Ideal Protein Review [1,000-Calorie Weight Loss?!]

Read My Comprehensive Ideal Protein Review & Learn Dangers Of Severely-Restrictive Diet With 1,000-Calorie Limit Per Day. Learn Risks Of The Program Here.
Read My Comprehensive Ideal Protein Review & Learn Dangers Of Severely-Restrictive Diet With 1,000-Calorie Limit Per Day. Learn Risks Of The Program Here.

Welcome to my Ideal Protein Review!

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Ideal Protein Review - Quick Summary

Name: Ideal Protein

Founded: 2003

Company: Laboratories C.O.P.

Founder: Olivier Benloulou

Type: Weight Loss Program

Price: $5 to $15 per day/ $350 registration

Best for: People who are desperate to lose some weight by means of following a 4-phase low-carbohydrate meal plan, more likely under ketosis while undergoing a high protein diet to maintain lean muscle and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Summary: Ideal Protein is a weight loss program developed by a Canadian-based company Laboratories C.O.P. in which it incorporates the process of 4-phase ketosis to dieters to lose fat and maintain lean muscle mass.

Is Ideal Protein Recommended? No, I'll tell you the details in a while.


What is Ideal Protein? 

Ideal Protein is a weight loss program involving a 4-phase carbohydrate-restricted diet. Its principle was created by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh 20 years ago for his patients.

From there, the Canadian-based company Laboratories C.O.P. founded by Olivier Benloulou promoted the program across the country and introduced a safer weight loss system to the massive number of people.

Like the rest of the companies in the industry, Medifast, for example, they supplement the client’s state of ketosis with the products they created for the program.  

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How Does Ideal Protein Work?

In layman’s terms, Ideal Protein diet simply restricts the dieters to eat carbohydrate and replaces it with protein to keep the lean muscle mass while shedding a lot of fat from the body.

Therefore, within the 4 phases of ketosis, you're going to undergo:

  • Phase 1: Weight Loss
  • Phase 2: 14-Day
  • Phase 3: Pre-stabilization
  • Phase 4: Maintenance
Ideal Protein Review Phase 1-min

Ideal Protein diet introduces ketosis in Phase 1.

Phase 1: Weight Loss

During the first phase, you have to follow 100% of the program to reach your weight loss goal, which means you have to consume the meals as per the diet plan.

That'd be 20 grams of protein and less than 200 calories per serving with unlimited raw vegetables from the list. 

Along with the meal plan, you're going to supplement multivitamins, potassium supplement, among others with your meals purchased in the company.

Ideal Protein Review Phase 2-min

A weight loss consultant assists you until you achieved weight goals.

Phase 2: 14-Day

Within 2 weeks, you're going to undergo the same stage as the previous phase. There is not that many differences with the process, however, at this point, you have already reached your weight loss goal.

Within the phase, you are allowed to eat lunch meals with whole foods. The same thing with your dinner. From 20 grams of protein, you're having 225 grams of protein with 2 cups of vegetables based on the list.

Ideal Protein Review Phase 3-min

At this point, your protein intake is increased to 225 grams.

Phase 3: Pre-stabilization

This is where you transition to a maintenance diet. From the changes in your lunch and dinner meals, this time, you're going to have the change for your breakfast meals. From a limited protein intake, you're going to have whole foods on breakfast without the need for supplements.

According to HealthLine, this helps to restart the insulin production to the right amount, although there's no science-backed into it.

Ideal Protein Review Phase 4-min

In Phase 4, it's all about keeping your weight off.

Phase 4: Maintenance

The last phase of the Ideal Protein Diet comprises the last 12 months of the program wherein it teaches you to keep your weight off for more dietary freedom.

All you have to do in this phase is to keep the 3 principles in mind:

  • Avoid combining foods with carbohydrates and fats.
  • Measure your body weight and divide into 2 to make sure you are aware of your protein intake per day.
  • You're only allowed to indulge once a week.

Also, the supplements under this phase can be optional. So, it's more of your control to keep the diet or not unlike Beyond Diet and Nutrisystem diet approaches. More so, Herbalife has the same freedom approach when it comes to dieting.

How to Make Money with Ideal Protein?

Ideally, you have to be one of the weight loss consultants to earn more one with the Ideal Protein diet because, in accord with sources, they earn an average of $18,000 per month.

However, we’re obviously talking about how to earn money by promoting the above-mentioned program through  an affiliate. Unfortunately, there’s no option for it except partnering with the company and gain benefits from it.

There’s an option for applying for affiliates, but there’s no disclosure to how much you could possibly earn per generated referral.

Ideal Protein [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. No Options For Passive Income

As much as I dug into the whole bunch of resources in the search of income opportunities for this product, there’s none.

You can only get access to the compensation disclosure once you register onsite and fill in the required information. Apart from that, there’s nothing you could get from it.

