money from it, then you can invest in this course.

    1. Yeah, the price of the course is high. An interesting thing that I have noticed after reviewing +500 products that the price doesn’t often correlate with the quality. Even though Wealthy Affiliate is much cheaper, they provide even a much better quality than Elite Blog Academy. I’m not saying that EBA would be bad but WA is just better.

      Personally, I believe that anyone can make big money ($10k/month) with blogging if they’re willing to learn and putting the advice in the action. It requires practice, work and learning, of course. I don’t believe in talent. I believe in practice and work.

      1. Yes, not every pricey stuff will make you good. It all comes down to your time and effort. Practicing your talent or enhancing them will put you in a better spot to earn money. Practice and strive for greatness. Don’t just stay and be confident that your talent is enough. Always make sure that you always enhance what you have.

    2. I believe this is one of the most expensive packages I have ever seen regarding online courses. I do agree with you Jaymish that 897$ is a sum to digest first, nevertheless, I honestly believe that all of us are doing little when it comes to investing in ourselves.

      Whenever I find myself in front of something that expensive, I usually convert it to some regular daily activities that I could live without for a certain period of time in order to save up for that expensive product. In this case, I am not thinking “Is it expensive?” but I am more focusing on “Does it really work?”. This is where I also agree that we should initially invest our time to search for answers online, take a couple of free courses, watch some youtube videos and in some time, once we have a basic understanding of the matter, only then invest such a big sum and go all-in!

      1. Well, you haven’t seen really expensive courses like Digital Altitude, MOBE or Empower Network. They charged their members up to $65,000 for informational products and just a few retreats. That was insane. Now they are down because they were just pyramid scheme.

        I understand that $897 is a huge amount in the Philippines but in the Western countries that is still a reasonable price for a course even though it is on the high end.

  7. The thing that I noticed from the review that you did about Elite Blog Academy is that the programme is good as you can get to learn some good ways that you can make money via blogging. However, I have the feeling that this is not the best course for those that are planning to start from scratch as the enrollment fee is one that is not easy to afford.

      1. Wow! This was what I was saying as we get to see lots of other good plans that can teach people good ways to make money while blogging.

      2. It is nice to read that Wealthy Affiliate changed so much in your life. This is a sign that anyone that is determined can also go far by being a part of this type of affiliate marketing. I would like to join, but as a Nigerian, is that possible?

        1. I think the premium membership is available in Nigeria.

          Nigerians and Filipinos message me every day on Facebook, email, YouTube comments, comments asking if they could join Wealthy Affiliate 😀 I think the premium is available in both countries but the free membership is not available.

  8. Reading your review, I concur that this is indeed not a beginner-friendly course. Though some seasoned bloggers may still want to try, I still doubt it. They would rather just pick up bits and pieces from different modules and come up with their own traffic and sales drive strategies than just stick with one course.

    Their refund policy is good though, but over all, the course still won’t be practical for the seasoned bloggers who love to explore different strategies.

      1. Partly, it’s because of the price, but not necessarily. I believe that a seasonal blogger always gets hungry for efficiency. Although some may find the course beneficial to them in the long run, seasonal bloggers already know their market and sometimes “simple strategies” work best for them. So they’d rather stick to something that already works best as proven by their revenue out of their blogs, as compared to something new.

        1. That’s true.

          On the other hand, I have noticed that sometimes 1-2 powerful ideas can be worth hundreds or even thousands dollars in the long run. Education is hardly ever in vain because seldom we learn to become worse than we are right now 😉

  9. Your story is really inspirational you quit your nine to five job, all to teach others how to make money. There should be more people in the world like you!

  10. I was introduced to online writing in 2005. I started by writing for a site called gather and later joined helium (both of these sites are defunct now). While I earned nothing on gather, I was able to make some money on helium before it closed down in 2014. I joined hubpages in 2010 and received my first payment from hubpages in 2012. Since then I have been receiving payment from hubpages. Training helps you understand blogging, however, $900 fee is very high. It might take years before you actually recover your investment.

    1. Yes, it may take some time to earn the money back but if a person is already earning a good money with blogging, it may take only a few days to make $900 back. Depends on the level of the blogger always.

  11. What Elite Blog Academy offers in training people to become bloggers seems great but looking at the cost of the training at $897 or more, it’s definitely too expensive for beginners who want to give blogging a trial.

      1. If Elite Blog Academy delivers on what it promised to bloggers, then there is no doubt that successful bloggers who are well known and established in the online business will take the training up and widen their business knowledge on how to be more successful even at the high cost of training at $897.

  12. Generally, the Elite blogging academy might be a good option for those that are thinking of earning via blogging. However, the limited time for registration is definitely going to stop some from joining coupled with the expensive nature of the program. So, why I think they are doing a great work, the recruitment process is not really nice to me.

    1. Yeah. It is quite interesting that they have created that kind of application process for the course. I guess it adds some student’s willingness to attend the course because they see it’s available only for the limited time.

      1. I agree with you on the marketing technique that they used which makes the course look scarce and difficult to join. This will make many students rush it whenever they decide to open it for registration. However, that doesn’t mean that it should be that expensive.

  13. This is a advantage to some who can afford that enrollment fee to join this blog academy, buy my tips for those who really want to earn by blogging, man you don’t actually need to enroll to some academy like this, as long as you can write and you practiced your writing. You know how to write properly, man I swear you can already do start blogging.

    1. You’re right that Elite Blog Academy is not 100% necessary for people who want to learn blogging. On the other hand, I can’t deny that it can certainly provide some valuable tips for those people who want to make money with it.

      Anyway, it clearly doesn’t beat Wealthy Affiliate that is my #1 recommendation for those who want to make big money by blogging.

      1. And I can say that because based on my experience, we can now learn everything without paying, in just a single click and search over the internet space you can now get the information, ideas, and anything that can help you to learn on the things that you want to. And your blogs will probably help those who are in need too.

        1. Yeah, it’s true that we can learn literally anything we need nowadays for free. However, still I believe in the power of paying for the proper training.

          Nowadays I am spending more time on training and learning resources than ever before. I feel that when I pay for something, I am also more committed to take action and make things happen. Even though we have all the resources for free, we often don’t use them or don’t know where to search for so buying courses can be often easier. Just a point of view 🙂

          1. That is the different on learning on a paid training and on a free training. You are right that in the paid training you surely choose to listen carefully and be more attentive. Because you want your payment to be all worthy. And you don’t want to miss one lesson.

    2. You have a very good point about not necessarily requiring to enroll in Elite blogging academy to start off as a blogger. But the truth of the matter is that when you master something, you would want to get better at it to stay ahead of your competition in the business, and it’s where making use of Elite Blogging Academy comes in.

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