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Limitless Opportunities

Did you know that over 3,67 billion people use the internet today?
(and the number is increasing all the time!)

On the internet, you have more opportunities than you probably have ever imagined.

Do you go to a “normal” work and your working time is from 9 to 5? If you quit your job, your income streams will stop?

In the online business things are “a bit” different.

This means three things

On The Internet You…

1.Can work anywhere you want!
2.You can work anytime you want!
3.You don’t have any income limits!

You work the indeterminate time (to build your business) and you start getting income. Then you go to sleep and you still are getting income! When you work more, you will get more income.

=> Start Earning Your Income Online!

But remember!

In the beginning, you need to work.

Don’t think that online business is just making a few clicks and earning income. That’s what scammers teach us. The process goes really like


Sometimes people would like to skip the part two in order to earn online income but that’s not the reality. (Now some of the lazy people go to the other website thinking, “This online business is not for me. I want instant income!”)

But if you are still there and you really want to earn passive income from the Internet let me explain you the process.

Start Learning and Earning
Start Learning and Earning

1.Start Learning 2.Take Action 3.Start Earning $$$

You probably have seen many scams on the internet that promise you something like this, “EARN 20 000$ in one month with our AWESOME PROGRAM!!! Read the testimonies! YOU CAN’T FAIL.”

My advice to you is that Stay away from the scams! Real income doesn’t come overnight. The only one who gets rich with that kind of promises is the one who sells those “magic programs”.

Before you can earn, you need to learn.

Two most common reasons why people don’t make money online are 

1.They don’t start

2.They quit too early.

Probably they don’t start because they think that they don’t have enough skills. And some people quite because they have fallen into online scams.

If you think that you don’t have skills to make money online yet. Don’t worry I will help you!

Getting Rolling With $0… (no credit cards needed)

I believe that in order to succeed online, you need help, a website, and training.

I know a place where all of this is provided and you can get rolling with $0. Everything you need to have is an open mind for the new opportunities. The place is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is what you are going to get when you sign-up for $0.

1.Free Personal Help & Support

People who have already made the journey to start making money online will teach you to step by step everything you will need to know. You don’t have to make the same mistakes again. They will teach you the pitfalls and give you their personal support.

You can start earning faster than they did because they provide their personal help for you!

One of the best things is that you can ask any question, anytime you want. The community provides you the answer because there is someone who has struggled with the same issue before.

I promise my 1-on-1 mentoring for you as you start in Wealthy Affiliate.

2.Free Websites

You can create free high-quality websites where you can start earning money. Creating your own website is the crucial point to start earning online revenue. If you don’t know anything about creating websites, don’t worry! I didn’t know either when I started.

You will be taught how to create websites even in under 30 seconds! Then you will get the free lessons how to start building your website and making it better.

3.Free Training

The education is the key to success. Wealthy Affiliate provides you high-quality training to get started for free.

As you join, you will get 20 video lessons for free and the teacher is an online millionaire who really knows what he is talking about. Many people have started making a large income after his training so the training really works.

I know that some “make money online” -courses are a bit old and they don’t have up-to-date information but Wealthy Affiliate is different. The owners and the community update the training all the time in order to provide you the best training on the Internet.

I need to admit that they have succeeded very well!

Start your online business journey by clicking the link below and I will contact you personally in Wealthy Affiliate.

===> Get Started for Today FREE! <===

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Here are some examples of the people who started their online business in Wealthy Affiliate. They didn’t have any prior experience of the online business.

Made $2843.58 in December! Plus I’m about to receive $4k in affiliate commissions! Check 17-year-old youngster started making more passive income than most of the adults earn working full-time.

More success stories here: 5 People Earning +$10,000/month online.

These are 100% real stories from 100% real people. I just want to underline that success doesn’t happen overnight. They had to work until they made it.

But if they were able to make it so are you!

If you have any questions on how to Get Started, I would love to help!  Just a question them below! 🙂


  1. I have seen WA come up all over the place in regards to making a passive income online. Your information was very easy to digest on the matter, and, assuming this very websitie was made with assistance from WA is really encouraging to me.

    I wonder what the model at WA is however, and do you have any unique or personal insights on how they make this work, and why it works for you specifically. Thanks for your efforts and time mate!

  2. I’m looking for the start button and I cannot see it. I hope you can guide me to sign-up. Is there any membership fee to start earning on your website? I’m very willing to learn.

  3. Well I don’t really believe this online earning… and how to get started. Could any one help me to get started???

  4. Yeah, this is highly interesting. Especially for those who have been searching for how to make money online for so long. And it is quite recommendable to a wide range of interested public who have the zeal and willingness to make it big online.

    I will personally want to commend you for a beautiful work well done and for your loving kindness unto those whose sake, you wrote this for. I am highly grateful. Kudos to you.

    1. Hi Buchi,

      I’m glad you like. It’s also exciting to help people to earn money online. I couldn’t do it before and I needed lots of support. Now it’s time to pay back and help others.

  5. Hi. I really find this site very informative and helpful, especially to those people who want to have a career in online job. Kudos to you, sir, for creating such a wonderful site. I’m actually new here and I like the fact that I get to learn new things and information.