2. Expensive Weight Loss Program

It’s the same problem with Jenny Craig Diet wherein the entire program requires you to more than it actually costs.

If you take a look at the “lean meat” of Ideal Protein, you can simply remove the number of carbohydrates in your daily diet and replace with the appropriate size of protein per meal. 

That’s it. You don’t have to spend $350 for sign up and purchase a bunch of supplements for the sake of following the 12-month-long program. 

3. Dangers Of Severely Low Carb 

We all know that our body needs carbohydrates to fuel our bodies for energy, to keep us moving. However, if you remove that from your daily intake, that’d compromise your system. Especially if you do it suddenly as per Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein Diet. 

Medical News Today mentioned it puts you to higher risks of coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, stroke, and even cancer.

What I Like About Ideal Protein?

1. Less Restrictive Weight Loss Program

Unlike Medifast, it’s giving more allowance for the dieter to indulge even for once a week. At the same time, there’s not that much food to avoid in the list than the ones recommendable to consume within the period of time.

On top of that, there’s unlimited vegetable intake and supplements to follow to keep the body going albeit the weight loss process, which is essential.

2. Diverse Foods In Meal Plan

Although it has the same 1,000-calorie limit as Medifast, there’s more to eat in the Ideal Protein Diet. In fact, it’s more diverse.

You can eat as much as vegetables as you want and you can find alternatives to replace carbohydrates in your diet unlike the former with severe restrictions. 

3. One-On-One Support

Given the large compensation for a weight loss consultant working under the company, it’s granted that they take care of their clients and handle their weight loss goals and issues with utmost respect and passion.

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This is why there is a lot of positive feedback on the program versus the other weight loss companies out there. In fact, they receive higher rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Ideal Protein Review Guided Weight Loss-min

Benefits you'd get while undergoing the Ideal Protein diet

Ideal Protein Review - What Others Say About The Program?

As expected, there are always 2 sides of the coin. The pros and cons of this weight loss program. With the Ideal Protein Diet, there are many who testify the effectiveness of the product and there are some who are dissatisfied with the results of the restricted-carbohydrate diet.

Not all human bodies have the same composition. Hence, there are various side effects with dieting regardless of the weight loss programs they’re joining.

As for the 4-phase weight loss, there are many who complained about existing constipation after they tried the 100% protein diet. There are some who complained it doesn’t seem to have noticeable results.

Ideal Protein Review Negative Review

Some of the splurging negative reviews for Ideal Protein diet

"No doubt the weight will drop! But it's the quality of the food that's poor. I wouldn't even call it food, it's powder. It's best to stick to real foods and learn the healthy lifestyle instead of a 'quick fix,'" an anonymous dieter ranted on a forum.

Another client mentioned about the lack of nutrition you'd be having once you undergo the state of ketosis albeit the massive 60-pound weight loss within 3 months.

"You eat nothing except greens and proteins. I don't recommend this at all. You starve your body. This is not the key," she said. 

Given the number of splurging negative feedback, the majority of the dieters in the forum shared their sentiments of how the Ideal Protein Diet helped them lost a lot of weight within a short span of time.

"I have tried numerous programs in the past and never had much success. Ideal Protein works and is easy to follow. I lost 40 pounds and have never felt better," a successful dieter mentioned.

Ideal Protein Review Successful Stories-min

Some of the dieters who succeeded in their weight loss journey

"Easiest plan ever! I still succeeded after seeing and harvest cooking for 15 to 20 people at times. I lost 25 pounds and then Christmas hit and my bad habits. So, I'm back at it to lose 10 pounds. I feel great and the clothes fit better! Win-win," another successful dieter stated on the same forum.

Even medical blogs recommend the Ideal Protein Diet to their readers because it's easier to follow and it doesn't starve the body too much since you're allowed to most food except those rich with carbohydrates.

Is Ideal Protein Legit Weight Loss Program Or Scam?

Given the massive number of reviews about the Ideal Protein Diet, there’s no doubt it’s a legitimate weight loss program. Laboratories C.O.P itself is a real company, to begin with.

Therefore, there’s no need to question whether they are merely scamming people because many dieters testify it works.

There’s just one thing I have to remind you of this diet though. Medifast and the Ideal Protein Diet have similarities when it comes to the limitations of calorie intake per day.

Ideal Protein Review Featured Recipes-min

Some of the featured recipes encouraged in Ideal Protein Diet meal plans

However, as per observation, the former has raging negative feedback of a severely restrictive diet compared to the Ideal Protein Diet. 

Granted, it’s recommendable to give this weight loss program a shot. However, earning money from this won’t give you anything unless if you are one of their bonafide employees working personally in the company as a weight loss consultant or equivalent.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Ideal Protein Review” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with weight loss programs? Are they worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest your time, money, and effort to weight loss programs like Ideal Protein Diet?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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