Is 1Q App Scam? No, But You Can Earn Better With This Alternative!

is 1q app a scam
is 1q app a scam

1Q1Q App is a mobile application that pays for answering surveys. But that's not the whole story...

Welcome to My 1Q App Review!

In this article, I am going to reveal you the truth of 1Q App. I will answer all your questions like, "What is 1Q App and how does it work? Is 1Q App worth it? Is 1Q App a scam or legit?"

This is not sponsored by 1Q App in any way so you will surely get a brutally honest opinion from me. Let's have a look!

1Q App Review - Summary

Product Name: 1Q App

Product Type: Mobile App That Pays for Answering Surveys

Price: Free to Use

Best for: People who want to waste their time. (Sorry for the honesty!)

is 1q app a scam

Summary: 1Q App is another low paying survey service/mobile app. They pay very little money for their users and usually they don't even have surveys available. There are much better ways to make money online or with your smartphone.

Is 1Q App Recommended? No. Click the button below to see a better option.

What Is 1Q App?

1Q App is a survey application that pays its users after answering online polls and questions. They are usually hired by multinational companies to perform market research on behalf of them.

Currently, they have generated several questions that they ask their members. They then pay instantly for every question a member answers.

In addition, they have a mobile developed system where a user receives the questions. Nonetheless, if a user does not possess a smartphone, they extend the services by offering these users the questions via text messages.

Is 1Q App a Scam? This is the question that most users ask themselves before signing up with 1Q App. Well, 1Q App is not a scam but it doesn't mean their service would be recommended. More on this further..

How does 1Q App Work?

1Q App works in a very similar way like any other survey service. I have reviewed around 100 different survey sites and pretty much all of them use the same procedure.

Here is how a person could get started with 1Q App.

  • Register for 1Q Account

The first step that users do is creating 1Q account. There are two ways to achieve this task. One, via their application or two, through their primary website.

The website option is pretty good as one can download the app after successful registration. One will be asked to provide a name, an email address as well as a valid phone number

  • Complete Account Creation

After completing the first task, members are taken to their profile where they are required to give more information about themselves. Here, they are needed to provide their job details, demographics, as well as household information. It helps the system to determine the type of surveys that are appropriate to a user.

  • Verify cell phone number

This part is vital to users who will be undertaking the surveys and polls using the text messaging service. A six digit code is sent to users’ phone number. The code must be entered on the website to confirm that the number entered is indeed yours.

  • Get to work

After finishing up the signing and verification process, a user is directly taken to the surveys. They can be accessed from the mobile application system or the website where one signed up from.

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After getting to this step one will find surveys and pools streaming through. You will get your very first poll. It is merely a simple question with multiple answers.

All that is needed for a member is to answer these questions and submit the answers. After sending the choices or responses, a user’s account is credited with some cash.

  • Receive the payment

The payments are made through the PayPal account after successful submission of surveys and polls. They mostly pay 0.25 dollars for every survey. The money is spent in a matter of minutes after finishing the survey entirely.

NOTE! Even though the process is simple and easy, the money that 1Q App pays is very little. If you want to earn a bigger money from your home, check out my #1 recommendation

Who is 1Q App for? (And NOT for)

This survey application is best for those users who are into surveys and don't value their time. You can only earn some pocket money with 1Q App which surely isn't worth your time and effort.

I have talked about online surveys in numerous articles. I have come to a conclusion that online surveys are not worth it.

How Much Does 1Q App Pay?

After auspicious signup, users are offered with multiple options that they can be paid with, either 0.25 dollars or 0.50 dollars after each survey they complete. However, choosing 0.50 dollars provides a little number of surveys compared to picking 0.25 dollars. It is therefore wise to consider the choice to select when making the ultimate decision.

It is, however, possible to make extra cash when using the system outside the apparent survey application. A referral program is an option that every user must look into.

They usually pay someone $0.25 after referring relatives and friends. The money may increase significantly if a user shares the system on social media platforms and other forums.

It is essential for one to fill each part of the profile entirely. It increases one’s capabilities of getting more surveys as they may target various areas that you may be appropriate for.

Another aspect to ensure that you are always on the money side is to download the app on the phone and then keep the location setting mode ON. It scans the localities around you.

Setting the location ON guarantees you plenty of surveys. It is made possible if you pass near malls and stores in which 1Q has questions for. The system will send you a survey on these areas.

