GoodLife USA Reviews [Travel MLM A Scam?!]

In My GoodLife USA Reviews Post, Dissatisfied Clients Accused This MLM As Scam Or Fraud Albeit Decent Travel Discounts & Diverse Compensation Plans. Learn Why.
In My GoodLife USA Reviews Post, Dissatisfied Clients Accused This MLM As Scam Or Fraud Albeit Decent Travel Discounts & Diverse Compensation Plans. Learn Why.

Welcome to my GoodLife USA Review!

Welcome to my GoodLife USA Review!

Travel-based MLMs have been on the rise lately. This is the reason behind the rise of GoodLife reviews on Google. Because of my curiosity how these network companies work, I dug into it and reviewed their system.

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Let’s get into this post. Shall we?

GoodLife USA Review - Quick Summary

Name: GoodLife USA

Founded: 2015

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $11.95 and up

Best for: People who are fond of traveling across different countries and earning commissions from personal sales and other income streams GoodLife USA provides their bonafide members.

Summary: GoodLife USA is a Florida-based network marketing company that provides travel services instead of physical products as most companies produce in their line. They cater to the different traveling services to its target clientele making sure they have the best vacation and getaways as much as possible.

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What Is GoodLife USA? 

Goodlife USA has a unique service to offer as a network marketing company. Based in Florida, the company seeks to provide the best travel services to their target clientele since they started the operations in 2015.

Unlike the typical Multi-Level Marketing, specifically the health and wellness niche that takes the majority of the population, GoodLife USA creates a wide range of travel-related services from romantic getaways to last-minute vacation packages.

How Does GoodLife USA Work?

Just as any travel agency aids in our traveling needs, Inteletravel, for example, GoodLife USA nearly functions the same role.

The difference is that they welcome another option for you to earn money from the commission generated from sales volume and personal sales as you create downlines. 

According to their official website, the company creates a path to maximize the extraordinary opportunities for their members in which they call them as "subscribers" through saving more bucks from the traveling itself, as well as retailing, etc.

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GoodLife USA Reviews Services - Your Online Revenue-min

GoodLife USA provides different services for their target clients, giving options for subscribers.

Joining GoodLife USA is like purchasing an all-in-one stop shop or a hub of different products with the lowest possible price. You pay the membership worth:

  • $11.95 for the Silver VIP Club Card
  • $39.95 for the Gold VIP Club Card
  • $59.95 for the Platinum VIP Club Card

These fees are charged every month. Hence, in one year, you pay $143.40 for the Silver, $538.45 for the Gold, and $858.45 for the Platinum VIP Club Cards respectively.

The fees are applicable to travel-related expenses such as the hotels, cruises, airlines, rental cars, resort condos, and more.

How to Make Money with GoodLife USA?

Unlike World Ventures, you earn money by selling VIP Club Cards and recruiting new members. But first things first. You need to sign up and create downlines.

In order to become one of their bonafide members, you need to enroll in their on-site registration form and pick a VIP Club Card of your choice.

You must understand that you’re paying an autoship service so the company will charge your bank account right away. 

Once you get on board with GoodLife USA, you have to recruit at least 2 people for your downlines to expand your reach and earn commissions afterward or gather as many as 20 customers to purchase these VIP Club Cards.

GoodLife USA Reviews Team Tree - Your Online Revenue-min

GoodLife USA follows the 2X20 Compensation from you and downlines (to 20 levels deep).

Shared Social Network Commissions

Because they follow the "2X20 Shared Social Network" downline system, it's understandable your first 2 affiliates or recruited downlines will continue the recruitment process until 20 levels deep.

Again, this is unusual for any MLM since most only reach 10 as I reviewed so far. From there, each membership registration will give you $1 point to your account, especially if the prospective member joins and registers.

From Level 1 to 15, you will receive 5% of the commission bonus and 2% for Levels 16 to 20. To understand more about the CV accumulated, GoodLife USA categorized that into the following:

  • Silver - 4CV
  • Gold - 20CV
  • Platinum - 30CV

From there, it's a driving force for you to invite more and more people, specifically to the Platinum Club to make sure you earn more from the company.

Since GoodLife USA practices the "shared team commissions" system, the first 2 affiliates are considered as partners rather than calling them as downlines alone. Given, the three of you will receive 5% of the commissions divided equally.

GoodLife USA Reviews Quick Pay Bonus - Your Online Revenue-min

GoodLife USA quick pay bonus, one of their diverse income streams to maximize as member

Fast Start Bonuses

This is yet another downline system GoodLife USA implements in the company's compensation system by following the unilevel system without limitations with the infinite width and levels deep.

Not only for the members but also the customers can take advantage of the Customer Fast Start Bonus, which means they earn a bonus from purchasing products directly from your referral. That's equivalent to:

  • $25 - Signing up a Silver Customer
  • $50 - signing up a Gold Customer
  • $100 - signing up a Platinum Customer
GoodLife USA Reviews Ranks - Your Online Revenue

GoodLife USA ranks

Rank Advancement Bonuses

As for this type of bonus, this is measured from the sales generated as well as the referrals. The company evaluates the overall performance of each subscriber before they decide the promotions of each.

Ranks comprise from Garnet to as high as Crown Black Diamond in which the corresponding bonuses like luxury holidays, and among others are listed depending on the rank level, obviously.