  6. Hey there!

    This is such a great bridge to everyone who is business inclined especially to youth out there who wanted to be financially independent

    Impressive and awe-inspiring information.Thanks a lot Roope!

    What a great start. Kudos!

    Highly recommended.

    -Bea Plantar,PH

    1. Hi Bea Plantar,

      you are right. The Internet and Wealthy Affiliate are great resources to young people who want to be financially independent.

      With financial independence I don’t mean being able to work to make a living. To me financial independence means that you have enough money (or cash flow) so you don’t need to work for money anymore.

    1. Hi Srdjan,

      you are right that Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn. Especially for beginners who are just starting out.

      When I started in WA I didn’t have any experience of having an online business but nowadays I’m doing it full-time.

  7. Hi Roope, thanks for the info!

    I have always stayed away from affiliate related things cause I thought it was too hard to make money from affiliate marketing also because I didn’t know much about how to build a website, but reading the success stories and the availability of free sites have motivated me to dive in affiliate marketing. I will give it go and I hope that one day I will be able to tell my success story.

    1. Hi Yishak,

      of course, making money with affiliate marketing requires work and persistence. However, it’s a wonderful way to make money online. You don’t need any own products because you can make a living by promoting other people products.

      There are literally millions of opportunities in the world of affiliate marketing. I assume that you already started a free training in Wealthy Affiliate? I want to offer you my 1-on-1 support. You can ask me any help you need because I want you to succeed.


  8. Amazing,This is a top-notch site that is self explanatory and very direct. I have visited many similar sites and found them awfully difficult to Navigate. Wealthy Affiliate has proven to be a break from the norm and assuredly,you will make money from this.

    I would advice all those looking for money making directions to give Wealthy Affiliate a shot, It’s worth the time.

    1. Hi Yemozy,

      yeah, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth the time. It has helped me to earn a life-changing income from home. I didn’t use to think that I could earn a living from home but their training has helped me to make it.


  9. Good day Roope!

    I just finished reading your article about how to make online through the WA program. It certainly increased my peak of interest about the website! Actually, I have already heard about the website for sometime now and I would really want to join the program.

    Unfortunately from where I am from they aren’t allowing people from here to get access on the free member account if you register at the site. I really wanted to try it out myself so I can think of my own niche and share it with others.

    What I do know is that you can make real money out of the site as long as you work long and hard for it. It’s just a matter of working hard to achieve your goal!

    Currently, I’m still saving up money to register for the premium membership myself.

    I’ll update you with the experience if I’m already a premium member there.

    In the meantime, I hope for your site to have greater success in the future. This article really helps students like me to be more educated in making money online.


    1. Hi,

      yeah, Wealthy Affiliate really rewards for your success. The more you work, the more you earn.

      If you can’t join Wealthy Affiliate in your country, I can recommend Chris Farrell Membership and Bring the Fresh. Those programs also teach how you can make a living online with affiliate marketing.

      I hope that you will find a way and learn it also yourself because it’s really a life-changing when you can earn good money online.


  10. Hello,

    I’ve read information about the WA in time pass. I love their platform because they take every member’s success seriously by providing great training and support. I tried to join but I wasn’t given an account because my country is not listed there.
    Anyway, it’s a wonderful info you shared here. I enjoy reading it.

    Do have a nice day!

    1. Hi Gettingmile,

      yeah, WA is a great platform and they are really helpful when teaching you to make a living online. I have reviewed more than 250 make money online programs and it’s definitely my #1 recommendation. There are many other programs that just take you money and don’t care about your success. I help personally all people who join WA through my website.

      I’m sorry to hear that WA is not available in your country. Have you tried Chris Farrell Membership or Bring the Fresh? They have also great affiliate marketing training.

      I love the way Chris Farrell teaches with his lovely British accent! 😉


  11. Hello there! This seems a good website if you want to learn more about working online. Would be looking forward to read more of your blogs.

  12. What a great info you provide there! Your site is professional and tidy. I love the way you describe how easy the way everyone can to make money online nowadays. Help and trainings are everywhere and place like Wealthy Affiliate is a place that truly teaches every individual how to succeed in internet marketing.
    Now everybody can try and make a living through the internet.
    Thanks for the wonderful Info you got there!

    1. Thank you for the comment Mike.

      Yes, the training and opportunities are out there. The Internet is full of information but sometimes it’s hard to know what is true and what is a scam. That’s why I want to provide totally honest information for the visitors.

      I wish you success in your online business Mike!

  13. Hey Roope

    It’s true, I can testify to hard work and learning is the best route to take to earning and building an online business.

    I can also tell you that you are spot on with Wealthy Affiliate.It is an awesome path to take if you are serious about online business.

    I highly recommend that your readers give these guys a go.It will be one of the best choices that they will ever make.

    Take Care

    1. You are talking so true Roopesh! Learning and hard work are keys to success. There is no shortcut.

      It’s great to hear that you have also great experiences in Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, it’s quite hard to find a person who would be disappointed with their training. 😉

      I wish you great success!

  14. Hey Roope, great info you have here! It seems so easy to start an online business now. I certainly will give it a try! Thank you, Kit

    1. Hello Kit, thank you for your comment!

      Yes you are right. Today starting an online business is easier than ever! Wealthy Affiliate is the great place to start.

      Kit I hope you success on your journey with an online business!


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