NOTE! 1Q App is not available on all locations. If you want to see make money online opportunities that are available everywhere in the world, take a look at these 15 awesome ways to make money online.

Pros & cons of 1Q App

The Pros

  • The company is legit and permitted, and they have been paying users already for a while.
  • The system is friendly and straightforward to get your way around.
  • For those who have smartphones, they can use the app quickly. On the other hand, the text message service is usable for those who don’t own or love the smart gadgets.

The cons

  • Some users have claimed not to receive verification code after signing up. It has brought delays to these users.
  • The referral program has issues for now and thus, and users need to concentrate on the surveys at the moment.
  • Users must complete the surveys fast after receiving the email notification. It is because other people might take them.
  • One must also own a phone or smart device. There is no way that one can work without one of these.
  • They also give users just two polls every week. The amount is small if one was looking for something to provide substantial income.
  • For those willing to make money from the survey system on a full-time basis, the payment for every survey is very little.
  • The system is also limited to some countries only. Therefore, check whether your country is enabled.

Is 1Q App a Scam?

After bumping into 1Q, you are left wondering whether to give it a try or not. In my opinion, 1Q App is excellent, and I do not see any reason why new members should not join the 1Q world.

Though it does not offer a considerable income, one will still get $ 0.25 a few seconds after completing a poll. The 1Q system is a 100% genuine. Thus, it is not a scam!

1Q App Complaints

The most significant complaint that users have recently is that they are not receiving enough surveys and pools. From a sample, we can confirm that some users receive only one poll every week. The company claims that a maximum number of polls a user can get in a day is two polls.

It seems similar to various surveys where one has to meet the standards that firms are searching for. If the criteria are not met, the poll is not sent to the users. Like mentioned above, users will receive a survey every week or more.

Real User's Experiences of 1Q App

One person was willing to share his experiences and opinions of 1Q App. In this chapter, I will share with you what he said about it:

What He Likes About 1Q

  • Questions Polls

1Q takes after other survey sites. However, instead of making long and tiring surveys, a user is required only to answer one short question. The idea of getting paid to carry out surveys and polls is not entirely new. 

  • Payments

The best thing I liked about 1Q is that they pay via PayPal account. Whenever you complete a poll or survey, money will be immediately put into your PayPal account. There is no waiting to reach certain cash out amount or waiting for the check days. It is instant without concern of the amount earned.

  • Mobile Application

1Q provides a mobile platform. The application provides users with the capability to do anything they do online which is answering surveys and altering all account settings. This idea of having mobile app is ideal for all firms as it makes it faster to complete surveys on the go.

What He didn’t like

  • One needs to be very fast

Like another type of surveys, one needs to be in it to win it. 1Q is no exception to this trend. Users usually receive text messages when new surveys are posted. On the other hand, those using the application get alerts as well. If users happen to miss the notifications and go ahead to answering the questions, they may not earn anything in the process.

The first person to respond to the notifications gets the upper hand when answering the questions. It leaves the relatively slow users with nothing to respond. Therefore, it is essential for one to be super-fast. Besides, most of the users check their phones often and this problem shouldn’t be a big issue to them. However, it is an aspect worth noting.

  • It is only used for little extra money

Most surveys and polls are based on the supply and demand. Members will not receive surveys if there are no companies that require feedback from their demographics. It is evident that the companies undertaking surveys do so to generate more revenue for themselves and not for the common citizen.

Due to this aspect, the companies cannot send surveys and polls to users who are not their target audience. Thus, it is essential not to depend on this 1Q survey for continuous money. You should then search for a stable job if you require real continuous money generation.

  • Cellphone or smartphone is a must

1Q survey opportunity is not ideal for those people who still communicate with pigeons and smoke signals. To make money with this system, members need to up their game and have a standard cell phone that receives text messages.

Also one can have a smart device to download the Android or iO app from its respective store. With that said, it may still be challenging to justify buying a brand new smartphone together with the expensive data plan only to make some extra cash.

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Conclusion - Is 1Q App Worth It?

Personally, I don't recommend 1Q App or similar apps to anyone.

There are way better ways how you could earn money online. Actually, you could earn 10 or even 100 times more with my #1 recommendation.

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What kind of experiences do you have with 1Q App or similar applications?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

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