GoodLife USA [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Not BBB-Accredited Business

The fact GoodLife USA failed to earn the accreditation status from the Better Business Bureau means a lot of things.

One of them is the questionable schemes being implemented to their subscribers alike. Many of their members have found problems with the inability to resolve issues concerning financial and customer service.

GoodLife USA Reviews BBB - Your Online Revenue

Better Business Bureau rating & summary for GoodLife USA

2. Horrible Customer Service

In relation to my previous point, many dissatisfied clients ranted on the above-mentioned platform because of this reason.

The majority of them wanted to end the service. However, GoodLife USA didn't respond to any of their complaints and continued charging their accounts.

3. Nullified VIP Club Cards Without Notice

According to Terry, one of their subscribers, he gave out as many as 280 cards to different clients.

Instead of expecting commissions from the company, GoodLife USA nullified these and forced him to go back from square one without paying a dime on the expenses, including the commissions he supposed to receive. 

GoodLife USA Reviews BBB Negative Review - Your Online Revenue

One of a few negative reviews written on BBB

4. Alleged Scam

One subscriber mentioned about the shady tactics GoodLife USA has been doing over the years. She told on BBB, she paid a lot for a bunch of useless cards that even her own son, who's going to have a vacation with friends, couldn't use them for their traveling needs.

5. No Refunds

Not only the customers find it a hassle but also the subscribers who recruited and expected to earn money from it.

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She even tried to call the customer service many times. Yet, they only responded coldly as if they didn't care about her situation at all.

"I asked him to please refund all my money as it was obvious that I had not participated...he denied my request," she wrote. 

What I Like About GoodLife USA?

1. Travel-Based MLM

It’s quite a new trend to see rising business opportunities for traveling. Many people have been interested in exploring different sites across the world.

Hence, seeing network marketing companies such as GoodLife USA is beneficial and interestingly attractive to many clients.

2. Diverse Compensation Plan

Because there’s a rising trend for travel-based MLMs today, promoting the earning opportunity to attract downlines is easier.

Who wouldn’t be lured into this business with a bunch of discounts congested in one piece of card, right?

Besides, as a subscriber, it’s a great deal to maximize the income streams with the different compensation bonuses GoodLife USA offers. 

GoodLife USA Reviews Bonus - Your Online Revenue-min

One of few bonuses from GoodLife USA compensation plan

3. Discounted Travels

GoodLife USA has a great mission as a network marketing company. Albeit its inevitable problems on the side, it seeks to give the most out of the stay-cations and other getaways they think would help lessen or save the expenses by giving off discounted prices. Especially if you’re a travel blogger. You could take advantage of it.

4. Wide Range Of Travel-Related Opportunities

From romantic getaways to vacation, GoodLife USA can support any travel you planned through creating a seamless discounting system to various things necessary to keep the traveling comfortable and cheap. From hotels to rental cars, the company provides discounts to these kinds of services.

5. Rising MLM Opportunity

As I mentioned earlier, Google Trends provide proof that the travel-based network marketing companies have been on the trend lately.

With that being said, it makes sense to join and promote the services they offer to their target clientele with ease, given more and more people delve into traveling than before.

GoodLife USA Reviews Google Trends - Your Online Revenue

GoodLife USA popularity according to Google Trends

GoodLife USA Reviews - What Others Say About The Company?

GoodLife USA, as an MLM, appears decent. They have a wide range of services to offer as well as the compensation plan to provide for their subscribers. The intention behind this company initiative is great, however, things have gone wrong with its implementation.

There’s a sense of attractiveness to its VIP Club Cards. Even I, as I reviewed the compensation plan, you couldn’t get your eyes away from these kinds of offers though. But the problem is that GoodLife USA wasn’t able to organize their system in terms of the flexibility of their offers.

GoodLife USA Reviews Negative 1 - Your Online Revenue

Many dissatisfied clients complained with getting ripped off from GoodLife USA services.

Inevitable problems occur from one subscriber to the other. For example, rental cars couldn’t be designated to specific places as people tend to plan unplanned trips outside the agreed locations. You couldn’t avoid that. GoodLife USA seemed unprepared for these kinds of situations. 

Another concern is the bad customer service, which is obviously needed to be improved to keep the loyalty of their subscribers.

Of course, they understand the risks of joining the MLM at the beginning. But not to the point where they feel scammed.

With these being said, it’s uncontrollable for most of their dissatisfied clients to feel really bad and accuse GoodLife USA as a scam, though it’s not.

Is GoodLife USA A Scam?

As I stated earlier, GoodLife USA has good intentions behind its travel-based services as their flagship offer for its potential and target market.

Albeit the ongoing unresolved issues against them, GoodLife is not a scam. It’s a legitimate company with real offers i.e. discounts for their subscribers.

The problems arise with the inflexibility of their system and their horrible customer services, which I think added to the dismay of the many.

GoodLife USA Reviews Offers - Your Online Revenue-min

One of the enticing travel-related offers GoodLife USA provides

If these areas are improved, I don’t think their clients will have qualms on spending more money as long as they get the kinds of services they expect from the company itself. 

Nonetheless, GoodLife is a real company but it’s not a great company to invest even though there’s a trend in travel-based MLMs today. If travel blogging is your thing, learn how to make money by blogging.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “GoodLife USA Reviews?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience with this company, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with GoodLife USA? Are they worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest in a network marketing company as GoodLife USA does?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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